№ 22. Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie: Final notice for the masses

PAGE STATUS: I never stop working on this page. The older stuff needs to be rewritten and reformatted. Sections in progress include The “Blast from the Past” is Hugo Gernsback, The Banker’s Box, and Peeling away the Onion Layers of the “1952” Working Title
LAST UPDATE: September 4, 2020

READER BEWARE: The casual reader will be perplexed by the level of detail on this page. Page № 27. The Grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones suffers from the same problem. These two pages are critical for understanding An Apocalyptic Synthesis because they bring all of the subject matter into the here and now. The level of detail is necessary for individuals who understand the seriousness of this work.

All discussion of The Optimist alternate reality game (ARG) and Plus Ultra has been moved to Some requisite background information about “The Optimist” and Plus Ultra on page № 28. A Date with Destiny. Please note that the mp3 recordings released in 2013 as part of The Optimist ARG and which are discussed on the same page № 28. A Date with Destiny are what I consider to be the heart and soul of the Tomorrowland movie. 
“All will be explained”

[to the general public]

Hollywood, like NASA, is the exclusive province of the progeny of Jove.

Tomorrowland is the Ћinkers thinking out loud about how to warn us—all previous efforts including the Georgia Guidestones having failed

This may come as a surprise to some of you, but there are no bad guys in the Tomorrowland movie. If there were, it would be Hugh Laurie playing Governor David “Nix.”

What I am about to show you is the heart of the Tomorrowland movie. The Ћinkers are essentially describing their dilemma. They are trying to warn us but,—as I know perhaps better than any other living human being,—no one is listening. This is what the whole movie is about. How does one warn an unsuspecting world that the apocalypse is not only real but is about to happen? The “doomsday” mentality behind the Georgia Guidestones was ineffective. A new approach is needed. But what? This is the part of the girl actor. She suggests the negativity is creating a feedback loop and the apocalypse is becoming some kind of a self-fulfilling prophecy. What she suggests is to put something positive out there, something to attract people to a contemplation of what they are saying. Tomorrowland is the new approach. Tomorrowland shows us our potential so that we might look more closely at the message attached to it. The evidence that is worked is what is happening right this moment between you and me. The evidence that it worked is An Apocalyptic Synthesis. 

I believe all of the major actors in Tomorrowland were told what is about to happen to inspire them to new heights of acting. This thinly veiled Hugh Laurie discussion of the Bard and Elizabethan England betrays this fact. 

How important is the Nix speech you will hear in the following video? Let’s ask Hugh Laurie.

Clip Timing: 1:26:40 (exactly 5,200 seconds into the movie when the screen goes completely black) to 1:44

Watching this movie,—and in particular, the above clip,—is like listening in on a very private, boardroom-like conversation of Ћinkers, which in this context I would characterize as a very special group of Freemasons in the South, primarily in Georgia. The more I learn,—and I would not have thought it possible but I am learning at an astounding rate now, faster than ever before at any time in my whole life,—I am certain this is the Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland is indeed our last warning. As of this writing, I am developing other, more important ideas, but someday soon I will return to my study of this movie. I am quite sure I have only skimmed the surface.

Non-Endorsement Notice

The Walt Disney Pictures’ movie Tomorrowland is far more than it appears to be at first glance. It has a depth that rivals scripture in the sense that as soon as you think you have plumbed its depths and know everything there is to know about it, something new is revealed. Trust me, this never stops. The profound depth of this movie may have something to do with the fact that it is a product of the same minds that gave us William Shakespeare and the Georgia Guidestones.

The truth is that for someone interested in learning about the end time, the Tomorrowland movie is more important than The Book of Daniel and The Revelation combined. I am not engaging in hyperbole. Experience has taught me this. Tomorrowland is not just a movie. It is a message to some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world. You may think it an obsession of mine, but I assure you compared to some of those people, I have probably only scratched the surface of its meaning.

This much I know for sure. The purpose of this movie was to announce the year, if not a specific date, on which what I imagine to be some 144,000 “chosen” people will be flown to Denver International Airport to begin their new life in a multi-trillion dollar granite tunnel system drilled into the massive Pikes Peake batholith.

History is not what you think. The existence of this tunnel system is the historical raison d’être for the United States of America. All of history awaits this one day. As discussed in The “Course Correction” in Tomorrowland on page № 28. A Date with Destiny, the year is 2022. If there is supposed to be a specific date, I have not yet discovered it. Please understand that I do not necessarily endorse this as the year of the coming apocalypse. I merely expose it. The only thing I can say for sure is that January 1, 2025, does not happen.

Bound by a shared destiny

As reported by Adam Chitwood of COLLIDER on August 26, 2013 (click on link for a copy of the full press release), the day filming began, here is the official synopsis of the Tomorrowland movie when

do not need this citation….the following paragraph is from a trailer

Bound by a shared destiny, a bright, optimistic teen bursting with scientific curiosity and a former boy-genius inventor jaded by disillusionment embark on a danger-filled mission to unearth the secrets of an enigmatic place somewhere in time and space that exists in their collective memory as “Tomorrowland.”


I can assure you this synopsis was carefully written. It is akin to a hand-delivered invitation to a very exclusive party.



Planning for this film did not begin in 2011 as the public thinks. It had to begin before production of the Black Hole movie.


Principal photography on The Black Hole started on Oct. 11, 1978 and ran until April 20 of the following year. As production got underway, there was certainly a lot of buzz around the film happening on the Disney lot in Burbank.
—holloywoodreporter.com, “We Never Had an Ending:” How Disney’s ‘Black Hole’ Tried to Match ‘Star Wars’, by David Weiner, Decempber 13, 2019


They never had an ending because Tomorrowland is the ending. 1977 was the year the progeny of Jove morphed from the CIA to what I call the Unnamed Entity well-hidden behind need to know clearances, as discussed on page № 10. Who are the Progeny of Jove Now?. This would suggest that the production of the Tomorrowland movie was one of their highest priorities and making this transition.

I moved this section to the top of the page to run off the faint of heart. Here I would remind the reader of the The Five Fundamental Principles of the Apocalyptic Synthesis on my home page, particularly this one:


Mind-boggling, Multi-Generational Planning


It takes time to become accustomed to this idea, but if instead of trying you want to be dismissive of the idea that the progeny of Jove are even capable of thinking so far down the road that another generation must complete the work, then you have zero chance of understanding me and should just leave now. This is a predictable response, one they depend on. I am not susceptible to it because I have been “chronologically challenged” all my life. Everything is in present for me. But for those readers who trust me, trust me on this. This is one of the ways they hide. The Black Hole was made for one reason and one reason only, so that Tomorrowland could announce the course correction. Essentially the same is true of the Georgia Guidestones. The sister section to this one at the top of the Georgia Guidestones page is entitled The Heart and Soul of the Georgia Guidestones in which I make the point that planning for the Georgia Guidestones began before Guidestone Road was ever built.


But do I feel like this guy sometimes? Yes!



That storm is the Tomorrowland for the masses.

Touching the Pin is a Metaphor

I owe the existence of this section to the insightful observations of a widely-known author named David Montaigne who I am gratified to say has taken an interest in my work and is the first intellectual contributor who did not express a preference for using a pseudonym for attributions.

As discussed in Some other Trailers and Pre-Release Walt Disney Studio Tomorrowland Youtubes below, “All will be explained” was first heard as part of a 5-8-13 Fibonacci sequence trilogy of trailers. The release date for the “All will be Explained” trailer was May 13, 2015, so the intended audience had a full two years to anticipate this movie. The clips below are from the movie, not the trailer. I just wanted to emphasize that the real impact of “All will be explained” was in the trailer.


What follows is the entire scene from beginning to end. Note that in the context of this metaphor, “pull over” equates to “stop and listen.” I am by nature much more direct and use this picture of an ear when I want to say the same thing. In terms of the importance of what you are about to watch, the progeny of Jove and I are in perfect agreement. You are, in effect, being asked to “touch the pin” right now, right this very moment.

Good luck!



What does it mean to “touch” the pin?


Here I do not think I can improve on what David says in his email:

Perhaps others touching pin without results is like others with closed minds or lack of wisdom watching the movie, hearing and seeing the clues, with no context. The pin is the movie! The Tomorrowland PIN is the Tomorrowland MOVIE and its only for the invited, no one else sees it. So Ursula swirling pin on Black Hole is one movie on top of the other. They are both in context.


I would just replace “invited” with “initiated.” You no longer need to join a secret society to become initiated. Just read my stuff. But that’s the problem, nine out of ten people reading this page will at some point shrink away from the implications of everything I am saying. This is why I developed The Five Fundamental Principles of Apocalyptic Synthesis on my homepage. I am one of the most abstract thinkers alive and I’ve been working at this for over eight years now. It takes time. No one can just jump into this otherworldly reality and accept everything I am saying. No one. As of this writing on September 2, 2020, however, you still have enough time. Read a little. Think about it. Come back for more.


Touch the pin!


There was something I never heard before until I received this email from David Montaigne. The following clip cuts to the heart of this scene. Listen carefully. Hear anything unusual?



Do you hear the fairy dust sound effect? The moment I heard this I knew David was right. For the 144,000 who have been waiting since at least 2013 for this movie to be released, this was the moment in which they connected. I can hardly imagine how excited they must have been. Some of them no doubt have studied this movie as much as me because for them it is a matter of life and death. For those who touch the pin and nothing happens, it’s just another movie and I am batshit crazy.



So now that we got that out of the way, let me tell you the single most important detail of this scene. It is when the daughter says “I need you to be NASA dad now. New Frontier dad!” This is precisely when the movie is identifying its intended audience. NASA is a fully owned subsidiary of the progeny of Jove. And New Frontier is a reference to JFK, which the progeny of Jove brutally murdered in front of the entire world. If you want to know the truth about JFK, read page № 4. JFK was murdered as a Warning to future Presidents of the United States of America. You will not learn this in a book or magazine article, on YouTube, or anywhere else on the Internet. I am one of the few people alive who knows what really happened to this man. So “New Frontier” is the sobering reality of the Tomorrowland movie. It says, “If you know who we are, pay attention. This is not a game.”

The Last Seven Years in The Book of Daniel

Countless books and magazine articles have been written on this subject. So many sermons have been preached on it that a person could not listen to all of them in a hundred lifetimes. Men much more respected than I could ever hope to be in this world have spent their entire life trying to understand The Book of Daniel. And yet I do. Why? Because I know one thing they did not. I know who who wrote The Book of Daniel, and it was not the Jews. What I am about to say puts to rest a subject that countless men and women have spent their entire life trying to understand.

In this highly unusual still (taken as is including coloration from one of Walt Disney’s Tomorrowland YouTube Videos), with her blue eyes wide open, one of the main actresses says, “I want you to take me there.” I cannot take you there. I am not one of the 144,000. I am not the progeny of Jove. But what I can do is convince you that “there” exists, that the Cheyenne Mountain Complex is the front door to the “vault profound” of which Virgil speaks on my homepage, that the Cheesman Dam is their water supply, and the Denver International Airport their reception center.


And he shall confirm the covenant with many for one week…


At the risk of losing this website to a world-class team of hackers (who rather dramatically let me know they are fully aware of what I am doing and are as close as my keyboard) so talented they can basically do whatever they want and who make the NSA look like amateurs, I am committed to not discussing certain aspects of what is happening. At times, this is like walking a tightrope. But I have tested the grounds with at least two thinkers who I respect. I have not, nor will I ever cross the line. What may seem overt to the initiated is cloaked to others lost in the imaginary world of uniformitarianism (or gradualism), to those who are asleep at the wheel of their own destiny. Still the tightrope walker loves what he does. Were it otherwise, he would fall. The game I play is not unlike the G is Freemason symbolism.

The Two 13 Dates Prior to May 22, 2015

There are only two dates prior to the movie release date of May 22, 2015

March 10: 3 + 10 = 13
April 9: 4 + 9 = 13
May 8: 5 + 8 = 13

Tomorrowland Movie Trailers available on the Walt Disney Studios YouTube Channel

The entire collection can be found at the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel. These are the ones I deem important. Not all of them were. And of these,

some are an order of magnitude more important than others.




Disney’s Tomorrowland – “The One” from the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel, posted March 30, 2015


You’re Invited from the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel, posted April 21, 2015


Disney’s Tomorrowland – “Clues” from the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel, posted April 28, 2015




This is the original and official “US teaser” trailer. Notice the runtime is 2:12. This is a direct reference to the Maya Long Count calendar.


Tomorrowland – US Teaser Trailer from the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel, posted October 9,2014


The moment you think any detail in this movie is insignificant is the moment you lose, especially if that detail has anything whatsoever to do with time. When I say this movie is more important than The Book of Daniel and The Revelation combined, I am not engage in hyperbole. I am stating an important historical fact.


What follows is the end of another Tomorrowland trailer. 5.22.15 is an unusual way to write a date. Perhaps it is intended to be an eye-catcher and make you think about the date.



By the way, if you are going to buy this movie in order to study it, which of course I highly recommend, no less so than I would recommend owning a copy of the King James Bible (the only Bible that should be used when studying the progeny of Jove, published a highly symbolic 400 years before 2012), buy it on Amazon.com Prime so that you can stop and restart it with ease on your computer. Owning a CD is useless.


The Big Game “Special Look”


“SPES MEA IN DEO EST” translates as “MY HOPE IS IN GOD”. Now here is the full 32 second trailer, but always bear in mind that the progeny of Jove are no longer a part of Freemasonry. They are an entirely different animal now. The only true remnant of the original Royal Arch Freemasons who know what is happening are the men in Atlanta, Georgia who are responsible for the design of the Georgia Guidestones. The people behind the Tomorrowland movie are either descendants and the European Illuminati or NAZI Germans who came here after World War II. They are using this reference to 32 to reach their intended audience. It is not intended to express an affiliation with Freemasonry.


Tomorrowland Big Game Special Look from the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel


You may not realize it (but then again, if you don’t now, you never will), but this is one of the most important moments of your entire life.


Ya wanna go?



Timing is Everything


On an entirely different subject, for anyone who knows how this countdown clock is being used, deciphering the meaning of this particular sequence of numbers is challenging.


Some other Trailers and Pre-Release Walt Disney Studio Tomorrowland YouTubes

An almost complete list of the Tomorrowland YouTube videos released on the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel prior to the official release of the movie on May 22, 2015 can be found by clicking here. A few of them are noteworthy and are discussed in this section. I say almost because many of the Tomorrowland videos are unlisted. This means they will never be returned by a YouTube search such as the above link. The only way you can find such videos is to know their URL. I will return to this subject momentarily because it has some relevance to this discussion. The Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel also maintains a Tomorrowland playlist which consists of 33 videos. Only by combining the search list and playlist can you find all of the Tomorrowland videos. Of curse, there is significant overlap between the two lists.


Take Me To Tomorrowland – The Origin of the Pin from the Walt Disney Studio YouTube channel


The silence is not a mistake and is obviously intended to make you focus on the image, which if rotated counterclockwise becomes the head of a snake. This combined with the disappearing 13 discussed below is intended to assure the 144,000 that this movie contains a very important message from the progeny of Jove regarding the end time.



On April 9, 2015. the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel posted a video entitled Disney’s Tomorrowland – Featurette in which you will find the following scene accompanied by the text


Every second that ticks by the future is running out



There is no room for misinterpretation here. This sounds like “the end is coming” to me.


On April 15, 2020, the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel posted a video entitled The Disney’s Tomorrowland – Vision Of Tomorrow Featurette which includes the following interesting clip.


He was perhaps the most powerful Freemason who ever lived, back when the progeny of Jove were Freemasons, which they have not been since the CIA was created in 1947. The progeny of Jove morph from one organizational entity to another as they move stealthily down through the ages. Nowadays they are what I refer to as the Unknown Entity well hidden behind need-to-know clearances that exclude even sitting Presidents. And know this, it is they who control the government and military of the United States of America as well as the printing presses. Indeed, through the use of fiat currency and large corporations that are at their beck and call, they control the entire Western world. With the notable exception of a small group of Freemasons in and around Atlanta, Georgia, the men who built the Georgia Guidestones, even the highest ranking Freemasons of today know less than I do about what is happening.


The following release dates immediately before the official release of the movie are part of the Fibonacci sequence. And if you think this is coincidental, I’ll remind you that once again that

the moment you think anything in this once in a world-age communication to the 144,000 in The Revelation is insignificant is the moment you lose,

especially if that detail has anything whatsoever to do with time. I know this is deliberate because there were other videos released on these dates but they are “unlisted.” Okay? Let me say this again because for you this was a movie released a long time ago. For others, it is life and death and they have studied it for years. The other videos released on these date are “unlisted” YouTube videos, which means they will never be returned in a search. This Fibonacci sequence wants to be discovered because it leads to the message on the 13th. Unless you’re brain dead, I should have your full and undivided attention right now.


The problem I have trying to convey this information to the general public, even to the one in one thousand readers willing to listen, which is to say those readers who are not simply Internet surfing, is the importance of numbers. What to you may seem a mere coincidence is to someone whose family has waited generations for this moment, chock full of meaning. And nothing strikes closer to the heart of the progeny of Jove than the Fibonacci sequence. Nothing about this movie is unimportant. It must be studied as if your life depended on it.



May 5, 2015, Every major leap in technology came from them “

On May 5, 2015, the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel posted a video entitled Disney’s Tomorrowland – Now Playing In Theaters! which includes, very prominently I might add, the completely out of context sentence, “Every major leap in technology came from them.”



May 8, 2015, the secret society of geniuses

On May 8, 2015, the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel posted a video entitled Disney’s Tomorrowland – What Is Tomorrowland in which Damon Lindelof, the Director who also worked on the script, makes an overt reference to “the secret society of geniuses.”



May 13, 2015, All Will Be Explained

On May 13, 2015, an all important nine days before the official release of the movie, the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel posted a video entitled Disney’s Tomorrowland – “All Will Be Explained”. Once you have familiarized yourself with the movie, you will see as I do that the content of this video is meaningless. The “All will be explained” title of this clip was a thinly veiled message and a promise to the 144,000 who by then had already known for two years that this movie contained an import message for them about the end time.


What does that mean, “All will be explained”? The 144,000 were alerted ahead of December 21, 2012 by the changing of the working title from “1952” to Tomorrowland, that the end of 13 Baktuns was meaningless in terms of the actual date of the apocalypse. These are some of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world and keeping them in the dark is not something even the progeny of Jove would risk, which is why the movie was released in 2015, well ahead of September 23, 2017. The whole point of this movie is to reveal the year to a select audience. This is what “All Will Be Explained” means. These people want to know when to get ready.

The Banker’s Box

What follows are Twitter images of the “box” labeled “1952,” which was the working title of the Tomorrowland movie. The original Tweet was by Damon Lindelof at 5:58 PM on January 23, 2013, the day after the name of was movie was officially changed from the working title “1952” to Tomorrowland. The second Tweet of the open box was at 6:31 PM by the director Brad Byrd.


The time difference was

33 seconds


You of course always have the option of thinking this is just a game. It is not. Messages as important as any sent during World War II are being passed in these communications. This is life and death. This is not Mickey Mouse. Damon Lindelof left Twitter. So you cannot link to the original Tweet. Here is the best copy I can find.





Then director Brad Byrd Tweeted this picture of the box opened. This two-part Tweet is significant to our discussion. It supports my contention that the emphasis here is actually on the working title “1952.”



Here is a link to the original Tweet The Box… opened.




An early mention of the box can be found in a Vulture article dated October 17, 2012 entitled Details Emerge on Mysterious Damon Lindelof–Brad Bird Project [STORY CORRECTED] and written by Claude Brodesser-Akner [bold-red emphasis added]

While our sources maintain that the film is not set in 1952, there is an intriguing backstory to the title. We hear that last spring, when Lindelof had a meeting to discuss the project with Disney’s head of production, Sean Bailey, the Disney exec arranged for Lindelof to be given access to one of the studios odder curiosities: a banker’s box of files and documents that had been left moldering in Walt Disney’s personal development lab, WED Enterprises, which later became the studio’s vaunted Imagineering department. The box was originally labeled with the title of the studio’s 1965 comedy That Darn Cat!, which had been crossed out and in its place was written “1952.”

The contents of this banker’s box initiated Damon Lindelof and later Jeff Jensen into the progeny of Jove, much like 2001: A Space Odyssey did Stanley Kubrick before them. By “contents” I mean the expandable folders underneath all the visual distractions.



Excerpts from the May 21, 2013 Grantland interview of Damon Lindelof by Alex Pappademas [bold-red emphasis added]

King of the Nerds
A not-so-brief conversation with the writer behind Lost, Prometheus, and this weekend’s box office–dominating Star Trek Into Darkness

…right now, Tomorrowland is kind of being taken over by Star Wars — which is great, but it’s called Tomorrowland. Star Wars is a galaxy a long time ago, far, far away. Star Wars is not about our future.

I brought Jeff Jensen in, who had come up with all these amazing theories about Lost while it was on, some of which were just so much better than what we were coming up with in the room. I said, “Come in and look at this stuff and talk to me about it,” and then we started coming up with the germs of a really cool story, and then at the same time, I was hanging out with Bird, because we were both in the Bad Robot universe; he was posting Ghost Protocol as we were working on Into Darkness. I kind of got my hooks in him because I started asking him all these questions about Disney, because he worked there for a number of years and was basically trained by a couple of the original Imagineers, and he was like, “Why are you asking me these questions?” and I said, “I’m working on this project regarding Tomorrowland,” and then he was in. And then we went and picked up George Clooney, and we were off to the races.

But I think that, you know, there’s a lot of things out there about the movie, some of which are completely and totally erroneous, some of which are completely and totally dead-on…

So, part of the process of dreaming up this movie involved you digging into deep, forgotten Disney-history kind of stuff?

Yeah, yeah.

Like, research that they did for Tomorrowland? I know I’m going to hit a wall with these questions at some point.

Here’s what I’ll say. Bird and I tweeted this box.

I saw it, yeah.

This box. This box is — ironically or fortuitously or coincidentally, or maybe this is why I was interested in it, it’s another infamous mystery box, except this mystery box can be opened and displayed and shared. I will say that by the end of this summer, summer of ’13, we will be giving an explicit sort of curation of what inspired the movie, and then people will at least have a sense of what we’re excited about doing, if not the story.

That history of the company is really amazing, particularly the history of the parks. The Disney company went public, and then Walt started WED, which was his little black-ops division. He hired these guys to start developing these really interesting ideas, some of which got made and some of which didn’t, some of which have been seen, some of which haven’t. This stuff — it’s a little bit like that Ark of the Covenant room, except it’s not just one room; it’s spread out over these three campuses in Burbank. And nobody’s going through this stuff. There’s just not enough time in the day. Like, if it’s the original cel art for Lady and the Tramp, that stuff is fiercely guarded and catalogued, but if it’s just random miscellany that nobody knows what to do with, it’s just kind of sitting there. So this particular box, the box we tweeted — Disney was developing 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea. [David] Fincher’s developing it now, but before that, I think McG was developing it, and I think he requested all the design work from the original ride in Disneyland, the Nautilus ride. And this box was in with that stuff. You know, what was it doing there? Who knows…


This last paragraph is why I spent the better part of two days researching and writing this section. You will not get much closer to the truth that this.


What was it doing there?


Well, where is there? There is underwater. And that is the challenge Damon Lindelof is presenting to those listening. What do Tomorrowland and being underwater have in common? The answer is obvious to me. I am sure I do not need to spell it out.


Original cover of Jules Verne’s epic underwater adventure novel


“black-ops division”

Ark of the Covenant



Lindelof is talking in riddles, but he most definitely is talking. And he is saying something only the initiated can hear. This movie is of Great historic importance.



Now for the contents of the box, I will quote excerpts from a January 28, 2013 Entertainment Weekly article written by Anthony Breznican

‘Tomorrowland’: Disney’s mysterious ‘1952’ movie reveals new name

The working title has been 1952, but the top secret film being developed by Disney is now unveiling its official moniker …


Last week, Lindelof and Bird began teasing a a [sic] revelation, posting images of an archive materials box labeled “1952” on Twitter. Inside the box, which supposedly provided inspiration for the story, is a copy of the book Model Research: The National Advisory Committee For Aeronautics 1918-1958 by military history professor Alex Roland (published in 1985), and an August 1928 edition of Amazing Stories magazine, featuring a man in a flying suit on the cover — the first appearance of the time-leaping hero Buck Rogers.

There is also what appears to be some sort of 45 record, the nozzle of a small rocket engine, and a scattering of photos of Walt Disney himself.

A second article entitled ‘Tomorrowland’: Disney archives dives into ‘1952’ mystery box dated February 4, 2013 adds the following observations:

Official Disney fan club D23 has posted some analysis via Disney archives director Becky Cline, exploring just what’s in the image, though they don’t seem to have access to sift through the actual box just yet.

One mystery the group has solved is who is with Walt Disney in the first photo in the stack, in which he seems to be posing with some sort of military official.

The one on top is in our photo collection and I was able to identify the man with him is Major Woodlief of the U.S. Army Reserve General Fund. It was taken in September 1943. The Disney Studio worked closely with the United States government and military soon after the bombing of Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, and U.S. Army, Navy and Air Force elements were stationed at the [studio] Lot for the duration of the war.


However, none of the contents listed here, including the identity of Major Woodlief, has any bearing on the hidden meanings of this movie. I list them merely to save the reader the time spent researching this issue and for the sake of completeness.

One item is of interests thouh. As discussed in a notable and one-of-a-kind article on the subject entitled Tomorrowland: Everything We Learned About The “1952” Box written by Peter Sciretta on August 12th, 2013 on the slashfilm.com website, a large image of the label on the record was projected onto a screen at the D23 Expo in 2013 and includes the date “11-63.”



The title is “A History of Tomorrow” and “PLAY INSIDE OUT” has been circled in red. I will not comment on this label record or the contents of Sciretta’s article, except to say you should probably take the time to read it if you are interested in this subject. This is material that was only available at the D23 Expo in 2013 and cannot be replicated. The above referenced article is very thorough. In this small way, I preserve some of the original mystery about this movie for my readers .

What is notable is that what appears to be at first glance a 45 rpm record has clearly been added to the contents of the box (as in PLUS this recording) because of the “11-63” date. The silliness of all this can be seen in 63 – 11 = 52. Sciretta’s article discusses this recording at length, but does not include a link to the animated video supposedly recovered from the damaged “experimental form of video storage technology similar to the laserdisc.” Of course, this is all bullshit. The whole thing is a marketing ploy, but it most certainly does carry meaning in our context. Underneath all the Plus Ultra nonsense which is a subtle mechanism for referring to Sir Francis Bacon and the secret societies of yore (more on this in a moment), the voice-over is speaking directly to people who in some cases have been waiting all their life for this moment because their family has been privy to what is happening for many generations. Here then is a 3:27 minute Pixar (unlisted) short from the Walt Disney Studios YouTube channel:


The Origins of Plus Ultra


Other than the message contained in the Pixar animation, what then was the purpose of the box?


It was not just a marketing ploy. To answer this question, you must take a step back. What we have here is a box labeled “1952” that contains sealed documents that cannot be read. Presumably the entire bottom of this banker’s box is full of very carefully stored expanding file folders. Even though the box is open, we still do not know its contents because we cannot read anything other than the Technicolor logo (a reference to the coming movie).



I could wax poetic and say that those numerous and very carefully stored expanding file folders are the same color as this Linear B clay tablet, but then I would have to issue my own spoiler alert. Even the “expanding” part of expanding file folder is rich with connotations. The challenge for the new initiate is always to look beyond the obvious to the hidden world of symbolism. It is the road not taken.



So there is a mysterious box labeled “1952.” The real question here is, What does “1952” mean? If you knew the answer to that question then you might know what is in the box. I also think the 45 rpm record matters because it is clearly individually labeled as if it were a “master” recording. This is foreshadowing that a recording is an important part of the message conveyed by the Tomorrowland movie. And I think that recording is the “Just a Dream Away” MP3 discussed below. Everything else on top is just a distraction for the uninitiated. This is a basic lesson in symbolism. Do you focus your attention on the surface meaning such as the identity of the military officer in the photograph with Walt Disney? Or do you ponder the deeper significance of what is inside that worn envelope and those carefully stored expanding file folders? Most popular magazines of the day, as shown in the example above, did the former. In the following section, I do the latter.


Ark of the Covenant”


Ark has a dual meaning here. One is a reference to a Great secret. The other is a reference to water. I will say this again; you do not get much closer to the truth about the Tomorrowland movie than the above GRANTLAND interview. Damon Lindelof is progeny of Jove, and he is speaking to his own. While writing in this historical context, I should also mention that around this time, the movie release date was moved from December 12, 2014 to December 19, 2014, which is begging for attention. The movie was actually released on May 22, 2015. The unit of measurement suggested by this inexplicably short change in the release date is weeks, so I computed the difference between December 19, 2014 and May 22, 2015. It is 22 weeks. And of course, the difference between December 12, 2014 and May 22, 2015 is 23 weeks. More underwater references. I will say this again for the handful of people who are really listening. Believe me when I say you are in the minority, one out of at least 10,000 (two Roman legions). This is not exaggeration. I can see it im my website numbers. I am an authority on the subject. So for you, for your loved ones and children, what I am doing here is akin to breaking military ciphers. This movie is ancient history at the pace at which people live today. yet in the intervening years no one has come even remotely close to what I am disclosing to you now. Why? For the answer to this question you must read page № 100. Madman Across the Water (the author). But this is not about me. It’s about you. Breakthroughs such as this are as common as crabgrass on this website. You have not just found an interesting read on the Internet. You have found a lifeline. An opportunity to survive what is about to happen. But, respecting the need to maintain the appearance of normality, especially around your loved ones and children, you must abandon your other pursuits in life. The time left us is short. As is with this box, step back, and you will see this. The evidence that something is about to happen is overwhelming. And since I rarely leave these direct appeals up for long, allow me to say this, the date of January 1, 2025 at the bottom of my homepage is ultra conservative. If you are reading this, you should already know this.

Peeling away the Onion Layers of the “1952” Working Title

Why 1952? Well, two very notable things happened in 1952 (and methinks they are not unrelated). The following headline is from an article entitled In 1952, ‘Flying Saucers’ Over Washington Sent the Press Into a Frenzy by Missy Sullivan, dated March 10, 2019 and updated as recently as February 12, 2020. I highly recommend you stop and read it.



So as you can see, this was July 29, 1952. If you take the time to research this incident, you may be sure it was very real.


Credit vastphotos.com, TIM LO MONACO, U.S. Capitol Building at Twilight, July 20, 2018

Before I continue, let me remind the reader that I have personally encountered ET. What I am about to say is not a joke. It is my perception on what happened and is very personal in the sense that it is based on my impression of these beings. I do not know if they “speak” our language, but I do know they understand our thought, which is why I think they chose July. The White House would have been very aware that this was the original proposed timeframe for the test. Their appearance in July in as much says, “We know everything you are thinking.” It goes without saying that ET has never before or since, at least not in this world age, been so conspicuous as they were on July 29, 1952 when the flew over U.S. Capitol Building, the very symbol of power for the United States of America . The message was unmistakable.


Do not use this device


Having said all of this, here is a discussion about the schedule for testing the first ever Hydrogen (or thermonuclear) bomb, otherwise known as simply the H bomb.


Beginning with the Teller–Ulam breakthrough in March 1951, there was steady progress made on the issues involved in a thermonuclear explosion and there were additional resources devoted to staging, and political pressure towards seeing, an actual test of a hydrogen bomb. A date within 1952 seemed feasible. In October 1951 physicist Edward Teller pushed for July 1952 as a target date for a first test, but project head Marshall Holloway thought October 1952, a year out, was more realistic given how much engineering and fabrication work the test would take and given the need to avoid the summer monsoon season in the Marshall Islands. On June 30, 1952, United States Atomic Energy Commission chair Gordon Dean showed President Harry S. Truman a model of what the Ivy Mike device would look like; the test was set for November 1, 1952. —Wikipedia, Ivy Mike, Schedule


You see this recurring theme throughout the movie. The following image is from




That the Tomorrowland movie is using this as a metaphor for the end of the world is beyond question.


However, I do not think this is the focus of the working title 1952. Something else happened in 1952.








Popular ideas….

In 1952, Disneyland was incorporated.







Last Section of Current Rewrite

Wayeb glyphReferences to the Great Wayeb in the Tomorrowland Movie

You will never understand the most important of all messages in the Tomorrowland movie, which is the year in which the “day of the Lord” occurs unless you understand the importance of what the Maya called the Wayeb and what I call the Great Wayeb on this website.


We are living in the Great Wayeb now.


My habit of not completing pages began the day I realized the no matter what I said that no one was ever going to listen to someone talking about the Maya Long Count calendar. After discovering that the actual units of measurement for that calendar were 2,160 orbits of Jupiter and 144 so-called Jose Solar Cycles (the time it takes the Sun to orbit around the Solar System barycenter), I thought I would rock the intellectual world. What followed was a rude awakening to the reality of what I have ever since characterized as the mathematical insanity of mainstream (or consensus) science and academia. These are some of the most hypnotized people on the planet. I avoid them like the plague. And here I might add that sending your child to a college or university is not only financially insane but subjects them to this intellectual miasma. Don’t do it!

You too probably will not visit page № 18. The Maya Long Count Calendar, so here is the top of the page:

And here is my favorite quote from that page:


Even attempting to discuss the significance of this ancient calendar which once captivated the imagination of an entire world is now passé and invites ridicule, if not disdain or utter contempt.


And yet here we are. All of the following scenes from this part of the movie in which the main character is introduced to Tomorrowland are references to the Great Wayeb.



Five o’clock (time)


This kid is smart enough to build a jet pack, but can’t for the life of him find his five o’clock. Someone wants your attention.


Are you seeing a pattern here?



And what’s the boy shouting?








This is the progeny of Jove speaking to the 144,000 and telling them to be patient. Look past the movie. You are being given the ability to intercept one of the most private communications in the history of mankind. Do not take it lightly.


I’m not going to interpret the message for you below because realizing something for yourself and being told what something means is two different worlds. Discovering such a profound truth for yourself is like an adrenalin rush. It’s the quickening. I would not deny you that moment. But hang around me long enough and you will know everything.


I love Sean Connery in this movie, which I watched an absurd number of times.

Damon Lindelof and Jeff Jensen

Here we meet the likes of Stanley Kubrick. Having watched the entire Lost series, I knew something about this man before a DEADLINE article, quoted in its entirely below, alerted me to the fact that he wrote the Tomorrowland script.


So if you want to put a face on the progeny of Jove, look to your left for surely Damon Lindelof knows as much as Stanley Kubrick ever did, and most likely a lot more.


Here then is the DEADLINE article entitled Lost’s Damon Lindelof Makes 7-Figure Disney Deal To Write Secret Sci-Fi Feature. I am trying to mimic the original font. The bold-red emphasis is mine.

EXCLUSIVE: In its latest attempt to hatch a large-scale film that can play to a family audience, Disney has made a seven-figure deal with screenwriter and Lost exec producer Damon Lindelof to write and produce an original large-scale science fiction feature film. Other than the fact that the project has a working title of 1952, I couldn’t pry plot details out of anybody. I’m not sure if the title connotes a period the film is set in, or if it is a Lost reference. I’ve also heard that this project isn’t just being conceived for movies only, but that it has multiple platform aspirations.

The project came out of a series of meetings that Lindelof had with Disney’s production president Sean Bailey and senior exec Brigham Taylor, and it’s the first film that Lindelof is producing from the ground up. Since ending the run of Lost and serving as one of the show’s architects all the way through, Lindelof has been on fire as a screenwriter. He teamed with Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci to script the Jon Favreau-directed Cowboys & Aliens. Lindelof came aboard to rewrite Ridley Scott’s 3D Alien prequel and injected enough new ideas into the Prometheus script for Fox and Scott to deem the film an original. Lindelof is right now working with Kurtzman and Orci to pull together a Star Trek sequel that can be ready to begin production later this year or early next. I’ve reported my skepticism that Abrams would ever be able to move from launching Super 8 and jump into a Star Trek sequel that will make its summer 2012 release date, because the scribes need Abrams to give a thumbs up to the 70-page story outline they’ve written, and turn that into a script. Orci noted this in a Twitter message sent as he was heading to watch Super 8: @TrekMovie since JJ has seen super 8, maybe I can get him to read trek during the movie;). Lindelof will be engaged in that for a while, and he will start the Disney project after that. Lindelof’s deal was made by CAA.



Jeff Jensen published Before Tomorrowland on April 7, 2015, 45 days before the release of the movie on May 22, 2015. That struck me immediately as curious.


45 days is 1080 hours


The reference to 108 makes me want to actually read my copy of the book.

This is a strange poster for an upbeat movie. Why dark, gloomy, and foreboding skies? And why do Britt Robertson and George Clooney look so serious?

How many ways can Tomorrowland say “the end is coming”?

Across the top of the original, full-sized five-foot by seven-foot poster I own for the Tomorrowland movie is written in Spanish (because I bought the poster from a movie theatre in Ecuador) “IMAGINA UN LUGAR DONDE TODAS ES POSIBLE,” which translated means “Imagine a place where everything is possible.” And of course, most of us have been to Tomorrowland at one of the Walt Disney theme parks.

None of these evoke images of the end of the world unless you look closer. For example, take a closer look at the center of my poster. The Eiffel Tower was built to celebrate the 100th year of the French Revolution, a bloodbath that announced the rise of the European Illuminati.



What is that, really? It’s got nothing whatsoever to do with the movie. If you ask me, it looks like something catastrophic is happening to Paris.


Do me a favor. Stop now and watch the entire movie. Better yet, purchase a copy from Amazon Prime Video or YouTube. You are going to want to watch it more than once. Not a very likely place to be discussing the Apocalypse, right? Well, you may be surprised by the end of this section. Immediately before displaying the 923 countdown clock, the main actor George Clooney says “This is a story about the future, and the future can be scary.”


This section is incomplete.

The End is Coming. Whatcha gonna do? (lyrics to a non-existent song)

Alder brought this to my attention in an email. Listen carefully to this clip. I’ve isolated the lyrics so that you can play it over and over again. And as you do, try to remember you are not the intended audience. This movie encodes a message to the 144,000. It is they for whom these lyrics are intended. Not you. We know this because of the context. The “I’ve been looking for someone like you for a very long time” and the dialogue subsequent to this scene is all about the intended audience being “special.” The scene begins with two different messages to wake up and pay attention. The first is the coffee drinking and the second is the robotic girl springing back to life so that it startles the main character as well as the audience. But the message is hidden in the barely perceptible lyrics playing on the radio in the background. In effect, “the end is coming, and you gotta get out alive…The end is comin, whatcha gonna do” can be interpreted as saying “we are the ones in control of your destiny. This movie includes critically important information intended solely for you.”



I ignored Alder’s email at first. Not giving it much thought (always a mistake with Alder), I wrote back and tersely said “I don’t hear this, Alder. Nor can I find similar lyrics searching on the Internet. Did I miss something?” to which he patiently responded


The song is playing in the background, on the radio in the truck they are riding in. Listen during the pauses in the character monologs. I double checked the link I sent and played it again with headphones. It is there in the time slots listed. [Note that I am not using the video clip Alder sent. I made my own version of it to narrow down the time slot for faster replay.]

It is an interesting song in that the lyrics are not posted, not that I can find, and in a music track list of the movie, it is listed but it is the only song they wont let you preview. It is not available for sale or other.

The song is called “The End is Coming” by Lesley McDaniel.

It also shows up in the subtitles during the scene “the end is coming, whatcha gonna do…” when played on the TV.


Out of respect for Alder, I decided to try a little harder.

The first thing I did was to get a screenshot of the lyrics. This took me hours. All times are precise. Starting at 53:20 minutes into the movie they play in the background until 53:45, but the only time you here all of the lyrics is the first time they are played from 53:20 to 53:23.


The lyrics are “The end is coming and you got to get out alive. The end is coming, what you gonna do?” That’s it. That’s the entire song. Little weird, huh? You hear “coming” a few more times, but never in a full sentence.








First off, let’s get something straight. “The End is Coming” is a fictitious song. It does not exist in reality. It is a message, nothing else.





So what then are these music credits?



A message. Nothing else.

And that message is…





The song doesn’t exist on Walt Disney’s soundtrack either, but I’m glad I checked because there are 24 songs on the soundtrack and the principle theme song is precisely 54 seconds long leaving no doubt as to what this movie is really all about.



If the “Why me?” at precisely 54:00 minutes into the movie and a 54-second theme song, or the fact that the movie cost $330,000,00 dollars to produce and therefore was .54545454545454 repeating over the budget of $180,000,000 doesn’t peak your interests, let me leave you with one last thought.

There is only one use of a two-line capitalized subtitle in the entire movie. It commands attention. Now, why would you bother doing this for 25 seconds of inaudible lyrics to a non-existent song?




The answer to the question, “Why me?” is “Because you’re special.”


The 25th song would be “The End is coming” which corresponds to the 25 seconds these lyrics are played in the movie. But there’s nothing after 24. There never is. Everything just starts over.


Thank you, Alder. If I had a pin I would give it to you. But then again, in their own words, they’re “all gonna die” [01:39:00 but my “future-predicting machine”]. You’re special though. I know that.

The Omega Architecture

The progeny of Jove have always self-identified themselves as the Phoenicians. They did

The “Blast from the Past” is Hugo Gernsback


August 31, 2020: This section would not exist were it not for the well-known author David Montaigne. I completely missed this, and yet this is where the course correction happens. It therefore by definition includes critical information about which I know nothing as of this writing.

[start of section]

The critical scene in which the Tomorrowland movie points to the other movie, The Black Hole, is held in a collectibles store named Blast from the Past.

> > How about Hugo Gernsbeck’s “vision of the city of tomorrow” from 
> > October 1923:
> > This image was scanned from the October 1923 issue of Science and 
> > Invention magazine, edited by Gernsbeck. (Interestingly, Roy and Walter 
> > Disney founded their animation company in California on October 16, 
> > 1923.) Disney refers to D23 a lot, and I often wonder if such things 
> > point not only back to 1923 but forward to 2023.

I’m scared to death I’m going to misplace this email so I am just dumping it into the page. I just cannot risk losing this because it opens a whole new portal into the message the movie is conveying.

Email from David Montaigne:

Sent: Thursday, July 23, 2020 12:21:11 AM

Subject: various thoughts for Luther

“In the foreword to Amazing’s first number, Gernsback introduced his “New Sort of Magazine,” geared as he said to the “entirely new world” of the modern. He cited as his forebears Edgar Allen Poe, Jules Verne, and H.G. Wells—or the “new romancers,” in a phrase that would later catch William Gibson’s attention—and delineated a literary form aiming to instruct as well as entertain, to “impart knowledge … without once making us aware that we are being taught.” – Dave repeats for emphasis: describing an “entirely new world” to “impart knowledge … without once making us aware that we are being taught.”

“For all his namedropping, Gernsback took the greater share of his inspiration from his own previous forays into publishing. His editorial career began in 1908 with Modern Electrics, a magazine aiming “to teach the young generation science, radio and what was ahead for them.” It was here that he first started serializing scientifiction—his own novel, Ralph 124C41+—before selling up and founding The Electrical Experimenter. In these magazines, as later in Amazing Stories, Gernsback laid down a blueprint for the capitalist technocracies of the future, to be led by daring inventors such as his own Ralph, modeled after Thomas Edison.”

above from https://www.pulpmags.org/content/info/amazing-stories.html

But Hugo was also an inventor. Wikipedia notes:

“Gernsback held 80 patents by the time of his death in New York City on August 19, 1967.[34]

His first patent was a new method for manufacturing dry-cell batteries, a patent applied for on June 28, 1906 and granted February 5, 1907.[35]

Among his inventions are a combined electric hair brush and comb (US Patent 1,016,138), 1912; an ear cushion (US Patent 1,514,152), 1927; and a hydraulic fishery (US Patent 2,718,083), 1955.[36]

Other patents held by Gernsback are related to: Incandescent Lamp, Electrorheostat Regulator, Electro Adjustable Condenser, Detectorium, Relay, Potentiometer, Electrolytic Interrupter, Rotary Variable Condenser, Luminous Electric Mirror, Transmitter, Postal Card, Telephone Headband, Electromagnetic Sounding Device, Submersible Amusement Device, Apparatus for Landing Flying Machines, Tuned Telephone Receiver, Electric Valve, Detector, Acoustic Apparatus, Electrically Operated Fountain, Cord Terminal, Coil Mounting, Radio Horn, Variable Condenser, Switch, Telephone Receiver, Crystal Detector, Process for Mounting Inductances, Depilator, Switch, Code Learner’s Instrument.”


Were any of the inventions important? I doubt it. But I suspect Tomorrowland is doing more than a nod to old science fiction. Gernsback was Jewish, and if the PofJ doesn’t like them, Gernsback must have offered something special for them to give him such a prominent Blast from the Past in Tomorrowland.

“In 1923, Gernsback coined the term “scientific fiction,” – I still think 1923 and other clues may point to 2023, so I looked up what Hugo did in 1923 that may have made him worthy of praise. [Keeping in mind: “On October 16, 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy found the Disney Brothers Cartoon Studio in Hollywood”]

How about this “vision of the city of tomorrow” from October 1923:


“I scanned the image from the October 1923 issue of Science and Invention magazine. Published by the legendary science fiction pioneer Hugo Gernsback (1884-1967), Science and Invention gave Americans of the 1920s an earnest take on what the future might give us. While the magazine would sometimes have a sci-fi story or two, these depictions of tomorrow were published alongside news about cutting edge science and technology of the day and predictions about how those technologies might be applied.”

Another good article on Gernsback https://manifold.umn.edu/read/the-perversity-of-things-hugo-gernsback-on-media-tinkering-and-scientifiction/section/71ba6e6b-b4b2-40a2-bdb1-af133fc6b93b

details his dovetailing of scientific engineering and futuristic fiction. He had “almost spiritual faith in technoscientific progress” and that his “depictions of wide-ranging futures created a “cultural imperative” for inventors, engineers, and scientists to make these dreams a reality.” In 1910 “When a ringing telephone interrupted one of his many stories of “robot doctors, retirement colonies on Mars, domed cities orbiting Earth,” Gernsback (who had arrived in a horse-drawn carriage) reminded his seven-year-old niece as she ran toward the receiver, “Hildegarde, fix your hair. It won’t be long before the caller can see your face over the telephone wires.” His magazines made the technologically advanced futures he wrote about seem imminent.

Gernsback’s magazines included many ads for mail order technological devices [like the popular Telimco wireless receiver] that an average person could assemble themselves and use. “Gernsback’s handicraft futures seemed so seductive because they were futures that you, the reader, could build yourself.” His magazines were a way of engaging readers to understand technological advances by building devices and imagining the future impact such devices could have on society. “Gernsback’s career left us with a way of participating in that change, imagining its possible futures, and debating which future it is that we should live in.”

In the Blast From the Past scene in Tomorrowland, Casey says “I was hoping that you could tell me about this” as she places the pin at the center of the vortex for The Black Hole. Is she asking about the pin, or the galactic center, or something in the 1979 movie The Black Hole? Ursula thinks and calls for Hugo Gernsback, whose role must be to tell us about it. But the movie’s Hugo, or the writings of HG a century ago? There is a lack of respect for showmanship. (for something in the movie? for the Georgia Guidestones?) Hugo says “You saw something, didn’t you?” Both the real Hugo (1920s) and Casey saw an advanced future society. Through the pin. Casey asks why they made the pins – what are they for? Ursula replies (which does not answer her question) “rumor has it they were about to go public. Share what they had built with the whole world.” What does this refer to? The Black Hole? The Guidestones? Ursula removes the pin from the image of the Black Hole after saying they were about to go public, but that never happened. In September 2014, a small cube appeared in the Georgia Guidestones with the numbers 20 and 14 showing. Later we learn other sides are labelled 8, 16, JAM, and MM.

On a completely different note, I just answered a Quora question you might find relevant:

The Mayan calendar was the most precisely accurate calendar in the world prior to atomic clocks and other technology allowing very accurate modifications to our modern calendar in recent decades. So with their cycle ending 5125 years after it started, some are inclined to pay attention to the myths of previous world ages. Mayan elders never suggested the end was expected on December 21, 2012. They used the phrase “y un poco” meaning: and a little more. The idea being that the end of the Mayan Long Count was not precise, but that it marked the start of a window of years in which the present world civilization could end.

In related news, ancient Indian texts describe an epic war using advanced technology with mushroom clouds and fighter aircraft and the astronomical references describe the night skies so accurately during the course of that war that it was recently dated to have occurred in 3105 B.C. Conclusively, without a doubt. The stories state that the world civilization of that era ended a little after the war; and the Kali Yuga Age has generally been dated to begin in 3102 B.C. Some clues suggest our present world age is due to end soon; if it happens 5125 years after 3102 B.C. we’re looking at 2023 A.D.

Not all clues point to this timing. I wouldn’t lose too much sleep over it. But just like Christian prophecies suggest a seven year period after the start of tribulation, the Maya suggest a period after 2012 that wraps up the present age. Maybe a fascination with the end of the world as an idea, more so than an appreciation for the precision of an ancient calendar or awareness of Vedic knowledge explains the continued interest in the end of the Mayan Long Count calendar.

Yet another different train of thought: I finally found the text I wanted from Jay Weidner & Vincent Bridges book: http://webcache.googleusercontent.com/search?q=cache:A2MeWD5Oz4sJ:https://www.scribd.com/book/351487284/The-Mysteries-of-the-Great-Cross-of-Hendaye-Alchemy-and-the-End-of-Time&client=firefox-b-1-d&hl=en&gl=us&strip=1&vwsrc=0


For me, it all started a few years ago when Jay Weidner asked me what I thought of Fulcanelli. Being full of my own opinions and sure of their validity, I gave him the quick rundown on what I knew: “Mysterious twentieth-century alchemist featured in Morning of the Magicians and therefore somewhat suspect. Colin Wilson suggests that he is another alchemical con man such as Cagliostro or St. Germain.”

Jay laughed and suggested that I read Mystery of the Cathedrals, Fulcanelli’s first book, and The Fulcanelli Phenomenon, by Kenneth R. Johnson. When I did, I realized that the books described one of the most fascinating puzzles of all time. Alchemy was certainly a key part of the mystery. At the heart of this puzzle, however, lay something even stranger—ancient knowledge of the location of the center of our galaxy and from that knowledge a way to estimate the date of a celestial event of eschatalogical magnitude. The sophisticated astronomical culture of the Maya considered this event to be the end and beginning point of time itself. After the fall of the ancient cultures in the Old World, simple knowledge of the event became the secret possession of the initiated elite.

As the mystery unfolded and the puzzle appeared before us, Jay and I were astonished that no others seemed to have seen this. And then we realized that of course they had. We had stumbled on the big secret, the grand MacGuffin of human history. All of humanity’s psychodramas seemed to have the secret at their core, even when knowledge of the secret was limited to the initiated few. From this perspective, what we had been taught to regard as history looked a lot like the residue of a millennia-long global conflict over control of the secret and its ramifications. As we researched this story, three main currents or groups emerged. These currents, perhaps better described as collective viewpoints, we defined by their relationship to the secret.

The first group, which we shall call the Priest-Kings, believed it had the right to possess the secret based on ancient traditions and bloodlines. In contrast to this basically Osirian position, and making up the second group, were the nihilistic Sethians, who wanted to possess the secret exclusively and were willing to destroy everything to get it or to keep anyone else from getting it. The ancient myth of Osiris, the rightful king, whose power is usurped by his evil brother, Seth, and then avenged by his son, Horus, echoes this struggle over control of the secret. The myth retains its power even today, as witness the success of Disney’s The Lion King.

In between these extremes, in some moral and social gray area, are the Opportunists, the group that is willing to own the secret, use the secret, control the secret, or whatever it takes to provide for its own wealth, power, ego gratification, and so on. We have few mythological metaphors for this group because it is recent, developing only in the last two thousand years. All three of these groups are mutually antagonistic, yet interdependent. None of them wants the others to gain complete control, yet none can gain it alone. But most of all, none of them wants to share information with uninitiated outsiders.

Someone in the late seventeenth century, however, built an enigmatic mortuary monument in the quaint Basque coastal town of Hendaye. More than 250 years later, an equally mysterious author, Fulcanelli, would add a new chapter to his thirty-year-old book claiming that the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye was the ultimate expression of chiliasm (a belief in the Last Judgment as a literal end of time) as well as a description of the Great Work of alchemy. These simple facts point to several interesting conclusions.

Not only have the initiated few survived for centuries, right down into our own time, but apparently some of them wanted to reveal the secret as well. Interesting as these conclusions are, they force us to an even more dramatic one. If one of the initiated gave away the secret in 1957, it could only have been because the secret was in danger of being lost, or, even worse, co-opted and distorted. By 1957, the balance of power had shifted, and the nihilistic Sethians scented final victory in the Cold War breeze.

To understand the importance of Fulcanelli’s message, we must remember that by the late 1950s it must have seemed, to those in the know, that something fundamental had changed. The Sethians and the Opportunists had finally learned to cooperate. The Priest-Kings, with their mystical connections, had almost been destroyed. The Sethians were in the process of convincing the Opportunists of the need for mass suicide by way of an atomic war. The secret of the end of time and the possible transformation of the human species were in danger of being lost, forgotten, or changed beyond recognition.

The value of Fulcanelli’s revelation can be seen in the amount of misinformation and distortion that obscures any discussion of the person or of his work. Even Johnson’s Fulcanelli Phenomenon, the only major work on the subject in English, reads like a mass of purposeful confusion, which is epitomized in its penultimate chapter, a bizarre science-fictional analysis of the Cyclic Cross by someone called Paul Mevryl. From the information presented in this work, we might be forgiven for thinking that, while not quite a con man, Fulcanelli and his disciple Canseliet were perhaps as deluded or delusional as any other alchemist of the past.

And yet, when we read Mystery of the Cathedrals, we find no confused charlatan rambling on about imagined esotericisms. We come face-to-face with one of the most penetrating intellects of the twentieth century. The power of this intellect appears, especially in Cathedrals, to be driven by an urgent need to communicate the outlines of a great mystery. In delineating this mystery, Fulcanelli tried, by piling up images and allusions, to suggest a vast initiatory process at work in human history. At the core of the book, though, is a question.

The first edition, published in 1926, ended with the question unanswered, although a glimpse of the answer can be seen embedded within the brilliant synthesis of ideas at the heart of Mystery of the Cathedrals. By the time of the second edition, 1957, the question had been answered. Fulcanelli decided to reveal the secret of the end of time. When the book was reprinted, he added a new chapter that was more about chiliasm than alchemy and in which he sketched out the ground rules for solving the puzzle of the Cyclic Cross of Hendaye.

Five years later, Morning of the Magicians, by Pauwels and Bergier, became an international bestseller. In many ways, this was the start of the New Age movement and the beginning of the process of obscuring Fulcanelli and his work. This occulting would continue in numerous books and articles about enigmatic events and unsolved mysteries by Colin Wilson and others. The Fulcanelli Phenomenon, published in 1980, compounded the problem and convinced most readers that any mystery having to do with the cross of Hendaye was simply paranoiac delusion. Perhaps that’s what the book was intended to do.

And here matters remained until Jay and I rashly and naively decided to solve the puzzle. Like some esoteric Tar Baby lurking at the astral crossroads waiting for a couple of happy-go-lucky Brer Rabbit–type researchers to come along, the monument’s mystery proved irresistible once touched. We were stuck with it—all the way to the briar patch.

The quest took us from Elberton, Georgia (where a mysterious R. C. Christian has built a monument to the end of time), to France, Peru, and Egypt. Along the way, we were aided by so much synchronicity and coincidence that we eventually concluded there was a fourth current or group at work, behind the scenes, that actually wants the secret revealed to as many people as possible. This Free Will party, as we jokingly called it, seemed to be guiding our research and at times manipulating events.

That Jay and I got together at all was the result of complex personal synchronicities that spanned decades and ended with us both, for the most unlikely and absurd reasons, being in Boulder, Colorado, during the fall of 1997. As we started out almost as far apart geographically as it is possible to be and still be in the United States—I live in central North Carolina and Jay lived at that point on the coast of Washington in the Pacific Northwest—Boulder was like meeting halfway.

Deciphering the monument’s message turned out to be the easy part. Once we had the message, deciphered in one rush of comprehension on a stormy Halloween night high in the Rockies, our emphasis shifted to finding out what it meant. The monument pointed to a specific time period, the intersection point of several celestial cycles, and we wanted to know exactly why Fulcanelli had described this event as a double catastrophe in which the northern hemisphere would be tried by fire—Judgment Day, in other words.

And that’s where the real synchronistic fun and games began. Books, necessary volumes that we needed to see but didn’t even know existed, began to appear: Once an extremely rare book miraculously turned up after access was denied us, and once, even more synchronistically, a key book was left behind in a smoking lounge at Heathrow Airport for us to find. Beyond the source texts, authorities began to show up—a local Boulder publisher announced a new edition of Fulcanelli’s Dwellings of the Philosophers and let us read the translation as it proceeded. Dr. Paul LaViolette arrived for a conference and redirected our whole perspective. William Sullivan, John Major Jenkins, Dr. Alberto Villoldo, and Dr. Juan del Prado appeared at crucial moments and added their pieces of the puzzle.

Perhaps the most prominent synchronicity of all centers on the image of the rose-cross ankh. Several years before Jay and I met, I had every rose-cross ankh in the Coptic Museum in Cairo photographed in an attempt to trace the idea in early Christianity. By coincidence, we discovered in Arles and at the Louvre a series of rose-cross ankhs that would have been completely mysterious without the images from the Coptic Museum.

Fulcanelli’s use of the word chiliasm gave us a clue to their meaning. Chiliasm is a Gnostic conception of the Christian Last Judgment in which a new existence, a new spiritual reality, supersedes our flawed common reality at the end of time. Many scholars, such as Elaine Pagels and Ioan Couliano, consider chiliasm to be the most sophisticated of the many first-century eschatological perspectives. Chiliasm was never declared heretical and survived as a belief in the Coptic Church. The ankh, symbol of eternal life, with the blooming flower at its center, represented the chiliastic ideal of the Second Coming as a renewal of all life.

The Egyptian origin of this concept suggested to us the antiquity of its insight. Following this thread, we found evidence that alchemy, as we have known it historically, is actually a demonstration of the transmutational physics at work in the galactic core, and was apparently know to the ancients. The inner core of alchemy appears in this light as the ability to apply the physics of creation to the task of personal immortality. And with this knowledge, of course, would come the ability to survive the double catastrophe.

If the secret, the grand MacGuffin of human history, is the ability to chart the celestial timing of the eschatological event, then the only serious questions become: Is it true? and Can we survive?

After compiling and sifting through a huge amount of research, we can definitively answer the first question: Yes, it’s true. We are about to receive a cosmic wake-up call from the center of the galaxy.

As for the second question—Will the celestial event bring extinction or enlightenment?—the answer remains open. The existence, however, of a fourth current, the Free Will, share-the-information party, suggests that there is an answer.

Perhaps human evolution, once certain physical parameters, such as the size of the skull versus the width of the mother’s hips, are reached, becomes an internal, personal process of initiation. Defining this personal process is a galactic wave of change that brings the opportunity of transformation to those who have reached the required level of internal transmutation. To those who haven’t reached this level, perhaps it brings madness and destruction, perhaps even a global catastrophe, in its wake.

Because of the politics of secrecy surrounding the knowledge of this oncoming celestial event, we, as a culture, have been blissfully unaware of its approach. Eschatological speculations long ago became the property of cranks and fringe religions. Science has given the appearance of abdicating its responsibility for interpreting its own findings. And yet, the knowledge, the gnosis, survived the secrecy and persecution and is now on the verge of becoming once again a common cultural perspective.

The fourth current, the Free Will party, might just have won out after all.


It has long been believed that the Gothic cathedrals were secret textbooks of some hidden knowledge; that behind the gargoyles and the glyphs, the rose windows and the flying buttresses, a mighty secret lay, all but openly displayed.



Last item, and probably not relevant, but maybe you’ll find something in it I did not:



“Remember “Blast from the Past“, that late-90s cold-war parody/rom-com that starred Brendan Fraser and Alicia Silverstone and told the story of a family that built a lavish underground bomb shelter beneath their LA home to ride out the apocalypse in? It was pretty terrible, but the weird thing about that movie is that it could have been based on a true story.

Built in the thick of Cold War-era paranoia by a guy named Jerry B. Henderson in 1978, the “underground house” you see here was built for Jerry and his family to wait out the end of the world…. Henderson made a lot of money in several companies, including Avon cosmetics, the Gulfstream Aerospace Corp. and the now-defunct Monterey Peninsula Television. In 1964, he married his second wife, Mary, and formed Underground World Homes.

At the New York World’s Fair in 1964 and 1965, he and his new company sponsored the exhibit “Why Live Underground.” The company was inspired in part by Henderson’s belief that the Cold War would not end as it did — with a David Hasselhoff concert and Mikhail Gorbachev tearing down that wall — but with the last remnants of humanity hunkered down in underground bunkers.”


Eventually stumbling on the Translation from German to English of “Das Problem der Befahrung des Weltraums, Der Raketen-Motor,” Richard Carl Schmidt & Co.: Berlin, 1929 “The Problem of Space Travel” – https://history.nasa.gov/SP-4026.pdf The author, Hermann Noordung, was eventually found to have used a fictitious name to hide his true identity (Hermann Potocnic) One quote: “This guy Noordung is quite a mysterious figure. You know, usually you write a book, amongst many other things, to reap some fame. Certainly this was not one of his motives. Indeed this guy is nearly impossible to grasp. He wrote a book, he published it and then he vanished again. He is not well known prior to the book. There is nothing we know of him thereafter. He did not republish.” I am reminded of my current efforts regarding the elusive Chan Thomas! In 1993, Arthur C Clarke said “What an incredible man Potocnik must have been, perhaps in some ways quite as remarkable as Oberth.” In fact Potocnic “corresponded with Hermann Oberth (1894-1989), whose book Die Rakele zu den Planetenraurnen (The Rocket into Interplanetary Space, published in 1923) essentially launched tl1e spaceflight movement in Germany and laid the theoretical foundations for future space efforts there.” “Potocnik indeed influenced von Braun, through the latter he must also have influenced the United States and NASA.” “by proposing the first actual design for a space station and by offering illustrations of that design, Potocnik helped to fixate the imagination of people interested in spaceflight upon a space station as an important goal in itself and a means to the end of interplanetary flight. Since 1959 NASA has conducted at least a hundred studies of space station designs,37 and the idea of a space station became a firm fixture in NASA’s planning from the mid-l960s to the present day.” “[Noordung’s} Introduction: Since the beginning of time, mankind has considered it as an expression of its Earthly weakness and inadequacy to be bound to the Earth, to be unable to free itself from the mysterious shackles of gravity. Not with-out good reason then has the concept of the transcendental always been associated with the idea of weightlessness, the power “to be able freely to rise into the sky.” And most people even today still take it as a dogma that it is indeed unthinkable for Earthly beings ever to be able to escape the Earth. Is this point of view really justified?” [He may be the first to have stressed man’s need to “escape the Earth” and this may be part of the Progeny of Jove’s post-cataclysm plans.] In the foreword there are many references to Science Wonder Stories, a fiction magazine founded in 1929 by editor Hugo Gernsback after he sold his first magazine, Amazing Stories. No doubt the inspiration for the character name in Tomorrowland: https://tomorrowland.fandom.com/wiki/Hugo_Gernsback


Before Tomorrowland and the Tomorrowland Junior Novel

Not having yet read the Before Tomorrowland book, I’m just guessing now, but I strongly suspect that the entire worth of the book can be reduced to one page out of a cartoon in the back of the book that associates the date of September 9, 1889, with the Eiffel Tower scene in the Tomorrowland movie, which is to say before Tomorrowland there was the White Ash Mine disaster discussed in the section entitled The Entranceway on page № 58. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range. As for the Tomorrowland Junior Novel, I don’t even own a copy yet, but rest assured I will read both from cover-to-cover and report anything of interest on this page.



The Message, Part 1: One Asterism, Two Movies, and one truly unforgettable MP3 Recording

Imagine you know the exact date on which this world is going to end. It is knowledge that survived from the last world, that the ancient Greeks (who later morphed into the Roman elite) over many hundreds of years used to obliterate other nations and peoples who possessed the same knowledge. Then 900 years ago your organizational progenitors founded the Knight Templar who later morphed into the Freemasons, the latter founding the United States of America as their new headquarters before they were defeated by a rival organization who acquired the date from the rank and file of the Jesuits and their Superior General of the Society of Jesus (the “Black Pope”). Up to this point, we are talking about the Freemasons of the South who erected the Georgia Guidestones to warn us of what is about to happen. But let’s switch gears and talk about this new, much more ruthless gang who until 1947 continued to pose as Freemasons. They surrendered the Whitehouse and direct control of the United States of America through the Office of the President, brutally and very publicly killing JFK to warn any of his successors that they are still in control the country, then morphed into the CIA from which they controlled not just the military and government of the United States of America, but practically speaking the entire Western World (primarily by collecting everyone’s gold, abruptly and arbitrarily abandoning the gold standard, and then subjecting the entire world to the vagaries of fiat currency), and finally going off the radar completely as an Unnamed Entity well hidden behind “need to know” (and only they need to know) clearances.


Buy the two movies involved. Do not rent them, any more than a Christian would rent the Bible.


All during this saga, they are busy spending untold trillions (from “black budgets” the bill for which the U.S. taxpayer is footing and drug money from cocaine and heroin sold to U.S. citizens) first building what I can only describe as the “eternal” Cheesman dam (refitted with stainless steel pipes in 2012), then creating what is called the “vault profound” on this website, a vast tunnel system drilled into one of the most unique granite batholiths in the world, launching the Voyager satellites in 1977 so that they would be ahead of the Heliosphere a few years before the end, enabling you to pass on to the next world knowledge more detailed knowledge about what causes this routine destruction of our planet, and finally building one of the largest airports in the world (what I think of as the “Welcoming Center” for the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation). Let me ask you something.


What’s left to do?


Well, you probably keep drilling because that batholith is huge and those tunnel boring machines were always on a one-way trip, but that part of the operation is running like a finely tuned machine. And of course you must continue to store perishables, but this requires little or no thought. You’ve got the best team of fiat currency magicians who ever lived, ten times smarter than anyone in the other nations they control. Besides that, you own the printing machines that make the money. Really, you’re just drowning in cash. You’re running riot over the rest of the world and the people in the United States could not be more sheepish, deeply hypnotized, stupid, asleep, or however you want to characterize them. Everything’s on schedule and running smoothly. Thousands of years of preparation are coming to fruition.


The only thing left to do is to send a message to the 144,000 waiting all over the planet, but mostly in the United States of America and England.


The only thing left to do is to tell the 144,000 (including the world’s wealthiest and most powerful elite, the crème de la crème of the world’s thinkers, the top specialists in every field of human endeavor, pilots of every color, and the leaders of some of the most highly trained special forces who ever existed) the exact date so that they might be prepared. Well, I should just let them describe themselves.



The 144,000 know to expect the message in a Walt Disney Company movie. So getting their attention is as easy as naming the movie Tomorrowland. But how can you disguise the message so that it is not intercepted by one of the most abstract thinkers alive?


You can’t. That was a trick question and a little self-promotion. Seriously though, what I need for the reader to understand is that this message was constructed at least 40 years ago when The Black Hole movie was released on December 21, 1979. Let me run that release date by you again.


December 21, 1979


This message was crafted before the Denver International Airport was even built. That should give you some idea of its importance. This is not a game. It’s not a conspiracy theory. Nor it is something to be taken lightly. I am about to say something I need for you to really appreciate.


The Tomorrowland movie and the message it conveys to the 144,000 waiting to be flown to Denver International Airport rival the Book of Daniel and the Book of Revelation in importance. For you, this webpage and the topic under discussion are little more than Internet surfing. The people for whom this message is intended are paying a little more attention. For them, it is everything. It represents life itself and a chance to survive what is about to happen. It is their future, everything they’ve worked for their entire life. Words cannot convey how important it is to them.


So when I tell you the message was delivered in two movies, a rap song, and an MP3 recording all of which were made many years apart, you’re going to think I’m a twisted individual. This was by design. But the 144,000 expect as much. They will not flinch at the suggestion because they know what is at stake.


The message of Tomorrowland is indeed encrypted, as one might expect given the fact that it includes the exact date on which this world will end, the most highly guarded secret of all time. Allow me to explain the encryption algorithm to you. The message was delivered in parts that not even the 144,000 could properly interpret in isolation. These “parts” (one asterism, two movies, a rap song, and one truly unforgettable MP3 recording) were spread out over a period of nearly 40 years. Then like a conductor tapping his baton, the message sprang to life when the Tomorrowland movie was released on May 22, 2015.


So now let us look at the release dates and see if the progeny of Jove numerically signed this message, as they are want to do with everything of importance to them. And what is more important than the message contained in Tomorrowland? Nothing. So I know even before looking exactly what to expect. I am well-trained in this regard. It took years to develop the ability, but I can read the progeny of Jove like an open book. Dates, times, they speak and think in numbers. Unless and until you develop an appreciation of the importance of numbers to these people, you will not hear what they are saying.




If you’re confused about the Maya Long Count calendar, 13 baktuns ended on December 21, 2012, not the calendar. The calendar (really it’s a countdown clock or end-time marker) ended on December 16, 2013. Don’t expect to solve this puzzle without studying my work on the Maya Long Count calendar.

That’s it. That the design of the four-part message.


Here is what happens at precisely 00:36:00 minutes into the movie



Elsewhere in the movie, we are told by the main actor that “We saved a seat just for you” clip is the only part of the “advertisement” that talks directly to the viewer. This point is of no little significance because this message is directed to the 144,000 in the Book of Revelation.




This is what I call an anti-cipher for someone in the game who has just watched The Black Hole movie and figured out the year. But it doesn’t count if you’re on the sidelines, and you and I are on the sideline.

What is the message of Tomorrowland?

The message of Tomorrowland is not actually in the movie. The movie only points to the message. I discovered this truth three days ago, on November 23. The analogy I am making for my domestic partner is that it is as if I were standing next to the Illuminati courier who was struck by lightning on July 10, 1785 and it was I who opened his pouch, only inside was the exact date on which over seven billion people will die on what the Bible calls the “day of the Lord.” (For an accurate retelling of this story see A Bavarian Illuminati primer compiled by Trevor W. McKeown). I knew the year before discovering the message of Tomorrowland, but this is a confirmation that erases any measure of doubt in my mind whatsoever. My seven-year quest to learn the what and the when of the Apocalypse has now come to an end.


The audience is alerted that something very special is about to happen by what is said over the store’s speaker system as the actress enters the Blast from the Past collectibles shop.




And here is the image I captured on what turns out was most appropriately November 23, 2019. You will notice it says “Walt Disney Productions” faintly on the right side of the image. Walt Disney Productions is a wholly-owned subsidiary of the progeny of Jove. It has been used to communicate messages from them to the 144,000 since its inception.



This image is a closeup taken right after Casey walks in the store and lays the pin down on the counter.


What makes me think this is what you might say is “the point” of the whole Tomorrowland movie? I don’t think. I know. Pay attention to what is happening when the woman says “Rumor has it they were about to go public.” She is making contact with the pin and pointing to The Black Hole movie at the same time. It could not be any more obvious. The Black Hole movie contains a “public” message to the 144,000 mentioned in the Book of Revelation.




Here is the end of The Black Hole trailer. It is similar to the girl in Tomorrowland shouting that they only have 58 days left in that it has no correspondence to the movie whatsoever.



“Man” does not enter the black hole, only the villain does.


The journey that begins where everything ends.


Everything does not end in the movie. The villain dies and the others escape in a small


This image from the end of the trailer represents the vortex moment of our solar system through space.


Find the other vortex moment I saw in Tomorrowland

The trailer is actually an important part of the message. I transcribed the following for you.


There is an inexorable force in the cosmos where time and space converge, a place beyond man’s vision but not his reach to the most mysterious and awesome point in the universe where the here and now may be forever. It is unavoidable, moving through space…now, man is about to enter the black hole. A journey that begins where everything ends












What the trailer is telling us is that our solar system is approaching a place in our binary dance with the Sirius star system that “inexorably” causes the destruction of most life on Earth. But I have come to believe that several forces are at play. A relatively unknown man named Jamal S. Shrair believes that our solar system’s helical orbit above and below the galactic plane is happening in thousands of years, not millions as is commonly thought.


spiral oscillation


I believe this is, in fact, happening in exactly 432 orbits of Jupiter, one Great Cycle in the Maya Long Count calendar or 5124.2976 Earth years. What I know for sure is that the binary dance between our solar system and the Sirius star system lasts 2160 orbits of Jupiter. All of this lends credence to Dr. Paul LaViolette observations that the Zodiac is pointing to the galactic barycenter, where there is no “Cookie Monster” black hole, but unimaginably strong gravitational forces at work.


The accuracy with which Sagittarius targets the Galactic center may be appreciated by viewing the infrared brightness contour map shown in figure 2.6. Because infrared radiation is able to penetrate interstellar dust relatively easily, the region of peak brightness marking the position of the Galactic center is clearly visible. It is evident to the left of the arrow trajectory. However, making such a map requires the most advanced technology, a special telescope, a semiconductor-type infrared detector, and a vehicle to loft the entire assembly into the upper stratosphere, where atmospheric infrared absorption is minimal.

—Dr. Paul LaViolette, Earth Under Fire, pp. 39-40


We live in an electromagnetic universe with the accuracy of a Swiss watch. The reader should not be taken back by the suggestion that the progeny of Jove may know the exact date. Though the fact that we are way too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius is doubtless a critical part of this equation, I have come to believe that the “trigger mechanism” of the Apocalypse a combination of Sirius, our solar system’s movement through the Galactic plane, and the Galactic center that ultimately explain why humanity suffers from what the immortal Immanuel Velikovsky described as amnesia. The official trailer for The Black Hole movie describes this area of space as a “mysterious and awesome point in the universe.” I cannot help but think the progeny of Jove naively think they can survive what is about to happen when it is self-evident that no one ever has before. I wish them luck.

A contributor named Rolf B 66.6 ̊N who I regrettably never heard from again sent me a full copy of The Adam and Eve Story written by Dr. Chan Thomas which I discuss on page № 89. Dr. Chan Thomas author of the CIA classified “The Adam and Eve Story”. He signed that ever so brief email thusly,


Magnetohydrodynamics are the key…


I suspect this man was highly intelligent.


Apparently our solar system is entering an area of space in our 26,000-year binary dance with the Sirius star system in which with great regularity the outer core and outer mantle become liquid enough to account for the missing force of Einstein and our planet experiences what has become popularly known as an earth crust displacement. I prefer axial tilt because that is how it is remembered and for someone on the surface there is no difference. Let us just pray Dr. Thomas was wrong about the “thousand mile-per-hour wind.” If he is not, our chances of surviving on the surface are slim to nil. I think he is mistaken about this.

I want to end this discussion by mentioning the Russians who I hold in the greatest of esteem (I live with a Russian Jew). They also see in the data streams from the two Voyager probes evidence that our solar system is headed into a highly unusual area of the galaxy at an estimated “230 km/s (828,000 km/h) or 143 mi/s (514,000 mph).” –Wikipedia, Galactic year. I will leave it as an exercise for the reader to compute how far we will travel between now and what the so-called “prophets” of the Old Testament call the “day of our Lord.” The truth is that someone remembers. I call that someone the progeny of Jove.

For the sake of completeness, here is the entire official movie trailer from a curiously named YouTube station (this trailer must be accessible over the Internet for the 144,000).


Although I am committed to not interpreting the message of Tomorrowland and The Black Hole, I will provide you with the following bulleted list of my own observations.


      • AMAZON PRIME: The trailer on Amazon Prime is not the original trailer
      • BLANK SCREEN: The movie starts with 2:27 seconds of a blank screen when the following is silently typed along the bottom of the screen

At Precisely 02:30 this is all that shows:

“Buena Vista” is Spanish for good view. The silence is broken at 2:34. Stars begin to appear at 2:36. I see no meaning in all of this. I would just save you the time and effort of looking for any. We note only that Stanley Kubric kept the 2001: A Space Odyssey screen blank for 2:56. The eerie background music stops at 2:50. Other than the overall similarity of the excessively long blank screen, I can find no hint that Kubric was pointing to The Black Hole.



The truth is this message has the subtlety of a beached whale. I have handed you everything you need to correctly interpret it, but you cannot hear it. You are Internet surfing. This isn’t real to you, which is why Christ Jesus knew to warn us that everything would seem normal right up until the last minute. The people are asleep. Their fate was sealed 2,600 years ago when the gods receded into their present orbits. I am at times like this with them. Your wholesale inability to hear the truth is the only reason why I am alive, why this website will not be completely trashed by men who could terminate it and me with a nonchalant thought and a few words. You think me a freak. I am alive and you are reading this because I serve their ends, a detailed explanation for the 144,000 who also could not see what was in front of them. So be it. Destruction is the only way forward. I ask only of them to leave me in peace. I am No. 5, The Third Prime in Life. My message to you stands. It is from Enoch. It is from an extraterrestrial race that is doing what you cannot. They have given us a “little book” for the next world, a thorough explanation of pure metaphysics. That is how they are solving the problem. That is how we will get off this planet, not you. If any player in this sick game is delusional, it is you, the progeny of Jove.


So what is the conclusion of the matter? (And here I am speaking only to the people who just got slapped in the face with the reality that the Apocalypse is a few short years away.) Are we to conclude that someone is playing word games that cost hundreds of millions of dollars and in which only a handful of people are capable of participating? How likely is that? The Tomorrowland movie lost a ton of money. Is it not more likely that all of this is real? How hard it is for us to accept the reality that we live in the end times!

STORYORBIT.COM: This web address is for sale, which is to say it doesn’t exist.

Listen, you boys got careless with the Department of Interior seal. Allow me my moment, too. Trust me; no one is listening.

What is the Significance of the Coca-Cola Scene?

Walt Disney

The name D23 refers to D for Disney and 23 for 1923—the year Walt Disney founded the company.[3]


Walt Disney and Wernher von Braun, 1954



Space TV series

Von Braun while working in California on the Saturn project, worked with Disney studios as the technical director in the three Disney films about Space Exploration.

As a part of the Disney “Tomorrowland” series on the exploration of space, the nuclear-electric vehicles were shown in the last three television films, entitled “Mars and Beyond,” which first aired in December 1957.





Karl Heimburg, Director, Test Division; Wernher von Braun, Director, MSFC; and Walt Disney


In the 1950’s Walt Disney produced the famous “Man in Space” TV series.


















The 1964 World’s Fair

Use that 1964 World’s Fair YouTube here.

What happened to my stuff about this 58???

Maybe the “58 days” Franks machine suggests they  have left before the end should be added in the form of 58 years, to the moment he entered Tomorrowland from the 1964 World’s Fair.  This yields 2022.

RETHINK THIS AND THEN RETURN WHAT REMAINS TO THE TOP OF THE PAGE…Actually, what is needed is a thorough analysis of the 144,000 in The Revelation and an explanation why I think this may actually be the number of people slated to be flown to DIA. There are only eight occurrences of “forehead” in the New Testament and they all occur in The Revelation. This word forehead is what links 666 to the 144,000. 

Yes. She is one of them.

“Because you’re special”

First an important side note to Christians who might otherwise object to my definition of the 144,000. The Book of Daniel and The Revelation were written by the progeny of Jove. Both are in many ways very similar to the Tomorrowland movie in that the truth about all three of them is completely different than what most people think. But then as now, the progeny of Jove are not alone in their knowledge of what is to come. In their latest, grotesque incarnation as the European Illuminati, CIA, and the Unnamed Entity well hidden behind need-to-know clearances, they are but taskmasters who were carefully inbred until after so many generations they became psychopaths incapable of feeling empathy for others. They are by design not human. After the Freemasons founded the United States of America and up until the onslaught of the Civil War, The Nine needed such men to do the dirty work of the end times. In short, they are a necessary evil. Their so-called vault profound is a deathtrap. In one fell swoop, in the blink of an eye, this beast, who I dignify with the title “the progeny of Jove” because I am in no hurry to die either, shall be purged from our gene pool. Enoch knew this several thousand years ago. I have personally met the extraterrestrial race who will land and help us, as they always have in the past. We have a wonderful future ahead of us. The universe is peopled with highly intelligent, loving beings who are fully aware of our plight on this, the only inhabited planet in a defective solar system. We are not alone. Trust me on this, you do not want to be counted among the 144,000. Listen to Christ Jesus, who was fathered by the very same extraterrestrial race that will land and help us after the day of the Lord, and “flee into the mountains.” It may be that they are waiting there to take us to safety.

Revelation 14:1
And I looked, and, lo, a Lamb stood on the mount Sion, and with him an hundred forty and four thousand, having his Father’s name written in their foreheads.

Revelation 13:9-10

If any man have an ear, let him hear. He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword. Here is the patience and the faith of the saints.


The first beast in the Book of Revelation is the coming axial tilt.

The second beast is the progeny of Jove.

The Revelation of St John: 12. The Sea Monster and the Beast with the Lamb’s Horn. A woodcut by Albrecht Dürer (credit Wikipedia)

Revelation 13:11-18
And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth [the progeny of Jove]; and he had two horns like a lamb [more like a goat], and he spake as a dragon [with the strength of knowledge of the comet Venus and the instability of our solar system]. And he exerciseth all the power of the first beast before him [knowledge of the coming axial tilt], and causeth the earth and them which dwell therein to worship the first beast, whose deadly wound was healed [to worship the power of the knowledge of the coming Apocolypse]. And he doeth great wonders, so that he maketh fire come down from heaven on the earth in the sight of men [think 9/11], and deceiveth them that dwell on the earth by the means of those miracles which he had power to do in the sight of the beast; saying to them that dwell on the earth, that they should make an image to the beast, which had the wound by a sword, and did live. And he had power to give life unto the image of the beast, that the image of the beast should both speak, and cause that as many as would not worship the image of the beast should be killed [the 144,000 worship the progeny of Jove and think they will survive the coming axial tilt]. And he causeth all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and bond, to receive a mark in their right hand, or in their foreheads: and that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name [think “captains” of Industry and all of the privileges of being one of the progeny of Jove]. Here is wisdom. Let him that hath understanding count the number of the beast: for it is the number of a man; and his number is Six hundred threescore and six.

Let’s start this discussion with an image of the Georgia Guidestones, built by the descendants of the Freemasons in the South, perhaps the last truly American patriots, who were defeated in the Civil War by the European Illuminati (when the United States of America became a corporation and effectively ceased to exist as a free and independent country), and for which I have the most profound respect.

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Research Notes

The Controversial History of the 1964 New York World’s Fair | HistoryTyme

After years of studying the possibility that we really are living in the end time, the main focus of this website has become the Georgia Guidestones monument and the Tomorrowland movie. Both of these are in the here and now. I’ve been studying what’s happening intensely for almost a decade now and am on record saying January 1, 2025, does not happen. Based on everything I have learned from a people I call the progeny of Jove, I am as sure of that as I am the air I breathe.

All of the countdown clocks in Tomorrowland convey a message. Since the countdown clock from the above exact date scene so obviously was meant to convey a message, it was very cleverly hidden. The numbers displayed on the countdown clock are meant to be read as 60 – where the 59 conveys the idea of the last second, the 09 as always is a reference to command and control (like the nine tail feathers on the one-dollar bill) and in the context of this particular countdown clock amounts to an instruction to work hard to decipher its meaning, the 22 is yet another reference to the year 2022; and 55 (or rather, two fives) is a very common theme found throughout the movie and stands for the five years between December 21, 2012 and September 23, 2017, and a second five years between September 23, 2017 and 2022. As a nod to the Maya, this website refers to these two five year periods as the Great Wayebs. The whole purpose of the Tomorrowland movie appears to have been to convey the idea of a second five years, which in the context of the movie is referred to as a “course correction” and then to repeatedly identify the year 2022 as the year of the coming planetary catastrophe.

Countdown clock from the exact date scene

The difference is .907745 which is meant to be added as three numbers 90 + 77 + 45 = 212 or 2012. This is simply a confirmation for those in the know that the Maya Long Count is everything everyone thought it was before December 21, 2012. Or you can subtract, which was the last of the three seconds shown in this scene, and the difference, when added as three numbers, would be 213 or 2013, the year filming of Tomorrowland began.

The Rosicrucian Order, AMORC
Celebrates 100 Years

Volume 93 Number 1 2015


If, as you have suggested, human beings have been on earth for 540 years and produced another generation each 25 years, that would mean that 21 generations have passed since humans first “arrived” on earth. If we started with 144000 people, and each couple in each generation had produced 3 children, with 100 percent of those living long enough to in turn reproduce, the population of the earth for the current generation would be 718,255,454 people.


But let me say this. Let us assume there are in fact in fact 144,000 designated survivors. How else are the progeny of Jove going to communicate with them? These people do not put anything in writing. They did in their early years.
One of the main themes in the movie is how special a person must be to be invited to Tomorrowland. The reason why they must do this is to quell any anxious or rebellious individuals who may otherwise be inclined to speak out in protest.

What follows is an analysis of the heart of the Tomorrowland movie which is at precisely 54:00 minutes into the movie. I know this is the heart of the movie because I know why the movie was made and 54 is one of the nine sacred numbers which constitute and important part of what can only be described as the religion of the progeny of Jove.



This movie was made to send a message to everyone waiting to be flown to the Denver International Airport, where they expect to be one of a very select group of people who think they are going to survive the coming axial tilt. They would recognize it as such because of the movie name and the fact that it was made by The Walt Disney Company”, which is to movie making what NASA is to science, a wholly-owned subsidiary of the progeny of Jove.


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Andrews thoughts about one of the countdown clocks:

The movie opens with Frank and Casey discussing where to begin telling the story.  A story which has already occurred.  The movie is flashback until about 1:57:35 when Frank in the present says “… which brings us to why we’re here today.  A year ago, it was all supposed to be over.”  The clock in the present was at 63 days, 9 hours, 23 minutes, 0 seconds and counting down.  I had previously noticed at 1:03:13 that Casey is shown for five seconds, while the clock elapses forty-one seconds.  I believe I understand what they are showing, as I’ve had this experience.  What I hadn’t noticed initially, was that the clock at this point into the narrative was displaying about four days later than we saw in the present, at the beginning of the movie.

I have not reconciled why the clock when Casey first observes Frank’s equipment, would be four days ahead of the introduction.  I refuse to believe with all the attention for detail, and the central importance of the countdown clock, that the filmmakers made an error here.  How then can I accept that moment being four days in the future from the standpoint of Frank’s narration?  I had thought perhaps four days represented the amount of time allowed to get to Denver before the vault would be sealed.