№ 28. A Date with Destiny

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PAGE STATUS: This is a new page and includes material that was formerly the exclusive The 216 Club page, which I am in the process of dismantling and moving to this page. I have overcome my reluctance to discuss what I know about the year projected in Tomorrowland. Let come what may.
LAST UPDATE: November 2, 2020

Thai wald defend, avalyhe que valyhe

Let come what may

I am No. 5
the Third Prime in Life

And I am unstoppable 

Four different worlds
One Message

The year 2022 encoded in the “Francis page” of the First Folio, Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie and Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures are all in perfect agreement. And as you will learn on this page, 2022 was designed into the original World Trade Center. 

Essential research papers

The following is a list of research papers essential to this page:

“Khufu’s Great Pyramid as seen from the northwest. The pyramid’s core design is based on a Kepler Triangle whose hypotenuse (356 cubits) is in the golden ratio (1.618…) to its short leg (220 cubits) incidentally producing a side-slope angle of 51˚50’…Graphic by M.S. based on Google Earth.”

A date with destiny: the end of a Great Cycle of 432 orbits of Jupiter

When you look at the Great Pyramid of Giza, you must think of the sides as representing the passage of time that is converging on some point in the future. This page is numbered after the 280 cubits height of the Great Pyramid of Giza. This is the measurement that represents the passage of time. 

How much time does the Great Pyramid of Giza represent?

One can only imagine that it is one of the five Maya Great Cycles of 432 orbits of Jupiter and that is why 432 is encoded in the mythologies of so many cultures.

When did it begin? 

Maya Long Count

It began with the flood myth, only it was no myth. I believe the base of the Great Pyramid of Giza represents the Proto-Saturn explosion after which it rained enough to create the oceans we know today but not before covering the mountain tops because of something called the absorption rate. Oh, ye of little faith

And when will it end?

Well, I don’t know but my guess is the Georgia Guidestones, The Walk, Tomorrowland, and The Apocalyptic Pillar in The Cathedral Church of Saint John the Divine are a sure indication that this is the equivalent of the fireworks finale time. 

July 4, 2017, fireworks finale at the Magic Kingdom

This gives an entirely new meaning to the Eye of Providence on the Great Seal.

Everything is one thing

The missing capstone then is the end time and the tip of the missing capstone is the year of the Apocalypse. Symbolized by the sloping edges of the Great Pyramid, all of history builds toward this one moment in time. And If the Tomorrowland movie is not more misdirection on the part of the progeny of Jove, the year is 2022, but in any case, everything I know about them and especially their love of numbers tells me it is no later than 2024. Hence my prediction in the next section, that January 1, 2025, does not happen. If that is just another day in the neighborhood, I am committed to walking away from this website, admitting my folly, and never looking back.

Beyond a gut-level, intuitive feeling that this is how the original designers conceived of the Great Pyramid of Giza, there is the work of Alan Green in The Sonnets Secret Calendar Facebook video which makes the argument that the sonnets attributed to William Shakespeare but in reality written by Sir Francis Bacon are all about time and that the total number of stanzas in the sonnets and other poems attributed to the fictional William Shakespeare total 201. As Alan Green points out in the video, the Great Pyramid of Giza has 201 courses of stone blocks. 

Maya Long Count

Based on my presentation of the Maya Long Count as 2160 orbits of Jupiter (which brings it into perfect agreement with the ancient Yuga calendar and marks “Noah’s Flood,” the Biblical Deluge, or Proto-Saturn exploding, (however you wish to describe what happened), I note the following:

  1. COURSES: My very best source for the number of courses is a remarkably well-documented work available online at Stone courses of the Pyramid of Khufu (table).  But all sources agree that the are 201 courses of stone blocks. I accept this number as fact because of everything ZI have learned about Sir Francis Bacon and the 201 stanzas discovered by Alan Green. Let us consider the 9 missing courses to be a period of time calculated as 201 ÷ 210 or 95.7142857142857% which is then truncated is 95%. The remaining 5% is 25621.488 x .05 = 1281.0744 years, which is one of the 20 periods of 108 cycles of Jupiter.
  2. 20 SECTIONS: While discussing the “accumulation of thicker stone courses,” the same Franz Löhner webpage says, “The archeologist Goyon and Petrie also noticed these numbers of thicker courses and Goyon divided the pyramid in a total of 19 sections. Franz Löhner lists the missing tip of the pyramid as the 20th section. These 20 sections would correspond to the aforementioned 20 periods of 108 orbits of Jupiter. 
  3. SLOPE: The 51° slope corresponds to the 5,124 years in each of the five Great Cycles.

I want to emphasize that I do not put a lot of salt in the above list. Nor can I ignore it because with or without this extra information, I am certain the Great Pyramid of Giza represents the Maya Long Count in stone. For this reason, I entertain serious doubts that the capstone was ever part of the Great Pyramid of Giza. I believe it was foreordained by individuals who survived from the last world age that, during this last period of 108 orbits of Jupiter, the people I refer to as the progeny of Jove would prepare to survive this once-every-Great-Year cyclic destruction of the planet. This is why Joel and the Nazarene, as quoted on my homepage, are using such strong language as “there hath not been ever the like, neither shall be any more after it, even to the years of many generations” and “such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be.” And this is why the Babylonians referred to the Age of Aquarius as the “Great One.” For whatever reason, an unparalleled level of destruction occurs only once at a precise and repeatable point in our binary dance with the Sirius star system. It is self-evident that humans survive other, lessor Great Cycles of 432 orbits of Jupiter or 5124.2976 years, but not this one. Whatever happens in the last of the five Great Cycles is why humanity suffers from amnesia. This is the overarching message of the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza, not mathematics. The mathematics are only intended to say, “We were as intelligent as you.” The message is the pyramidal shape. And what it says to me is “Everything is one thing.”

For years I mistook Sirius as the cause of this destruction, but now I realize that the Zodiac is just the hour hand on a celestial countdown clock, the only reliable timepiece in a Solar System that is routinely reconfigured. Jupiter is the second hand on that countdown clock, but only because the ancients calculated its orbital period shortly after the polar configuration of the planets disintegrated at the end of the last Great Cycle. Where the magic happens is when you accept that the precession of the equinoxes is in fact 2160 orbits of Jupiter. Only then can you begin to understand why the progeny of Jove worship numbers. The sacred numbers are expressed in time also. As fantastical as this may sound to the uninitiated, I suggest you read what I say about Venus on my homepage.

I want to end this section with something I am reluctant to share. Doing so will cause a measurable percentage of people to leave this website and never return. But after careful consideration, I feel compelled to say this. In the above-mentioned Stone courses of the Pyramid of Khufu (table), Franz Löhner says, “The Khufu-pyramid (Cheops) probably originally had 210 stone layers.” But he questions this number and at one point says, “To give as much stability as possible to the apex (tip) of the pyramid with its pyramidion it is assumed that the last 2 or 3 stone layers were specially thick.” The bold-red emphasis is mine. What if there were 212 courses? 201 ÷ 212 = 94.811320754717% which rounds nicely to 95% instead of the awkward truncation required above. But alarms should be going off right now. At the time of the building of the Great Pyramid of Giza, the Nazarene would not be born for another three millennia and I do not believe in prophets. So how would you solve the problem of the 212 courses of stone blocks in The Great Pyramid of Giza referring to the end of 13 baktuns on December 21, 2012, in our calendar system? One way is to accept what many of our Founding Fathers thought, which is that the Nazarene was an example of astrotheology and all of these years are the work of the progeny of Jove who date back much further than I imagine. But there is another possibility, one I am inclined to believe because of my encounter with ET. They were here, most likely the elongated skulls, and built The Great Pyramid of Giza as a warning to us, not unlike the Georgia Guidestones. To make this work, the Nazarene must be one of them, which is exactly what I argue on page № 102. There are No Prophets. So there. I said it. It’s a possibility I cannot discard. 

How long has this game been afoot?

Dr. John Dee from the The Shakespeare Equation YouTube channel

The Real Da Vinci Code from the The Bard Code YouTube channel

This is the question that must be answered. Are we being helped? I believe I know the answer. Both of these YouTube channels are the work of Alan Green and deserve a lot of attention. Sir Francis Bacon is at the center of everything. 

January 1, 2025, does not happen

On New Year’s Eve, the day before the start of the second decade in the twenty-first century, I sat down at my computer and wrote the following. As of October 31, 2020, I am breaking my promise to never remove this prediction from my homepage. Now that I am openly discussing everything I know about dates, this prediction belongs on this page. 

The reasons why I made this prediction are manifold and involve a very high degree of abstraction, but I am going to start documenting them here.

  1. NASA IS PROMISING SOMETHING IT KNOWS IT CANNOT DELIVER: At the top of this list would be the Artemis program discussed in A very real Propaganda Campaign on page № 5. The Apollo astronauts never left low Earth orbit. It is part of a decade long propaganda campaign to counter the growing awareness that we never landed on the Moon. However, in the process of covering their tracks, the progeny of Jove have shown their hand. 
  2. THE LOVE OF NUMBERS: Second only to the Artemis program is the progeny of Jove’s love of numbers. You cannot understand anything about them until you wrap yourself around this most basic of facts. This is why I have developed my Sacred Numbers are the Religion of the Progeny of Jove and therefore their Greatest Weakness menu so extensively. There is a preponderance of data in the Georgia Guidestones monument and the Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie that suggests we are “at the door” (to quote the Nazarene). Given this reality, you must step back and acknowledge the unmistakable evidence that the progeny of Jove tampered with the Nazarene’s birth date.  Yes, of course, everyone knows it was not December 25. That’s nonsense. The year, however, is deadly serious. Tampering with the year suggests they wanted to apocalypse to happen in a particular year. Tomorrowland is projecting that year to be 2022, but having lived through December 21, 2012, forgive me for being a skeptic. It makes sense though because of the strong emphasis on the Alpha and Omega in everything from The Revelation to the architecture in Tomorrowland. But so does 23 because of the axial tilt. The coming Earth crustal displacement is the mechanism of our destruction no matter what causes it, and what more appropriate year for this to happen than 2023? And perhaps more so than 2022 and 2023 combined, the year 2024 would be the most appropriate choice of all because the number 24 always signifies the end of something. So there are three perfect candidates for the year of the apocalypse. Which did the progeny of Jove choose when they moved the birth of the Nazarene (Christ Jesus) in 4 BC forward four years? This is the question this page ponders. While the logic may not seem sound to the uninitiated, to readers who do not understand the importance of numbers to these people, I nonetheless am certain beyond any measure of doubt that January 1, 2025, does not happen.
  3. 400 YEARS

I have only recently decided that I need to document the thought behind this prediction. I am sure there are other reasons that I will add in the future as I recall them. But for now, the first two bulleted items are the primary two reasons on which I base this prediction, which makes proving we did not land on the Moon critically important. As late as November 15, 2020, I discovered irrefutable evidence of this and am in the process of rewriting page № 5. The Apollo astronauts never left low Earth orbit.

December 31, 2019: I never before made a prediction. I do not believe in prophecy. But I am finally ready to tell you what I know for sure, without any shadow of a doubt, and based entirely on my intimate knowledge of a people I call the “progeny of Jove.” I state this as fact. Nor will I ever remove this from my homepage.

January 1, 2025

does not happen

[And you very well may have considerably less time than that.]

In less than five years from today, everything you have ever known will be wiped from the face of the earth, washed out to sea or buried deep in mud, volcanic ash, and lava. The landscape of the entire planet will change. And you and everyone you have ever known will be dead, fish food or buried deep in the same mud, volcanic ash, and lava. Gone. Erased from history. Never to be remembered. As if you never even existed.

Many of you claim to want to understand what is happening, but I know perhaps better than anyone else this is not true. You do not really want to confront this reality. Doing so is much more difficult than you think. Unimaginably so. In one way or another, a true knowledge of what is happening utterly destroys most people.

This sixth woodcut from the series in Basil Valentine’s Azoth of the Philosophers by Basil Valentine published in 1613 is the original Rebis image

Number 43 and the end times

PLEASE NOTE: Development of this section has been postponed until I can recover from a formatting fiasco.

This section stymied me for weeks if not months. This is not uncommon in my work, but the discussion of number 43 is an extreme case. The problem is that what I am about to say is going to frame the discussion in the following two subsections entitled The World Trade Center was Designed and Built to be Destroyed and The 22:43 Minute MP3 Recording from the Walt Disney Picture’s Tomorrowland Movie.

Discovering the 222+43+9+48 Skull and Bones 322 numerical sequence encoded into the design of the World Trade Center destroyed on September 1, 2001, was one of only two times I felt genuinely scared doing this work. At the other extreme, the first time I heard the MP3 recordings released in 2013 as part of “The Optimist” alternative reality game ostensibly promoting the Tomorrowland movie, I felt as if I had met God face-to-face. I was elated. These are subjects near and dear to me.

Page № 104. Terminology that thoroughly disgusts me is a testament to the fact that I am not insensitive to the criticism that some or all of my work is the product of an overactive imagination. For someone whose perception of this world is governed by a highly abstract mind, a hand of cards dealt to me by what the progeny of Jove call “the fates,” such accusations are indistinguishable from someone saying that I am batshit crazy.

So before I say anything else, allow me to clarify two things.

  1. THE SKULL AND BONES 322 IN THE DESIGN OF THE WORLD TRADE CENTER: No matter what you think of my analysis of the numbers 222 or 22 and 43 in the context of the end time, it does not change the fact that the progeny of Jove designed and built the World Trade Center with the intent of destroying it.
  2. THE TOMORROWLAND MP3 RECORDINGS: Again, no matter what you think of my analysis of the numbers 222 or 22 and 43 in the context of the end time, it does not change the fact that these recordings are real in the sense that their intended audience are some of the wealthiest and most powerful people in the world.

Be clear about this.

The numbers 222 or 22 and 43 appear in two places that are of particular importance to me, so much so that I have invested considerable time and effort in trying to determine their meaning. As mentioned above, the first is in the design of the original World Trade Center and the second is in a 22:43 minute recording that I regard as the heart and soul of the Tomorrowland movie. Both of these are discussed in the following two subsections. The evidence that 22 is somehow significant to the end time is overwhelming and thoroughly documented on this page. That 222 or 22 is a reference to the year 2022, I have never doubted. The meaning of the number 43 is more elusive. But if for no other reason than the Rebis woodcut pictured above and published in the same timeframe as the sonnets of William Shakespeare, the First Folio, and the Rosicrucian manifestos, there can be no doubt whatsoever that the number 43 has some profound meaning to the secret societies. I would argue that this meaning is directly related to the end time.

April 3, 33 AD

This website is not designed to entertain. It is designed to inform. The information it conveys is deadly serious. For that very reason, I feel obligated to walk you through the process of discovery by which I arrived at my conclusion regarding the significance of the number 43 to the end time. This is a difficult subject and will require your full attention.

First, there is the crucifixion of the Nazarene. This needs to be mentioned because it suggests 43 is a date, namely April 3. I mention this first only because I encountered the supposed date of his crucifixion early in my search for the meaning of the number 43 to the end times.

Five methods have been used to estimate the date of the crucifixion of Jesus. One uses non-Christian sources such as Josephus and Tacitus. Another works backward from the historically well-established trial of the Apostle Paul by the Roman proconsul Gallio in Corinth in AD 51/52 to estimate the date of Paul’s conversion. Both methods result in AD 36 as an upper bound to the crucifixion. Thus, scholars generally agree that Jesus was crucified between AD 30 and AD 36. Isaac Newton’s astronomical method calculates those ancient Passovers (always defined by a full moon) which are preceded by a Friday, as specified by all four Gospels; this leaves two potential crucifixion dates, 7 April AD 30 and 3 April AD 33. In the lunar eclipse method, the Apostle Peter’s statement that the moon turned to blood at the crucifixion (Acts of the Apostles 2:14–21) is taken to refer to the lunar eclipse of 3 April AD 33; although astronomers are discussing whether the eclipse was visible as far west as Jerusalem. Recent astronomical research uses the contrast between the synoptic date of Jesus’ last Passover on the one hand with John’s date of the subsequent “Jewish Passover” on the other hand, to propose Jesus’ Last Supper to have been on Wednesday, 1 April AD 33 and the crucifixion on Friday 3 April AD 33 and the Resurrection two days later.

Wikipedia, Chronology of Jesus [bold-red emphasis added]

My best guess is that the Nazarene was born early in 4 BC and was crucified on Friday, April 3, 33 AD.

The Double Tau

This would make him 37 years old at the time of his crucifixion, which is the number of plays Sir Francis Bacon wrote under the pseudonym, William Shakespeare. Can we make such a connection? Some would argue that Bacon’s Christianity was disingenuous, but I dare say Peter Dawkins of the
Francis Bacon Research Trust is not one of them. And he is not alone.

This essay contends that it is a misunderstanding and distortion to view Bacon’s use of religious language and concepts as disingenuous and manipulative. It demonstrates that Bacon’s program of utopian reform, as presented in “New Atlantis,” is grounded in genuinely and deeply felt religious convictions, which serve as the foundation for his program of political and social prosperity through the advancement of learning.

The New Atlantis, Francis Bacon’s God: The religious foundations of the “New Atlantis” by Stephen A. McKnight

As I will show momentarily there is a possible connection between April 3, 33 AD and the work of Sir Francis Bacon and his circle of friends,

But let us assume Bacon was working with the same numbers and 43 was for him a remembrance of the Nazarene. What he does with it could only be construed as having only the remotest of connection.

I do not believe for one minute think that the people responsible for 9/11 included 43 in the design of the World Trade Center to somehow commemorate the crucifixion of the Nazarene. The phrase “Recent astronomical research” brings into question whether such a date was even known to the progeny of Jove until recently. And then there is the whole issue of when the Nazarene was born.

As of this writing, I must admit to an imperfect understanding of this number. The best I can do is tell you where I stand at this moment in time. It is based largely on intuition, but then again so is most of this website. I trust my intuition more than I do anything else in this life.

And speaking of movies, I doubt very many people who read this website have any appreciation whatsoever how hard I have worked on page № 5. The Apollo astronauts never left low Earth orbit. No one who thinks the Apollo Program landed on the Moon has any chance whatsoever of understanding the world in which they live or being prepared for what is about to happen. Stanley Kubrick eventually sacrificed his life trying to tell us the truth about the Apollo Program. What people do not know is that he started trying to tell us as early as the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey with his waving flag in a closed room, mirrored images on visors, and most particularly, with the release date of April 3, 1968. Seen in the correct light, this use of 43 is as significant as any other use discussed in this section.

At first, I thought perhaps it was a date, April 3, and that together these numbers represented a specific date, April 3, 2022. I discuss my reasons why I thought perhaps 43 was a date in the following subsection. But I was never comfortable with this idea at least in part because of a deep conviction that no one knows a specific date for the apocalypse. As I argue on my homepage, there are just too many variables for there to be a specific date involved.

Then I discovered a connection with Sir Francis Bacon, which I discuss in The meaning of the Rebis number 43 on page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians. This also left me with an uncomfortable feeling because of the prominence of the number 43 in the design of the World Trade Center. That all factions of the progeny of Jove share a deep respect for Sir Francis Bacon cannot be doubted. Indeed, the number 100 is included in the numerically perfect design of the original World Trade Center and I believe that is intended to be a nod in his direction. As is widely know, 100 is “Simple Cipher” (gematria using the 24-letter Elizabthean alphabet) for Francis Bacon. And the 43 in the design of the World Trade Center involves a 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle discussed below in The World Trade Center was Designed and Built to be Destroyed, which given what we know about the First Folio would again suggest a nod in the direction of Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians.

But September 11, 201 was a wanton act of destruction involving the senseless and brutal killing of thousands of people. To use it to commensurate the work of Sir Francis Bacon is for me unimaginable and given everything I know about the progeny of Jove would not only be inappropriate but more importantly inconsistent. Inconsistent is for me the keyword for dismisses any thought whatsoever that the highly prominent use of 43 in the design of the original World Trade Center somehow or principally commentated the work of a man known to genuinely care for the common man. No, something else was involved here. I was sure of that. I was sure I had not found the meaning of 43 as it is used in the design of the World Trade Center.

How important is understanding the use of 43 in the design of the World Trade Center?

I want to stop and discuss this for a moment. My domestic partner has a Ph.D. from Tulane University. She regards what happened on September 11, 2001, as in the past and has little interest in the subject.

I noted my new found understanding of 43 at the time, but never, not even for a moment accepted a connection

Active Seyfert galaxies are discussed on page № 29. SN 1604, the center of the Milky Way galaxy, active Seyfert galaxies, and Galactic Superwaves. They were discovered in 1943.

In 1943, Carl Seyfert published a paper in which he described observations of nearby galaxies having bright nuclei that were sources of unusually broad emission lines. Galaxies observed as part of this study included NGC 1068, NGC 4151, NGC 3516, and NGC 7469. Active galaxies such as these are known as Seyfert galaxies in honor of Seyfert’s pioneering work.

Wikipedia, Active galactic nucleus

I’ve been at this long enough that my intuition about what is right when it comes to the symbolism of the progeny of Jove is razor-sharp. So when I read the following in Wikipedia, I knew immediately that I had found the meaning of 43 in the design of the World Trade Center and the Tomorrowland MP3 recording released in 2013. It has the right “earthiness” and is confirmed in the April 3, 1968 release of 2001: A Space Odyssey in which Stanley Kubrick’s main character is “Bowman” of Sagittarius, whose arrow points to the center of the galaxy.

Unbeknownst to a world fast asleep and about to die, the new “One World” Trade Center screams 666 in the symbolism of the progeny of Jove, the same “number of the beast” they used when writing The Revelation. Nothing tells me more that we are living in the end time than the design of this building.

The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed

Given the brazen nature of the 9/11 domestic terrorist attacks, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that whoever was responsible for perpetuating the attacks would have announced their intention to destroy these buildings ahead of time. The progeny of Jove numerically sign their work. They’ve been doing so for millennia. The compulsion to do so,—to respect this deeply ingrained tradition that connects them to one another across a vast ocean of time (especially on something as historically significant as the attacks of September 11, 2001)—is so so strong that I have come to describe it as their single greatest weakness. Knowing this is key to understanding them and makes it possible to track their movements throughout all of recorded history. Counting the rooftops, the seven buildings of the World Trade Center were comprised of 322 floors. This is the “real horror” to which I am referring in the title of this page. I don’t think they ever expected anyone to notice this. But it doesn’t stop there. This numerical signature encodes the year of the apocalypse if not the exact date. It is based primarily on this Skull and Bones numerical signature on the World Trade Center and information gleaned from the Tomorrowland movie, that I base my “best guess” of 2022 as the year of the coming Earth crustal displacement. 

Were the WHEN and WHAT of the apocalypse designed into The World Trade Center?
The thirteenth card in a Tarot deck is the Death card.

Numerical signatures are of such importance to understanding the world in which we live that I recently created page № 73. The Immense Importance of Dates and Numerical Signatures so that I could begin collecting all of them into one place. 

Before I show you what I discovered in the design of the original World Trade Center which was destroyed on September 11, 2001, I must ask the question, Is there a precedence for counting the rooftops? The answer is, Yes.

There are not thirteen steps to a gallows. There are only twelve.
The thirteenth step is onto the platform.

In the design of the original World Trade Center, the rooftops are the equivalent of a gallows platform. And of course, the hangman’s noose has thirteen loops.

Rooftop levels in the design of the original World Trade Center (1973–2001)

  111   1 WTC: North Tower
  111   2 WTC: South Tower
   23   3 WTC: Marriott World Trade Center
   10   4 WTC: Office Building
   10   5 WTC: Office Building
    9   6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
 + 48   7 WTC: Office Building

This is the unmistakable Skull and Bones 322 numerical signature on the design of the original World Trade Center

But do you see what I see?

The WHEN and WHAT of our coming destruction.


Announced by the destruction of the Twin Towers.

  111   1 WTC: North Tower
+ 111   2 WTC: South Tower

This is the same year found everywhere else. It cannot be a coincidence. And yet this number has other significance for the progeny of Jove. Since the early medieval period, 222 in the Roman calendar has been regarded as the year the Pythagoras’ school was founded in Magna Graecia (modern-day Italy).

The year 532 BC was a year of the pre-Julian Roman calendar. In the Roman Empire, it was known as year 222 Ab urbe condita.

Pythagoras arrives in the Greek colony of Croton (modern-day Crotone) in Magna Graecia and founds the philosophical school of Pythagoreanism (approximate date).

Wikipedia, 532 BC

   23   3 WTC: Marriott World Trade Center
   10   4 WTC: Office Building
 + 10   5 WTC: Office Building

The symbolism here is so rich I hardly know where to begin. First off, I must explain the number 43 has other, more esoteric meanings discussed in The meaning of the Rebis number 43 on page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians. In that context, it is difficult not to notice the 3-4-5 Pythagorean triangle denoted by the building numbers. Also in this context, we note that the total number of levels for building three through seven is 100, which is “Simple Cipher” (gematria using the 24 letters Elizabethan alphabet) for Francis Bacon. From where I stand right now in late 2020 while I am immersed in the writing of page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians, I do not for one second think this is mere coincidence. The truth is the design of the original World Trade Center is numerical perfection, and this nod to Sir Francis Bacon is part of that design.

The 23 has been separated out to symbolically represent the coming Earth crustal displacement (or axial tilt). The 43 is a reference to the year 1943 in which active Seyfert galaxies were discovered as discussed on page № 29. The center of the Milky Way galaxy, active Seyfert galaxies, and Galactic Superwaves. This is the what of the coming apocalypse, a once every 13,000 or 26,000 years electromagnetic disturbance to the entire solar system which provides the missing force the gravity-centric Albert Einstein could not account for when he backed away from his support for Earth crustal displacements.

What remains after the WHEN and WHAT is 57. What they did with that was ingenious.

 9  6 WTC: U.S. Customs House
48 +7 WTC: Office Building

The nine is always a reference to command and control. In this context, it symbolically represents the Skull and Bones. The 13 as always is a reference to the Ophiuchus constellation which includes the center of the galaxy, a fact which is confirmed by the 48 levels of building seven. 48 is a reference to Ptolemy’s 48 classical constellations which includes Ophiuchus.

And of course, the 47 stories of Building 7 (without the roof) is always a reference to Mars, the god of war. This and the fact that it was clad in red granite is making an unmistakable statement about the end time. 

For me this numbering of Building 7 is making the statement, “We are the progeny of Jove and we now make war on the entire world.” Of course, the bigger picture is the seven buildings which symbolically represent the seven days in Genesis and by extension the destruction of this world and the beginning of a new one.

222 + 43 + 9 + 48 = 322

This is numerical perfection. This is a classic progeny of Jove numerical signature. This confirms who was behind the September 11, 2001, symbolic destruction of the World Trade Center beyond any shadow of a doubt. If you think it unimaginably cruel to send so many people to their deaths to make such a statement, you lack the perspective of the progeny of Jove. We are all the walking dead to them. The World Trade Center was designed and built to be destroyed and in the process, the progeny of Jove showed their hand. As thoroughly documented on page № 7. The real Horror of September 11, 2001 (9/11) is the Truth, they used directed-energy weaponry that is not supposed to exist. Neither is the technology discussed in the following MP3 recording released in 2013 as part of the Tomorrowland movie production.

The 22:43 minute MP3 recording from the Walt Disney Picture’s Tomorrowland movie

I can still vividly recall listening to this recording for the first time. I could hardly contain my excitement because I instinctively felt it was genuine. It reminded me of the old “party line” at my grandparent’s house in the country and felt as if I had picked up the phone and was inadvertently overhearing a conversation to which I was never supposed to be a party. After years of hard work, I found what I was looking for. I found the progeny of Jove in flesh and blood and I could even hear their voice. This feeling of astonishment lasted for a couple of days, then a dark cloud came over me. But what if this is a fake recording? I thought. Years of conducting research on the Internet had taught me to be very skeptical about such surprising discoveries. That thought was quickly followed by, this must be a fake recording. And that was followed by a brooding sense of anger and deep resentment.

After some initial research into the origins of the MP3 recording (which included finding it on MouseVinyl.com), I got mad as hell and directed that anger towards the person who sent it to me. Then after a couple of days of living with this feeling of abject disappointment and an intense exchange of emails in which my Triple Nine Society friend who uses the pseudonym Alder Av Grunn (Age of Reason) steadfastly insisted it was real, I undertook to determine with certainty the authenticity of this MP3 recording.

Let me be perfectly clear about something. I think this recording is the heart and soul of the entire Tomorrowland movie production. Combined with the stunning visuals of the movie it offers the promise of a better tomorrow to some of the wealthiest, most powerful people in the world, some of whom probably contributed hundreds of millions of dollars towards the construction of the multi-trillion dollar granite tunnel system in the Pikes Peak batholith most people know of as the Front Range. They bought and paid for their ticket to the “New World.” God had nothing to do with it. I imagine it was determined hundreds if not thousands of years ago that 2013 would be “the beginning of the end” in the sense that plans for the final preparations would begin in earnest. This would be prudent because the 144,000 “chosen” people would doubtless feel some anxiety after December 21, 2012. These recordings were meant to assure them everything is on schedule. Just like the Tomorrowland movie, they say “You’re special,” which is exactly the reassurance these people needed to hear at that critical juncture.

The poppy fields

Before proceeding, I need to discuss a few aspects of the Tomorrowland movie, namely The Optimist and Plus Ultra, which are both highly distracting and irrelevant in the larger scheme of things. Indeed, I think their whole purpose was to distract people and provide a smokescreen for introducing two truly radical MP3 recordings that otherwise would have garnered a lot of unwanted attention. I feel a certain reverence for this movie, and turning it into a game or cartoon borders on sacrilegious for me. Nevertheless, you need to understand the context in which these recordings were made public. This is especially true because I think they are the heart and soul of the Tomorrowland production. Furthermore, if I do not take this opportunity to discuss The Optimist and Plus Ultra and leave it to the reader to stumble across this information on their own, there exists the possibility that the reader may incorrectly think he is missing out on something of importance.

You’re not.

I can’t think of a better way to tell you how I feel about The Optimist and Plus Ultra than to recall a scene from the Wizard of Oz.

Whether or not you fall asleep now is
out of my control.

The only significance of The Optimist alternative reality game is that it was during this timeframe that Walt Disney Pictures released the MP3 recording discussed at length in the following sections. And Plus Ultra is one thing in the film. In reality, it is another name for the progeny of Jove (which is to say, for the people who made Tomorrowland) Please do not let yourself get distracted in the next section. Do not fall asleep.

Some requisite background information about “The Optimist” and Plus Ultra

I wrongly concluded that the 22:43 minute recording I received in an email from a valued contributor was not, in fact, a Walt Disney Pictures production, but rather a hoax perpetrated by one of the participants in The Optimist alternative reality game (ARG). After nearly two days of thinking it was real, this felt like being punched in the stomach. My world briefly collapsed until I stumbled across the following Wired Magazine article, which I am quoting in its entirety by way of explaining what The Optimist “alternative reality game” was and because it is now near and dear to me.

“The Optimist” Draws Fans Into Fictionalized Disney History

Disney is running an alternate reality game that delves into the origin story of Disney Parks through a fictionalized lens. For the next six weeks, players will work alongside Amelia, an aspiring documentary filmmaker and college student, as she seeks to uncover the secrets her grandfather left behind.

By Michael Andersen, originally posted at ARGNet

In 1923, Walt Disney and his brother Roy founded a company that would eventually become The Walt Disney Company. Out of respect for that seminal moment in the company’s history, Disney’s official fan club adopted D23 as its name. With the company’s 90th anniversary fast approaching, Walt Disney Imagineering Research & Development has partnered with Walt Disney Studios to produce The Optimist, a six-week long alternate reality game culminating in an event at the D23 Expo.

The Optimist focuses on a young college student named Amelia as she strives to learn more about her recently deceased grandfather, Carlos Moreau, for a documentary film she’s planning on shooting. To Amelia, her grandfather Carlos was an inveterate storyteller whose life remains a mystery. Her efforts to learn more about Carlos’ life and legacy through his personal effects are documented on her blog StoryOrbit.com. A series of documents are beginning to paint a picture of Carlos Moreau’s life: after selling a short story called Orbit’s Story to Disney, Carlos fostered a close relationship with the company that saw him collaborating with Disney’s Special Projects team on the 1964 World’s Fair. While the focus of the game so far lies squarely in uncovering Carlos’ past, Amelia provides a personable front for the investigation as she balances research into the annals of Disney with her college studies.

According to Disney Parks, over the next six weeks players will piece together “an imagined story of Walt Disney, the Imagineers and other visionary thinkers and their potential involvement in a secret project that sought to build a better future.” Through this fictional lens, players are given the chance to share their familiarity with Disney’s often unbelievable history. For instance, when The Optimist introduced players to the Lott Family Construction company as a fictional collaborator on Disney’s exhibit at the 1964 World’s Fair, players were quick to point out that M.T. Lott Real Estate Investments was the name of a shell company set up to purchase land for Walt Disney World. Similarly, a phone number written on the back of a napkin led to players discussing and visiting one of Walt Disney’s favorite restaurants to uncover additional clues hidden in plain sight at the historic table.

Because this blending of real world people and places might make it difficult to identify the line between fiction and reality in the narrative, all confirmed in-game sites and social media profiles include a disclaimer letting players know when they are interacting with fictional pages in the game’s universe. This way, real establishments can coexist with fictional constructs without creating unnecessary confusion. Trowbridge mentions that the game will extend beyond the web, with interactions ranging from “social media and mobile devices to visiting unique physical sites from the story in and around Los Angeles,” making the distinction all the more important. Players outside California are still provided ample opportunities to get immersed in the world, with several players who provided their contact information during the registration process receiving a vintage record in the mail. The record features Disney music played at the World’s Fair, along with two ghost tracks that delve a little deeper into the fictional mystery of The Optimist.

The Optimist has maintained a steady update schedule, with new content coming out every day: however, the game is still in its early stages, so there’s more than enough time to dive in before the game’s finale in August. To get caught up, read StoryOrbit’s in-game recaps and Inside the Magic’s collaborative Google Doc summarizing theories and events so far.

Wired.com, “The Optimist” Draws Fans Into Fictionalized Disney History, Michael Anderson, July 23- 2013

On the surface of things, The Optimist was an “alternate reality game” launched in a Disney Parks Blog post dated July 8, 2013 ostensibly to promote the Tomorrowland movie which would not be released for another 22 months and 14 days into the future. The website used for the game was at storyorbit.com, which is now for sale for a whopping $3,295. Other, ancillary social media websites such as Twitter and Google Docs were also used, but they are stale now. Even the Disney search engine returns nothing about The Optimist.

This “game” was a smokescreen for releasing the MP3 recording which I discuss elsewhere on this webpage. The progeny of Jove routinely trivialize things of great importance to them. Doing so is a highly sophisticated way of distracting the general public. It’s a kind of “the wet head is dead” thing, but is so effective that I have come to regard it as a form of hypnotic control of the masses. They also did this with the Maya Long Count. The whole “flat earth” campaign on YouTube is theirs, too, rather ingeniously designed to discredit the entire venue. This is their modus operandi.

I never studied it carefully, but as I recall, after The Optimist served its purpose, it lost steam and any official support, got taken over by volunteers, and fizzled out at D23 in 2013. This just further proves that it was only ever a smokescreen for what would have otherwise been too sensational MP3 recording, even for Walt Disney. 

RUNTIME: 23:49
TITLE: The Optimist grand finale at the 2013 D23 Expo & Disneyland – Wallace, Lilly Belle, Cinema
CHANNEL: Inside the Magic 
POSTED: August 14, 2013
VIEWS: 9,421 views as of November 26, 2020

Here are some other good sources of information if you would like to learn more about The Optimist:

This whole Plus Ultra thing is a ruse. It reminds me of R.C. Christian and the Georgia Guidestones. But what did you expect from Mr. Walt Disney, one of the most important Freemasons who ever lived, “They call themselves Freemasons”?

Back in 2103, a rash of Plus Ultra websites sprung up on the Internet. For me, they are at best comical and at worst pretentious posers who suffer from the delusion that they actually know anything whatsoever about the truth. If you are serious about delving into the meaning of the Tomorrowland movie, I would advise not going down this path. It leads nowhere.

Let me show you why they chose to use the name Plus Ultra in the Tomorrowland Movie.

Timing is everything

This scene is the last scene before the main actors begin their trip to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, where they encounter Plus Ultra. The name “John Francis Walker” is blurted out at 1:08:22 into the movie.

Listen carefully to what I am about to say, because in “one fell swoop” I trash countless webpages about Plus Ultra that represent untold tens of thousands of hours of worthless speculation.

Plus Ultra a reference to
Sir Francis Bacon
who according to Wikipedia
“used it as his personal motto”

And by extension, in the context of the Tomorrowland movie, Plus Ultra is another name for the progeny of Jove. I pray it need not be said, at least not to my readers, but just in case, Wikipedia’s article on Plus Ultra includes the following.

Plus Ultra Society is used in the 2015 movie Tomorrowland for the name of the group of people responsible for creating a better tomorrow, further beyond. The founding members of this fictional group were Gustave Eiffel, Nikola Tesla, Thomas Edison, and Jules Verne.

Wikipedia, Plus Ultra [bold-red emphasis added]

MouseVinyl.com logo

The authenticity of the 22:43 minute MouseVinyl.com “numerical wrapper” MP3 recording

Please be patient. I discuss all of the recordings in this and the following subsections. I assure you before you are done reading that you will be well acquainted with all of them. In fact, given the profound significance of these recordings to my work, I am going to document their origin in great detail.

The same number combination of 22 and 43 built into the design of the World Trade Center can be found in the 22:43 minutes runtime of the MouseVinyl.com MP3 recording discussed in this section. Please note that the 22:43 recording exists only on the MouseVinyl.com website. It is important for you to understand that this is not one of the two official recordings used to promote the Tomorrowland movie. Those two recordings were released on the now defunct StoryOrbit.com website on July 22, 2013, at 8:53 PM, as part of “The Optimist” alternative reality game (AGN). Those two recordings have a total runtime of only 11:30 minutes. As discussed below, because of the 113 we can be sure Brad Bird was directly involved in their production.

A numeric wrapper

The 22:43 minute MouseVinyl.com recording includes both of these recordings and adds music. It is what I think of as a “numeric wrapper” in the sense that it is adding the numbers 22 and 43 to the recording. 

Why then do I insist on the significance of this MouseVinyl.com recording? Because of my analysis of the design of the World Trade Center in the previous section. The 22 minutes and 43 seconds in this recording relate directly to the 222 levels of the Twin Towers (the missing two being the fact that this recording combines the two recordings from StoryOrbut.com) and the 43 levels of buildings 3-5. It is a kind of authentication for people in the know. 

However sick it may sound, “Now without any further ado, may the reverie begin” in the 22:43 recording is timed to end precisely at 07:00 (followed by 52 seconds of silence), which I think is intended to recall the seven buildings of the original World Trade Center. I almost don’t want to point this out, thinking others will attribute it to my imagination, but I know these people. This just sounds like them to me. 

Once the StoryOrbit.com website was discontinued, the recordings needed to be more accessible than the Internet Archive WayBackMachine, which has an awkward interface. MouseVinyl.com was the solution. And how do I know this? Primarily for two reasons. As discussed in the remainder of this section, there is plenty of evidence that MouseVinyl.com exists solely to distribute this recording. The other reason is more subtle and for me even more compelling. 

This video is the first highly symbolic 58 seconds of the Tomorrowland movie, which is precisely how long it takes for the main character to come into focus. That’s the same 58 as Colorado State Highway 58 which leads to the ming town of Golden, Colorado, 36 miles or 58 kilometers from the Denver International Airport. As I point out on № 58. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range, that’s 58 kilometers on highway 58 or 58 58 or 5 8 13 Fibonacci Sequence or 13 13 or M.M. Any way you cut it, it’s symbolic. There is other symbolism in the timing of these first 58 seconds, especially at 32-33 seconds.

You can stop and start this video at will to demonstrate the there is no Tomorrowland until after the first 43 seconds. That is to say, Tomorrowland exists only in the next world, after the coming apocalypse. Timing is everything in this movie, perhaps none more than these first 43 seconds. 

The evidence suggests the MouseVinyl.com website exists for the sole purpose of distributing this 22:43 minute MP3 recording. I say that because the homepage for this website has not changed since I first discovered it on November 2, 2019, and apparently has not changed since “Sun, 08/25/2013 – 14:26” (over seven years ago) when the “webmaster” posted an article entitled “Optimists of Tomorrowland Get a Record that is Just a Dream Away.” Here is the first Internet Archive WayBackMachine capture of the MouseVinyl.com homepage 14 days after that date followed by the homepage as it appears today, November 26, 2020. 

MouseVinyl.com homepage over seven years ago
MouseVinyl.com homepage today

As you can see, nothing has changed. Note that the “webmaster” has this to say about the recording:

I’ve posted the record in its entirety under the Story Teller Series section as “ST-3929 Just a Dream Away”. I did edit it as The (sic) normal track and then the hidden track, for both sides… so be prepared for occasional long pauses between dialogue.

So the “webmaster” of MouseVinyl.com is clearly claiming responsibility for the 22:43 recording. MouseVinyl.com is privately registered, which means you cannot learn anything about the owner.  According to ICANN, the website registration was created 2009-03-15 23:57:07 UTC. The registration expiration date is 2021-03-15 23:57:07 UTC.

ST-3929 Just a Dream Away

This Google search will take you to all of the MouseVinyl.com pages that include the ST-3929 album designation. In case the MouseVinyl.com registration really does expire on March 15, 2021, the most important one to document is Walt Disney Presents – Just a Dream Away by Disneyland Records, which is where I downloaded the 22:43 minute recording. 

Walt’s Music lists ST-3925 It’s A Small World in the ST (Storey Teller) series records, but not ST-3929 Just a Dream Away. This album designation does not exist anywhere else on the Internet, but it clearly was used when the StoryOrbit.com website was active as part of the official Walt Disney “The Optimist” promotion of the Tomorrowland movie. In fact, they went to considerable trouble to make an LP album label that looks exactly like the original ST series records from half a century ago. 

ST-3929 Great Big Beutiful Tomorrow

Before we begin listening to the actual recording, let’s use the Internet Archine WayBackMacine to look at “The Optimist” website where this MP3 recording was first introduced. MouseVinyl.com lists two URLs. One is http://storyorbit.com/for-the-record and the other is http://storyorbit.com/about-those-records

The “For the Record” and “About those records” posts on StoryOrbit.com

In the first of these two posts, the “For the Record” past dated Friday, July 12, 2013, at 4:02 pm, the website host “Amelia” purports to find the recording in “Grandpa’s apartment.” The WayBackMachine has five captures of this page on July 16, 2003, August 11, 2013, August 13, 2013, September 14, 2013, and September 16, 2013. The only difference between these five copies is that the number of comments increases from 203 to 248, and no, I have not read all of them. Here is a copy of the post:

I doubt very seriously any records. were ever pressed. The people who say they got one are most likely plants.

The WayBackMachine captured the second “About those records” posts five times on July 27, 2013, August 5, 2013, August 28, 2013September 29, 2013, and November 6, 2013. The post is the same in all five captures. Again, the only difference in these five copies is the comments, which increase from 137 to 139. And again, no, I have not read all of the comments. Here is a copy of the post:

For the sake of clarification, these are not “’64 World’s Fair records.” They are most likely a complete fabrication, though “Amelia” claims to have sent them to select “The Optimist” participants in 2013. I suspect very strongly that those participants who claimed to have received one of these albums were plants. On the pother hand, Tomorrowland had a huge budget and maybe they really did pay to press a handful of “double grooved” LP albums. I doubt it though.

The “album” from StoryOrbit.com

Let’s follow the links in this second post to find the original MP3 recordings (which we are told were made from the ST-3929 Just a Dream Away “double grooved” album). The underlined “hidden tracks” link is to a comment on the same page.

The comment includes a link to two YouTube videos which are no longer available, but at least one of them was captured on the WayBackMachine. 

Hey guys both are now uploaded. Side one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pTqiTFAipKg and side two http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TluiWk20AyE

I can play the first one (“World’s Fair Record Side 1”). It was captured on July 22, 2013, but every time I trying playing the video in the second link, I get a “Sorry for the interruption. We have been receiving a large volume of requests from your network. To continue with your YouTube experience, please enter the verification code below” error message. I suspect this is happening to everyone and there is no copy of the video available on either YouTube or the WayBackMaching.

However, the links to “SIDE A ” and “SIDE B” in the same “About these records” post do work and I was able to download those MP3 recordings. Side A is a 05:44 minute MP3 recording that interestingly was only captured once on March 16, 2015. The first of the two recordings below is a downloaded copy of that WayBackMachine capture. The first 00:28 seconds is silence.

Side A on the longer 22:43 MouseVinyl.com recording begins at 06:22 and ends at 11:35. 

The same is true of Side B. It was only captured once on March 16, 2015, a little more than two months before the movie’s release date on May 22, 2015. Side B is a 05:46 minute MP3 recording. Side B begins with “To those joining us, Welcome aboard! We’re glad…” which gets garbled in the longer 22:43 MouseVinyl.com recording. 

Side B on the longer 22:43 MouseVinyl.com recording begins at 17:07 and continues to the end.

This totals 11:30 minutes of recording for both sides, which is how we know Brad Bird was directly involved in their production. He is notorious for including references to A113 in his films. The start of the film also includes “An A113 Production”.

Here is a YouTube video of these two MP3 recordings was posted at the time. 

RUNTIME: 11:30
TITLE: Just A Dream Away: Volume 1 of 2 – The Optimist
CHANNEL: TheMellowPumpkin
POSTED: February 11, 2015
VIEWS: 702 as of November 27, 2020

This video begins with an interesting “Plus Ultra Coat of Arms” from the Tomorrowland Wiki website that someone went through considerable trouble to create. It includes the Latin motto “Cras es Noster” which translates as “The Future is Ours.”

The StoryOrbit.com recordings DO NOT sync with the Carousel of Progress

The second of the two StyoryOrbit.com posts above, the one labeled “About those records,” includes this very deliberately planted “theory.” Right from the beginning, no one is talking about the content of these MP3 recordings. 

Natasha has one theory:

It sounds like the track is meant to be listen to while riding an attraction, in this case perhaps carousel of progress?

Indeed, one of the recordings mentions the Carousel of Progress and There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow is the theme song developed specifically for the Carousel of Progress. But neither of these StoryOrbit.com MP3 recordings sync with the Carousel of Progress.

Not even close.

The YouTube video below is an attempt to sync them to the Carousel of Progress. I cannot help but think this video was produced by Damon Lindelof, Brad Bird, Jeffrey Chernov, and crew. It is too perfect and the camera shaking seems deliberate to me. It reminds me of “The Blair Witch Project” and is clearly being done to lend an air of informality to the recording.  

There is something almost hypnotic about all of this. Everything seems to distract from the actual content of these recordings. An elaborate “alternative reality game” has been created as the context in which to introduce them to the public. It includes the There’s a Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow theme song written for the Carousel of Progress in Tomorrowland at the 1964 New York World’s Fair (later moved to Disney World in Florida). It is purported to be part of a relatively rare double-groove album (or multisided record), which suggests it is somehow an encoded message. But it is only minimally synced to the Carousel of Progress and there is nothing encoded about the message. 

It’s difficult for me to think of an analogy here. The Emperor’s New Clothes comes close though. Everyone is distracted by the pomp and ceremony of The Optimist ARG and unwilling to talk about what the recordings actually say—their content. “Amelia” says it is “waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay *breathe* aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there,” but this hardly does it justice. What I hear is quite serious.  A man is talking about technologies that are not supposed to exist. He seems to be in earnest. He does not sound like he is joking to me. 

This attempt to partially sync the recordings with the Carousel of Progress is nothing more than a smokescreen for what is being said. So ask yourself, What is this? If these are official Walt Disney Pictures MP3 recordings released to promote the Tomorrowland movie, what the hell is going on here?

RUNTIME: 14:07
: The Optimist record unboxed, hidden messages found in Tomorrowland movie game
: Inside the Magic
: July 26, 2013
: 12,587 views as of November 27, 2020

An analysis of the MP3 recordings

Now I’ve done a lot of work rewriting the above sections in order to provide a thorough and uncompromising background for understanding the Tomorrowland MP3 recordings. It may not seem like it to you, but several days were involved researching and rewriting these sections, and it came at a time when I went over half a month with no donations and right when my domestic partner and I are starting to make compromises in our lifestyle in order to make it possible for me to continue writing full-time. So do me a favor, and listen very carefully to what I am about to say. Everything you have read up until this point has been preparation for making the following statement. It is that important to me and to the message of this website.

None of these recordings will make sense to you unless you imagine yourself being one of the 144,000 “chosen” people destined to be flown to Denver International Airport in the very near future (“just a dream away”) to begin life anew in the aftermath of a worldwide catastrophe of unimaginable proportions.

You must really put yourself in their shoes, act the part so-to-speak. Exercise your imagination to the fullest. And most important of all, listen to what is being said.

You are leaving behind the security of great wealth and perhaps fame in the present world. The promises in this recording are intended to melt your heart and make you feel like a kid again, anticipating a new reality not at all unlike the one portrayed in the Tomorrowland movie.

This is the proper mindset for listening to these recordings. You must use your imagination. I cannot do that for you.

Okay, let’s start with “SIDE A” followed by my commentary. Please familiarize yourself with the definition of immersive first. The recording mentions the existence of “immersive motion pictures” which sounds like something approaching a Star Trek holodeck.

00:00 to 00:28

00:29 to 01:07
You can ignore this. It just pretends to be a recording for the 1964 New York World’s Fair where the Carousel of Progress was first introduced.

01:08 to 01:58

the inevitable physical journey…
to a “new world”

In the expression “…the inevitable physical journey,” the word physical is spoken at 02:22. What the hell are they talking about? What is “the inevitable physical journey”? The answer is “Maybe not in this world, but in a new world to come.” So much for the Carousel of Progress. 

02:26 to 02:42
This is the discussion about what is usually referred to as “free energy” and confirms what any thinking individual has known for years. They are sitting on this revolutionary technology. It is being denied to this world because the petroleum industry is second only to fiat currency and central banks as a primary mechanism used to control this world and with its extreme overpopulation. 

02:47 to 03:34
The promise of “so many innovations” being kept on ice. “The door” is the entrance to the granite tunnel system. 

05:37 to 05:44
More promises of unknown technologies that are fully developed

Before I continue with my analysis of SIDE B, I want you to watch this YouTube video. An important part of the movie plot is a fictitious group of men called “Plus Ultra.” In reality, Plus Ultra is another name for the progeny of Jove. As stated in the video, “Working in secret—free of the corruption of money, politics, and power—the world’s greatest minds have collaborated on another path for humanity…” This video is doing the same thing as these recordings. They are talking right past the people who think this is all a game, a movie, or whatever, and are telling people in the know about something that is very real.  

RUNTIME: 03:27
TITLE: The Origins of Plus Ultra (unlisted)
CHANNEL: Walt Disney Studios
POSTED: April 24, 2015
VIEWS: 111,485 views as of November 28, 2020

“SIDE B” is clearly soliciting donations from what I can only imagine are some fantastically wealthy people. What it promises in return is nothing less than eternal life on this planet. Almost the entire recording discusses advances in medical sciences which if they were released upon a population fast approaching eight billion people would result in the destruction of the entire planet.

“Such power would allow us to live our lives free of sickness, free of loss, free of fear.” This is what they are promising. 

03:02 to 04:28
Recaps SIDE A and SIDE B so far.  

04:29 to 05:04
Promises advanced robotics to free anyone from the necessity of doing physical labor.

05:05 to 05:34
Offers reassurances that all of the technology discussed actually exist

“Remember, your keys to our ideas will always be on view in Tomorrowland. We look forward to welcoming you there.” This is a two-year advance notice that the Tomorrowland movie is a historically important communication for people who are slated to be flown to Denver International Airport in the closing days of the Fifth World. What you must ask yourself is, What are these keys? 

Free energy

Free energy is one of the most important messages conveyed in these recordings. Here I have combined everything about free energy from both “sides” (i.e. MP3 recordings) into one, easy-to-listen-to recording that does not include all of the gaps. 


From where I stand, there is a lot of evidence that the year is 2022. A lot.

Please understand this; the 2022 date is primarily coming from the Walt Disney Pictures’ Tomorrowland movie. Everything else on this page is what you might consider more or less supporting facts. Some of these supporting facts are more compelling than others. Take, for example, the following two facts:

  • Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits on August 15, 1534, at Montmartre, Paris, 222 years after Pope Clement V abolished the Order of the Templars March 22, 1312 by “an inviolable and perpetual decree.”
  • Ignatius de Loyola was canonized a Catholic saint in 1622, exactly 400 years before 2022.

Considered in isolation from one another, neither is a compelling argument in favor of 2022. But when you consider both of these facts together, they carry with them a very strong suggestion that the Jesuits and Black Pope, which is to say, the progeny of Jove inside the Roman Catholic Chruch, are also working with the same year.

The “Course Correction” in Tomorrowland

In the coming weeks as part of a complete rewrite of the page, I will extract everything from page № 13. Tomorrowland that is related to the year 2022, which I do not necessarily endorse but which I think the movie is clearly projecting for whatever reason, and openly discuss it here for the first time ever. These discussions will be explicit and detailed. I am no longer willing to hide what I know about dates.

This MUST be attributed to David Montaigne (in his September 20, 2020 email):

The Black Hole movie was released December 21, 2022, precisely 43 years before the winter solstice in 2022. My first reaction when I read this was to recall Matthew 24:20, “…pray ye that your flight be not in the winter” which I’ve always felt was meant to suggest the time of year in which the Earth crustal displacement will happen. For me at least, this also put an end to any doubt that the MouseVynal.com version of the MP3 recordings is in fact a numerical wrapper intended to showcase the numbers 22 and 43. But this does not answer the question, What does 43 mean? I believe I know the answer to that question. I just need to find the time to finish writing that section. Until I get around to writing this section, I will finish by saying that if the Black Hole scene pointing to the five-year “course correction” is at the heart of the Tomorrowland movie and intended to convey the year in which the Earth crustal displacement will happen, it makes sense that they would in that same scene convey the time of year or exact date, if they know it. So maybe 22:43 is a date after all. I still need to move all of my “two fives” stuff from the password-protected 216 Club page to this page, but suffice it to say for now that Tomorrowland is screaming two fives, which because I interpret to mean December 21, 2012, to September 23, 2017, and September 23, 2017, to December 21, 2022. And end date? Is the world ready for another December 21? I caution all my readers not to marry themselves to a specific end date. I think doing so is a trap, one I am determined to never to get caught in again. 

Mary Baker Eddy

Entirely independent confirmation of the year 2022

What makes Tomorrowland all the more compelling for me is that in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures by Mary Baker Eddy, I find evidence for the same year. Here I think it is important for the reader to understand that I do not proselytize on this website. Christian Scientists may love God, but they decidedly hate me. I withdrew my membership many years ago, and had I not done so, they would have excommunicated me by now.

The fact is that Mrs. Eddy was married to a high-ranking Royal Arch Mason of the York Rite. The couple lived a little over 400 miles from Atlanta Georgia in 1844, the exact same year Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 received its charter. This lodge in combination with Atlanta-Peachtree Lodge No. 59 represents the men responsible for the early planning of the Georgia Guidestones.

On this basis, there is every reason to believe that someone in Willmington, North Carolina told Mrs. Eddy what was going to happen and when. In fact, as discussed on page № 33. Mary Baker Eddy’s well-hidden, 23-Word Warning and Royal Arch Masonry, she explicitly says, “We are told…” more than once. To ignore this entirely independent confirmation of the year 2022 because you are either not religious or think the Christian Scientists are somehow evil is shortsighted and may be detrimental to your health.

The apparent reference to 2022 in the Tomorrowland movie and in Science and Health with Key to the Scriptures is a compelling argument that this year is somehow inextricable bound to the apocalypse. Do not deprive yourself of this second source on some misguided religious basis. She was one of the most powerful women alive in her day. Mrs. Eddy hid her message with the same finesse and in the same manner as Sir Francis Bacon hid his identity in the works of “William Shakespeare.” What she did was nothing less than ingenious.

Other references to the year 2022

Add the following bulleted items to these subsections.

Richard Allan Wagner who without even knowing it stumbled across the Shakespearean equivalent of Tomorrowland

The “Francis Page”

While reading and contemplating this section, the reader should remember that the name Bacon only appears in the First Folio twice, both times on page 53, thus establishing the 106 connection to the Rosicrucians, as discovered by Petter Amundsen. This use of Francis 39 times is extraordinary. The author is screaming at us. Why? To the extent that this is very unsubtle and therefore unlike the author, we must, I think, exclude something as petty as establishing his identity. This is something he accomplishes by other, entirely different means, namely the various codes discussed on page № 53. Sir Francis Bacon and the Rosicrucians. The reader must admit that by contrast, this use of his first name 39 times on one page is completely out of character with the Rosicrucian signature on page aaa2.

This is something entirely different. On the “Francis Page,” Sir Francis Bacon risks everything. He risks exposure. To think he would do this simply to promote himself I think is to misunderstand the man. 

Not knowing or understanding what is at stake, Richard Allan Wagner and others like him fail to realize the true significance of these numbers and the message they encode. The number 17 is encoded throughout the First Folio because it is pointing to the year 2017 as discussed on page № 23. The Great Wonder was an Asterism on September 23, 2017 (923).

Bacon further dazzles us in Scene IV of Act II of the First Part of King Henry IV with the most conspicuous exhibition of code in all of the Shakespeare plays, in what many scholars call the “Francis page.” The least important character in the play is a soldier named Francis—so insignificant that his name isn’t included in the play’s list of “Persons Represented.” Yet, on the first page of Scene IV of Act II (quarto version), Francis makes his only appearance in the play.* On this one page, the name Francis appears 39 times, i.e. 17 times as an unspoken stage direction or prompt, and 22 times as spoken in a line. The number 17 corresponds to the name Bacon in the Pythagorean Cipher, and the number 22, as we have consistently seen, is Bacon’s birth date, i.e. January 22 (the 22nd day of the year). Moreover, it is no coincidence that the first utterance of the name Francis in Prince Henry’s opening speech comes precisely 33 words after his use of the keyword “hogsheads.”

The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare , Chapter 21, Intimate Details, p. 142, by Richard Allan Wagner [bold-red emphasis added]

And the 22 I can only presume is a reference to 2022. But what he has done is decipher the code for us, and for that, we owe him some serious gratitude. This is a classic example of the progeny of Jove numerically signing their work. Utterly classic.

Possibly, it was much more than Mr. Wagner ever dreamed. The seventeen would be a reference to 2017 as discussed on page № 23. The Great Wonder was an Asterism on September 23, 2017 (923).

“Here is wisdom”

The progeny of Jove have a long tradition of using sacred texts to communicate to their own in future generations, and the end product of that mind boggling, multigenerational planning is the King James Version (KJV) of the Bible. One example that comes readily to mind in the context of this website is the number of occurrences of the word wisdom, as in Here is wisdom…” It occurs 222 times in the KJV. Try that in any other Bible and you will get an entirely different answer.

Corporate logos

Very few things shock me nowadays, but as I was rewriting page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and Corporate Logos the thought came to me,

What if the gematria really is English?

The implications are, even for me, mind boggling because it would mean these guys are plastering 2022 all over the world with abandon, as if they are laughing at us.

It would also put the facade of the new One World Trade Center in a whole new light.

This has credence with me because I depend heavily on how thoughts come to me. It is a part of me that is very difficult to describe and is rooted in a discipline of thought I cultivated over many years by first realizing that thoughts come to us through one of two ways. The way we are accustomed to “thinking” is reasoning. We reason in a linear fashion from point A to point B. All of those thoughts are the product of our own, human mind, if you will. Other thoughts just seem to pop out of nowhere. If you practice observing this phenomena over a long period of time, you begin to realize the significance of this difference. And more importantly, you develop an alertness for those thoughts which are not your own, which are coming from somewhere else, be it your higher, subconscious self, intuition, the “still small voice,” God, the one Mind, or whatever you want to call it. For me, there is a class of such thoughts that come with a profound sense of revelation, one that is almost palpable. I do not think it exaggeration to say there is a sense of being surrounded with light when this happens. I have learned to trust these thoughts. This is the reason why I can give credence to the idea that the gematria in use by the progeny of Jove in these modern times is in fact English—because I had one of those moments, a very strong one, the first time I saw the image discussed in the next section. No having said this and allowed you into the inner sanctum of my thought, I still am not willing to say anything other than January 1, 2025 does not happen. Beyond that, I am not advocating any particular date or year.

Masonic Temple that burned down in Atlanta, Georgia was dedicated on February 22, 1950

Atlanta Lodge No. 59 is the driving force behind the Georgia Guidestones. On page № 27. The grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones, I make the argument that the old Masonic Temple in Atlanta was deliberately burned down 41 years after it was opened in 1909 to link Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 not only to the Georga Guidestones but by extension to the 1741 memorial statue to William Shakespeare in the Poets’ Corner of Westminster Abby. This makes the date of the opening ceremony and dedication of this building particularly interesting. 

Original Story: https://blog.dlg.galileo.usg.edu/?p=4031

Atlanta Masonic Temple

The Atlanta Georgian, February 22, 1909

On this day in 1909, the Masonic Temple in Atlanta was opened to the public on the corner of Peachtree and Cain streets. The project took two years to complete at a cost of $250,000 and was built to serve as the headquarters for several different white Masonic groups in the Atlanta area (African American Masons met at separate locations, including the Prince Hall Masonic Lodge later in the century). The impressive structure consisted of four main stories, three mezzanine stories, and a basement. It was built with Manganese brick and featured two separate tiers of columns. The interior of the building was adorned in mahogany and contained meeting and banquet rooms to accommodate the needs of the different Masonic organizations. On February 22, the building opened to the public in a celebratory event and the Masonic Temple was featured on the front page of the Atlanta Georgian.

Masonic Temple fire, September 7, 1950

The Masonic Temple stood for over forty years before catching fire on September 7, 1950. The blaze began on the top floor of the structure. Authorities believed at the time that the fire originated from the torch of an elevator repairman, but the cause ultimately remained unknown. At the time of the fire, workers were also installing sprinklers to prevent such a catastrophe. The fire burned for five hours before the city’s fire department was able to extinguish the flames. All that remained of the structure the next morning was the exterior walls, which were eventually torn down. Surprisingly, not a single life was lost and only a few people suffered minor injuries, including a waitress who fainted across the street. A parking structure was eventually built in the Masonic Temple’s place and remains there today.

The Deer Island 322

This section needs to be modified for the new reality that March 22 (322) is a reference to what happened to the Knights Templar…

On page № 74. Skull and Bones 322 and Corporate Logos, I say this is 3(22) or three letters V, the equivalent of 666 in Hebrew gematria. There is another possibility. 

This photograph is from Inside Skull and Bones Rare photos of the interior of Yale’s most storied “tomb”, Yale Alumni Magazine, May/June 2015 (accessed January 28, 2019).

A rare photograph from inside the Skull and Bones’ (now decrepit) Deer Island summer cottage. Such carelessness on the part of the great-great-grandchildren of the European Illuminati is the product of arrogance and not really in the tradition of the progeny of Jove.

22 chapters in The Revelation

Men labor half their lifetime trying to divine the meaning of The Book of Daniel, and yet overlook the simplicity of there being 22 chapters in The Revelation. What you need to realize is that the sacred texts were used to convey this knowledge in case there was an unforeseen break in the continuity of the progeny of Jove. Yes, specific knowledge of the end times is hidden from the common man or the masses, but it is not so hidden that it could not be recovered by those who know where to look and what they are looking for.

Then one must ask, why is there no Revelation 22:22? Following this logic, Revelation 20:22 should be a fascinating read, but it does not exist. The last verse in Chapter 20 of The Revelation is 15, as in the May 22, 2015 release date for Tomorrowland, and that is a fascinating read, the last mention of the “lake of fire” in The Revelation.

Revelation 20:15
And whosoever was not found written in the book of life was cast into the lake of fire.

The suggestion is that the 144,000 really are the intended audience for the Tomorrowland movie, those individuals slated to be flown or otherwise escorted to the “vault profound” in the Front Range.

The “Francis Page” (Sir Francis Bacon)

Bacon further dazzles us in Scene IV of Act II of the First Part of King Henry IV with the most conspicuous exhibition of code in all of the Shakespeare plays, in what many scholars call the “Francis page.” The least important character in the play is a soldier named Francis—so insignificant that his name isn’t included in the play’s list of “Persons Represented.” Yet, on the first page of Scene IV of Act II (quarto version), Francis makes his only appearance in the play.* On this one page, the name Francis appears 39 times, i.e. 17 times as an unspoken stage direction or prompt, and 22 times as spoken in a line. The number 17 corresponds to the name Bacon in the Pythagorean Cipher, and the number 22, as we have consistently seen, is Bacon’s birth date, i.e. January 22 (the 22nd day of the year). Moreover, it is no coincidence that the first utterance of the name Francis in Prince Henry’s opening speech comes precisely 33 words after his use of the keyword “hogsheads.” —The Lost Secret of William Shakespeare , Chapter 21, Intimate Details, p. 142, by Richard Allan Wagner [bold-red emphasis added]

Possibly, it was much more than Mr. Wagner ever dreamed. The seventeen would be a reference to 2017 as discussed on page № 23. The Great Wonder was an Asterism on September 23, 2017 (923).

22nd Street in Golden, Colorado

I’ll probably lose some credibility over this, but it sure caught my attention. Golden, Colorado is the home of the Colorado School of Mines. It is also due east of Denver and the Denver International Airport right at the edge of the Front Range. These are the miners. These are the guys who built the “vault profound.” This is where White Ash Mine disaster happened. You can’t hide stuff from these guys. They know what is going to happen and they know when it is going to happen, and their families have known this for generations. Notice the Pi Phi Sorority in the Eye of Providence overlooking the school?

Golden, Colorado is laid out on a pretty regular grid pattern, with a couple of notable exceptions. 

This is the image that caught my attention. I knew right away I was going to add this section to The 216 Club page because the last numbered street in Golden, Colorado is 24th Street. But look what happens to 22nd Street. After two blocks and another two rows of houses it gets cut off and loops back to 20th street. So 20th Street is connected to 22nd Street (2022). In order to do this, 21st Street century had to be cut short. You gotta wonder about 23rd and 24th Street though. Is 24th Street there just to represent the end or does 2023 and 2024 happen?

Conspiracy Theory (1997) official trailer has a 2:22 runtime

This is exactly the kind of thing these people would do. Trust me on this. This is how they express their sense of humor.

Conspiracy Theory (1997) Official Trailer – Mel Gibson, Julia Robert Movie HD from the Movieclips Classic Trailers YouTube channel:

That’s just gotta make you wonder.

“Dead of Night” poster

There is another movie referenced in Tomorrowland, or rather in the “Bonus Features.” The following still is from exactly 02:20:00 (see bottom-left hand corner of the image) into the Tomorrowland Bonus Features.

Here is the movie poster on the wall. It was a horror film. I don’t think it means anything, though I may be dead wrong about that. 😜



X marks the spot

For reasons that I will explain to you momentarily, this is the last section on my Georgia Guidestones page. I received an interesting communication from a contributor who I shall refer to by only his first name, Scott. I could tell that he was moved and sensed he had a hold of something important. Here is what he wrote in part:

On No. 26 you mention the date September 23, 2017 and it’s apparent significance. I believe that 34 days before that date on August 21, 2017 there was a total solar eclipse that went directly over the Georgia Guidestones. (This was probably planned by the people that made the Guidestones.) This particular eclipse went directly across the United States. There will be a second eclipse 7 years later on April 8, 2024. (“There is nothing after 24, everything just starts over”.) This second eclipse will go across the United States making an X when combined with the first eclipse.

It struck me as odd that the difference between these two dates would be 34 days. In the world into which I have entered numbers tend to be perfect. So I checked, and indeed he was wrong.

Now you have my full attention, Scott. There is no way in hell the progeny of Jove are not fully aware of your X over the United States of America including the fact that it will be completed in the year 2024. By the way, in Scott’s email, that is me he is quoting in parentheses. Let’s do a little more fact-checking on this interesting subject.

The following image is from X Marks the Spot: Two Total Solar Eclipses in Seven Years, nationaleclipse.com

It’s been said that, on average, a total solar eclipse can be seen from the same place only once every 375 years. The methodology used by whoever calculated this number is unknown and it’s debatable whether there can even be a definitive methodology for such a calculation. For instance, how many points on Earth do you use to arrive at an average number of years? But regardless of the math, there’s no denying the fact that a total solar eclipse is a relatively rare event for any given place. So, for an area to get not one, but two, total solar eclipses in just seven years is a truly remarkable occurrence!

X Marks the Spot: Two Total Solar Eclipses in Seven Years, nationaleclipse.com

There is a very high level of probability that the Georgia Guidestones caretakers live in Athens, Georgia

All of the following photographs are from an article entitled Eclipse awes those gathered at Georgia Guidestones.

Fully eclipsed sun directly over the Georgia Guidestones. Coincidence? Anyone who reads my website and can insistently tell thems selves, “Oh, that’s just a coincidence” over and over and over again is batshit crazy, not me.

The astrological symbol for Jupiter is 24

If Jupiter is the second hand of a celestial doomsday clock, it is more than a little curious that the astronomical symbol for this planet looks like the number 24.

“The End is Coming” in 2024? (song from Tomorrowland)

Just notes for now.

It’s the 25th song, but is non-existent. Pull stuff from the Tomorrowland page.

Research notes


Why are the torturers asking for 222 names at the beginning of the Inquisition? (it is in one of the early YouTube videos in the timeline I think on page 10

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