№ 14. The Planned Population Explosion

PAGE STATUS: This is very old work indeed. So old that it will be interesting for me to read whenever time allows. But I am sure some of it will make me cringe. Work this old always does. It looks like I never got past the basic concept that the progeny of Jove intend to turn our world into a museum piece for their kids. 
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I count it one of the things difficult to understand and accept, but the current population explosion is in and of itself the best possible proof that we are in the end times, that the cyclic destruction of the planet is imminent. The only thing that could ever stop the progeny of Jove is an out-of-control population explosion that exhausted earth’s resources to the point that they actually lost control. This is why the population explosion was not planned for until after securing the United States of American and the location of the “Vault Profound” in Colorado. This was substantially accomplished by the time of the Civil War.

A Carefully Planned Population Explosion (the crop)

We population explosion depicted in the chart to the left is best thought of as a “crop” of brains that are being harvested for their creativity. It is being well managed through war, pestilence, diseases, starvation (primarily in Africa), food and water poisoning, etc., etc., etc. This “crop” of brains is one of their greatest achievements.

The patent databases, Wikipedias of the world, and the fine art of generations is the harvest.

You are a product of someone else’s imagination.

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Population Control Mechanisms

Do you ever wonder why men in the Civil War continued to stand in lines even after the invention of the Spencer repeating rifle or why men in the “Great War” charged across open fields after the invention of the machine gun? War is not “the continuation of politics by other means.” War is used by the progeny of Jove throttle back population growth. It is a population control mechanism. For there is only one thing that can jeopardize their plans for the end of this world, and that would be to lose control of their planned population.

The Internet (harvester)

The “Beast” of Revelation made a huge gamble in the waning hours of the fifth Mayan age. He unleashed the Internet. Why? To say that reality is stranger than fiction is misleading. Fiction is often much closer to the truth than what we have been taught to believe. After what I call the event, the world’s population will be reduced to well below the 500 million mentioned on the Georgia Guidestones. The Internet is best thought of as a huge combine harvester, only not for fields of wheat. What I am suggesting to you is that the world’s population has been carefully controlled and allowed to explode at the last minute for the purpose of harvesting the knowledge of nearly seven billion people. The Wikipedias of the world, particularly the German Wikipedia, is the product of this scheme. Much like this once-in-a-planet’s-lifetime-opportunity to depopulate the Earth, so to is the opportunity to explode the world’s population and reap a rather unique crop. Unless you can think at this level and dismiss the tendency to think it is crazy, you cannot grasp what is happening.

The Wikipedias of the World (the new silos)

Wikipedia is an end game not unlike the Vault Profound. Proof positive that it is controlled by the progeny of Jove can be found in numerous examples throughout this website, the single most important of which is th e absolute and total suppression of the work of Dr. Judy Wood as discussed on my 9/11 page.

Wikipedia is a tool of the progeny of Jove. However, when it comes to matters close to their heart, you can not only count on Wikipedia telling the truth, it is the first place you should look. In some future world there will be “immersive” (from the Tomorrowland MP3 recording), hologram-based technology in which the Wikipedias of today will be regards as museum pieces and used by children to study the mythical world of the United States of America and unimaginably primitive technologies such as petroleum-based propulsion systems. According to the Tomorrowland MP3 recording, both the “immersive,” hologram-based technology and the more advanced propulsion systems already exist and are waiting to put into use in the next world. 

Patent Offices (the old silos)

Suppression of Free-Energy Patents (weed killer)

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If you have a particular interest in this subject, he has other free-energy videos well worth your time.

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