№ 41. Pyramid Matrix (Carl Munck)

PAGE STATUS: Lately, this page has received a lot of attention. I regret that I have not had the time to explore this material. The two sections below are little more than notes to myself. What I can offer until then is a library of Carl Munck’s videos. This is some of the most underappreciated work in history.
LAST UPDATE: March 8, 2021

Geomathematics and the Pyramid Matrix

Both of the terms in the title of this section are inventions of Carl Munck. At the core of his work is his assertion that the prime meridian for the ancient mounds and other earthworks in North America, Germany, and Mexico, all of the pyramids in Central and South America, megalithic structures worldwide, Easter Island, and the Nasca Lines is the Great Pyramid of Giza. You probably need to back up and reread what I just said because the implications are staggering. At the same time, the work of Carl Munck proves that this advanced society

  • BASE TEN NUMERAL SYSTEM: Exactly the same as used today
  • USED THE EXACT SAME SYSTEMS OF MEASUREMENTS: This includes not only feet and inches but 360° circles

In the words of Carl Munck:

See! Anyone can read this matrix. All you have to do is think but in their language. We have only to admit to ourselves that they knew math at least as well as we do. Or we can simply throw the maps and the math away, leave things as they are, and remain in the dark. What we are seeing in this matrix is the signature of someone who raised global positioning to a fine art, not stone age degenerates.

The Progeny of Pythagoras already knew all of this. Carl Munck has all but disappeared. No one knows how to contact him.

Example of how the grid latitudes of diverse sites on the Pyramid Matrix cross-reference each other. These sites are in Mexico, the U.S.A., England, and Germany.

The minimum we can conclude from a coordinate system with a prime meridian based on the Great Pyramid of Giza is that, if correct, there can no longer be any debate on the subject of whether or not the earth was once populated by an advance “Atlantean” like people. But the implications go much further than this because this grid system uses the same equator as we do when calculating latitudes. Why is that so significant? Because it means these people were alive and well after the last Earth crustal displacement. In other words, this advanced, worldwide civilization inhabited earth in the recent past. Why did they disappear from North America?

When were these people alive?

The construction of Stonehenge (all three phases) dates to AFTER the biblical deluge in 3200 BC but BEFORE the Exodus, when Venus bumped up against Earth’s magnetosphere.

He dates Stonehenge’s “Phase Three” construction to 1750 BC.

Phase One 2750 BC (after the biblical flood of 3200 BC)

Why Stonehenge is Much Older

Research notes