№ 104. Essential YouTube Videos (a playlist for thinkers)


READER BEWARE: These are YouTube videos everyone should watch. Some of these videos are permanently a part of this library. Others I park here until I can find a home for them elsewhere in my work. They are in no particular order.





Are we alone in the universe? Does ET exist?


“You Gotta Watch This Video Before 13rd Jan 2019 !” from the WIND CHANNEL channel


“Cosmic Top Secret – Robert Bob Dean” from the Prison Planet Revelations channel


“Everything We Taught to Believe is About to Change” from the Amplex channel


“Top Secret? They Don’t Want You To Know! Dr. Greer Speaks 2018!” from the thirdphaseofmoon channel



SPECIAL NOTE: David Icke is “out there,” but so was my experience when I met ET. About the only thing I cannot condone is any suggestion whatsoever that we are in danger. We are children compared to ET. But having exchanged laughter with them, I know they mean us no harm. I would just as soon be with them than to be in any sense of “heaven” Christians entertain.


“David Icke, Why The System Is Falling Apart” from the David Icke channel








From the Pythagoreans to the Rosicrucians, Freemasons, CIA, and The Unnamed Entity: The Long History of a Relatively Small Body of Men Who Know What is About to Happen


“Secret History of the Order of the Illuminati” from the Truthstream Media channel:


SPECIAL NOTE: This is one of the most substantial YouTube videos I have ever watched my entire life.

“‘The Jesuits’ or ‘The Society of Jesus’: Historians Expose Conspiracy to Rule the World” from the BibleOrTraditions channel:


ANCIENT ILLUMINATI – Riddles In Stone – FEATURE FILM (UFOTV® The Disclosure Network)




Amen: The Pythagoreans have a sense of humor


The “AMEN” Deception of World Religions – Shocking! (Mikal Shabbat Scriptural Studies)






Aryan race (common ancestry of blue eyes)

The author is a blue-eyed blond of German descent. I very naturally have at least a passing interest in this subject. Do not read to much into it. I profoundly believe in the strength of genetic diversity.


“Lost Civilizations and Ancient Bloodlines – ROBERT SEPEHR” from the Atlantean Gardens channel: