Proto-Saturn Explodes




Proto-Saturn Defined

What does Proto-Saturn mean?  First a couple definitions:



Proto-Saturn is the planet Saturn when it was our primordial sun before exploding and being removed to a distant orbit (i.e. before it became the planet we know of today).



Why I use the word “explode”

I have elevated this discussion to a separate section because I have been attacked more than once for using the word “explode” to explain what happened to Saturn. And no less than Jno Cook, for whom I have great respect, has vehemently questioned my linking of the fourteen pieces of Osiris to the aftermath of that explosion. Yet the following quote is from Saturn’s Golden Age written by the man I think we should all pay homage, for without him we would not know anything about the real history of our solar system:

Saturn exploded and caused the Earth to go through the greatest of its historical catastrophes, and this was completely sufficient to make of Saturn the supreme deity; but it appears that the Age of Saturn is a name for the epoch before the Deluge; after the Deluge Saturn, dismembered, almost ceased to exist as a planetary body and when at length it was reconstituted it was fettered by rings, and was far from being the dominant celestial body that would behoove it as the supreme deity of the epoch.  —Immanuel Velikovsky [bold-red emphasis added]

Velikovsky in not unacquainted with the term nova. He article entitled simply Nova seems designed to emphasis this fact and to show how “normal” novas should not be confused with what happened immediately prior to and during the biblical deluge. Yet he characterizes what happened as an explosion. Perhaps, as Velikovsky suggests, what “exploded” was the water (as opposed to the light of a nova).

Does not this sound like the Osiris myth? And, even if it sounds to our modern sensibilities outlandish, should we not allow ourselves to be informed as to what happened by the eyewitnesses? Elsewhere, in Saturn and Jupiter, he says:

On becoming a nova, it ejected filaments in all directions and the solar system became illuminated as if by a hundred suns. It subsided rather quickly and retreated into far-away regions.  —Immanuel Velikovsky

Perhaps this close to Earth, the filaments were visible. Or perhaps they were Saturn’s asteroids and comets. Whatever it was, water, filaments, asteroids, or comets, Saturn appeared to have exploded before it went nova. I stand behind my use of the word.

What caused the explosion? Here is what Immanuel Velikovsky has to sat in Saturn and Jupiter:

As told, the picture that emerges from comparative folklore and mythology presents Saturn and Jupiter in vigorous interactions. Suppose that these two bodies approached each other rather closely at one time, causing violent perturbations and huge tidal effects in each other’s atmospheres. Their mutual disturbance led to a stellar explosion, or nova. As we have seen, a nova is thought to result from an instability in a star, generated by a sudden influx of matter, usually derived from its companion in a binary system. If what we call today Jupiter and Saturn are the products of such a sequence of events, their appearance and respective masses must formerly have been quite different.

A scenario such as this would explain the prominence of Saturn prior to its cataclysmic disruption and dismemberment—it must have been a larger body than it is now, possibly of the volume of Jupiter. Interestingly, for certain reasons G. Kuiper assumed that Saturn originally was of a mass equal to that of Jupiter. At some point during a close approach to Jupiter, Saturn became unstable; and, as a result of the influx of extraneous material, it exploded, flaring as a nova which, after subsiding, left a remnant that the ancients still recognized as Saturn, even though it was but a fraction of the celestial body of earlier days. In Saturn’s explosion much of the matter absorbed earlier was thrown off into space. Saturn was greatly reduced in size and removed to a distant orbit—the binary system was broken up and Jupiter took over the dominant position in the sky.

Saturn could be removed only by the planet Jupiter, the sole member of the planetary family more powerful than Saturn. And indeed, the myth says that Saturn was removed by Jupiter.  —Immanuel Velikovsky






Immanuel Velikovsky on Proto-Saturn


As described by Immanuel Velikovsky, “At a date that I would be hard put to task to identify even with approximation, but possibly about than [sic] ten thousand years ago, Saturn was disturbed by Jupiter and exploded, actually became a nova. The solar system and reaches beyond it were illuminated by the exploded star, and in a matter of a week the earth was enveloped in waters of Saturnian origin.” (


At some point during a close approach to Jupiter, Saturn became unstable; and, as a result of the influx of extraneous material, it exploded, flaring as a nova which, after subsiding, left a remnant that the ancients still recognized as Saturn, even though it was but a fraction of the celestial body of earlier days. In Saturn’s explosion much of the matter absorbed earlier was thrown off into space.  From



The Electric Universe on Proto-Saturn?

Start by quoting Immanuel V.



At 16:41 minutes into the video he states,

“As Velikovsky had stated in an almost offhand manner back in mid 1973 Saturn has somehow flared up in NOVA-like brilliance. It is unfortunate that Velikovsky misplaced the event in time, placing Proto-Saturn’s flareup just ahead of what has come down to us as Noah’s deluge, when there is much better evidence for placing it some 5,000 years earlier during that primeval event that lit up the sky for the very first time during mankind’s sojourn on Earth. In the book of Genesis, this event came to pass when Elohim gave the order to ‘Let there be light.’ But let this not be thought of as a unique biblical event. On the contrary, this sudden shedding of light into what had been a somewhat darkened world is described in various ways in the myth or historical records in just about all ancient nations from Mesopotamia and the rest of the Near East, India in the Far East including China into Egypt down to Africa, Greece and Rome, North America and across the stormy seas to the islands in their midst.”


Wallace Thornhill discusses “protoSaturn” in the following YouTube, but note that the Electric Universe team thinks that protoSaturn was “captured” by the Sun. As discussed below, I think this is absurd. The temperature record does not support such a conclusion.

My use of term Proto-Saturn refers to our solar system before it was profoundly disturbed around 15,000 to 18,000 years ago resulting in an entirely different and new solar system configuration.







There is only one event in our recent past that could account for this level of destruction. It is the breakup of the polar configuration of the planets culminating in the explosion of Proto-Saturn. When Proto-Saturn exploded, it rained plasma down on Earth.


The mounds described in Carl Munck’s “The Code” were highly accessible underground bunkers occupied by the giants and designed to protect them from this intermittent death from the sky. They built close to water sources to minimize their time outside during these “death from above” events. The fact that their exterior design encodes their location was probably little more than what we think of as addresses that were useful in tracking who dies and who was still alive. Not all of them did survive. In his book The Ancient Giants who Ruled America, author Richard J. Dehurst paints a vivid picture of one group of giants found huddled in a circle inside their protective mound. They all died together. This archeological evidence brings us spitting close to their reality.



King Tutankhamun’s dagger

Bronze Age Iron Weapons


1200 BC




Thanks Catherine. I have a copy of Forgotten Civilization: The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Present and have added it to my read list for solving this problem. The thing that is exciting about “solar flare” resources is that they potentially support a local nova such as Proto-Saturn exploding, I would especially say this about the Paul A LaViolette resource Joshua Roberts provided (above) at…/viewFile/3464/pdf. I very seriously doubt that either he or Schoch have considered that their physical evidence could be traced back to an explosion of Proto-Saturn rather than a super flare coming from our current Sun.