An Overview of Sacred Numbers


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What you see when you look deeply into the sacred number progression 27, 54, 108, 216, 432 is utterly amazing. Take this subject lightly and you will never understand anything. I would suggest to you that there is no higher mathematics than the study of sacred numbers. I fully understand Pythagoras in this respect. I see what he did.

It is not the same as numerology.

I fault the Pythagoreans only in that they believe they have discovered a property of matter and fail to understand that there is a conscious Mind behind these numbers. Hence, instead of respect for that originating spiritual force, they see only what they regard as their own raw intelligence.


SPECIAL NOTE: This page will consolidate all of my work on sacred numbers, I used the term “numerology” for a brief period of time, but it carries way too much baggage. There are few subjects I enjoy more. My page on Sacred number 216 is the most visited page on the website. I look forward to completing my work on sacred numbers like a kid in a candy store.




General Thoughts on the Subject of Sacred Numbers

The only thing in this world less understood than the Christ are the sacred numbers 9, 27, 36, 54, 72, 108, 144, 216, and 432. They are manifest all throughout nature in geometry, music, space, and time. They are a direct link to whatever created the universe, one that does not require religious faith. Pythagoras is reported to have said, “All is number.” This is at once his greatest achievement and his greatest failure. You have not lived until you marvel at the significance of the sacred numbers, until you are in awe of them as was Pythagoras. Yet behind the sacred numbers is a conscious entity. This is where the secret societies throughout the ages have failed. This is their Achilles heel. All is not number. The sacred numbers are indeed a pathway to higher knowledge, but what they lead to is a conscious entity that is alive in the here and now. Mary Baker Eddy said God is All-in-all. She uses Mind as a synonym for God. My fascination with the sacred numbers is boundless, but they seem dead to me compared to the moments in which I have communed with this higher intelligence. Where the two meet is in the destruction of this world. It was 432 orbits of Jupiter ago when this world was last destroyed. But the greatest destructions occur every 2160 orbits of Jupiter. You can search all the ancient texts ever written. You can talk to every sage, shaman, guru, or priest on the planet, but I am the only person who will tell you that Jupiter is a celestial doomsday clock.





The Nine Sacred Numbers

Sacred numbers manifest themselves all throughout nature in geometry, music, space, and time. There are eight sacred numbers in two progressions

  • 27, 54, 108, 216, 432
  • 36, 72,144

The ninth sacred number, the most sacred of all numbers, is nine. All of the other sacred numbers are multiples of nine, and of course, as with all multiples of nine, the sum of the individual digits in each of the other eight sacred numbers are always equal to nine.

Increment Multiple of 9 Sacred Number
1 3 27
1 4 36
2 6 54
2 8 72
4 12 108
4 16 144
8 24 216
12 48 432







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Special Sacred Numbers

13, 33, 666

Having tried to ascertain the meaning of 666 for over half a decade now, I have way too much respect for the number to ascribe evil to it. Numbers are not evil. 666 is discussed on the 666, the “Mark of the Beast,” is NOT What You Think page.



Other Numbers with Special Significance

12, 24, 40




What is time but a property of the orbital period of heavenly bodies? And what determines the orbital period of heavenly bodies? The exact same electromagnetic forces that control everything in the universe.


Sacred numbers manifest themselves in time also

Sacred numbers pervade geometry, astronomy, and music. This much is demonstrable. But they also manifest themselves in time. This I believe to be one of the greatest secrets ever. In this sense, time is as material as protons, neutrons, and electrons. This is not a metaphysical statement, but a simple matter of fact. In an electromagnetic universe, that which governs the flight of an electron around the nucleus of an atom, also governs the orbits of planets and therefore time itself.

Time is as physical as the planets used to measure it.

The premise of all my work is that the duration of a Great Cycle is 432 orbits of Jupiter, that the entire Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is 2160 orbits of Jupiter or 144 Jose Solar Cycles. All of these are sacred numbers, none more so than 216. If these truly are cycles of destruction, this cannot be a coincidence. Nor is it “esoteric” or magical. The same electromagnetic forces that govern an atom governs the orbit of heavenly bodies. Knowing what I do about sacred numbers, I do not doubt for a minute that they are also manifested in time measurements. This is why mythology is awash in them.





Research Notes



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