The Population Explosion, Internet, and Wikipedia





A Carefully Planned Population Explosion

The population explosion was not planned for until after securing the United States of American and the location of the “Vault Profound” in Colorado. This was substantially accomplished by the time of the Civil War.


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Wars as a Population Control Mechanism

Do you ever wonder why men continued to stand in lines even after the invention of advanced weaponry, particularly in the Civil War? War is not “the continuation of politics by other means.” War has been used by the progeny of jove to throttle back population growth. It is a population control mechanism. For there is only one thing that can jeopardize their plans for the end of this world, and that would be for their planned population explosion to get out fo control.








The Internet “Harvester”

The “Beast” of Revelation made a huge gamble in the waning hours of the fifth Mayan age. He unleashed the Internet. Why? To say that reality is stranger than fiction is misleading. Fiction is often much closer to the truth than what we have been taught to believe. After what I call the event, the world’s population will be reduced to well below the 500 million mentioned on the Georgia Guidestones. The Internet is best thought of as a huge combine harvester, only not for fields of wheat. What I am suggesting to you is that the world’s population has been carefully controlled and allowed to explode at the last minute for the purpose of harvesting the knowledge of nearly seven billion people. The Wikipedias of the world, particularly the German Wikipedia, is the product of this scheme. Much like this once-in-a-planet’s-lifetime-opportunity to depopulate the Earth, so to is the opportunity to explode the world’s population and reap a rather unique crop. Unless you can think at this level and dismiss the tendency to think it is crazy, you cannot grasp what is happening.





Wikipedia (The Great Harvest)

Wikipedia is an end game not unlike the Vault Profound. Proof positive that it is controlled by the progeny of Jove can be found in its absolute and total suppression of the work of Dr. Judy Wood as discussed on my homepage and on the Rampant Pedophilia page.








Patent Offices




Suppression of Free-Energy Patents