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Rectrices (tail flight feathers)
The rectrices or tail flight feathers are mainly concerned with stability and control. They are used as a rudder, helping to steer and balance the bird and allow the bird to twist and turn in flight. These feathers also act as a brake for landing.  –”Feathers and flight,” Science Learning Hub

Now is not the time for infighting

First I must tell you I have never been comfortable with this page. I lack a certain conviction The Nine really exist or are wishful thinking on my part. I just know the tunnels in Colorado are going to fail. I cannot explain why to your satisfaction. It involves the whole of me. All I can say is that this has been the message I carried from the start. It really has nothing to do with religion. It is all about July 23, 2012. Trust me when I say my account of what happened that day on page № 100. Madman Across the Water (the author) is ultra-conservative. It lasted for months. I wrote a fuller account on one of these pages a couple of days ago. It lasted a few hours before I realized I cannot convey the reality of what happened back then.  Trying to explain it in detail is akin to relating what happened the day I encountered ET. It drives people away and I have something important to say. And so I must remain mute on these subjects.

I am treading on sacred ground now. I fully realize this, gentlemen, and pray to God for the right words. The date is November 14, 2019. This morning was most unusual. I started by pacing back and forth outside in the cold mumbling to myself, earnestly searching for the truth, whether or not the daily communications I have been receiving around 5:00 AM each morning for the past couple of weeks could possibly be a product of my imagination. I deliberated over this problem until I was satisfied that it was mathematically impossible for me to be mistaken about this. I am being helped. Nevertheless, I decided that I would demand one more such communication. It was not only awaiting me when I sat down to my computer, but the substance of the communication was astounding. And whoever sent it revealed his allegiances. It was not who I expected, though it makes sense now. I expected it was the progeny of Jove. It was in one sense in that I regard the men who founded this country and the European Illuminati who took control of it in 1865 to be the progeny of Jove. I imagine some controlling faction I call The Nine as having deliberately ceded control to the madmen in Colorado to do what I think of as the “dirty work” of the end time after the Founding Fathers and men of similar character lent a solemnity to the country as a whole. But what if I am wrong? What if there is only the Freemasons of yore, because that is most certainly who is communicating to me, and the people responsible for September 11, 2001? What if there is no God?


And so now I must quote the eternal bard, “There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes it so.” I do not wish to become enmeshed in this fight. It is important that my thinker remains neutral. I carry a higher message to all involved. Those of us on the surface must follow the command of Christ Jesus to “flee to the mountains.” I have no delusions about my chances for survival. I ask only of God to see what is about to happen. In short, I would gladly trade my life to witness it. The European Illuminati, and let us get to the point here, the Germans, have their DEN, Vault Profound, tomb, whatever you want to call it. Magnanimity is all I ask of them. If I learned anything from the countless fights of my youth, it is not to kick a man who is down. So I prayed and named this section “Now is not the time for infighting.” But I tell you of a truth, who is “down” in these end times is a matter of perspective


I am just going to pour my heart out now. That we have this discussion in public is of little concern to me. They are asleep. Few know this as well as I do. There is something I want to say. I could not write more this evening because I have been pushing myself to the extreme both here on my computer at home and at work. My domestic partner pleads with me to try to get more sleep, but my mental acuity these past couple of weeks has been astounding, even for me. I am firing on all twelve cylinders, and I doubt even among you that more than one in a thousand can know what this means.  You may think I am excited about all of this. I am not. What engages my mind the most for the last couple of days is the realization that the Voyager satellites more so than anything else right now speaks to the timing of this event, that we are “at the doors” as Christ Jesus said.


Matthew 24:33
so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.


I need to discuss this in the section entitled How Close are We to the End? on page № 19. The End Time (or “When shall these things be?”) and will take the time to do so tomorrow. But even that pails in significance to the day I was reading Luke 21:11 in George M. Lamsa’s translation from the Aramaic of the Peshitta and discovered that it included “the winters will be severe.” I discuss this on page № 21. Luke 21:11 “and the winters will be severe”. And that, gentlemen, with all due respect and in the greatest of humility, involved none of you.


The cold is upon us even now.


There really was not a single reference to this on the entire Internet at the time, and I am highly skilled at searching with Google. So if you want to know what excites me, try to imagine how I felt that day. It was comparable only to the day I discover Mrs. Eddy’s well-hidden warning about the coming axial tilt in my religious textbook. I do not care for physical presence. It is always trouble for me. I live in thought. So while I am grateful for feeling as if I am not alone for the first time in my life, I must remind everyone that I do not fear these Germans for several reasons. I am one of them for starters. For them to hurt me would be to expose the truth about their wretched souls. But more importantly, this is not a word game for me. I am “all in” as they say. I fear no one. Now I am going to say something that has never passed my lips before. And here I am speaking directly to the men who sent me a confirmation message about the Civil War this morning. Follow the command of Christ Jesus. Figure out the day if you do not already know it, and meet me on Monjeau because I have this promise from the Father; whoever is within the sound of my voice on the “day of the Lord” shall live. I don’t care what that sounds like to the casual reader. I am speaking to the AF AM. If in fact it is not possible to survive on the surface, ET will descend from the “heavens” and rescue us. I think that is why they landed. Our brief encounter was an assurance that a higher intelligence is watching over us. He was one of them, and so they will know where to find us. And I can’t help but think when I see all these waterspouts that they are here in overwhelming force, exactly as the Bible assures us. His “angels” if you will. I have seen myself in a vision on the command deck of one of their ships. We will not die. Those who obey his voice on the “day of the Lord” are the 144,000, not the NAZI remnant in Golden, Colorado. Telling you this, speaking these words, is the only way I know how to say thank you. By God I have a couple of more years to perfect this website, and the only thing that will keep me from having his entire flock on that mountain top will be the progeny of Jove blocking access to it. And here I say with the sternest of resolve, “I testify unto every man that heareth the words of this book, if any man shall add unto these things, God shall add unto him the plagues that are written in this book.” I know the difference between reality and delusion, and I tell you with my whole heart that is where he wants us.




…the great initiate-philosophers of Freemasonry can be counted upon one’s fingers

– Manly P. Hall (“Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins“)







The Nine in the Indian Vedas

Very important! See Vedas video on page № 105. My YouTube Library







A Different Nine

See also Founding of the Knights Templer in 1118 AD

Precisely 900 years before the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar on December 16, 2018, nine men founded the Knights Templar. If you think that is a coincidence or “confirmation bias,” I will gladly be your madman.

“The legendary ‘Knights Templar’ Order was first established in 1118 AD by nine French knights”

—FOUNDING ORIGINS OF THE “KNIGHTS TEMPLAR” ORDER from The Order of the Temple of Solomon website





The Movie “9” was released September 9, 2009 (all nines). You’ll want to watch this.

The Third Entity (or The Nine)

I postulate the existence of a third entity apart from the secret societies, Illuminati, and even the Unnamed Entity (well-hidden behind need-to-know clearances that controls the government and military of the United States of America). This I imagine is a self-perpetuating body of nine individuals who I refer to simply as The Nine. This controlling body knows much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the Master Plan discussed below. It is The Nine and the Master Plan that assures continuity through the ages. This is what distinguishes them from the secret societies and the Illuminati. They are in control of everything. They are the ones who ultimately decide who survives the coming axial tilt. They have spoon fed an entirely fabricated reality to the masses. Everything we think we know, including especially our history, is a construct not unlike the one portrayed in the Matrix movie. They orchestrated the mathematical insanity of modern-day academia and mainstream science. Global warming is theirs. Everything. It is all one grand design. And they are consummate planners.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Assuming they exist, are The Nine good or evil? This is a deeply philosophical question. Their vision of the future is encapsulated in the Walt Disney movie “Tomorrowland.” But they are savage and brutal. In order to achieve their goals, they have overseen a population explosion the overwhelming majority of whom now must die. But stop and think for a minute. I mean really imagine yourself in possession of the sure knowledge that the solar system is about to reconfigure itself and that when this happens once every Great Year the overwhelming majority of mankind die and we are thrust back into a primitive state so that this cycle of destruction continues in perpetuity and is the cause of mankind’s amnesia.

While I am compelled to tell their side of this story, I fault the progeny of Jove for killing the Christ and more generally for keeping knowledge of the coming destruction secret. Had they taken a different tack, had they told everyone from the beginning what they knew, it is self-evident that we could have been off the planet by now. Yes, still untold millions would have been left behind to die, but how is that any different from the savageness of wars fought and the pestilence used to throttle down the population or the pettiness of the lives untold generations have lived in utter darkness?

What would you do? How far would you go to save mankind? Here is the painful question, if what must be done means that many generations must suffer and die never realizing their full potential, does that matter in comparison to what can be accomplished if the knowledge and technology to get us off this planet survives? Watch the movie “Tomorrowland” before you answer because that is what is at stake. Either we begin again in caves or we have thousands of years of paradise in which to colonize another planet. In this light, perhaps no sacrifice is too great.





A scene from the Tomorrowland movie. From a distance, Tomorrowland looks a lot like Oz did.

The Master Plan

The progeny of Jove are consummate, brilliant planners if nothing else.

This controlling body of this entity, which I call the Nine, know much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the master plan. Some elements of that masterplan are self-evident.

  • KEEPING THE MASSES IN THE DARK: For thousands of years, the mass of humanity has been kept in the dark for one reason and for one reason only, so that at the end time they would suspect nothing. This is critical in order to maintain control in the closing days of this age. Thousands of years ago it meant killing everyone who knew or might have knowledge of the end time to keep it from spreading. Nowadays it means owning all of the mainstream media to control what the masses know. Remaining hidden while always acquiring more knowledge and an increasingly sophisticated level of technology has been greatly facilitated by keeping the masses as ignorant as possible.
  • BUILDING A NEW EMPIRE TO RIVAL ROME’S GLORY: We live in an entirely fabricated world. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. The United States of American (“us”) and in particular the state of Colorado have been on the drawing boards for at least a millennia and quite possibly longer. The uniqueness of the Pikes Peak Batholith (the “Vault Profound“) is unparalleled in the world. The land was deliberately left unspoiled. Strangely enough in the centuries before being colonized, the U.S.A., some of the finest land in the world, was largely unpopulated. Was this by accident or by design? I would not be so quick to answer that question. We know from the work of Carl Munck that a people who were highly mathematically literate once populated the land. What happened to them? If they were obliterated, who did it? “Manifest destiny” and a land largely unsettled was necessary to accumulate all of the landmass required to build that most powerful empire since Roman times.
  • BUILDING “THE VAULT PROFOUND”: Trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been siphoned off to build the underground tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. Doubtless, some of the profits from CIA drug sales were also used.
  • HARVESTING THE MINDS OF A HIGHLY CONTROLLED POPULATION EXPLOSION: This knowledge is being stored in the patent databases of the world but primarily in the Wikipedias of the world. Formerly, it was kept in Encyclopedias and dictionaries. All of this material is being carefully preserved for future generations. In fact, I am quite convinced that the Wikipedia’s as they existed at the time of the planet’s destruction will become important archeological records in the future sn and regards as software museums.
  • DECIDING WHO SURVIVES: I wish I knew how they are doing this. 23andMe® and AncestryDNA™ may be an important part of the process. This “Privacy Is an Illusion: Watch Before Taking a DNA Test” from the reallygraceful YouTube channel is interesting.








interlocking cogs

Their Knowledge is from the Last World

Here is a most solemn question everyone must ask in the quietness of their own mind. If this planet is subject to clockwork destructions, did a handful of people survive from the last world who fully understand what is happening? Such a body of men would face what I call Mankind’s Dilemma. When the world is new again and the next destruction thousands of years off in the distant future, perpetuating this body of knowledge is paramount. But as the time draws nigh, other considerations must take precedence. This explains why, for example, in our world about 600 BC knowledge of the coming destruction was widespread. Now things are quite different. Now we are “right at the door” and only a handful of people probably know exactly what is about to happen.



…MERGE THESE TWO…possibly move some of the material to the top of No. 26 planet reconfiguration

Mankind’s Dilemma

Main ArticleMatthew 24:15-18 (the last sign before the end)

Here then is mankind’s dilemma. The knowledge of what is about to happen must be perpetuated. Our individual lifespans are way too short to rely solely on passing the information along from one generation to the next. Such a chain is too easily broken. We cannot face this level of destruction unawares. Thus we have units of measurement, sacred numbers, the Zodiac, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, the Great Pyramid of Giza, Matthew 24 (Joshua gave his life primarily for this reason), Carl Munck’s “The Code,” Easter Island, the Nazca Lines, Stonehenge, and many other vessels of knowledge (all of which will be discussed in detail on this website) intended to warn us of the pending destruction of the world. Without these, relying solely on secret societies to perpetuate the knowledge, it could be lost, leaving mankind blind to the reality that confronts us even now.

But no matter how subtly this knowledge is conveyed through the ages, it is invariably exposed to lesser mortals, those who can imagine no higher purpose for it than self-aggrandizement.

First and foremost among them in our generation is the Bush family of the United States of America. They imagine themselves more intelligent than other human beings simply because they know what is about to happen. But families such as this are only the tip of the iceberg. Beneath them is a plethora of pathological individuals who are in control of the government and military of the United States of America.

Now I am not talking about your average politician or soldier, who are just as likely as not to be altruistically motivated. I am talking about the Unnamed Entity well-hidden behind need-to-know clearances. I am talking about the progeny of Jove in the present, a breed of men who have specific knowledge of the end times. Does such knowledge exist?  As related on my home page, Lucius Annaeus Seneca (Seneca the Younger) says in Naturales quaestiones. That there exists “a definite date for the conflagration and the deluge.” Here there are two points you must fully grasp in order to understand the world in which you live. The first is that this knowledge is more corrupting than any other power obtainable. It is what makes “beasts” of these lesser mortals. Greed and avarice is not the limit to their pathologies. Believing us to be the walking dead, they have made sexually molesting and lately even sacrificing our children a rite of passage. The second point is equally as important to grasp. Everything they do, including even this, is highly predictable. Any inspired thinker could look down the ages to the end times and know beyond any shadow of a doubt that these lesser mortals (what are sometimes called the Illuminati) would derail any long-term plans made by the ancients and use this knowledge for their own self-preservation, no matter what the cost.

That in the last days these lesser mortals armed with precise knowledge of the end times would be in control of the machinery of state in the New Babylon (the United States of America) and the underground tunnel systems built for the survival of mankind was always highly predictable.

There is a third point that is important to grasp. The work that had to be done in the last century or two was essentially brutal in nature. The planned population explosion for the sake of building the patent databases and Wikipedias of the world required a mechanism to throttle it back if and when necessary. This mechanism is manifold but includes endless wars, pestilence (from the bubonic plague to cancer), and genocide (native Americans including the Mayans and “Indians” and the Jews in WWII). Such work requires pathological individuals. It is easy to breed such men. Give them money and a sure knowledge of the end times, wait for a few generations while they inbreed, and presto chango what you have created is a monster, or what the author of Revelation called the “beast.” A necessary evil? Well, that’s a deeply philosophical question. What price are you willing to pay to save the technology we have acquired so that we can jumpstart mankind in the new world to come? If you succeed, we will doubtless get off this defective planet and populate a new one. Can you see what is at stake? It is not a question for someone with delicate sensibilities. Essentially, untold millions have been sacrificed and generation upon generation has been kept in the dark for the sale of the master plan discussed below.

In order to fully grasp what is happening now, you must realize that the very people who are molesting our children and who image themselves demigods with tickets to Tomorrowland (you really must watch this movie) are in reality minions who designated task is to safeguard our technology by stockpiling it in the granite tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. They will die in those tunnels because many thousands of years ago The Nine, who watch over them for the sake of mankind’s future, devised an elaborate deathtrap for them, the front door of which is the Denver International Airport (DIA), which the beast likes to think of as a DEN. To be blunt, these are not the Pythagoreans or Freemasons of yore. These are an entirely different breed of men who are not worthy for the perpetuation of the species. Their DNA is exactly what must be surgically removed from the gene pool. They are not only pathological but inbred. And they lack the genetic diversity required to assure mankind’s future. They were necessary to carry out last minute tasks but they are exactly the opposite of what you would want in terms of genetics to perpetuate the race. So how exactly is this dilemma solved? How does the deathtrap work? I believe I know that answer. But first, let’s talk about “The Nine.”




Research Notes


According to Indian scriptures, letter 9 corresponds to Lord Brahma (the Creator of the universe)


Obliteration of the Elongated Skulls and mayans in the know (find writeup elsewhere)


Nine Mayan gods




It follows from these two things that there must be a third entity, one preeminently dedicated to the survival of mankind and who devised the elaborate deathtrap in Colorado. One of their most sacred duties would be to exterminate the pathological individuals in control of this world and who are described in the following section.

bit and pieces cut from elsewhere…

It is the sure knowledge of what is to come that turns them into “beasts” of Revelation. No matter how altruistic they imagine themselves to be, their methods are barbaric beyond description, and for that very reason doomed to failure.

What is at stake here is and always has been who controls the granite tunnels in Colorado, what I call “The Vault Profound. The Freemasons did the groundwork. The Illuminati inherited all of their work after they won the Civil War.”