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108 Pages and the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL)

This website consists of exactly 108 pages in addition to what I call the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL), which are reference documents I deem important enough to maintain my own local copies so as not to risk losing them. Some of them are truly irreplaceable.





Inca law (photo credit)

Respect for the Truth

What does Ama Llulla mean?

“Ama llulla” is Inca for “do not lie.” It was one of the three fundamental laws of the Inca Empire: “Ama Sua. Ama Llulla. Ama Quella.”  Do not steal. Do not lie. Do not be lazy. I would settle for do not lie. Do not pretend to be something you are not. Do not be pretentious.







Why no Videos?

I could turn my stuff into videos and play the YouTube pied piper, deluding myself and others into believing that I am making a difference because instead of the handful of people who regularly visit this website there would be thousands or maybe even tens of thousands watching the videos. It’s tempting. The main problem is that this is a learning process for me. I am not just writing in public. I am thinking out loud in public. And making videos slows me down to a crawl. I know because I tried. I have made four so far. They can be found on the No. 5, The Third Prime in Life  channel.

I doubt I will make another because what I have learned is that videos are entertainment more than anything else. Even those that claim to convey important knowledge are really just flashing a bunch of images up on the screen. No real learning is happening in large part because the watcher has made no commitment to learning. Reading and writing is how knowledge is conveyed, not watching a series of images flashed on a screen. Right now I believe I have a handful of people who are following my work. That’s enough for me. I know who and what I am. 








Fact Checking

As improbable as it my sound to some readers, I am very protective of my work in the sense that I insist on authenticating all of the data I use myself, especially because I do a lot of original research on the Internet. For example, it was tempting for me to make reference to the so-called “illuminati pyramid” (which looks identical to the thirteen stepped pyramid on the one dollar bill) reported to have been found in Ecuador in 1984 and currently in the possession of a man named Germán Villamar. But I cannot find any reputable sources for this story, and even if I did it is too easy for me to imagine this is a stunt whose purpose may be nothing more than to generate tourism. I lived in Ecuador for over two years. I am glad I did because the whole time I was there I studied the Andes and can report with great confidence that they are catastrophic deposits, nothing like the craggy mountains in the Western United States. For whatever reason, the Pacific megatsunami is considerably weaker when it makes contact with the South America coastline compared to what evidently happens in North America. The Andes mountains are all the silt from the bottom of the Pacific initially leveling the entire mountain range for miles inland before carving out a new version of the Andes in a matter hours as the water drains back into the ocean. On the surface, the landscape more or less freezes in place between catastrophes. Underground, the layers of silt harden into sedimentary rock. Then thousands of years later the process starts all over again and those layers of sedimentary rock are smashed to pieces when the next catastrophic megatsunami wave impacts the coastline. Those shattered pieces are tumbled further inland each time. This is when they become rounded rocks of various sizes in a process similar to what happens with river rocks, only much faster. Here are some I had delivered to my house in the Yunguilla Valley (which is for sale by the way) since I left Ecuador.

No matter how far down you dig as far inland as Cuenca and beyond, there are untold billions of these rounded rocks buried deep in the Andes. The Ecuadoreans use them to construct walls and as foundation stones when pouring concrete.

The price of learning all this was high, both financially and emotionally because the Ecuadorian people are a study in baseness when money in involved. I left the United States of America seeking a “happier and more honest people.” I returned determined to do what I could to enlighten my own people because I do not think there are any better in the world. Ecuador is a moral wasteland. The stories of the Tayos Cave, Metal Library, the so-called “illuminati pyramid” with its thirteen steps cannot be trusted. I cannot entirely discount these stories because of Father Crespi’s artifacts, but it you take the time to read The Truth About Father Crespi and His Missing Artifacts Finally Revealed, which is the best account of these artifacts available, you will see that Eric von Däniken was doing what the Ecuadorean do so well, lying, cheating, stealing, and deceiving. Anything for a buck. And if you watch the videos carefully, you will see that even Father Crespi seems intent on overlooking certain obvious facts in favor of the Babylonian explanation for origin of some of those “artifacts.”