№ 10. Who are the Progeny of Jove Now?

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The Big Picture

This page describes who are the progeny of Jove and discusses their origins dating back to at least 2600 years and the different organizational entities they have used through the ages to move stealthily through time, primarily the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons. The theme that unifies this page is that all three of these secret societies were wisdom-oriented. I say “were” because although they still exist, the are no longer the progeny of Jove. They are a mere shell of their former selves. The progeny of Jove in our age is the Illuminati. They are discussed in two separate pages № 10. History of the Illuminati and № 11. Federal Reserve System. The Illuminate are all about wealth, (worldly) knowledge, and power. What all of these organizational entities have in common is that they draw their strength from a knowledge of the coming worldwide catastrophe.

The “progeny of Jove” believe they are destined to populate the earth anew after the coming apocalypse. Over a period of more than 2,600 years, they have systematically eliminated anyone else who possessed specific knowledge of the end times. And by this, I do not mean to say only the druids, Jewish kabbalists, ancient Egyptians, Arabs, and Indian mystics, but the Elongated Skulls in South America and the Maya priests in Central America, too. They are ruthless and uncanny. Untold millions of individuals have died in their relentless march towards the “New World.” If you want to understand them, stop reading this and watch the Walt Disney movie “Tomorrowland.” That is their movie. That is what they are fighting for. No one and nothing can stop them.

They are a peculiar people. In return for being part of their Brotherhood, they dedicate their lives to a multigenerational plan that will not come to fruition until sometime in the distant future. Now I am not talking about you average Freemason. I am talking about members of the Royal Arch, for example, or other high-ranking Freemasons of the past who were admitted into the inner sanctum of that organization and learned the secret of the ages. Today such men are well hidden behind need-to-know clearances. They are part of what I call the “unnamed Entity” that controls the government and military of the United States of America as well as most of the large corporations in the private sector. But this is a change in name only. The Freemasons of yore enjoyed the same level of control. I think understanding this mentality must be like combat, you cannot really understand them until you experience it for yourself.

An Overview of the Progeny of Jove

There are four distinct groups within the progeny of Jove. You might think of these as the good, the bad, and the ugly. The good guys are the Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, and Freemasons. In their day, they were altruistic lovers of knowledge. They include the men who founded the United States of America (but most certainly not the men who now control that country). This linage ceased to exist in 1947 when the CIA was created. They were over a period of some 170 years infiltrated by the Illuminati who effectively “beheaded” the Freemasons when the CIA was created. What does that mean? It means the Freemasons of today are what I call a “headless corpse,” little more than a pretentious (and apparently sometimes licentious) gentlemen’s club. This term headless corpse is actually important to my work and is discussed below in detail. In practical terms, it means President Truman was a high-ranking Freemason but no one, including him, within that organization after 1947 possessed specific knowledge about the coming destruction of the planet. 

It is their specific knowledge of the end times that gives the progeny of Jove their power. Men in possession of this knowledge are indomitable. Heads of state, captains of industry, and billionaires pale in comparison to them. It has been thus for at least 2,600 years now. The progeny of Jove are peerless in this world because they know everyone is about to die. Individual lives mean nothing to them and they act accordingly

This knowledge has been handed down from generation to generation for thousands of years, but the progeny of Jove morph from one organizational entity to another in order to remain hidden. And when they do, they take with them that knowledge. What they leave behind is a “headless corpse,”  an organization that is a mere shadow of its former self. Such is the case with the Freemasons in our lifetime and now the CIA.

FIX THE JESUITS AND REDATE IT TO 1492 (see new section below)/ Also must not equate the Knights Templar with the Nine. No one knows their origins. Finally, the European Illuminati split from the Jesuits and the Rosecutions continue until at least the Civil War

In these end times, the progeny of Jove operate as an Unnamed Entity well-hidden behind “need-to-know” clearances. They control both the government and military of the United States of America as well as the Federal Reserve and by extension fiat currencies the world over. In short, they control everything. It has always been such, even in the time of Christ Jesus, whose death they orchestrated and very deliberately made sure history would blame the Jews. They despise religion, which brings us to the ugly. The Jesuits control the Catholic church. They represent the progeny of Jove within that organization. And now in these end times for the first time ever the “black” and “white” pope are one and the same person.

But there is a fourth group. I call them The Nine. They are the controlling entity.  The identity of The Nine is unknown even within the progeny of Jove. The Nine are so-called because nine is the most sacred of sacred numbers. Which brings us to the belief system of the progeny of Jove. It would be difficult to describe how much they loathe religion. The Jews are an ancient enemy. They hate the Jews with a ferocity unequaled in the annals of time.

They attempted to rid the world of Judaism in 70 AD. Subsequently, they invented Islam to rival both Judaism and Christianity. One of their main objectives in World War II was to create the state of Israel (as they “prophesied” in their Book of Revelation) either because they intend to nuke them at the last minute or because Palestine is the last place on earth you want to be during an axial tilt (owing to the highly unusual contour of the Mediterranean seabed), or both. Anyone who harbors the belief that the Jews are in control of this world is completely delusional. These are some of the most persecuted people in the history of mankind precisely because they are the № 1 enemy of the progeny of Jove.

The way I think, everyone has a God. It is whatever they think is really happening in life. Even atheists have a God because they believe the fabric of the universe is material. Most religions have an anthropomorphic, “big guy in the sky” God, this includes almost every Christian sect.

“George Carlin on Religion and God” from the bjnignog YouTube channel:

The progeny of Jove share George Carlin’s animosity towards religion, and who can blame them? But it would be a disservice to think of the progeny of Jove as mere atheists. They are much, much more. The Pythagoreans may have been some of the most cultured “men’s men” in the entire history of this world. I am sure I would cower in front of one of them in much the same manner I would feel an infinite inadequacy in the presence of Christ Jesus. They were intellectual giants and unsurpassed athletes. They sought the perfect man, and in their day I imagine they largely succeeded. Their intellectual underpinnings and their God are the sacred numbers. I share their fascination.

In fact, I am grateful to Pythagoras for awakening in me a knowledge of the sacred numbers, especially sacred number 216.

I am in awe of the sacred numbers. And I have very little tolerance for my co-religionists who would equate the sacred numbers with “numerology.” But, I fault the progeny of Jove for failing to realize that there is a conscious entity behind the sacred numbers. Christian Scientists call that conscious entity Principle, Mind, Spirit, Soul, Life, Truth, and Love. Mrs. Eddy was radical in this regard. She had no sympathy whatsoever for the popular belief in an anthropomorphic god. And I am sure she would have sympathetically laughed at George Carlin’s routine.

A scene from the Tomorrowland movie. From a distance, Tomorrowland looks a lot like Oz did.

Understanding How the Progeny of Jove Think

On my homepage, I state that “a diabolical plan dating back thousands of years is coming to fruition.” For me, it is self-evident that mankind is living on a defective planet, or at least on the only inhabitable planet in a defective solar system that is far too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. As the Egyptian priest said to Solon, “There have been, and will be again, many destructions of mankind arising out of many causes; the greatest have been brought about by the agencies of fire and water, and other lesser ones by innumerable other causes.” ―Timaeus By Plato

Something is routinely erasing our memory. We simply must get off this planet in order to survive.

As discussed in Origins of the Progeny of Jove (circa 600 B.C.), sometime shortly after the last encounter of Mars and Earth on March 23, 686 BC, the people who the ancient Roman poet Virgil and I both refer to as the progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Rosicrucians, Freemasons, etc.) decided that they would attempt what evidently has never been accomplished before, which is to survive the worst of the catastrophes to which earth is routinely subject with hoards of supplies, a cadre of the best minds (and soldiers) alive, and technology (such as “free” energy and anti-gravity propulsion systems) the likes of which most of us have never seen before or even imagined.

With a newly formed planet, the mass of humanity dead, and a one-world government, they would be in a position to jumpstart the New World and get us off this planet. But their plan truly is diabolical because it involves a planned population explosion in order to harness the brain power of the best and brightest of billions of people who are about to die a violent death. Yet what I am about to suggest is that there is ample evidence these very same men took precautions that are indicative of a deep, almost philosophical concern for the welfare of mankind. How can I reconcile these two very different points of view? It takes some practice, I must admit. Even as I write this the struggle to see the good in what they are doing rages within me. I think, had they let everyone know what was going to happen 2,600 years ago, that we could have already been off the planet. But it is way too late in the game to contemplate such alternative realities.

In trying to explain things from their perspective, there is only one analogy that works, life or death situations in combat. Officers sometimes must sacrifice a few men in order to save the majority under their command. They make decisions which directly result in the death of their own soldiers. Doing so is sometimes unavoidable. We’ve all seen scenes like this in war movies. I saw one just last night watching All the King’s Men with my domestic partner. Now magnify this hardcore battlefield reality by orders of magnitude. Think to yourself, how long has this been happening? How long has Mother Earth and Father Sky been cannibalizing their unsuspecting children? I am collecting evidence about this in the № 38. How Old is Mankind? page, but I for one am utterly convinced that the polygonal, megalithic stone builders could “melt rock” and were more advanced than us. Plus there is evidence of a worldwide, highly interconnected civilization and a more advanced geometry than we use in the work of Carl Munck. And using two entirely different analytical approaches, there is evidence that the face on Mars is part of a mathematical message intended to be read off planet. And I cannot seriously entertain for even a moment the thought that the Great Pyramid of Giza was built by a civilization inferior to ours. Such lists are endless. And new evidence of technically advanced civilizations that predate our own is being discovered all the time.

What thinking individual can doubt the prior existence of a people who were technological superior to us in every respect? Seriously? Would you be counted among them? And if such a reversion has happened even once, then there is no practical limit to the number of times it may have happened. We may be caught is a cycle of destruction that is millions of years old and quote possibly billions of years old.

Now in order to complete this mental exercise, I must ask that you become an actor for a minute or two and imagine you are the progeny of Jove around 600 B.C. We cannot judge these men by the psychopaths who are in control of the world now. The memories of February 26th, 747 BC and March 23, 687 BC, when Mars wreaked havoc on the planet and changed the length of a year from a perfect 360 days to the present 365.24 days, were not much older for them than would be memories of the Civil War for us. They knew and understand the unimaginable forces at work during one of these solar system configurations. And they could still remember the Golden Age and all that was lost since Proto-Saturn exploded and Venus morphed from being a Goddess into a threatening dragon. Our myths were living memories for them.

What price would you pay to put an end to all of this? Think of all the suffering in this age alone from 3100 BC to the present: Genghis Khan; Julius Caesar; Adolf Hitler. Endless wars and generations upon generations of subsistence living. For what? It is about to start all over again. And again. And again. And again ad infinitum. Let us assume this really has been happening for countless ages. As a military commander, would you not ask for the ultimate sacrifice of just one of these ages to save countless future ages? In other words, if you had to sacrifice the lives of everyone who has ever lived from 3100 BC until now (an estimated 100 billion lives) in order to stop what is happening, to bridge the gap of the worst of these destructions, the very one that is at our doorstep even now, how is that different than the battlefield commander who sacrifices a handful of men in order to save the majority of those under his commend? Other than being on a much larger scale, there is no difference.

But this mental exercise is not quite over. Having made this commitment, you must harden your yourself to the reality. You must pledge to one another that the lives of your fellow human beings are little more than canon fodder. You must teach yourself to think in such a way that your objective take precedence over any consideration whatsoever for the living. You must learn to think of them as the walking dead. Such callousness is not without cost. Factor in more than a few generations of interbreeding, and what we may be looking at is the cause for the genetic defect of the the psychopaths who are in control of the world right now. In other words, this may be a failed experiment that has bred a new race of men who present an entirely new threat to our species. But I must reiterate, we cannot judge the men alive in 600 B.C. by the men in control of the world now. Were you to place G.W. Bush on a stage next to Pythagorus, I think the the latter would unsheathe his sword and run the former through in less than five minutes.

What are “Headless Corpses”?

We have already introduced the concept of a headless corpse in the previous sections. Let us now thoroughly define this concept. Anciently the progeny of Jove were peoples, first the Phrygians, who survived previous world destructions in underground cities every bit as sophisticated in their day as are the underground tunnels in the Pikes Peak granite batholith of today (what Virgil described as the Vault Profound). Thereafter they became the Greeks and then the Romans. Does this mean they were Phrygians posing as Greeks and Romans? No. They “morphed” from one peoples to another, by which I mean over time the Phrygians blended in with the Greeks and became indistinguishable from them. The same happened when the progeny of Jove morphed from ancient Greece to Rome. There are still traces of this today in the cultural, genetic, and linguistic similarities of these three peoples.

Sometime around 27 BC they began to migrate to South America where they would be headquartered for about the next 1,000 years. Since their return to Europe from the Americas, they are no longer identifiable as a people except to say that they are doubtless all caucasian. Instead they are now embodied in organizations starting with the Knights Templar and ending with what I call the Unnamed Entity that hides behind “need-to-know” clearances and which controls both the government and military of the United States of America.

Whenever the progeny of Jove morph from one organizational entity to another they take with them knowledge of the end times from which they derive their unrivaled power.

For example, in the not too distant past the progeny of Jove surfaced as the Freemasons in 1717 in order to establish the United States of America and directly control it through the presidency, which they did until the time of JFK. Before his election, they morphed into the CIA. When they did, the Freemasons lost the knowledge of the end time which gave them the power the wielded for over a century.

It is only the leadership of the organization they control at any given time that knows about the coming apocalyptic destruction of the world. The people they leave behind when they morph from one organizational entity to another know nothing.

Hence the leadership within the Freemasons has not been privy to the coming apocalyptic destruction of the world since the CIA was formed after WWII. I refer to this as the beheading of an organization used by the Progeny of Jove to advance their cause. That organization is now a “headless corpse.” It knows nothing. The same has been true of the CIA since 1976 when the progeny of Jove morphed into the Unnamed Entity which hides behind “need-to-know” clearances that exclude even sitting presidents.

This is why Manly P. Hall lamented the former emphasis on esoteric knowledge over fraternity among the Freemasons. He lived through a transition of which he was evidently unaware. As I said above, today the Freemasons are little more than a pretentious men’s club that does not understand its own origins and history, which is more or less precisely what Manly P. Hall said towards the end of his life. The same is true of the CIA, which after 1976 becomes little more than an intelligence bureaucracy. As if to emphasize this point, Stansfield Turner, a Christian Scientist, was appointed Director of Central Intelligence in 1977.

THE FIRST SCHISM: The Knights Templar (Bankers) versus the Papacy

See page  № 64. Knights Templar.

The progeny of Jove are not unlike a church in that that have had a number of schisms and the first of those was between the Knights Templar and the papacy. At the time the Knights Templar was the banking arm of the progeny of Jove and the papacy was the religious arm. But this was never meant to happen. A creedy French King is responsible. The following account of what happened entitled Why the Knights Templar Gave False Confessions of Depravity written by Greg Daugherty on the History website is the best account of what happened I think that has ever been written. I have copied it here for the sake of adding  bold-red emphasis, but encourage you to read the original.

You will want to pay particular attention to two things. The first is well documented in the article, which is that King Philip IV of France had already set a clear pattern of robbing the rich to give to the poor himself. In that sense, this really had nothing to do with the Knights Templar, at least not until March 22, 1312 when Pope Clement V, “a former French bishop far more acquiescent to Philip,”  abolished the Order of the Templars by “an inviolable and perpetual decree.” That began a schism that has colored all of history and would come back to haunt the Catholic Church in Rome 222 years later when Ignatius of Loyola founded the Jesuits on August 15, 1534 at Montmartre (a large hill 130 meters high), Paris, France and Pope Paul III approved the Society of Jesus on September 27, 1540.

The second thing you will want to pay particular attention to is the the Knights Templar were already Europe’s bankers. This is fascinating when you realize it was the Rothschilds and other European bankers who approached ‎Adam Weishaupt. a defrocked Jesuit, with the idea of starting the Illuminatenorden, or Order of Illuminati, and it was the

The Knights Templar were revered throughout medieval Europe as the fiercest, wealthiest and most powerful military order of the era. So how were they obliterated with such devastating swiftness?

Lies, spies and torture—lots of torture—masterminded by a power-hungry, money-mad king.

Philip IV of France began his campaign to quash the Templars on September 14, 1307, when he sent sealed orders to his officers across the kingdom, with instructions that they not be opened until the night of October 12. The king had good reason for secrecy. His plan—to arrest every Templar in France—would have been unthinkable even a few years earlier.

King Philip IV of France.

Christophel Fine Art/UIG/Getty Images


The Templars, a Roman Catholic military order that answered only to the pope, had for more than a century enjoyed a reputation as heroic fighters who distinguished themselves in the Crusades. Pope Boniface VIII had praised them as “fearless warriors of Christ” just a decade before Philip’s move against them.

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But Boniface was no longer in the picture, having died in 1303, barely a month after Philip’s agents had terrorized him and held him hostage. The new pope was Clement V, a former French bishop far more acquiescent to Philip. The Templars were now fair game—and their arrests, carried out on the morning of Friday, October 13, launched one of the bloodiest and most brutal episodes in church history.

Philip sees a rich target
They wouldn’t be the first group Philip had targeted, largely to fill the royal coffers. In 1292 he had arrested the Lombards, wealthy Italian merchants, seized their property and forced them to buy French nationality from him if they wished to stay. In 1306, he ordered the arrest of some 100,000 French Jews, along with the confiscation of their property. “They were told to leave the kingdom within a month on pain of death,” writes Dan Jones in his 2017 book, The Templars.

Needing yet another source of plunder, he turned his attention to the Templars, some 5,000 of whom lived in France.

Even though individual Templars had taken a vow of poverty, the order had become enormously wealthy over the decades, accumulating fleets of ships and vast property holdings throughout Europe.

While they were often referred to as the Knights Templar, only a minority of the group’s members were actually knights; others were priests and “serving brethren,” who came to hold a wide range of jobs. By 1300, many were essentially bankers. In London, for example, the group “operated a system of national and international credit and finance,” notes British historian Stephen Howarth in his book, The Knights Templar. “Kings, merchants and noblemen deposited gold, silver and jewels with them for safe-keeping, and came to them for loans, or to make payments to people overseas.” They even seem to have invented a medieval version of the traveler’s check.

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Spies compile a dossier
Still, the Templars’ reputation as warriors persisted. So, when Pope Clement called the order’s Grand Master, Jacques de Molay, to France in late 1306, supposedly to discuss launching another crusade to the Holy Land, the request didn’t seem unusual.

Jacques de Molay, Grand Master of the Knights Templar.

Christophel Fine Art/UIG/Getty Images


De Molay arrived in France in early 1307, with an entourage of 60 knights, and spent the next several months in meetings there. During that time, “The secret agents of the French king immediately circulated various dark rumors and odious reports concerning the Templars,” wrote Charles G. Addison in an 1842 history of the group. Philip’s spies also attempted to infiltrate the Templars and compiled a dossier of scurrilous charges against them from disaffected former members and others with battle axes to grind.

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Grisly torture was used to elicit confessions
That was all the excuse Philip needed to send out his arrest orders in September 1307. Not only were the Templars to be arrested, and their property seized, but they were to be imprisoned, interrogated and, if necessary, tortured. The instructions added, “you are to promise them pardon and favor if they confess the truth, but if not, you are to acquaint them that they will be condemned to death.”

The purpose of torture “was not to obtain the actual truth,” writes French historian Alain Demurger in his 2019 book, The Persecution of the Knights Templar, “but to elicit the specific truth that the accusers wanted to hear—it was that truth, or death.” Among the charges the Templars were expected to confess to: renouncing Christ and spitting on the cross.

King Philip IV torturing the Templars.

Fine Art Images/Heritage Images/Getty Images


In Paris, the king’s inquisitors tortured 138 Templars, most of whom eventually made confessions. Many were subjected to “fire torture,” which Addison describes in vivid detail: “their legs were fastened in an iron frame, and the soles of their feet were greased over with fat or butter; they were then placed before the fire, and a screen was drawn backwards and forwards, so as to moderate and regulate the heat. Such was the agony produced by this roasting operation, that the victim often went raving mad.”

Jones details some of the other techniques used to coerce confessions from the Templars, including starvation, sleep deprivation, relentless questioning and the strappado—“a device that yanked the victim’s tethered arms behind him until he was raised from the ground and his shoulders dislocated.”

Unable to withstand these tortures, many Templars did eventually confess—even Grand Master de Molay, who admitted renouncing Christ and spitting near a cross, though not directly on it. He urged other Templars to confess, as well.

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Charges included cat worshipping and navel kissing
In 1309 the pope began his own inquiry, which would continue intermittently into 1311. Rather than assessing the guilt or innocence of individual Templars, its primary goal was to determine whether the pope should abolish the entire order.

By now the accusations against the Templars and their order had grown to a total of 127. On the list: worshipping cats, condoning theft and perjury to enrich the order and kissing each other’s navels during secret initiation ceremonies.

The pope established a commission of bishops and other high-ranking churchmen to hear the evidence, both pro and con. Believing they were no longer at the king’s mercy and would be protected by the pope, many Templars took the opportunity to describe the tortures they’d suffered and to recant their earlier confessions. For some, that proved to be a fatal miscalculation.

In May 1310, the archbishop of Sens, whose brother happened to be among the king’s closest associates, ordered that 54 Templars who had recanted be burned at the stake as relapsed heretics. Soon after, another 14 Templars met the same fiery fate. One dead Templar was even pulled from his grave so his bones could be burned.

By now it was clear to surviving Templars that they could either confess or die. Most confessed.

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Jacques de Molay was ordered burned at the stake by King Philip IV of France in 1314.

Stefano Bianchetti/Corbis/Getty Images


The Pope seals their fate
In March [22], 1312, the pope finally announced his decision. Based on the confessions and other evidence, he said, he was abolishing the Order of the Templars, by “an inviolable and perpetual decree.”

That wasn’t the end of it, however. There remained some loose ends, one of them being the elderly grand master de Molay, still imprisoned in Paris. In March 1314, he and three other Templar leaders were put on public display outside the Cathedral of Notre Dame, where three cardinals appointed by the pope were to pronounce their sentences.

The event didn’t go as planned. When de Molay and another prisoner learned they faced life in prison, they lashed out at the cardinals, denounced the injustice of the whole process, and proclaimed their innocence.

Centuries later, an enterprising Italian scholar would discover one reason de Molay may have been surprised by the cardinals’ ruling. Digging through the Vatican Secret Archives in 2001, Dr. Barbara Frale found a misfiled copy of an August 1308 document known as the Chinon Parchment. It chronicled the interrogation of de Molay and several other high-ranking Templars, conducted by representatives of the pope in Chinon, France, who pressed them on such issues as renouncing the cross, sodomy and kissing on the mouth. The long-lost document revealed that after de Molay testified and pleaded for mercy for his sins, he had been granted absolution, or forgiveness, by the church. (The Vatican made the parchment public in 2007.)

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But in 1314 even life imprisonment wasn’t a harsh enough sentence as far as King Philip IV was concerned. When he heard about de Molay’s protest, he ordered both him and his compatriot burned at the stake that night.

In addition to the Templars who were burned alive, many others would die during their years of harsh confinement. Some succumbed during torture, refusing to the end to confess sins they had never committed.

THE SECOND SCHISM: The Order of the Illuminati (Bankers) versus the Rosicrucians and Freemason (Purveyors of Wisdom)

The Rosecutions and the Freemasons never had anything to do with the Order of the Illuminati (i.e the bankers) from the very beginnings.

Conflict with Rosicrucians
At all costs, Weishaupt wished to keep the existence of the order secret from the Rosicrucians, who already had a considerable foothold in German Freemasonry. While clearly Protestant, the Rosicrucians were anything but anticlerical, were pro-monarchic, and held views clearly conflicting with the Illuminati vision of a rationalist state run by philosophers and scientists. The Rosicrucians were not above promoting their own brand of mysticism with fraudulent seances. A conflict became inevitable as the existence of the Illuminati became more evident, and as prominent Rosicrucians, and mystics with Rosicrucian sympathies, were actively recruited by Knigge and other over-enthusiastic helpers. Kolowrat was already a high ranking Rosicrucian, and the mystic Prince Charles of Hesse-Kassel had a very low opinion of the rationalist higher grades of the Illuminati.

The Prussian Rosicrucians, under Johann Christoph von Wöllner, began a sustained attack on the Illuminati. Wöllner had a specially engineered room in which he convinced potential patrons of the effectiveness of Rosicrucian “magic”, and his order had acquired effective control of the “Three Globes” and its attached lodges. Through this mouthpiece, the Illuminati were accused of atheism and revolutionary tendencies. In April 1783, Frederick the Great informed Charles of Hesse that the Berlin lodges had documents belonging to the Minervals or Illuminati which contained appalling material, and asked if he had heard of them. All Berlin masons were now warned against the order, which was now accused of Socinianism, and of using the liberal writings of Voltaire and others, alongside the tolerance of Freemasonry, to undermine all religion. In November 1783, the Three Globes described the Illuminati as a masonic sect which sought to undermine Christianity and turn Freemasonry into a political system. Their final anathema, in November 1784, refused to recognise any Illuminati as Freemasons.

In Austria, the Illuminati were blamed for anti-religious pamphlets that had recently appeared. The Rosicrucians spied on Joseph von Sonnenfels and other suspected Illuminati, and their campaign of denunciation within Freemasonry completely shut down Illuminati recruitment in Tyrol.

The Bavarian Illuminati, whose existence was already known to the Rosicrucians from an informant, were further betrayed by the reckless actions of Ferdinand Maria Baader, an Areopagite who now joined the Rosicrucians. Shortly after his admission it was made known to his superiors that he was one of the Illuminati, and he was informed that he could not be a member of both organisations. His letter of resignation stated that the Rosicrucians did not possess secret knowledge, and ignored the truly Illuminated, specifically identifying Lodge Theodore as an Illuminati Lodge. —Wikipedia, Illuminati

So what happens during the Civil War is truly a war between these two factions of the the progeny of Jove.

Are the Rosicrucians and Freemasons two peas in a pod?

The key to answering this question is Abraham Lincoln. 
This “What You’re Not Supposed to Know About America’s Founding” video (1,335,952 views as of this writing) from the TheJohnBirchSociety YouTube channel claims Abraham Lincoln was not only a Rosicrucian but their leader.  The speaker is Arthur R. Thompson is the author of To The Victor Go The Myths & Monuments: The History of the First 100 Years of the War Against God and the Constitution, 1776 – 1876, and Its Modern Impact

This video  ties into the philosophical society in Philadelphia and suggests the Rosicrucians were the controlling force all along and the Freemason were never anything more than a front to establish the US

I created this list from my history when trying the find the Abe Lincoln list…

Short History and Introduction to the Rosicrucians” from the mattqatsi YouTube channel

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Rosicrucian Manuals Investigation” from the D Williams YouTube channel

The Rosicrucian Mysteries” from the Joe Kiernan YouTube channel

The Freemasons inherited their special handshakes from the Romans.

Worshippers of Mithras had a complex system of seven grades of initiation and communal ritual meals. Initiates called themselves syndexioi, those “united by the handshake”.  —Wikipedia

The Borgias of Spain, Pope Alexander VI and Columbus,

Think I got the wrong guy…are the Borgia’s (bankers) tied to Pope Paul III because if so the whole thing with the protestants can be dismissed as cover fire to establish the Jesuits

Pope Paul III (Latin: Paulus III; 29 February 1468 – 10 November 1549), born Alessandro Farnese, was head of the Catholic Church and ruler of the Papal States from 13 October 1534 to his death in 1549.

He came to the papal throne in an era following the sack of Rome in 1527 and rife with uncertainties in the Catholic Church following the Protestant Reformation. His pontificate initiated the Counter-Reformation with the Council of Trent in 1545, as well as the Wars of religion with Emperor Charles V’s military campaigns against the Protestants in Germany. He recognized new Catholic religious orders and societies such as the Jesuits, the Barnabites, and the Congregation of the Oratory. His efforts were distracted by nepotism to advance the power and fortunes of his family, including his illegitimate son Pier Luigi Farnese.

Paul III was a significant patron of artists including Michelangelo, and it is to him that Nicolaus Copernicus dedicated his heliocentric treatise.

Francis Borgia and the Jesuits

Do not misinterpret the meaning of the Jesuits logo to the left.

IHS is a direct reference to In hoc signo vinces. The Jesuits from their very inception are claiming descendancy from Constantine the Great and declaring their allegiance to the progeny of Jove.

This is why there are three nails on the logo, celebrating the murder of Christ Jesus. This is essentially the same logo that would later be adopted by the Freemasons.

The crossed swords pointing down in the Freemason version of this progeny of Jove logo is of no little significance. Crossed swords pointing down mean “the battle is over.” The progeny of Jover were the Freemasons for a highly symbolic 230 years from 1717 to 1947 at which time they morphed into the CIA. In the design of their Freemason logo, they are not only repeating the very same symbolism as found in the Jesuit logo, but are claiming victory over the ages. After 2,600 years of planning, they are saying, “We have won. The battle is over.

The Role of Major Corporations

Provide cross-references to corporate logo material on page № 77. Skull and Bones Number 322 and № 33. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range. Also discuss bizarre U.S. corporate law decisions by the US Supreme Court.

Blue Eyes

George Washington has blue eyes (see “Civil War language” private page)


Longstanding Enemies of the Progeny of Jove

From the Sumerians to modern-day Iraq

From the Persian Empire to modern-day Iran

Cyrus the Great

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Cyrus the Great
Illustrerad Verldshistoria band I Ill 058.jpg


Cyrus the Great with a Hemhem crown
King of Persia
Reign 559–530 BC
Predecessor Cambyses I
Successor Cambyses II
King of Media
Reign 549–530 BC
Predecessor Astyages
Successor Cambyses II
King of Lydia
Reign 547–530 BC
Predecessor Croesus
Successor Cambyses II
King of Babylon
Reign 539–530 BC
Predecessor Belshazzar
Successor Cambyses II
King of the Four Corners of the World
Reign 550-530 BC
Predecessor New office
Successor Cambyses II[citation needed]
Born 598-600 BC[2]
Anshan, Persia
Died 4 December, 530 BC[3]
Along the Syr Darya
Burial Pasargadae
House Achaemenid
Father Cambyses I
Mother Mandane of Media

Cyrus II of Persia (Old Persian: 𐎤𐎢𐎽𐎢𐏁 Kūruš;[5]New Persian: کوروش Kuruš; Hebrew: כֹּרֶשׁ Koresh; c. 600 – 530 BC),[6] commonly known as Cyrus the Great [7] and also called Cyrus the Elder by the Greeks, was the founder of the Achaemenid Empire.[8] Under his rule, the empire embraced all the previous civilized states of the ancient Near East,[8] expanded vastly and eventually conquered most of Southwest Asia and much of Central Asia and the Caucasus. From the Mediterranean Sea and Hellespont in the west to the Indus River in the east, Cyrus the Great created the largest empire the world had yet seen.[9] Under his successors, the empire eventually stretched at its maximum extent from parts of the Balkans (BulgariaPaeonia and ThraceMacedonia) and Eastern Europe proper in the west, to the Indus Valley in the east. His regal titles in full were The Great King, King of Persia, King of Anshan, King of Media, King of Babylon, King of Sumer and Akkad, and King of the Four Corners of the World.

Jewish Persecution: From Moses to modern-day Israel

The Phoenicians and the Canaanites were one and the same people. as shown in the DNA evidence presented in the following video.

How does the above square with this…

Introduction to Ancient Canaan and the Canaanites from the History with Cy YouTube channel

Sections brought back from another page…..

A Deep Hatred of the Jews (anti-semitism) from the First Crusade, Knights Templar, and Georgia Guidestones to Modern Day Scotland

I address this subject in a subsection of the Knights Templar because the hatred of the jews was so strong even in their time.

Jews butchered during the Crusades

make the Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av connection (removed from article cited in next section)

vet these videos some more… (all have over a million views)

First Crusade Part 1 of 2 and First Crusade Part 2 of 2 from the Epic History TV channel:

First Crusade: Siege of Jerusalem 1099 AD from the BazBattles channel:

Anti-Semitism in Modern Day Scotland

Scotland’s papers: ‘Rising tide’ of anti-Semitism and baby ‘miracle’

Jews in Scotland are considering leaving over antisemitism, says senior community leader

From the Barbarian Hordes to modern-day Germany

Rolling Stones concert in Zuiderpark te Den Haag, Mick Jagger in aktie.*29 mei 1976

Sympathy for the Devil

Mick Jagger of the Rolling Stones sings about the progeny of Jove in Sympathy for the Devil. This is why he is a “man of wealth and taste” instead of a “man of wealth and fame.” It also explains why

what’s puzzling you Is the nature of my game…

What Mick Jagger is saying is that these people have been steering history for centuries. The truth is they decided to take control of the Fifth World no later than 2,600 BC, over a half a millennia before Jesus was born. They brutally murdered him for telling his disciples about the coming axial tilt and then they bastardized Christianity to suit their own needs.  As I say on my homepage, our entire world is of their invention, not just history. It is the real-life Matrix.

Research Notes

Rosicrucian and Masonic OriginsThe Manly P. Hall Archive

What’s Up with the Rosicrucians?


Study reveals that humans migrated from Europe to the Levant 40,000 years ago

I still can find no reason to believe the Hittites are the progeny of Jove, though they may be the ones who carried with them knowledge of the ancient cycles of destruction because they are clearly from the last world. What is important here is to map the underground cities to Hattusa and Gordium (their capitals)

See Lion Gate on the Polygonal, Megalithic Stone Builders page. This were either people from the last world or reused their stone structures.

Hattusa An Amazing Ancient City And Home of the Mysterious Green Rock from the Blast World Mysteries YouTube channel:

Get Margaret Truman quotes to the effect the her father never understood what the CIA was all about and that they lied to him. This and his lack of knowledge of the bomb cement the fact the he is a transition Freemason figurehead and knows nothing about the end times.


1 All lifespans are taken directly from Wikipedia except for Isaiah and Daniel. In the case of Isaiah, Wikipedia and Encyclopedia Britannica will only commit to him living sometime in the 8th-century BC. Regarding the dating of the text, Wikipedia does say, “The traditional view is that all 66 chapters of the book of Isaiah were written by one man, Isaiah, possibly in two periods between 740 BCE and c. 686 BCE ―. The lifespan for Isaiah was somewhat arbitrarily lifted from the thenagain.info website. In the case of the prophet Daniel, Wikipedia is citing “Abdullah Yusuf Ali in his Qur’anic commentary.” For Amos (added late), I once again rather arbitrarily lifted the birth date from hyperhistory.com for time’s sake. Wikipedia does say that “Amos was active c. 760–755 BCE” and gives the year of his death as 745 BCE.

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