№ 40. The Sphinx and Great Pyramid of Giza

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The great-grandchildren of the Southern Freemasons who were defeated in the Civil War when the United States of Americas effectively ceased to exist used the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey as inspiration when designing the Georgia Guidestones. In turn, Stanley Kubrick was using the monolith as a reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza. This is why there are four such monoliths in Georgia. One of them represents the Pyramid of Djedefre, which the Roman elite (the progeny of Jove in their day) dismantled for reasons I will eventually discuss on this page. Everything is one thing.


Please listen to me carefully. This page is not what you expect. It is not so much about the Great Pyramid of Giza as it is about the previous axial tilt. Why? Because

The interior design of the Great Pyramid of Giza enshrines the last axial tilt of 30°. It is a message from our ancestors crying out in a loud voice and saying, “We were highly intelligent. Yet we could not prevent our own destruction. This is your destiny. This will happen to you also.”

  The evidence that the last axial tilt was 30° is overwhelming. I would argue just as vehemently that the survivors, knowing that they would not be able to sustain their technology in the Fifth World, used what remained of it to send us a message. In other words, it was their dying wish that we understand that Earth suffers from routine, cyclic cataclysms of unimaginable proportions and that this is why we have no memory. There was only one way to assure that this message got to us many thousands of years later. It must be written in stone. That is the legacy of the Great Pyramid of Giza and we know this because of two young men who deserve a New York City ticker-tape parade much more than those hapless individuals who faked landing on the moon. My God what an intellectual trainwreck is the Fifth World. We own this legacy of insanity to the secretism of the progeny of Jove. I maintain that had they let everyone know what is happening to our planet, though it meant millions would die (not billions because the people would have voluntarily controlled their birthrate), mankind would have done the right thing. I further argue that it is self-evident that we would have been off the planet by now. Instead what we have is something Clint Eastwood would have called a clusterfuck, inbred imbeciles who imagine themselves the saviors of mankind. Here is wisdom. I demonstrate this heartfelt conviction by not repeating the secrecy on this website. Instead, we will trust the one Mind to guide those individuals to safety who are most fit as to see the dawn of a new era.


This is one of the most important discussions on the entire website. We know from multiple sources, one being the Great Pyramid of Giza that the last axial tilt was precisely 30°.  

Studies have shown that at 10,178 BC, or over 12,000 years ago, the Celestial Pole was inclined at an angle of 30 degrees from its present position. This in turn strongly suggests that the terrestrial axis then oriented differently from today.  –Allan and Delair, When the Earth Nearly Died


  1. 30 degree line from Easter Island to the Great Pyramid (use the YouTube)
  2. Paleomagnetism (Allan and Delair)
  3. Interior design of the Great Pyramid (Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn)
  4. Carl Munck

  It’s a little pretentious but has 9,501,878 views as of September 9, 2019 The Revelation Of The Pyramids (Documentary) from the Best Documentary YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2fS9ixfQ_no

The Great Pyramid of Giza encodes the speed of light

This is in the above video and in the coordinates   Take a look at this, too: Ancient Encoded Numbers: The Speed of Light by Charles William Johnson This should be one of the lead points in the “we are highly intelligent” message

The correct dimensions of the Great Pyramid of Giza

The most recent study of the dimensions of the Great Pyramid was the Glen Dash Foundation Survey of 2015 published by by Ancient Egypt Research Associates (AERA) in a newsletter called AERAGRAM.

  • PLATFORM DIMENSIONS: The mean length of the Great Pyramid of Giza platform sides is 231.202 meters, or 758.5367454 feet. That would be 57,5378 square feet (rounded) or 13.2088613 acres.
  • BASE OF PYRAMID: Well, now the progeny of Jove are always exact with their numbers, so lets try the footprint of the actual pyramid instead of the platform. The mean length of the pyramid casing sides was measured at 230.363 meters, or 755.7841207 feet. That is 571209.63710227216849 square feet or 13.113168895828103189 acres
  • LENGTH OF SIDES: The mean length of the pyramid casing sides was measured at 230.363 meters, or 755.7841207 feet (756 feet rounded)
  • HEIGHT: Though not measured in this study, the height of the Great Pyramid is 481 feet or 5,772 inches

SLOPE ANGLE: 51.84°         08 The Great Pyramid – Secrets in Plain Sight from the Secrets In Plain Sight YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=djcJI8NcC2c

The interior design of the Great Pyramid of Giza

  23.5 Degrees

The first Great Anti-Cipher

The First Great Anti-Cipher is discussed in this section. It tells us what to expect, which is an axial tilt. The Second Great Anti-Cipher tells us when to expect it.   Cut from elsewhere… The other Great Anti-Cipher is the 144,000 outer casing stones on the Great Pyramid of Giza. They had to fall away before we could count the number of courses of the otherwise completely hidden inner limestone blocks to confirm the following work of Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn. The wonder of it all! The designers of the Great Pyramid of Giza knew the outer casing stones would fall away before these end times. Even Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn miss the significance of this. It implies that the designers knew that there would be increased seismicity in the centuries leading up to the coming axial tilt. They had to. There is no other possible explanation for them hiding this second Great Anti-Cipher behind the 144,000 outer casing stones. And why are there 144,000 casing stones? For that matter, why is 144,000 mentioned in the Book of Revelation in the context of “hurting” the earth.

Revelation 7:2-4 And I saw another angel ascending from the east, having the seal of the living God: and he cried with a loud voice to the four angels, to whom it was given to hurt the earth and the sea, saying, Hurt not the earth, neither the sea, nor the trees, till we have sealed the servants of our God in their foreheads. And I heard the number of them which were sealed: and there were sealed an hundred and forty and four thousand of all the tribes of the children of Israel.

One thing the work of Scott Creighton and Gary Osborn tells us is that the Great Pyramid of Giza was indeed built after the last axial tilt, which was no later than 3200 BC. I believe both the casing stones and Revelation are pointing to the 144,000 days in a baktun. I base this in large part on an ancient India text.

The Surya Siddhanta is the oldest surviving astronomical text in the Indian tradition. Some Western scholars date it to perhaps the fifth or sixth centuries A.D., though the text itself claims to represent a tradition much, much older. It explains that the earth is shaped like a ball, and states that at the very opposite side of the planet from India is a great city where the sun is rising at the same time it sets in India. In this city, the Surya Siddhanta claims, lives a race of siddhas, or advanced spiritual adepts. If you trace the globe of the earth around to the exact opposite side of India, you’ll find Mexico. Is it possible that the ancient Indians were well aware of the great sages/astronomers of Central America many centuries before Columbus discovered America?- the Mayans or Incas.
                                      –Knapp, Stephen. 108: The Significance of the Number. Retrieved on 2 January 2014.

I doubt very seriously that this ancient text from India is speaking about the Mayas. If I am right about this, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar most likely is much older than we think. I will have more respect for my paltry readership when they start to show more interest in my page about this calendar. No one reads it. The so-called “Mayan” calendar is passé now. This lack of respect for the ancients is haughty arrogance and sheer ignorance. They are screaming “axial tilt” at us. The progeny of Jove knows this. The wonder of it all doesn’t stop here. Using the accepted GMT correlation date, moving forward to 2018, and then backwards (as must be done in this order), the start of the fifth and last Great Cycle in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar (3106 BC, but which is widely believed to be August 11, 3114 BC) is in perfect agreement with the start of the Yuga calendar of India. (April 20, 3105 BC). It is also close to the approximate the date Nathan Hoffman arrives at for the biblical Deluge (3000 BC) based on a new understanding of Old Testament genealogies as discussed on the biblical Deluge page. In mentioning the later, I am not waxing religious. I think those genealogies were specifically intended to communicate the approximate year of the end of the last world when Proto-Saturn exploded, the axis tilted to an unnatural 23.5°, and the world flooded.

Paleomagnetism support of a 30° axial tilt

  Find rapid movement detected (axial tilt is fast)

The Great Circle

The Old North Pole

The Old North Pole

I recognized the location because it is very close to Carl Munck’s north pole between 120,000 to 86,000 BC, which has the coordinates of 63 N 135 W. It also has the same 60 N latitude of Carl Munck’s north pole between 48,000 and 18,000 BP. These two periods of time represent 64,000 years of Earth history. Carl Munck has no north pole location for 18,000 to 12,000 BP, but in his discussion of the large Nasca triangle, he does draw a line between Easter Island and Giza. He should have kept going because had he done so, he would have discovered what “Chuck” did when he made the following video.         The Equator 12,500 years ago? from the cfapps7865 YouTube channel https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DpNI2FtCgtc The Nasca lines tell us that the exact location of this earthquake swarm is the previous North Pole that Carl Munck is missing. Armed with this information we can draw a number of important conclusions. The first is that it has begun. Something is tugging at the normal North Pole location for this planet.  The second is that the current North Pole location is not normal for this planet. It is off by some 30 degrees. This is why the interior design of the Great Pyramid of Giza screams 23.5. This is why the tilt is actually 23.4 now. It is not a stable arrangement, and the planet will correct itself on or before December 21, 2018. It has begun already. That is why we are experiencing this earthquake swarm.  

An equal azimuthal projection
The Great Circle

The Great Circle

I revived this page on the new North Pole on November 22, 2017 after becoming aware of the “Great Circle,” (shown above as “an equal azimuthal projection”) which is a name given to the equator when the Great Pyramid of Giza was built. This is not substantially different than what was discussed in the previous section, but for whatever reason this perspective floored me. Apparently, I am a latecomer to this table because I see now that the concept of the “Great Circle” is all over the Internet. And so it may take me awhile to sort out proper attribution for this information. For the time being, I will quote from the (anonymously written) article I initially stumbled across on the coolinterestingstuff.com website.

The projection is centered on the axis point in southeastern Alaska. Distances to any location from the center of an equal azimuthal projection are equally scaled.     Since all of the sites on the great circle alignment are equally distant from the axis point at one quarter of the circumference of the earth, the alignment forms a perfect circle halfway between the center and the outer edge of the projection.   …   The alignment of these sites is easily observable on a globe of the Earth with a horizon ring. If you line up any two of these sites on the horizon ring, all of the sites will be right on the horizon ring. 3-D world atlas software programs can also draw this line around the Earth.     Start on the Equator, at the mouth of the Amazon River, at 49° 17′ West Longitude; go to 30° 18′ North Latitude, 40° 43′ East Longitude, in the Middle East, which is the maximum latitude the line touches; then go to the Equator at 130° 43′ East Longitude, near the Northwest tip of New Guinea; then to 30° 18′ South Latitude, 139° 17′ West Longitude, in the South Pacific; and then back to 49° 17′ West Longitude, at the Equator.

  I will need time to vet this list for significance and accuracy, but for the time being the ancient sites attributed to being on the Great Circle are as follows moving clockwise from the Giza plateau. The most significant sites are highlighted in bold red.  

  1. The Great Pyramid of Giza
  2. Siwa
  3. Tassili n’Ajjer
  4. Paratoari
  5. Ollantaytambo
  6. Machupicchu
  7. Nazca lines
  8. Easter Island
  9. Aneityum Island
  10. Preah Vihear
  11. Sukhothai
  12. Pyay
  13. Khajuraho
  14. Mohenjo Daro, the ancient capital city of the Indus Valley
  15. Perseopolis, the capital city of ancient Persia
  16.  The Ancient Sumarian city of Ur
  17. The lost city of Petra


  • The temples at Angkor Wat

  All of these sites are said to be “within a margin of error of less than one tenth of one degree of latitude” from the old equator.  

The Sun Gate

Carl Munck and the Sun Gate

rewatch CM and find this

When was the Great Pyramid of Giza Built?

This YouTube video deserves earnest consideration because it suggests that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built in response to what happened in 9500 BC when Proto-Saturn exploded. Account terminated…..cannot find but there is Great Pyramid Starmap 9200 BC from  “NEW EVIDENCE PYRAMIDS WERE BUILT 9200 BC” from the James Schlitter YouTube channel: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=RASPwDWEYWg Video is gone. I searched everywhere. But I would this at https://www.watchyoutube.pro/video/RASPwDWEYWg/james-schlitter.html   Eight fascinating minutes from Lloyd Pye’s friend Roger Cunningham, who has made quite a discovery about the Star Map chiseled into the stone above Gatenbrink’s door in the airshaft of the Great Pyramid. Pretty much nails it down that the Giza complex could not conceivably be as young as classic Egyptologists suggest. Well worth watching!!! Read more: http://www.disclose.tv/action/viewvideo/105806/NEW_EVIDENCE_PYRAMIDS_WERE_BUILT_9200_BC/#ixzz1wN41Teys Here is the video from that link:   Giza Pyramid: Evidence Of Ancient Machining​ from the Brien Foerster YouTube channel https://youtu.be/LAaAwpGWGMY   People climbing and rocks falling from above are more likely to have “eroded” (i.e. chipped) the corners of the lower stones. This is just another Brien Foerster video. I’ll need to make this argument some other way.

Who built the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Scary archeology: Pits full of nothing but large to very large severed hands found in Egypt Who were the mysterious Neolithic people that enabled the rise of ancient Egypt? Here’s what we’ve learned on our digs      

Research notes

References: The Antediluvian Pyramid Myth   Not poured… Pyramids packed with fossil shells   From https://grahamhancock.com/creightons5/ …etched into the stonework in the colonnade of the Temple of Horus at Edfu there is to be found the following curious inscription in ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs:

“They [the temples] were built according to an architectural plan which was supposed to have been revealed in a codex that fell from the heavens at Saqqara in the days of Imhotep.” – Aldred, “The Egyptians” 3rd Edition, p.32

What this inscription seems to imply is that the structure that the great vizier, Imhotep, built for the 3rd Dynasty Pharaoh Djoser at Saqqara – the world’s first Step Pyramid – was actually constructed from a plan that had apparently come, not from the ancient Egyptians (AEs) of the 3rd Dynasty (or, indeed, from any AE dynasty), but from somewhere else; from some earlier time. It further implies that every “temple” from Imhotep’s time to those constructed by much later Egyptian dynasties was based upon this ancient “codex” from “heaven”. It would seem then that, although Imhotep probably oversaw and engineered the actual construction of Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara, he apparently was not its architect – the plan was “revealed” to Imhotep. Who the original architects of this “heavenly codex” were will likely remain a mystery.