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Number 23 versus 923 and Predictive Programming

The number 923 and something called predictive programming is a separate subject discussed on page № 26. Revelation 12:1-2: “a woman clothed with the sun” on September 23, 2017 (923). Any use of 923 references a very important end-time marker, which was a very special alignment of stars and planets that occurred on September 23, 2017, a reference to which was included in the Book of Revelation written by the progeny of Jove. 23 simply encodes the coming axial tilt. These two subjects should not be confused.

An image from The Number 23 movie (credit Wikipedia)


Even though these are two distinct subjects, I would proffer for your consideration that the decision over 2,000 years ago to include the September 23, 2017 alignment in the Book of Revelation was most likely accompanied by a decision to emphasize the number 23 in these end times.


This image for the Tomorrowland movie is the single most significant use of 923 in movies as far as I am concerned. It obliterates any notion whatsoever that this is happening accidentally.


Tomorrowland was released on May 22, 2015. So this use of 923 in a countdown





Number 23

Ultimately, 23 is always a reference to the coming axial tilt. But it is much more than that; it also symbolizes the significance of numbers to the progeny of Jove in much that same way a cross symbolizes Christianity.


The progeny of Jove use 23 and the 2:3 aspect ratio as shorthand for what Pythagoras meant when he said: “All is Number.”



In this sense, the number 23 encapsulates knowledge of the Fibonacci sequence, Golden ratio, the Golden Spiral, and everything I talk about on page № 67. Refereeing Between the Gods. It is important that you realize this.


The number 23 and the 2:3 aspect ration is to the progeny of Jove what the cross is to Christians. They symbolize everything the progeny of Jove know, including their foreknowledge of the coming axial tilt. In short, 23 is their cross.


So when you see a cross hanging on the wall of someone’s house, you know what it means. Now you know what 23 and the 2:3 aspect ratio means to the progeny of Jove. It is that simple. If you have not watched the movie “The Number 23,” I recommend you do so now. I also highly recommend “A Beautiful Mind” starring Russell Crow (my favorite actor) for the same reason. Here is the official The Number 23 trailer.


The Number 23 – Trailer from the YouTube Movies channel


I would earnestly suggest to you that some of the incidents referenced in the following YouTube video, such as the stabbing of Caesar 23 times, are not coincidental. Caesar betrayed the project of Jove which led to them abandoning Rome and moving their headquarters to the Americas. It was a ritualistic killing intended to send a message down through the ages.


23 Fascinating Facts About The Number Twenty-Three from the itchelielie channel


This phenomenon is sometimes referred to as the 23 enigma.


The 23 enigma can be viewed as an example of apopheniaselection bias, and confirmation bias. In interviews, Wilson acknowledged the self-fulfilling nature of the 23 enigma, implying that the real value of the Law of Fives and the 23 enigma is in their demonstration of the mind’s ability to perceive “truth” in nearly anything.

When you start looking for something you tend to find it. This wouldn’t be like Simon Newcomb, the great astronomer, who wrote a mathematical proof that heavier than air flight was impossible and published it a day before the Wright brothers took off. I’m talking about people who found a pattern in nature and wrote several scientific articles and got it accepted by a large part of the scientific community before it was generally agreed that there was no such pattern, it was all just selective perception.

In the Illuminatus! Trilogy, Wilson expresses the same view, saying that one can find numerological significance in anything, provided that one has “sufficient cleverness.”   —Wikipedia, 23 enigma


I do not agree. I include this excerpt from Wikipedia primarily for the links to apopheniaselection bias, and confirmation bias. To this list you can add pareidolia, all terms I discuss on page № 104. Counterpoising Terminology that thoroughly annoys me. Of course, the reader is always free to reach his or her own conclusions. This phenomenon is real. It is not imaginary. I think it is in part because the numbers two and three occur early in the Fibonacci Sequence which pervades all of nature. That is one reason. The other one is that the progeny of Jove use it as a symbol and they have controlled all of the Western world for some 2,600 years, leaving a long trail of 23s behind them such as the stabbing of Caesar. Between the two, 23 occurs everywhere from nature to the movies.


You can’t make this stuff up. When I requested an appointment with a local high school teacher to help me explain the trigonometry of the Georgia Guidestones’ capstone (which of course has a 2:3 aspect ratio), she wrote back, “Hello, Sorry for the delay. I have an open conference period tomorrow at 2:30, will that work?” That was her full and complete response. Her one day delay in responding to my initial request caused the email to be dated January 23, 2019. As my Buddhist domestic partner of over 13 years would say, “The universe is trying to tell you something.” Perhaps we should listen.


The Number 23 Enigma from the James Falsone YouTube channel


If you are not aware of it, there are countless such videos on YouTube.



Madonna; Madonna by David LaChapelle; Madonna, Rolling Stone, July 23, 1998 (Photo by David LaChapelle/Contour by Getty Images). To the rich and powerful European Illuminati who walk among us now, who profess to be the legitimate heirs of all that Pythagoras knew, who control both the government and military of the United States of America as well as all of the major corporations in the so-called “private” sector, and who own mass media lock, stock, and barrel, I say you have inherited the riches of a system of thought you do not understand nor ever could. Regardless of how much you fancy yourselves “gods,” Pythagoras would have rejected you as foul and despicable creatures. When I imagine the haughty arrogance of G.W. standing next to the likes of Pythagoras, I imagine that in less than five minutes the latter would be unapologetically and unhesitatingly run through him with a sword.

The Fibonacci Sequence as Aspect Ratio

Try as hard as I may, I cannot find the words to express the importance of the knowledge I am about to convey to the reader.


The use of 666 or the Skull and Bones equivalent of 322 are so many allusions to this knowledge. For someone who has genuinely felt the awe of Fibonacci sequence, the golden ratio, and golden spiral, pictures such as this one to the left of Madonna flashing 666 is the height of banality. The use of 666 in popular culture has degenerated to the point of being nothing more than a tawdry pretense of knowing or else a meaningless suggestion of thuggishness.


But the numbers themselves are not inherently evil. As William Shakespeare so famously said, there is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so. So I am just going to quote from the Bible before continuing.


Matthew 7:6
Give not that which is holy unto the dogs, neither cast ye your pearls before swine, lest they trample them under their feet, and turn again and rend you.


Acts 7:33
Put off thy shoes from thy feet: for the place where thou standest is holy ground.


This knowledge is represented pictorially by the following image which contains all three elements: the Fibonacci sequence, golden ratio and the golden spiral. Use these three Wikipedia links to learn more about these subjects. I also highly recommend watching Walt Disney cartoons on page № 77. Sacred Geometry. No kidding.




This is not worldly knowledge. It is not confined to this planet.  It is equally shared by all intelligent life throughout the known universe. This is the mathematics of life itself. Without metaphysics, this is as close as flesh and blood can get to whatever force created the universe in which we live.



For the uninitiated, this excerpt from a discussion of that relationship emphasizes the critical point.


Around 1200, mathematician Leonardo Fibonacci discovered the unique properties of the Fibonacci sequence. This sequence ties directly into the Golden ratio because if you take any two successive Fibonacci numbers, their ratio is very close to the Golden ratio. As the numbers get higher, the ratio becomes even closer to 1.618. For example, the ratio of 3 to 5 is 1.666. But the ratio of 13 to 21 is 1.625. Getting even higher, the ratio of 144 to 233 is 1.618. These numbers are all successive numbers in the Fibonacci sequence.  —”What is the Golden Ratio?” by Elaine J. Hom from which I borrowed the image at the top of this section.


You should read the entire article if you are not familiar with this subject. Unless and until this relationship begins to captivate your mind as much as it does the most intelligent beings in the universe (human and otherwise), you will not accept what I about to tell you.



The top two rows in this table explain the meaning and significance of 32 and 33 in Freemasonry. The second row is a significant link to their past. 32° E is the exact longitude of Gordium, the capital of the Phrygia. 






The double-headed eagle is Phrygian, not German.



I talk about the Phrygian origins of the progeny of Jove in The Phrygians section of page № 8. The Progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Freemasons, and European Illuminati).


The mark consists of a double headed eagle perched on a sword with its wings outspread. A triangle is placed on the chest of the eagle and displays the number “32”. A belt is draped on the sword and carries the Latin phrase “Spes Mea In Deo Est”, with a star appearing before the word “Spes” and after the word “Est”.

—Official description of trademark serial number 77908914




The double eagle is said to appear on some old Turkish crests, which suggests the possibility that the chief who used it had seen the emblem on the rocks of Boghaz Koi. He may have lived near by and so have come to appropriate it. We may further assume that a crusader obtained possession of a shield of this kind by conquest, or even that he happened to see the rock of Boghaz Koi himself and adopted the design for his coat of arms. In this way it may have found its way into Germany ; but one thing is sure that once in Europe the strange design attracted widespread attention. It pleased many and became frequently used until at last it received a place in the coat of arms of the Empire.  —Persistence of symbols as instanced by the double eagle and the staff of Hermes by Paul Carus, The Open Court, 1908, Issue 7, p.393






The 2:3 Aspect Ratio


Solving angle A using trigonometry very similar to that found on Plimpton 322. Supposedly, the Phrygians and the later Pythagoras predate the use of trigonometry, but Plimpton 322 tells a different story. You can be sure the Phrygians made use of trigonometry on a regular basis. The 666 in Revelation is all the proof of this I need.


The next question that must be asked is, Why are the progeny of Jove focused on the 2:3 aspect ratio when it is such a poor approximation of golden triangles? This question has a very simple and practical answer. The 2:3 aspect ratio is easily replicated. In this sense, it is used almost as a symbol to encapsulate the advanced mathematics of the ancients and the spiritual significance with which they imbued that knowledge.


The 2:3 aspect ratio is symbolically used to represent the “All is Number” religion of the Pythagoreans because it is easy to replicate.





2:3 Aspect Ratios in Freemason Square and Compasses, Georgia Guidestones Capstone, and Skull and Bones Tomb

We find the same 2:3 aspect ratio well hidden in the Freemason square and compasses.

Square & compasses (Insignia of Freemasons) carved into stone. Part of the foundation stone on a masonic hall situated in the centre of Lancaster in the UK. (credit Wikipedia)





Now the astute reader would have already noticed that 78 x 116 is not a perfect 2:3 aspect ratio. 78 divided by two is 39. 39 times three is 117. Now let me tell you something, your first thought will probably be that I am fudging the numbers. I am the last person on the planet who would do that. The progeny of Jove are always exact when it comes to numbers. In the case of something like this, where the exact 2:3 aspect ration would be 78:117 instead of the 78:116 reported on the explanatory tablet, there is always an explanation. In this case, it is a profoundly important one. Read about it in The Capstone section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page.



The Skull and Bones tomb as it appeared in its original configuration, with just one rectangular, windowless block. (credit Yale Alumni Magazine)


The main “proof” I have that the Order of Skull and Bones are using the same row in this table is the 2:3 aspect ratio of the original Tomb building.























Relief with Hetoimasia (empty throne). Methinks the empty throne is for anyone who solves the riddle. I sat in it momentarily and found the marble seat so hard as to be uncomfortable.

Four Faces of Ezekiel (the 23 of 600 B.C.)

See also: Origins of the Progeny of Jove (circa 600 B.C.)

Ecclesiastes 1:9
The thing that hath been, it is that which shall be; and that which is done is that which shall be done: and there is no new thing under the sun.

Before Hollywood started flashing 23 on movie screens, there were the four faces of Ezekiel.


In Ezekiel 10:14, we read. “And every one had four faces: the first face was the face of a cherub, and the second face was the face of a man, and the third the face of a lion, and the fourth the face of an eagle” (red-bold emphasis added).

This is the earliest known mention of the four faces of a man, lion, ox, and eagle (or phoenix). They appear in the Bible again in Revelation 4:7. “And the first beast was like a lion, and the second beast like a calf, and the third beast had a face as a man, and the fourth beast was like a flying eagle” (red-bold emphasis added).

The title page of the King James Bible prominently displays this tetramorph as it is called, particularly when associate with the four Gospel writers in the New Testament.

Click TITLE PAGE for the full-size, high-resolution Wikipedia image


Notice that each of the four gospel writers is holding a quill in his right hand making their identification unmistakable.


In the The four evangelists as four living creatures section of the Wikipedia Tetramorph page, nineteen different prominent Christian authorities throughout history are listed giving their different interpretations of which Gospel author (Matthew, Mark, Luke, or John) should be represented by which symbols (the face of a man or one of the three animals). These differences of opinion should alert the neophyte that what is important is the man, ox, lion, eagle symbolism, not the saints. Indeed, these same for faces are found on the Royal Arch tracing board of the Freemasons as well as the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, where they have nothing whatsoever to do with Christianity.



It is with the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card that the association of these four faces with signs of the Zodiac becomes somewhat more obvious.

On the Waite card shown, though not necessarily on others, there are also four winged creatures in the corners of the card, representing the symbols of the four Evangelists (The Lion, the Ox, the Man and the Eagle). These four Evangelists are also represented by the four fixed astrological signs: LeoTaurusAquarius and Scorpio.  —Wikipedia, Wheel of Fortune (Tarot card)

The biblical effort to highjack the symbolic meaning of these four faces is unfortunate. Ezekiel lived long before Christ Jesus was born. His inspiration was doubtless some ancient knowledge he acquired while in exile in Babylon.

Click EZEKIEL for the full-size, high-resolution Wikipedia image

Ezekiel on the ceiling of the Sistine Chapel in the Vatican between 1508 to 1512, fresco, restored. (credit Wikipedia)

I believe this is precisely why Michelangelo painted Ezekiel looking behind himself on the Sistine Chapel ceiling. I think this knowledge is profoundly old. This should come as no surprise in a universe that is billions of years old,

The relationship between what English-speaking humans refer to as the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio is universal knowledge that transcends both time and space. I suspect very strongly that it is considered essential knowledge throughout the galaxy by countless species.  It is what all intelligent beings have in common. And most importantly of all, the relationship between the Fibonacci sequence and the golden ratio suggests very strongly that the creative force and hence the very fabric of the universe is mental, not material. If that is so, then men live beyond the grave. But I am getting ahead of myself.


Here is a summary of the order in which these four faces are used translated into signs of the Zodiac.

I am no little intrigued that of the nineteen Christian personages mentioned above, only one got the order of the signs of the zodiac correct.


He is listed in Wikipedia as “Pseudo-Athanasius (c. 350).” Who is this man? Who dared to do what the Freemasons would not even do on the Royal Arch tracing board? Some day when I finish these 108 pages, assuming that happens before the end, I look forward to acquainting myself with this man. Is “pseudo-Athanasius” and Athanasius one and the same? I find it hard to believe so because I think the homoousion (“Jesus is God”) people—of whom Athanasius was the champion—can’t read (“I go unto the Father: for my Father is greater than I”). On the other hand Arius was wrong to say “were He in the truest sense a son, He must have come after the Father, therefore the time obviously was when He was not, and hence He was a finite being.” The simple truth is the First Council of Nicea was a false dichotomy. The problem was the inability of anyone present to separate the man Jesus from the office of the Christ. Mrs. Eddy says, “The Christ dwelt forever an idea in the bosom of God, the divine Principle of the man Jesus…” (S&H, p.29:26-28).



Mesopotamian Chaos Monster and Sun God (credit Wikipedia). Images such as this doubtless inspired Ezekiel to encode his meaning into half-man, half-animal creatures.

What is the correct order of Ezekiel’s faces? The twelves signs of the Zodiac are divided into three groups of four which are known as the cardinal, fixed, and mutable signs. Ezekiel’s faces are the “fixed signs,” but this is so much astrological nonsense.

I am of the considerable opinion that the Greek pantheon and modern astrology are the earliest efforts of the Pythagoreans (the progeny of Jove in their day) to obfuscate our real history, in this case the fact that the planets were thought to be Gods because they were much closer to Earth and loomed large in the sky. In other words, they are seeking to hide the fact that the solar system was reconfigured in the not too distant past.

Why? Why go to all that trouble? I hope you are actually asking this question and not just reading. The answer is that they are laying the groundwork for uniformitarianism (a.k.a. gradualism). They want to hide the catastrophic nature of the planet on which we live. And why do they want to hide our catastrophic past? Because they have known since at least 600 B.C. that something far worse is about to happen and they want to lull us to sleep.

Nothing, I repeat nothing contributes more to the hypnotic state of man more than the belief that nothing ever changes, at lest not within the timescale of a human life.

The belief that dramatic changes occur only over millions and billions of years makes our lives seem inconsequential in comparison. Darwin was their boy. These people are brilliant, consummate planners, so much so that I often think they must be working with an alien species that has a much longer lifespan than humans presently do because I don’t see how they could so skillfully execute such an elaborate plan having the same lifespan as the people being deceived. It is a feat that never ceases to amaze me. Astrology as a nonsensical replacement for astronomy was an important part of this deception. As sweeping as a deliberate deception astrology may seem to be, it is no different than what happened with all of the giant skeletons found in the U.S.A. 1000 years later that have mysteriously disappeared at the Smithsonian. Do you ever wonder why no one in a position of power demands that the Smithsonian account for those skeletons?

So let’s forget the “fixed sign” nonsense. Okay? What we do know is that the order of the Zodiac is unchanged since the days of Ezekiel.

      1. Aries (Aries.svg)
      2. Taurus (Taurus.svg)
      3. Gemini (Gemini.svg)
      4. Cancer (Cancer.svg)
      5. Leo (Leo.svg)
      6. Virgo (Virgo.svg)
      7. Libra (Libra.svg)
      8. Scorpio (Scorpio.svg)
      9. Sagittarius (Sagittarius.svg)
      10. Capricorn (Capricorn.svg)
      11. Aquarius (Aquarius.svg)
      12. Pisces (Pisces.svg)

There is no apparent reason for Ezekiel to single out these four constellations. So let’s look at the sequence. There is 2, 5, 8, and 11. Can you see what he is encoding? It has nothing to do with the Zodiac or constellations. He is just using the sequential numbers of the Zodiac to encode some numbers. They just need to be rearranged slightly.

1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8

Where did I get the three from? That is the beauty of using the signs of the Zodiac to encode the Fibonacci sequence. Three of the faces are animals. One is a human. Ezekiel 10 is a sophisticated encoding of the Fibonacci sequence. And so is the Royal Arch tracing board, the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card, the title page of the King James Bible, which by the way also encodes 666 (see 666 on the Title Page of the King James Bible for a discussion), and of course the Book of Revelation, which was written by the Phrygians who were the progeny of Jove in their day.

So what does all of this have to do with the 33.69° angle in a 2:3 aspect ratio rectangle? In this case, the four faces of Ezekiel is the 2:3 aspect ratio rectangle. Both are symbols used to convey a message of solidarity and camaraderie with those who recognize the highly special nature of the knowledge these symbols convey. The same is equally true for 23, 33, 322, and 666. They all carry essentially the same meaning. 23 is used by Hollywood, 33 by the Freemasons, 322 by the Illuminati.

66 and 666 are special cases. They are used to taunt the religious minded. The progeny of Jove are mortal enemies of the Jews and detest Christians. But their God is no “Lucifer.” Essentially, they worship numbers, but “numerology” is a grossly misleading term in this sense. Please stop now and take the time to read The Divine Essence (Golden Spiral and Sacred Number 216).




Keystone from the central tympanum of the Royal portal to Chartres Cathedral

The Royal Arch Keystone

Nowadays, the progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc.) openly mock the masses of humanity. In times past they did so quietly by building cathedrals for the Catholic church. These were the days of alchemy.

What you see here to the left is the keystone from the central tympanum of the Royal portal to Chartres Cathedral. I believe it corresponds to this



It was first catalogued by the Greek astronomer Ptolemy in the 2nd century. At the time, it was known simply as Corona.

Corona Borealis lies between the constellations Boötes and Hercules and represents the crown of Ariadne, daughter of King Minos in Greek mythology, who helped the hero Theseus kill the Minotaur and find his way out of the labyrinth in which the creature lived.

Corona Borealis contains the famous Blaze Star (T Coronae Borealis), a recurrent nova














The 69 Remainder in 33.69° and “69 aware” Corporate Logos






The keystone, 69, lets in the light.



In Vedic astrology the sign is named Karka and its Lord is Moon.  —Wikipedia, Cancer (constellation)

History Cancer is said to have been the place for the Akkadian Sun of the South, perhaps from its position at the summer solstice in very remote antiquity. But afterwards it was associated with the fourth month Duzu (June–July in the modern western calendar), and was known as the Northern Gate of Sun.[citation needed] Showing but few stars, and its brightest stars being of only 4th magnitude, Cancer was often considered the “Dark Sign”, quaintly described as black and without eyes. Dante, alluding to this faintness and position of heavens, wrote in Paradiso: “ Then a light among them brightened, So that, if Cancer one such crystal had, Winter would have a month of one sole day. ” Cancer was the location of the Sun’s most northerly position in the sky (the summer solstice) in ancient times, though this position now occurs in Taurus due to the precession of the equinoxes, around June 21. This is also the time that the Sun is directly overhead at 23.5°N, a parallel now known as the Tropic of Cancer.[1]


declination is 33

ends september 23




When this line of latitude was named in the last centuries BC, the Sun was in the constellation Cancer(Latin for crab) at the June solstice, the time each year that the Sun reaches its zenith at this latitude. Due to the precession of the equinoxes, this is no longer the case; today the Sun is in Taurus at the June solstice. The word “tropic” itself comes from the Greek “trope (τροπή)”, meaning turn (change of direction, or circumstances), inclination, referring to the fact that the Sun appears to “turn back” at the solstices.


Map all coordinates using: OpenStreetMap
Download coordinates as: KML · GPX

The Tropic of Cancer’s position is not fixed, but constantly changes because of a slight wobble in the Earth’s longitudinal alignment relative to its orbit around the Sun. Earth’s axial tilt varies over a 41,000 year period from 22.1 to 24.5 degrees and currently resides at about 23.4 degrees. This wobble means that the Tropic of Cancer is currently drifting southward at a rate of almost half an arcsecond (0.468″) of latitude, or 15 metres, per year (it was at exactly 23° 27′N in 1917 and will be at 23° 26’N in 2045).[2] See axial tilt and circles of latitude for further information.  —Wikipedia, Tropic of Cancer




I believe whoever designed (or redesigned) the Google Chrome logo is aware of this remainder because of all of the myriad number of corporate logos that incorporate some form of 66 or 666, Google’s is one of the few that could be seen to include the 69 is this remainder.

Cern’s logo has a similar design. Corporate logos are the subject of the 322 and Corporate Logos section below.


The thing to notice here is that you must use the quotient .666 (repeating) from O ÷ A in order to arrive at 33°. This is what unites 23, 666, and 33. 


The “69 remainder” logo pattern is remarkably used over and over again. I think once a logo designer is made aware of the 69 remainder, the temptation to use it in the logo design is just too great. Here are some more examples to close out this section.