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The contents of this page are “The Cosmic Drama” (a phrase borrowed from Immanuel Velikovsky) which presents a logical sequence of events as opposed to an actual timeline. The remainder of the page discusses issues relevant to determining what happened when and in what order (i.e. the actual logic involved).



The Sequence of Events


Prior to the comparative mythologists Immanuel Velikovsky and David Talbott (of The Thunderbolts Project™), this cosmic drama was remembered only as drawings on rocks (petroglyphs) and in grossly misunderstood myths



As stated in the opening sentence of Immanuel Velikovsky’s On Saturn And The Flood, “Worlds in Collision comprises only the last two acts of a cosmic drama — one that occurred in the middle of the second millennium before the present era [the comet Venus responsible for the Exodus]; the other during the eighth and early part of the seventh century before the present era [the planet Mars which gave rise to the Roman Empire]”



This image is from a Wallace Thornhill slideshow presentation on the same subject


An overview of what happened…

Assigning times to these events is a subject practically no one wants to address. Why exactly that is I cannot say. It perplexes me to no end because nothing is more important than knowing when Proto-Saturn exploded. Second only to Proto-Saturn exploding is the birth of Venus. I vigorously maintain that these two events must be tied to the two dates 9500 BC (the end of the Third World) and 3100 BC (the beginning of our’s, the Fifth World) that loom so large in our solar system’s past. The fact is that the birth of Venus was in 9500 BC when the Earth was still in close proximity  to Proto-Saturn, which is what brought an untimely end to a civilization far in advance of our own. These people, who were the giants, had a worldwide culture the only remaining evidence for which is the polygonal, megalithic structures whose sophistication we still cannot fathom. About 108 orbits of Jupiter later (1281 years), Earth assumed a new, solo orbit around the sun at one AU – 5 days. The entire Fourth World (more than 5124 years) enjoyed relative stability. Then at the start of the Fifth World in which we now live, the planets in the solar system began to drift apart. It would not be until after March 23, 687 BC, more than 2,400 years into the future, before the planets would settle back down into the present configuration. Some time around 3106 BC our primordial sun Proto-Saturn exploded (think nova) followed by the seven days of light recorded in Genesis. Shortly thereafter, water from Proto-Saturn flooded the entire world in what is generally referred to as the Biblical Deluge. These were not one-off events. We live on a defective planet. Our solar system routinely reconfigures itself.


What follows in not a timeline. It is a logical sequence of events.


What follows are the main acts of this “cosmic drama” in chronological order.

  1. BIRTH OF VENUS: The birth of Venus was observed by mankind. I suspect this happened at 10, 793 BC, the exact middle (Great Cycle 2.5) of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, though I have yet to develop this idea in writing
  2. POLAR CONFIGURATION: The polar configuration of planets (what Wallace Thornhill variously calls “an axial column of satellites” or “a shish kabob of planets”) was formed anew (this has happened before and will happen again, perhaps in our lifetime) including a bright white Venus closest to Proto-Saturn, the red Mars in front of Venus and Earth, in that order.  The Polar Configuration is discussed in detail on the Catastrophism 101 page
  3. THOUSANDS OF YEAR ELAPSE: A very long period of time elapses during which the ancients recorded all the “archetypes” first noticed by Immanuel Velikovsky and then studiously cataloged by David Talbott
  4. DISMEMBERMENT: This is David Talbott’s term. The polar configuration slowly began to drift apart into new orbits. We know this happened before Proto-Saturn exploded because otherwise Proto-Saturn obscured Jupiter in the polar configuration and the ancients could not have witnessed the next event which is an encounter of the two gas giants
  5. PROTO-SATURN EXPLODES: An encounter with Jupiter (observed by the ancients) causes Proto-Saturn to explode (think nova). Among all the comparative mythologists and within the electric universe school of thought, only Jno Cook is willing to date the explosion of Proto-Saturn. He places it at precisely 3147 BC. I have made email inquiries to Michael Armstrong at The Thunderbolts Project™ and was told that David Talbott and others there are “comfortable with a date as late as Jno Cook’s.” It was made perfectly clear to me at the time that these men are not interested in dating the explosion of Proto-Saturn. I seriously doubt that. I think it is just too controversial for them. It hurts the brain, too. In the past I have thought I could provide the answer to my readers, but now I seek only to provide the arguments for or against either of these possibilities. The only thing I can say with absolute certainty is that Proto-Saturn exploded in either 9500 BC or 3100 BC. It must be one of these two dates. I think it is at least possible that Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC because nothing else can explain that level of destruction (especially the intense heat). Finding the answer to the question of 3100 BC versus 9500 BC has become something of an obsession for me. I think it is an immensely important question
  6. BIBLICAL DELUGE: In the year 3105-3106 BC Noah boards his Ark days before the biblical Deluge which is the result of a 30° axial tilt to the present 23.5° (this precise information is encoded into the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza). The general belief that the biblical flood occurred in 2345 BC is a grand Jewish deception (discussed below) intended to deny the possibility that Christ Jesus could be the long-sought Jewish Messiah.
  7. COMET VENUS: This information is from Worlds in Collision. On two occasions separated by 52 years, the comet Venus approached very close to earth. Using somewhat colorful language, Jewish writers recorded the first of these two events as the “Exodus” circa 1495 BC. The second of these two events circa 1450 BC was immortalized in Joshua 10:13 which reads, “And the sun stood still, and the moon stayed, until the people had avenged themselves upon their enemies. Is not this written in the book of Jasher? So the sun stood still in the midst of heaven, and hasted not to go down about a whole day.” This second approach of the comet Venus is remembered all over the world as a “long day.”
  8. MARS: A series of close encounters with Mars separated by 15 years caused even more destruction than the comet Venus and was punctuated by the February 26, 747 BC encounter in which Mars bumped up against Earth’s magnetosphere and changed our planet’s orbital period from a perfect 360 days to 365.24 days. The Mayans remember these “unlucky” five days as the Wayeb. The last of these encounters was 60 years later on March 23, 687 BC (which is easy to remember because Mars also has a 687 day orbital period)
  9. 2600 BC: The concept of “2600 BC” is critically import for understanding my work (read your reality). I trace the origin of the progeny of Jove to this period. It is only three generations after the last encounter with Mars. The solar system has stabilized for the first time in thousands of years. Knowledge of the cycles of destruction is widespread at this time. This will change.

Mars is the closing act in this cosmic drama, but it is a very climactic ending. Very few people understand that the repeated perturbations of Mars caused more damage and destruction than the comet Venus

Mars gave rise to the Roman Empire


The people who survived the last great series of catastrophes of this cosmic drama, most notably the Phrygians in Central Anatolia (modern-day Turkey),  brought forward into the new world in which we now live ancient knowledge about these natural cycles of destruction that ended the last world. This is the knowledge that the progeny of Jove possess. It is what gives them their real power.

This was the time of myth-making, including especially the Osiris myth. Only the myths are true, as the life work of Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, and others prove. As a species we suffer from amnesia because we live on a defective planet, too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. Our solar system is in constant turmoil. Venus was not the first new rocky planet. Nor will it be the last.


The solar system has reconfigured itself countless times in the past. Rocky planets have come and gone. Do you think for a moment this process is over? It is not. These catastrophes will never stop. They are continually visited upon us because of our binary dance with the Sirius star system. It routinely destabilizes our solar system.


This is what is happening. And the Sirius star system is not going away. How long has this been going on? Given the very same evidence that mainstream science and academia are not willing to look at, I think a conservative estimate is millions of years. Billions is not out of the question. This is why the progeny of Jove will stop at nothing to “bridge this gap,” to survive what is about to happen with vast hordes of supplies and the technological innovations of billions of individual human lives. They mean to hit the ground running and get us off this planet. If you think they are evil, you are wrong. They just don’t care what we think. We are the walking dead to them.



The Rationale for this Logical Sequence







Huge Spike in Ice Core Temperature Records


The correlations are still valid even if the events assigned to them are no longer supported…


The last Heinrich events (H1, H0), Oldest Dryas, Bølling oscillation, Older DryasAllerød oscillation, and the Younger Dryas are a kaleidoscope of names for the same thing. They are the record of temperature variations on Earth while


Here is the same temperature chart with Mesoamerican Long Count calendar “Great Cycles” or “Mayan ages” overlaid.

five events

There are five 108 orbits of Jupiter cycles of destruction recorded here. Here is a condensed version of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar table showing the dates of these five events.



five events (table)




The Festival of the Lights

From The Light of the Seven Days

The world was in a dazzling light, sevenfold stronger than the light of the sun; the light was so strong and so brilliant day and night alike, that the sun was entirely overpowered by it; and in the days of Isaiah, thousands of years later, the memory of the light of the seven days was vivid in tradition, so that the prophet could refer to it in desiring to describe the solar light of the messianic age. —Immanuel Velikovsky

Indeed, 3100 BC would be “thousands of years later,” for Isaiah (c. 740-681 BC) who said “The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard”

This is the essentially the same “common sense” argument as the giant skeletons being found near the surface. The remembrance of the seven days of light is so vivid in the memory of peoples all over the world that it is difficult to imagine the actual event as having been significantly earlier than 3100 BC.

Greg jay’s Festival of the Lights:



As described by Immanuel Velikovsky, “At a date that I would be hard put to task to identify even with approximation, but possibly about than [sic] ten thousand years ago, Saturn was disturbed by Jupiter and exploded, actually became a nova. The solar system and reaches beyond it were illuminated by the exploded star, and in a matter of a week the earth was enveloped in waters of Saturnian origin.” (https://www.varchive.org/ce/sattot.htm).

At some point during a close approach to Jupiter, Saturn became unstable; and, as a result of the influx of extraneous material, it exploded, flaring as a nova which, after subsiding, left a remnant that the ancients still recognized as Saturn, even though it was but a fraction of the celestial body of earlier days. In Saturn’s explosion much of the matter absorbed earlier was thrown off into space.  From https://www.varchive.org/itb/satjup.htm





Giant Skeletons Found Near the Surface

The Giant Skeletons are a Neutral Issue quote Bible, a different race that naturally died out in the new gravity. This tells us nothing except that their skeletons are being found near the surface. Primarily in North America where erosion could explain depth but their bunkers were still on the surface. Conflicting evidence

Potential Key: Compare depth of skeleton finds to the depth the moai were buried on Easter Island.

The mounds described in Carl Munck’s “The Code” were highly accessible underground bunkers occupied by the giants and designed to protect them from this intermittent death from the sky. They built close to water sources to minimize their time outside during these “death from above” events. The fact that their exterior design encodes their location was probably little more than what we think of as addresses that were useful in tracking who dies and who was still alive. Not all of them did survive. In his book The Ancient Giants who Ruled America, author Richard J. Dehurst paints a vivid picture of one group of giants found huddled in a circle inside their protective mound. They all died together. This archeological evidence brings us spitting close to their reality.




No References to a Bright Light in Plato


But afterwards there occurred violent earthquakes and floods; and in a single day and night of misfortune all your warlike men in a body sank into the earth, and the island of Atlantis in like manner disappeared in the depths of the sea. For which reason the sea in those parts is impassable and impenetrable, because there is a shoal of mud in the way; and this was caused by the subsidence of the island.


earthquakes and “excessive rain washed away the earth and laid bare the rock; at the same time there were earthquakes, and then occurred the extraordinary inundation, which was the third before the great destruction of Deucalion.”

The Laws, Book III,

deluges and pestilences, and in many other ways, and of the survival of a remnant?



Formation of the Sahara Desert






NO ONE ELSE HAS THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

In Egyptian mythology, Sekhmet /’s?k?m?t/[1] or Sachmis (/’sÊkm?s/; also spelled Sakhmet, Sekhet, or Sakhet, among other spellings) was originally the warrior goddess as well as goddess of healing for Upper Egypt, when the kingdom of Egypt was divided. She is depicted as a lioness, the fiercest hunter known to the Egyptians. It was said that her breath formed the desert.




The Biodiversity of Life in the Oceans

The following “Saturn the flood & Origin of the oceans” from the Greg Jay YouTubechannel is of particular interest to the present discussion:

All Greg Jay is doing is reading notes written by Velikovsky, but the order of presentation is highly effective. The original papers can be read at “In The Beginnings” in Velikovsky’s library. I like Greg jay, but I warn the reader that he is an acquired taste.








Wallace Thornhill’s “5,000 years earlier”

Start by quoting Immanuel V.



At 16:41 minutes into the video he states,

“As Velikovsky had stated in an almost offhand manner back in mid 1973 Saturn has somehow flared up in NOVA-like brilliance. It is unfortunate that Velikovsky misplaced the event in time, placing Proto-Saturn’s flareup just ahead of what has come down to us as Noah’s deluge, when there is much better evidence for placing it some 5,000 years earlier during that primeval event that lit up the sky for the very first time during mankind’s sojourn on Earth. In the book of Genesis, this event came to pass when Elohim gave the order to ‘Let there be light.’ But let this not be thought of as a unique biblical event. On the contrary, this sudden shedding of light into what had been a somewhat darkened world is described in various ways in the myth or historical records in just about all ancient nations from Mesopotamia and the rest of the Near East, India in the Far East including China into Egypt down to Africa, Greece and Rome, North America and across the stormy seas to the islands in their midst.”


Wallace Thornhill discusses “protoSaturn” in the following YouTube, but note that the Electric Universe team thinks that protoSaturn was “captured” by the Sun. As discussed below, I think this is absurd. The temperature record does not support such a conclusion.

Did he say this?

My use of term Proto-Saturn refers to our solar system before it was profoundly disturbed around 15,000 to 18,000 years ago resulting in an entirely different and new solar system configuration.






Research Notes



“something came close enough to Earth to melt rock”


Czech Mate – “Confirmation” of the Younger Dryas impact event


The basic logic runs this…

  1.  If 3100 BC was only an axial tilt (arguably provable), then you must look backward in the temperature record for spiking heat.
  2. That takes you back to 9500 BC and the Younger Dryas, but the memory of this event in every culture on the planet is too recent. It simply could not have been 11,500 years ago.
  3. Ergo not only radiometry had failed us because it is infused with uniformitarian assumptions, so has ice core temperature data (think meltwater pulses) 9500BC is a bad date. It simply must be sooner so in the end this is all about exposing yet another “scientific” field of endeavor as insane



The polar configuration

  • Mesopotamia could not have survived so intact. The same could be said about the other cultures mention in the “See also” not above COMPARE TO 9500 DAMAGE AREA
  • supported by all the advanced thinkers on the subject including notably David Talbott of The Thunderbolts Project™ and Wallace Thornhill of the Electric Universe, and Jno Cook
  • start dates of the two ancient calendars



King Tutankhamun’s dagger

Bronze Age Iron Weapons



1200 BC