№ 69. Sacred Numbers 36, 72, 144




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Sacred Number 36




Sacred Number 72




Sacred Number 144

The number 144 is used only once in the Bible.

  • The sum of the occurrences of all numbers of the New Testament higher than 17 gives as result 144.
  • The words language and prayer are used each one 144 times in the Old Testament.
  • the 144,000 outer casing stones on the Great Pyramid of Giza



According to Plato and Aristotle, there would be great changes in the cities every 144 years (square of 12) and there would be great changes in the history of the humanity every 1728 years (cube of 12).


The number 144 was often used as measurement for many Christian buildings and for some pagan buildings of 1st millennium of our era: 144 ells for the church of the Holy Sepulcher at Jerusalem, the mausoleum Saint-Helen in Rome, the marian church of the Gorizim Mount, the pagan rotunda of Salonic known as Saint-Georges, and the 144 feet for the Palatine Chapel of Aix-the-Chapel. The origin of this measurement comes from the Revelation (Apocalypse) where John attributes to the periphery of the celestial city 144 cubits. (Rv 21,15-17).