№ 80. Gray Stevens who inspired me to discover that the Maya Long Count calendar is 2160 orbits of Jupiter


A Personal Note

In many ways, Gray Stevens started me down this road. It is because of him, and him only, that I discovered there are 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Maya Long Count calendar. I’ve essentially been working on the website every since. He is a man of extraordinary intelligence.




Jupiter’s Dance

Jupiter’s Dance and the Missing GCR Connection

There is a little known website that explains how the planets (in particular Jupiter) are responsible for the 11-year solar cycle. It baffles me though because the author, Gray Stevens, is a highly intelligent man but completely misses the GCR connection. I strongly encourage you to stop here and explore Gray Steven’s website “Jupiter’s Dance.” Here is the very first sentence on his home page: “Research shows that large earthquakes occur at low sunspot frequencies.”


I remain perplexed that he never made the GCR connection.


The Mayans were right. As Gray Stevens points out during the Little Ice Age (36 orbits of Jupiter or 427 years ago) there were major earthquakes along the Madrid fault in the United States of America. This is about to happen again, and when it does there will be a cascading failure of the locks and dams along the Mississippi River. When this happens, the entire Mississippi River delta, including the city of New Orleans, will be washed out into the Gulf of Mexico. This will be just one of many scenes etched into the memory of mankind in the New World to come.





Research Notes

These guys are replicating the work of Jupiter’s Dance and not even mentioning him. Someone needs to set the record straight.

We May Have Just Solved the Mystery of 11 Year Long Solar Cycles from the Anton Petrov YouTube channel