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THIS IS A WORK IN PROGRESS: I am sitting on a veritable mountain of unpublished data. Original writing and editing are being done online to expedite publication. 

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The 108 Pages

Cornerstone content pages are highlighted in yellow. But just because they are important, doesn’t mean they are anywhere near completion.



Our Entirely Fabricated Reality

Here I offer evidentiary proof that what the masses think of as their history is in reality delusion. This work is a stepping stone or gateway into something far more difficult to accept, which is that we really are living in the end time. You must sacrifice your most cherished beliefs at the altar of reality before you can enter into the inner sanctum of knowing the year of the apocalypse. I can promise you that if you think Apollo astronauts walked on the moon or that anybody other than the people I refer to as the progeny of Jove were responsible for what happened to the Pentagon and World Trade Center in New York City on September 11, 2001,  you are constitutionally incapable of accepting what I write about on this website.



The Players

Here I discuss who it is that is manipulating our history.  The term progeny of Jove is a blanket reference to all of the players, by which I mean all of the people who are in possession of specific knowledge of the end times.



The Endgame

The progeny of Jove date back some 2,600 years. As we approach the end time, they become bolder.



The Ancients are Screaming at Us

Looking back is a unique way of studying the progeny of Jove.



The End Time (or When shall these things be?)

These are the primary sources for determining the“what” and “when” of the apocalypse.



The Coming Earth Crustal Displacement

This is where I discuss the“what” of the coming apocalypse. Let me put you on advanced notice that the“what” has not changed. It is I believe an Earth crustal displacement (rather than the much more physically unlikely axial tilt, though for someone on the surface of the planet, the two are indistinguishable), but as of this writing on September 12, 2020, the “why” of the apocalypse as presented on this website has changed. It has taken me years to finally discover this. The Georgia Guidestones are clearly pointing to something other than our binary relationship with Sirius. This will require sweeping changes to the website in the coming months.



The End of Previous World Ages

This is where I present evidence for previous planetary catastrophes.



Remnants of Previous Worlds 

And this is the stuff they left behind. In other words, this is where I make the argument that this is indeed a cyclic destruction of the planet.



Ancient Underground Structures

This is how they survived. These are the “vault profound” for the survivors of the comet Venus, Mars, and perhaps previous world ages. This submenu has received less attention than any other on the website.



The United States of America in the End Time

Here is where I present the evidence that the United States of America was on the drawing board long before Columbus set sail in 1492. This is where “mind-boggling, multigenerational planning” gets serious. This is also where I discuss what really happening during the so-called “Civil War.” I am the only person on the Internet so characterizing the Civil War. I have faced withering attacks from the Civil War guys, but after my analysis of the deliberated misstated specific gravity of the Georgia Guidestones granite, I am more sure than ever that I am correctly interpreting history.



End Time Infrastructure in the Denver Metropolitan Area including Virgil’s Vault Profound” in the Pikes Peak Batholith

This is why North America was preserved in a more or less pristine state until the end time.



Mainstream Science, Academia, and the Imaginary World of the mathematically Insane

This is payback for public school. I tried to keep these pages to a minimum. I succeeded.



The Bastardization of Christianity 

This stuff is important to know for a number of reasons.



Sacred Numbers are the Religion of the Progeny of Jove and their Greatest Weakness

And this is the religion of the progeny of Jove. You need to know this stuff. It is the language of symbolism.



Men and Women who matter to Me and the Reason(s) Why

Some effort has been made to prioritize these page numbers. These are the people who most influenced my thought.



My Personal Stuff

Please try to understand that back when I was following my intuition more than I was the data, I felt my role in all of this was central to An Apocalyptic Synthesis.  That was years ago. From where I stand now, I never would have written much of this, but neither will I delete it now. Under the circumstances, the reader has a right to know something about the author of this website.




The Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL)

These are reference documents I consider vital enough to my work that I keep local copies with links back to the originals.