Ice Age (Energy) Paradox Solved

CUT ~59:55 to 1:01:15 from “Remembering the End of the Last World” Mars bombards Earth (find notes on origin of the Sahara desert) continue for visuals on end of the last world (around 1:08 too)




At 7:15 into the video Wallace Thornhill says, “The system changed spectacularly on encountering the Sun. The Brown dwarf flared and ejected a new satellite. An axial column of satellites was formed. And intense plasma discharge phenomena were observed. ”

Thanks Catherine. I have a copy of this book and have added it to my read list for solving this problem. The thing that is exciting about “solar flare” resources is that they potentially support a local nova such as Proto-Saturn exploding, I would especially say this about the Paul A LaViolette resource Joshua Roberts provided (above) at…/viewFile/3464/pdf. I very seriously doubt that either he or Schoch have considered that their physical evidence could be traced back to an explosion of Proto-Saturn rather than a super flare coming from our current Sun.



Glacial Maximum

What is the ice age (energy) paradox?

The closer one gets to the truth about our past, the more interrelated is everything. Eventually there emerges a clear picture of what really happened. This is particularly true of what has been dubbed the “ice age (energy) paradox.” If you are already familiar with this subject, you may want to skip the remainder of this introductory section. This term refers to the rapid melting of the ice sheets in North America during the near total destruction of the planet in 9500 BC. It is called a “paradox” because of the estimated energy required to melt so much is astronomical and difficult to explain. Randall Carlson beats this drum better than most. Here are a couple videos of his on the subject for useful background information:


Try as he may, Randall Carlson falls short of the mark in fully conveying the level of destruction in 9500 BC. For that you need to read “Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC” by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair. Carlson’s main foible is in focusing entirely on the melting ice and the death of the megafauna (Ancient Greek mégalo “large” + New Latin fauna “animal”) in North America. Allan and Delair go much further. After reading their book, you are left wondering how anyone or anything survived.



Randall Carlson

Conventional Wisdom

There are many theories as to what happened. The most official sounding one is the “Younger Dryas impact hypothesis,” which is backed by a number of mainstream scientists (who imagine themselves as taking a radical stand). There are simply too many events to support a fragmented asteroid theory. The meltwater pulses (e.g. 1A, 1B) and the Mississippi River superflood events (e.g. MWF-5) were separated by too much time. In fact, I find it almost comical that the people backing this theory poke fun at mainstream science and then turn around and propose something equally ridiculous. Nor could a fragmented asteroid account for the rapidity of the ice melting. Something much more profound happened. None of the other theories are correct either. There was no coronal mass ejection (CME) resulting in a massive solar storm on Earth; no distant supernova; no asteroid impacts of any number or intensity.




Venus magnetotail

A “Refuge from Catastrophes”

Before I discuss a truly radical solution to the ice age (energy) paradox, let us consider the comets Venus and Mars, before the settled into the current planetary orbits. If you are not familiar with the work of Immanuel Velikovsky, David Talbott, and Jno Cook, none of this will make any sense to you. Nor will anything I say on this website for that matter. If you want to know the real history of our solar system, you need to thoroughly study these men.Rune Øverby




hail = stones

The Immanuel Velikovsky Theories That Outraged Mainstream Scientists [FULL VIDEO]





End of the Last World

The last Heinrich events (H1, H0), Oldest Dryas, Bølling oscillation, Older DryasAllerød oscillation, and the Younger Dryas are a kaleidoscope of names for the same thing. They are the record of temperature variations on Earth while the polar configuration destabilized, re-stabilized, and then finally broke apart culminating in the explosion of Proto-Saturn. These events occurred from

When did Proto-Saturn explode?

Start by quoting Immanuel V.



At 16:41 minutes into the video he states,

“As Velikovsky had stated in an almost offhand manner back in mid 1973 Saturn has somehow flared up in NOVA-like brilliance. It is unfortunate that Velikovsky misplaced the event in time, placing Proto-Saturn’s flareup just ahead of what has come down to us as Noah’s deluge, when there is much better evidence for placing it some 5,000 years earlier during that primeval event that lit up the sky for the very first time during mankind’s sojourn on Earth. In the book of Genesis, this event came to pass when Elohim gave the order to ‘Let there be light.’ But let this not be thought of as a unique biblical event. On the contrary, this sudden shedding of light into what had been a somewhat darkened world is described in various ways in the myth or historical records in just about all ancient nations from Mesopotamia and the rest of the Near East, India in the Far East including China into Egypt down to Africa, Greece and Rome, North America and across the stormy seas to the islands in their midst.”



I also want to offer for general comment the following observations. The above quote from Cardona’s EU2014 talk is couched in a broader discussion of Jergens’ theory that Proto-Saturn flared because the polar configuration was “captured” by the Sun. Who am I to fault the EU team, but I find this absurd. Whatever happened in the 9500 BC timeframe interrupted a 100,000 year, heartbeat-like temperature cycle right as it was approaching an interglacial peak. The ice cores tell us that Earth’s Holocene temperature record thereafter is only two degrees centigrade off that peak it never reached and only eight degrees warmer than the lowest recorded temperatures. Common sense is lacking here. How can you add the Sun into the equation and only end up with an eight degree centigrade difference in temperature? That defies logic. Whatever caused Proto-Saturn to flare must be something else, such as LaViolette’s galactic superwaves.








There is only one event in our recent past that could account for this level of destruction. It is the breakup of the polar configuration of the planets culminating in the explosion of Proto-Saturn. When Proto-Saturn exploded, it rained plasma down on Earth.


Saturn exploded. That was 9500 BC. It damn near destroyed the entire planet, but North America got the worst of it. It melted all the ice to the north and burnt all the forests to the south leaving behind a black mat.

Plasma Rained Down on Earth

To some extent during the birth of Venus but mainly when Proto-Saturn finally exploded (some 108 orbits of Jupiter later, or 1281 years), plasma rained down on Earth. Earth’s inhabitants were adjusting to this new reality as best they could. The mounds described in Carl Munck’s “The Code” were highly accessible underground bunkers occupied by the giants and designed to protect them from this intermittent death from the sky. They built close to water sources to minimize their time outside during these “death from above” events. The fact that their exterior design encodes their location was probably little more than what we think of as addresses that were useful in tracking who dies and who was still alive. Not all of them did survive. In his book The Ancient Giants who Ruled America, author Richard J. Dehurst paints a vivid picture of one group of giants found huddled in a circle inside their protective mound. They all died together. This archeological evidence brings us spitting close to their reality.



King Tutankhamun’s dagger

Bronze Age Iron Weapons


1200 BC






The Protruding Tongue (archetype)

But how can we be sure that Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC and rained plasma down on the Earth? Only serious students of David Talbott can answer this question. One of the hundreds of “archetypes” (global patterns) he has discovered buried in mythology is the “Star of chaos: Protruding tongue” for the planet Venus. Venus is at the heart and soul of worldwide mythology. It is also at the center of the Aztec Sun (or Calendar) Stone. As discussed in Birth of Venus (Great Cycle 2.5),  this is a reflection of the fact that the birth of Venus also marks the middle (Great Cycle 2.5) of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.


One of hundreds of David Talbott’s archetypes: Venus as the “Star of chaos: Protruding tongue

Aztec Sun (or Calendar) Stone with Protruding tongue in the middle of the calendar


For other examples of this archetype, see Birth of Venus (Great Cycle 2.5).