The Third Entity (The Nine) and their Deathtrap for the Illuminati



Nine Tail Feathers

Rectrices (tail flight feathers)
The rectrices or tail flight feathers are mainly concerned with stability and control. They are used as a rudder, helping to steer and balance the bird and allow the bird to twist and turn in flight. These feathers also act as a brake for landing.  –”Feathers and flight,” Science Learning Hub


Somewhere on this planet is a council of nine men (and possibly women) who control the destiny of mankind. They fully anticipated the rise of the Illuminati in the end times. I believe The Nine are in Australia.


Book of RevelationAnd I believe the Book of Revelation was written by one of The Nine. It may or may not be Christian, but it was most certainly written by someone who genuinely cares for humanity.


…the great initiate-philosophers of Freemasonry can be counted upon one’s fingers  — Manly P. Hall (“Rosicrucian and Masonic Origins“)






The Original Nine

See also Founding of the Knights Templer in 1118 AD

Precisely 900 years before the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar on December 16, 2018, nine men founded the Knights Templar. If you think that is a coincidence or “confirmation bias,” I will gladly be your madman.

“The legendary ‘Knights Templar’ Order was first established in 1118 AD by nine French knights”

—FOUNDING ORIGINS OF THE “KNIGHTS TEMPLAR” ORDER from The Order of the Temple of Solomon website






The Movie “9” was released September 9, 2009 (all nines). You’ll want to watch this.

The Third Entity (or The Nine)

I postulate the existence of a third entity apart from the secret societies, Illuminati, and even the Unnamed Entity (well-hidden behind need-to-know clearances that controls the government and military of the United States of America). This I imagine is a self-perpetuating body of nine individuals who I refer to simply as The Nine. This controlling body knows much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the Master Plan discussed below. It is The Nine and the Master Plan that assures continuity through the ages. This is what distinguishes them from the secret societies and the Illuminati. They are in control of everything. They are the ones who ultimately decide who survives the coming axial tilt. They have spoon fed an entirely fabricated reality to the masses. Everything we think we know, including especially our history, is a construct not unlike the one portrayed in the Matrix movie. They orchestrated the mathematical insanity of modern-day academia and mainstream science. Global warming is theirs. Everything. It is all one grand design. And they are consummate planners.

“There is nothing either good or bad, but thinking makes it so.”

Assuming they exist, are The Nine good or evil? This is a deeply philosophical question. Their vision of the future is encapsulated in the Walt Disney movie “Tomorrowland.” But they are savage and brutal. In order to achieve their goals, they have overseen a population explosion the overwhelming majority of whom now must die. But stop and think for a minute. I mean really imagine yourself in possession of the sure knowledge that the solar system is about to reconfigure itself and that when this happens once every Great Year the overwhelming majority of mankind die and we are thrust back into a primitive state so that this cycle of destruction continues in perpetuity and is the cause of mankind’s amnesia.

While I am compelled to tell their side of this story, I fault the progeny of Jove for killing the Christ and more generally for keeping knowledge of the coming destruction secret. Had they taken a different tack, had they told everyone from the beginning what they knew, it is self-evident that we could have been off the planet by now. Yes, still untold millions would have been left behind to die, but how is that any different from the savageness of wars fought and the pestilence used to throttle down the population or the pettiness of the lives untold generations have lived in utter darkness?

What would you do? How far would you go to save mankind? Here is the painful question, if what must be done means that many generations must suffer and die never realizing their full potential, does that matter in comparison to what can be accomplished if the knowledge and technology to get us off this planet survives? Watch the movie “Tomorrowland” before you answer because that is what is at stake. Either we begin again in caves or we have thousands of years of paradise in which to colonize another planet. In this light, perhaps no sacrifice is too great.



Piezoelectricity is being rather ignorantly discussed as “physio-electricity” on the Internet in discussions concerning the Great Pyramid of Giza. I sometimes look around me in disgust and wish I had a different venue.



The “G” is for granite. This is a granite tunnel protecting the progeny of Jove from the consequence of Sirius, the “blazing star” behind the capital letter G.

The “Vault Profound” is a Deathtrap

The “G” in Freemasonry, though this fact may be unknown to the Freemasons of today, stands for granite. Here it is displayed inside a tunnel. The blazing star behind the G is Sirius. This is a deathtrap. The thought behind the granite tunnels is simple. When the planet starts to rock and roll during the reconfiguration and subsequent axial tilt, including all the megatsunamis, mega earthquakes, and volcanoes, whereas would you want to be other than inside of a vessel made of one of the hardest substances on the planet? You may shake, raddle, and roll but nothing is strong enough to break your vessel. The self-evident truth of this statement is the sheer age of the granite batholiths in Colorado. They are over a billion years old. How can you go wrong inside of a structure that has survived a billion years intact?

The problem here is one of precedence. The progeny of Jove think they have upgraded from the soft volcanic ash rock (tuff) of the underground cities used by the Phrygians in Anatolia or the underground cities used by the Egyptians that were carved into the limestone underneath the Giza plateau. The progeny of Jove know their own heritage. Their progenitors survived the catastrophes of their day in these underground cities. Theirs is made of granite. Granite is harder than tuff and limestone.  How can they go wrong? If you are not familiar with piezoelectricity, please watch this short introductory video entitled “How to squeeze electricity out of crystals – Ashwini Bharathula” from the TED-Ed YouTube channel:


Granite is piezoelectric

It’s always what you don’t see coming that hurts the most. In this case, no one can see piezoelectricity.  However, the ancients were well aware of this property of granite. It’s deadly.

And “The Nine” know it.

The “Unnamed Entity” does not.

There are two pressures that will be applied to the granite batholith in Colorado. The first is the hydrostatic pressure of the Pacific Ocean as it rolls across the Rocky Mountains following an axial tilt. This immense pressure is also going to result in a Yellowstone supervolcano eruption of some magnitude. How big is another question, but that there is some level of eruption because those huge magma chambers are going to be hit like a punching bag.

I wish I could say it will be a slow death, but nothing could be further from the truth. I believe this surge in amperage will instantly kill every living thing in those tunnels but preserve the technology. No amount of shielding could save them from the amperes that will be generated by such a huge block of granite under the weight of an incalculable amount of seawater. They’re dead. They just don’t know it yet. If there is any justice to all of this, no one will ever notice. Their corpses will be lost to history. Their names completely forgotten. 

How old is this deathtrap? I have thought about this for a long time. For me there is only one answer. The granite batholith in Colorado was well known to the civilization that thrived before 9500 BC when Proto-Saturn exploded. The very same people who have carried forward precise knowledge of this cycle of destruction we call the Ekpyrosis knew to dig into soft stone for their survival in both Egypt and Anatolia. I think this knowledge dates back to a time when the gods reigned in what David Talbott calls the Polar Configuration. What makes this a deathtrap or “rat trap” is that the Egyptians did know about piezoelectricity. They used it to generate electricity. Please watch the following vide

“This HUGE 5000 Year Old Secret Has Finally Been Solved” from the Matrix Wisdom YouTube channel:


Somewhere along the line this knowledge was suppressed and not allowed to resurface again until the end of the last century. Too late. The Freemasons had already claimed Colorado as their own. They rediscovered this billion-year-old batholith following instructions that were preserved for thousands of years. Nothing was going to stop this plan from unfolding. In short, they have dug their own graves. It has to be this way. See also The “lake of fire burning with brimstone”.



Further Reading

If you squeeze a block of granite hard enough, it becomes a battery.  — The Economist

What we have here is, in fact, a battery with electrons flowing out from the stressed rock volume through the pistons into the external circuit and reentering the unstressed rock along the edges. A current through the external circuit implies a current of the same magnitude through the rock.  — Earth Science: New Methods and Studies


Pre-earthquake signals – Part I: Deviatoric stresses turn rocks into a source of electric currents

I love the title of this one from the NY Times…

Study Says Tapping of Granite Could Unleash Energy Source

You may also want to do a Google search on pholes (positive holes) and deviatoric stress






The progeny of Jove are consummate planners if nothing else.


The Master Plan

This controlling body of this entity, which I call the Nine, know much more than 33° Freemasons did in their day or the Illuminati of today. They are the custodians of the master plan. Some elements of that masterplan are self-evident.

  • KEEPING THE MASSES IN THE DARK: For thousands of years the mass of humanity has been kept in the dark for one reason and for one reason only, so that at the end time they would suspect nothing. This is critical in order to maintain control in the closing days of this age. Thousands of years ago it meant killing everyone who knew or might have knowledge of the end time to keep it from spreading. Nowadays it means owning all of the mainstream media to control what the masses know. Remaining hidden while always acquiring more knowledge and a increasing sophisticate level of technology has been greatly facilitated by keeping the masses as ignorant as possible.
  • BUILDING A NEW EMPIRE TO RIVAL ROME’S GLORY: We live in a entirely fabricated world. Christopher Columbus did not discover America. The United States of American (“us”) and in particular the state of Colorado have been on the drawing boards for at least a millennia and quite possibly longer. The uniqueness of the Front Range batholith (the “Vault Profound“) is unparalleled in the world. The land was deliberately left unspoiled. Strangely enough in the centuries before being colonized, the U.S.A., some of the finest land in the world, was largely unpopulated. Was this by accident or by design? I would not be so quick to answer that question. We know from the work of Carl Munck that a people who were highly mathematically literate once populated the land. What happened to them? If they were obliterated, who did it? “Manifest destiny” and a land largely unsettled was necessary to accumulate all of the land mass required to build that most powerful empire since Roman times.
  • BUILDING “THE VAULT PROFOUND”: Trillions of U.S. taxpayer dollars have been siphoned off to build the underground tunnels in Colorado and throughout the Western United States. Doubtless some of the profits from CIA drug sales were also used.
  • HARVESTING THE MINDS OF A HIGHLY CONTROLLED POPULATION EXPLOSION: This knowledge is being stored in the patent databases of the world but primarily in the Wikipedias of the world. Formerly, it was kept in Encyclopedias and dictionaries. All of this material is being carefully preserved for future generations. In fact, I am quite convinced that the Wikipedia’s as they existed at the time of the planet’s destruction will become important archeological records in the future sn and regards as software museums.
  • DECIDING WHO SURVIVES: I wish I knew how they are doing this. 23andMe® and AncestryDNA™ may be an important part of the process. This “Privacy Is an Illusion: Watch Before Taking a DNA Test” from the reallygraceful YouTube channel is interesting.





Sidney, Australia is built on sandstone, not granite. I find it interesting that the Matrix was filmed underground in Australia. Are  the Wachowskis’ a new Stanley Kubrick?




This is the only place that will escape The Great Plan for Depopulation. That is why the progeny of Jove used it as a penal colony, to keep away the masses but also because the individuals sent there in the past  (the criminals) are on the whole better thinkers than their peers. This is precisely why an inordinate percentage of the cutting-edge scientists (think electric universe and plasma science) able to see through the mathematical insanity of mainstream science and academia are from that country.

This would also explain why it is impossibly expensive to emigrate to there now.



“Secret Underground Tunnels. True Stories of Australian People” from the Shaynee Michelle YouTube channel:


“Australian Underground Alien Base??” from the Anton Bowen YouTube channel:


Research Notes



According to Indian scriptures, letter 9 corresponds to Lord Brahma (the Creator of universe)


Obliteration of the Elongated Skulls and mayans in the know (find writeup elsewhere)


Nine Mayan gods




I speak frankly here because I need to alert the reader to the importance of understanding what I am about to say. I postulate the existence of the nine upon two things. One is that something was “inside” of me back in 2012-2013. It set me on this path, and from the very beginning, it came with the distinct message that the tunnels in Colorado are going to fail. Whether it be my personal insanity or not, I cannot say. But I have experienced telepathic thought. It is very real for me, and I must believe someone is sending this message. The second thing is that the rise of the “beast” in the Book of Revelation was inevitable. Any thinking individual could have seen this would happen. This is the point I elaborate in the following section. Please listen carefully.


It follows from these two things that there must be a third entity, one preeminently dedicated to the survival of mankind and who devised the elaborarte deathtrap in Colorado. One of their most sacred duties would be to exterminate the pathological individuals in control of this world and who are described in the following section.