Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circuses)






Roman Colosseum

Panem et Circenses

Humor me for a moment, and imagine I know what I am talking about, that there is a relatively small group of men (who I refer to as the progeny of Jove), who are preparing for the “event” that Isaiah, Daniel, Virgil, and Christ Jesus spoke of in the distant past. And that, yes, you live in the end times. Just imagine for a moment that the Great Pyramid of Giza really is screaming “axial tilt!” and that the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar really is based on 2160 orbits of Jupiter and therefore includes an “anti-cipher” that confirms the “et un poco” spoken of by living Mayan priests really is the five year difference that exists between 13 baktuns of 144,000 days and 2160 orbits of Jupiter at the NASA calculated orbital period of 11.8618 years. In other words, imagine also that even the tired old “Mayan calendar” thing was actually real. What would those men be doing to distract us right before the end? Sports are seasonal; this close to the end much more is needed to keep you from thinking about such mundane things as huge coronal holes and never-before-seen levels of galactic cosmic rays, asteroid flybys, unheard of levels of seismic and volcanic activity, the loss of civil liberties and the militarization of police forces (in preparation for countrywide martial law), the corporate consolidation of ownership of mainstream media (to control popular thought), shoddily executed false flag attacks, and endless wars?


The need to intensify distractions in the end

Allow me to take you down the Rabbit Hole a little further. ISIS is Jupiter, the all-seeing “eye of providence,” the time piece of the ancients, counting down the years until the coming axial tilt. But before then, there will be a year of phenomenal weather. This is why the distractions are coming fast and furious.


You think you got problems in Germany with the Muslims? I’ve only been out of my country for three years and I hardly recognize it. My kid brother is caught up in the political circus so that I cannot even get through to him. It’s exactly as if I lost him to the Hitler Youth in NAZI Germany prior to WWII.




The Trump Presidency

I can assure you that Russian involvement in the election of President Trump is a ruse. This close to the end, sports (discussed in the next section) are no longer enough of a distraction for the populace in the United States of America. Something more was needed, and so the “circus” was expanded from sports to politics.




Sports in The United States of America

By 3147 BC Saturn subtended an arc of only about 5 degrees, if we go by the later depiction of the White Crown of Egypt, which looks like a bowling pin, with Mars (enclosed in a glow mode plasma) forming the wider part of the crown and Saturn forming the upper knob. The calculated distances between the planets in 3147 BC suggests the same —Jno Cook 

Cut 58:40 to 58:48 from “Remembering the End of the Last World” This is your bowling ball and pin. Why “duck” pin for small ball?

also 1:11:54 in Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary) is a perfect bowling pin

Super Bowl halftimes and advertisements, Super Bowl numbers (both Roman and the last number, which addresses 2017 versus 2018

Football designed after vesica pisces by a Freemason

basketball throwback to Mayans

108 stitches in a baseball




Muslims in Europe

What about those endless wars? Why is the United States military really in the Middle East? Let’s think about this for a minute. Not only would the Progeny of Jove need to distract the U.S. populace; they would need to distract the Europeans also. How would they do that? Maybe they would start endless wars in the Middle East displacing millions of Muslims who they know are going to stir up a lot of trouble in their adopted countries. After all, history is pretty clear that Muslims and Christians like to kill each other. Trump is the cherry on the top of this cake. Why all of a sudden is the U.S. populace acting like its the late 1960s again, protesting and becoming emotionally involved in politics? Why? Nostalgia for the good ole days?  But it’s much more than just politics that are distracting you. It’s “climate change” too. That’s the “big lie” (i.e. the exact opposite of the truth). They’re burning fossil fuel not just for financial control of the masses, but in hopes of triggering an arctic methane release before the Holocene comes to a violent end. Planet Nine is also a distraction. It doesn’t exist. Some distractions are more obvious than others, such as the effort to discredit everything on YouTube by flooding it with “flat Earth” videos. You live in the Matrix for sure, but instead of it being a computer simulated reality, it’s everyday distractions. And instead of your body being used to generate heat, it’s about to become fish food. But of course, the world has never ended before, and so most likely I am delusional, another doomsday nutjob. We all know this isn’t the end time because the world didn’t end in 2012. Wolf! Wolf!  Time for some more CNN.




The only difference between you and me is that the political circus in the United States of America is more intense. For you, it is primarily the Muslims. They are tools. They are your distraction. The Progeny of Pythagoras has a sense of humor. Hence, the name ISIS. ISIS is Jupiter. You can read about the real ISIS on Immanuel Velikovsky’s unpublished pages entitled “The Worship of Saturn” and “The Worship of Jupiter.” Our fight is against a nameless entity. You cannot protest against them. Not even our President can do anything about them. Their base of operations is our state of Colorado. It was on the drawing board thousands of years before the United States of America was even a country. That is who you are up against. There is nothing you can do but think of your own survival. Listen to Christ Jesus and move your family to the Bavarian Alps now. You don’t need a lot of land. You just need a little cabin to survive. It will be over quickly. Thank me in the next life.