№ 62. Our Solar System’s binary Dance Sirius and the astrological Significance of July 4, 1776

PAGE STATUS: Concept Page. This page is woefully inadequate. There are a number of such concept pages on this website. Essentially what happens is that while studying a subject, I find what I need to know and abruptly abandon development of the page with the intent of finishing it at some future date.  This is one such concept page where I can distinctly remember this happening. I found what I needed to know in a article entitled What’s Tugging on our Solar System? Something Bigger Than a 9th Planet Gravity Waves May Be Key! written by Walter Cruttenden and number of highly technical articles found on the Binary Research Institute (BRI) website. My suggestion is to scan these old notes for any useful ideas and then read the above named article.  I am completely satisfied that Walter Cruttenden and the BRI have proven that our Sun is in a binary relationship with Sirius. This makes terms such as precession of the equinoxes or axial precession seriously outdated. 
LAST UPDATE: September 19, 2020 (to dump stuff about July 4, 1776 and add first section about misdirection)

Sirius and the “blazing Star” of Freemasonry is serious Misdirection

For those of your who are seriously studying my work, let me tell you what took me eight years to figure out; Sirius and the “blazing star” of Freemasonry symbolism is misdirection, exactly as is the suggestion in the otherwise surprisingly accurate 2012  movie (timing aside) that the Sun will be responsible for the Earth crustal displacement. 

Sirius is deadly serious

It has always been misdirection. I have all but abandoned this work, but will return someday to clean it up because out binary relationship with the Sirius star system is the big gear in the Zodiac clock. However, in light of the work of Gareth Samuel in his Precession is one of the biggest failures in the mainstream gravity only model! What is it hiding? YouTube, which I endorse because he is the first person I know of to conceptualize the significance of what I envisioned while sitting at me desk as told in the section entitled July 3, 2012 on page № 100. Madman Across the Water (the author)I saw what he is analyzing. In that context, not even the zodiacal clock is 100% reliable, which changes everything when it comes to the notion that dates such as the Maya end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012 could predict the timing of an apocalypse to within a day. I am so convinced that Gareth Samuel is right that I added reevaluating the true purpose Gravity Probe B (GP-B) to my to-do list.

  • Stone of destiny said to have fallen from Sirius
  • July 4, 1776 alignment of Washington, D.C.
  • Sirius rises in the East behind the Sun which is supposed to represent the “twofold nature” os symbolism in the occult, but you can still see Sirius. It is what is behind Sirius that matters.
An Elder of the Dogon Tribe

The Wisdom of the Dogon

The progeny of Jove have a sense of humor. Sirius (read serious) is the “Dog” (read God) star as attested to by the “Dogon” (read no God) tribe of West Africa. The “trigger mechanism” for the coming axial tilt that I sought for years is the Sirius star system. I am as certain of this as I am the air I breath. Were it otherwise, the cycles of destruction encoded by the ancients in such artifacts as the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and the Zodiac would be meaningless, dependent upon vagaries such as the configuration of our solar system. The trigger mechanism for such grand cycles of destruction such as a “Mayan” Great Cycle (432 orbits of Jupiter) simply must be extrasolar, which is to say, outside of the solar system.

The Sirius star system is a gravitational behemoth which is fast approaching our solar system and disturbing everything in it. The ancients point to the constellation Orion because Orion’s belt in turn points to the Sirius star system. Gravity is at least 20 billion times faster than the speed of light. It is nearly instantaneous across vast distances, including the 8.58 light years that presently separate us from the Sirius star system. Earth does not wobble like a spinning top. The “precession of the equinoxes” is a consequence of the fact that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system. The evidence for this is overwhelming, not only because of the Orion correlation theory and the Dogon tribe of West Africa, but because Sirius does not precess (does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars). My God, what further proof do you need? As stated in Wikipedia’s discussion of the Sothic cycle:

It has been noticed, and the Sothic cycle confirms, that Sirius does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars, a phenomenon widely known as the precession of the equinox. Professor Jed Buchwald wrote “Sirius remains about the same distance from the equinoxes—and so from the solstices—throughout these many centuries, despite precession.” For the same reason, the helical rising or zenith of Sirius does not slip through the calendar at the precession rate of about one day per 71.6 years as other stars do but much more slowly. This remarkable stability within the solar year may be one reason that the Egyptians used it as a basis for their calendar. 

This is where the Dogon tribe of West Africa (thought to be ancient Egyptians) meets modern science. Yet it goes largely ignored. The Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute provide the overwhelming evidence that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system. Unless and until you become convinced of this fact, there is little I can do to show you the coming apocalyptic consequences of this binary relationship, so I encourage you to immerse yourself in their work at your earliest convenience. Walter Cruttenden is the leader of that group and one of the most advanced scientific thinkers on the planet.

A Few Introductory Thoughts

Sirius is the elephant in the room stellar neighborhood. It is a gravitational behemoth. There are two things you need to know to understand this page: the first is that our little solar system is “danger close” to what we casually refer to as “the brightest star in the night sky” never for a moment suspecting that it is the harbinger of our collective doom. The second requires that you lift yourself out of the muck of popular science and join the 21st century: the speed of light is paltry (think snails or tortoises) when compared to gravity. Listen carefully; gravity is instantaneous across vast distances, including the 8.58 light years that separate us from the fast approaching Sirius star system. I invite you to read and study page № 59. The Speed of Gravity (warp drive) before proceeding.

“The Ancient Greeks replaced the bow and arrow depiction [of the Babylonians] with that of a dog.” –Wikipedia. As explained on page № 8. Progeny of Jove, the ancient greeks were the Progeny of Jove.

Finally, you should know or at least suspect that the star Sirius was named by the Progeny of Jove. That Sirius and Serious sound alike is no coincidence. Neither is “dog” star by chance. This nickname for the “Shining Star” of Freemasonry is God spelled backwards. You can argue against these last two statements on the basis of the fact that English is a relatively new language, but I would only remind you that what is about to happen is the only thing that really matters and the Progeny of Jove are consummate, brilliant planners.

How Big is Sirius?

This is not really the correct question. Given the infinitely complex helical motion of heavenly bodies through space, size is relative to closeness. Everything is orbiting around something else. Nothing travels in a straight line. In fact, straight lines do not exist in reality. You must think of what is closest to earth that exerts the greatest gravitational influence. This is what determines our most intricate orbital path through space. Look around and find the elephant in the room. That is who we are dancing with. The Sun is dancing with Sirius at 8.58 light years distance. However, the room (think “space”) in which we are dancing is like Matryoshka nesting dolls. Sirius and our Sun are dancing with the elephant in that room, which may be Arcturus at 36.66 light years. Arcturus and Sirius with its entourage of smaller stars including our Sun are dancing with the elephant is that room, which may be Aldebaran at 65.23 light years distance, and so on. The helical moments are incalculably intricate, but you only need to look around to see who is the elephant in your room to know who is your dancing partner and that, for our Sun, is clearly Sirius. All the evidence supports this conclusion even if it is totally ignored by an ignorant mainstream scientific community more interested in keeping their jobs than pursuing the truth. Even if they did wake up to the truth, these moments are imperceptible. We imagine ourselves intelligent and have yet to figure out that Sirus is our dancing partner. How many thousands of years must pass before we could figure out that Sirius is dancing with Arcturus? The further out you go, the more infinitely subtle becomes the motion in a human lifetime.

Is Sirius big? Yes and no. For earth, the answer is clearly yes.

The Sirius star system is a binary system consisting of two main stars, Sirius A and Sirius B. Sirius A is the star we see from Earth. Sirius B is a white dwarf that orbits around Sirius A.  And Sirius B is the closest white dwarf to Earth. It is about the same size of Earth but has the mass of our Sun.

Only a handful of much smaller stars are closer than Sirius. Sirius is the brightest star in the sky. It is almost twice as bright Canopus, the next brightest star.

For the purpose of grasping the significance of the following list of nearby stars, I offer the following simplistic definitions of the dwarf stars mentioned:

  • BROWN STAR: A “failed star” not much bigger than the planet Jupiter
  • RED DWARF: A “low mass” or small star which can still be thought of as about the size of a large planet

List of Nearby Stars
This list is from Wikipedia. It excludes the Sun which is 8.2 light-minutes from earth. All distances are in light-years.

  1. Alpha Centauri a triple star system
  2. Barnard’s Star red dwarf – 5.96
  3. Luhman 16 brown dwarf (a.k.a. WISE 1049-5319) a binary brown dwarf system – 6.5
  4. Wolf 359 red dwarf – 7.78
  5. Lalande 21185 red dwarf – 8.3
  6. Sirius star system
    • Sirius A – 8.58
    • Sirius B – 8.58

Barnard’s Star (radius 136,400 km), Wolf 359 (radius 111,312 km), and Lalande 21185 (radius 273,528 km) like Proxima Centauri (radius 107,300 km) is a red dwarf, the smallest of stars. So you can use the above comparison for Proxima Centauri as an approximation for the relative size of Barnard’s Star, too. Luhman 16 is a brown dwarf, which are sometimes referred to as “substellar” or “failed stars,” the point being that they are not much larger than Jupiter so you can safely disregard it when it comes to size considerations.

The Sirius star system dominates our stellar neighborhood

If our solar system is in fact in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system

Sirius, Zodiac, and the “Precession of the Equinoxes”

The Sirius star system and our Sun are in a binary dance misnamed the “precession of the equinox.”

vesica piscis

How close are these two stars?

Sirius may be 8.6 light years away, but it is actually very close to our solar system

The “belt” of Orion point to Sirius.

Finding Sirius in the night sky (photo credit)

How to find Sirius in the sky? Since it’s the brightest star in the Earth’s sky, Sirius is always easy to find. Anyone familiar with the constellation Orion can simply draw a line through Orion’s Belt, to the left. This line will point to Sirius, which is roughly 8 times as far from the Belt as the Belt is wide. Most people in the Northern Hemisphere notice Sirius in the southeast – south – or southwest on evenings from winter to mid-spring. February evenings are a great time to see it. You can also spot Sirius as it ascends in the east before dawn on late summer mornings.

Binary Research Institute (BRI)

The Sirius Research Group

What’s Tugging on our Solar System? Something Bigger Than a 9th Planet Gravity Waves May Be Key!

—by Walter Cruttenden.

No, I am here to ask more pertinent questions such as, Is the significance of Sirius to the “ancient” Egyptians simply because its rising announced the flooding of the Nile? If so, how do we explain the Dogons, who are themselves thought to be of  Egyptian ancestry? Who made sure this little tribe in Africa would never forget facts about this star system for hundreds and thousands of years into the future.  And how could you so inspire a people?

It is easy in this line of (apocalyptic) thought to confuse cause and effect. We live in an electromagnetic universe in which gravity is instantaneous across vast distances including the 8.58 light years that separate us from the Sirius star system. Our solar system’s binary dance with the Sirius star system is what I call the “trigger mechanism,” the ultimate cause of what is about to happen. Galactic cosmic rays (GCRs) are causing most of the destruction we are seeing now and will continue to do so right up until the last days, but they are an effect, not a cause. The sun is reacting to the approach of the Sirius star system by entering into a period of profound quiet (usually referred to as dormancy or hibernation). The ancients referred to this time as the Age of Aquarius because the Water Bearer (unprecedented rainfall) floods the earth. If you don’t understand why, I plead with you to read and study № 58. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR).

What is doing the tugging? The Sun is in a binary relation with Sirius. Sirius is doing the tugging. Sirius is also behind the mysterious “planet nine” asteroid orbits. (Listen to the Walter Cruttenden interview sited below. The interviewer fails to listen to him, but you do not need to make the same mistake. As he points out in this interview, Pluto and all of these other apparently errant asteroids are inclined towards Sirius. He also noted that Sedna has an orbital period of 11,408 ..

Contrast  to videos in YouTube history about Birkland currents INTENSIFYING. (in new USE folder)

“Jetstreams” or are the Birkland Currents Intensifying?

Kristian Birkeland
Kristian Birkeland (Wikipedia)

Birkeland Currents (invisible spider webs in space)

Please note that outside of the electric universe school of thought mainstream science refers to Birkeland currents as magnetic flux ropes.


From There’s Growing Evidence That the Universe Is Connected by Giant Structures, by Becky Ferreira, November  11, 2019

“A web of electromagnetism connects planets, moons, stars and galaxies.” —chapter 1 — what is the electric universe? From A beginner’s guide to the Electric Universe

interplanetary Birkeland currents
interPLANETARY Birkeland currents (ARTISTIC RENDITION)
interstellar Birkeland currents
interSTELLAR Birkeland currents (ACTUAL PHOTO)

“Galaxies are powered by immense Birkeland currents…So basically, we live in an extensive, interconnected electrical universe.” —”Giant ‘Light Bulbs’ in Space? | Space News” (at 3:14 and 8:48 minutes) video from the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel. Tom Wilson, Technology Executive. The first part of the quote is attributed the work of Hannes Alfvén (winner of the 1970 Nobel Prize in Physics)

intergalactic Birkeland currents
interGALACTIC Birkeland currents (ACTUAL PHOTO)
intergalactic Birkeland currents (closeup)
interGALACTIC Birkeland currents (CLOSEUP)

…electric currents flow throughout the cosmos…cosmic electric currents on all scales are now undeniable…From the electric universe perspective, the measurement of electric currents in space is the inevitable recognition of the electrical circuitry that connects celestial bodies across interplanetary, interstellar, and intergalactic space. It’s essential to remember that electric currents are only visible when the meet regions of dust and gas where one sees the unmistakable filamentary structure of electrified plasma as in the vast star-forming networks in our own Milkyway
﹣”Electric Currents in Space Mean an Electric Universe | Space News” (at 0:43, 0:56, and 1:22 into the video) from the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel

This “Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System | Space News” video from the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel is a good introduction to the subject.

The following video is almost an hour long, but you are learning from Dr. Donald E. Scott who is perhaps the leading thinker on this subject in the entire world. You need to understand Birkeland currents in order to understand how our solar system and in particular the Sun is connected to the Sirius Star System.

In this video, Dr. Scott says,

The Sun’s heliosphere is very probably inside an interstellar Birkeland Current. Many stars may be fed by Birkeland Currents.

I submit to you that at the other end of this Birkeland current that is “feeding” our Sun is Sirius.

Etymology of Sirius

The history of Sirius the Dog-star from p.120-129 of Star Names, Richard Hinckley Allen, 1889.

The following paper and more generally Walter Cruttenden‘s work is the cornerstone of this page. He is clearly one of our unsung geniuses. You might say, he has his eye on the big picture

Research Notes

Every 49.9 years, the two stars in the system, Sirius A and B, come as close together as their orbits allow, creating huge magnetic storms between them. As they approach each other, the stars both begin to spin faster as tidal forces become stronger, finally flip-flopping over, actually trading places with each other.


What if Our Sun was part of a Binary Solar System?

Sirius Algebra …

Sirius Rising

Sirius: The Luminous Star and Ancient Egypt

Masonic Blazing Star


Earth’s Rotation Slowing?



define “blazing star” freemasonry

Faster-than-light electric currents could explain pulsars

September 8, 2019: Created this page so that page № 27. Our Binary Dance with Sirius can focus entirely on Sirius. The main reason for doing so is to create a home for the work of Paul A. LaViolette, PhD and superwaves and to a lesser extent superflares from the sun. The more generalized use will be to discuss what others hypothesize is the “trigger mechanism” for the cyclic destruction of our planet.

Alternative “Trigger Mechanisms”

I have pursued a knowledge of what I call the “trigger mechanism” for over five years now. This much is clear; it is extrasolar (found in or taking place outside the solar system). I now believe that there is not one, but two.

“There have been and will be many and diverse destructions of mankind, Of which the greatest are by fire and water, and lesser ones by countless other means.” —Plato, Timaeus

I strongly believe Dr. Paul LaViolette’s galactic superwaves is what destabilized the Proto-Saturn “polar configuration” of the planets. If you look at the Basic Structure of the Mesoamerican (Mayan) Long Count calendar, there is a very strong suggestion that galactic superwaves are occurring at regular intervals of 216 orbits of Jupiter or every 2562.1488 years. This would account for the mysterious “time, times, and an half” and “time and times and the dividing of time” in the Book of Daniel and time, and “times, and half a time” in Revelation.

But beyond this, I am utterly convinced that the second major trigger mechanism, and the more important of the two, is recorded in the Zodiac and routinely occurs when the vernal equinox Sun rises in Aquarius once every 25621.488 years as a consequence of our solar system’s binary star relationship with the Sirius star system. Mankind is routinely destroyed because of it. This cycle of destruction and regeneration is what is commonly spoken of as the Golden, Silver, Bronze, Heroic, and Iron ages or the Great Cycles of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. It is why we are a people with amnesia. It is what makes our planet such an oddity in our galaxy. It was why the Moon was parked next to planet Earth in order to observe us. It is everything.

The ancients point to the constellation Orion because it in turn points to the Sirius star system. Our solar system is clearly in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system.The evidence of this is overwhelming, not only because of Orion correlation theory and the Dogon people, but because Sirius does not precess (does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars). My God, what further proof do you need? As stated in Wikipedia’s discussion of the Sothic cycle:

It has been noticed, and the Sothic cycle confirms, that Sirius does not move retrograde across the sky like other stars, a phenomenon widely known as the precession of the equinox. Professor Jed Buchwald wrote “Sirius remains about the same distance from the equinoxes—and so from the solstices—throughout these many centuries, despite precession.” For the same reason, the helical rising or zenith of Sirius does not slip through the calendar at the precession rate of about one day per 71.6 years as other stars do but much slower. This remarkable stability within the solar year may be one reason that the Egyptians used it as a basis for their calendar. The coincidence of a heliacal rising of Sirius and the New Year reported by Censorinus occurred about the 20th of July, that is a month later after the summer solstice.

I am keenly aware of the work of Konstantin Batygin and Mike Brown at CalTech regarding the existence of Planet Nine, but there is another reason for the alignment of the distant Kuiper Belt objects. As discussed by the Sirius Research Group at the Binary Research Institute, Sirius offers a more rationale explanation for this phenomena. For a detailed discussion of this alternative to the current popular insanity that there is a Planet Nine (P9), Planet X, Nibiru, Wormwood, or whatever about to destroy Earth (fueled in large part by the CalTech team), see “What’s Tugging on our Solar System? Something Bigger Than a 9th Planet Gravity Waves May Be Key!” written by no less than Walter Cruttenden.



Grim Reaper

Dire Predictions

The man generally referred to as Christ Jesus (I strongly prefer his English name Joshua) in fact lived and he knew much more about the future of mankind than he is given credit. Here is what he had to say about this time; “for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” This statement is mirrored by the prophet Daniel when he said, “there shall be a time of trouble, such as never was since there was a nation.” These are dire predictions. Whatever do they know? Might it have something to do with GCRs? Outside of the protective magnetosphere of Proto-Saturn, Earth is about to experience a level of GCRs not seen since at least sometime before the formation of the now defunct “polar configuration” of the planets, quite possibly more than ever before at any time in its past.

Electric Gradient, NOT a Solar “Wind”

Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System | Space News” (at4:25 and 5:29 minutes into the video) from the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel:

“These currents that come from the sun to the earth, the mainstream calls that the solar wind as if that was something blown away from the sun by kinetic forces. They aren’t really recognizing that it’s an electrical gradient that causing the current to flow off to the Earth and other planets…In fact, in this image we can see there’s a gradient with the sun being more positive and the outer shell of the heliosphere more negative, so that there’s this gradient that forces elections to towards the sun and positive positive ions away from the sun. So what they call a wind is actually an electrical gradient.”

Ancient Assyrian Tablets Seem To Contain References To A Massive Solar Storm


Keystone from the central tympanum of the Royal portal to Chartres Cathedral

The Blazing Star

Nowadays, the progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc.) openly mock the masses of humanity. In times past they did so quietly by building cathedrals for the Catholic church. These were the days of alchemy.

What you see here to the left is the keystone from the central tympanum of the Royal portal to Chartres Cathedral. I believe it corresponds to this

It was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. At the time, it was known simply as Corona.

Corona Borealis lies between the constellations Boötes and Hercules and represents the crown of Ariadne, daughter of King Minos in Greek mythology, who helped the hero Theseus kill the Minotaur and find his way out of the labyrinth in which the creature lived.

Corona Borealis contains the famous Blaze Star (T Coronae Borealis), a recurrent nova

The astronomical Significance of July 4, 1776

This is the story of the Freemasons and European Illuminati in the United States of America. The former founded this country. The latter took control of it in what is misnamed a Civil War.

Earth-Sun in aphelion,

Sun-Sirius in Conjunction (earth perspective)

In effect using the Sun to point at Sirius, which is notable because the September 23, 2017 configuration in Virgo is also hidden by the Sun

Annually on or near the Fourth of July the Earth and Sun are at their furthest distance from each other. This event plus the Sirius/Sun conjunction creates a significant spiritual alignment.

The time of conjunction varies with difference in latitude, and because of the precession of the equinoxes it changes gradually over long periods in all latitudes.

The name “dog star” came from the ancient Egyptians who called Sirius the dog star after their god Osiris, whose head in pictograms resembled that of a dog. In Egypt, and in ancient Rome, Sirius was in conjunction with the Sun in the summer (ie. it was up in the sky at the same time as the Sun) and ancient Egyptians and Romans argued that it was responsible for the summer heat by adding its heat to the heat from the Sun.

They called the period of time from 20 days before to 20 days after the conjunction “the dog days of summer” because it coincidentally fell at the time of year when it was very hot.

The exact time of conjunction changes with the precession of the equinoxes so that now the conjunction of Sirius with the Sun is a little earlier in the northern summer than it was during Roman times, and as time passes it will move out of the summer season altogether (note: the conjunction is in the southern winter (both now and in Roman times)

76 is the Zodiac Sign for Capricorn


I tell you of a truth, the United States of America was planned not hundreds, but thousands of years in advance of Columbus sailing to the “New World.” The year 1776 was chosen because it allowed sufficient time for what had to be done (tunneling into the granite in Colorado) and the “76” is symbolic of the constellation Capricornus.

Matthew 24, Verse 28

The constellation Capricornus is symbolic of the times in which the secret societies will rule the world.

See also The Constellation Capricornus and Goat Symbolism.

This well-known image speaks for itself.

Roman Numerals MDCCLXXVI (1776) and 666


Mayan Sun glyph for 20th (last) day

The Mayan Connection

13 Ahau, the actual end date of the misnamed “Mayan” calendar   1776

The year 1776 is also 13 katun

Essentially, the cycle of thirteen katuns was for the Maya a kind of mundane astrology, not an astrology of the individual, but of the society and its history. In the several books of Chilam Balam, the influences of the thirteen katuns are stated, usually as a description of historical events that occurred during previous cycles. It becomes clear to the reader, however, that the Maya always expected history to repeat itself and it is also obvious that the ancient Maya were not very optimistic about their fate. Most of these “fates” are negative, but then this may have been was how life was for them. The delineations below are a composite taken from the Book of Chilam Balam of Chumayel and the Codex Perez and the Book of Chilam Balam of Mani.

Katun 13-Ahau: This is a time of total collapse where everything is lost. It is the time of the judgment of God. There will be epidemics and plagues and then famine. Governments will be lost to foreigners and wise men, and prophets will be lost. —The Maya Katun Prophecies by Bruce Scofield

Research Notes

In order to understand what is happening, you must combine the work of Jamal S. Shrair with a knowledge of our binary relationship with the Sirius star system. It is our helical orbit above and below the galactic plane (which according to Jamal is happening in thousands of years, not millions as is commonly thought) and our binary relationship with the gravitational behemoth Sirius that combine as one and determine the periodicity our “defective” planet’s greatest tragedy.

spiral oscillation

I believe the helical orbit of our solar system above and below the galactic plane, which Jamal was first to realize must be happening in thousands of years, not millions, is in fact happening in exactly 432 orbits of Jupiter, one Great Cycle in the so-called “Mayan” calendar, or 5124.2976 Earth years. What I know for sure is that the binary dance between our solar system and the Sirius star system lasts 2160 orbits of Jupiter.

The accuracy with which Sagittarius targets the Galactic center may be appreciated by viewing the infrared brightness contour map shown in figure 2.6. Because infrared radiation is able to penetrate interstellar dust relatively easily, the region of peak brightness marking the position of the Galactic center is clearly visible. It is evident to the left of the arrow trajectory. However, making such a map requires the most advanced technology, a special telescope, a semiconductor-type infrared detector, and a vehicle to loft the entire assembly into the upper stratosphere, where atmospheric infrared absorption is minimal.

From pages 39-40 in Earth Under Fire

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