Elongated Skulls




Elongated heads were a mark of elite status in an ancient Peruvian society


Cranium Size versus Artificial Cranial Deformation (ACD or binding)

Find notes on cranium size versus binding.





Nemes Headdress

Did the elongated skulls build the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Are the ancient Egyptian headdresses and crowns hiding elongated skulls? And if so, why?









DNA Evidence





The Annihilation of the Elongated Skulls

What happened to the elongated skulls? Either we are forced to conclude that they left planet Earth prior to the breakup of the Polar configuration (thereby avoiding the attendant destructions) or they were annihilated by the Pythagoreans. The former is plausible if you accept that someone constructed the face and other structures on Mars, but knowing the Pythagoreans, I think the latter.


link to discussion of the Pythagoreans in South America. Also need page on Mars showing both methods proving intelligent design



Timothy Alberin, “The Alberino Analysis”