№ 107. Highly-recommended News Sources

I am not affiliated with any of these sources

Everyday News

The following links are my ONLY news sources. Get your news from the following organizations:

  1. RT
  2. Russian Insider
  3. SOTT.net (Earth Changes and Fire in the Sky)
  4. The Watchers
  5. Truthstream Media
  6. Newsdeck (formerly Newsblok)
  7. The Epoch Times

Newsdeck is a wonderful collection of alternative news sources. Occasionally, I scan the headlines of the Huffington Post, but I want to stress I do this ONLY to see either what the mainstream media is covering or what they are NOT covering.


Natural Disasters

SOTT.net and The Watchers are the most important for following extreme weather events.

I highly recommended that you subscribe to the End Times Signs YouTube channel and watch SOTT.net’s monthly “Earth Changes” video to follow the ever-increasing number of daily natural disasters

Near-Earth Objects and Meteors (fireballs)

News Sources to Monitor for Near-Earth Objects and Meteors (Fireballs):

The Watchers: Near-Earth Objects
SOTT.net: Fire in the Sky

Spaceweather.com has the “All Sky Fireball Network” and “Near Earth Asteroids” towards the bottom of the page

Solar Wind, Sunspots, Coronal Holes, and GCRs

Monitor solar activity (solar wind speed, solar flares, the number of sunspots, and coronal holes) on spaceweather.com and the level of GCRs at the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station in Finland every day

I check the solar wind speed, the number of sunspots, and coronal holes on spaceweather.com versus the level of GCRs at the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station in Finland every morning and multiple times throughout the day. I have done this on a daily basis for years now. You should, too. It will help you start to understand what is happening to the planet.

From time-to-time, you may also want to check the “Sunspot Number Progression” chart (the top chart) on the NOAA Solar Cycle Progression page.


Monitor USGS earthquakes daily to that you begin to get the feel for what is normal:

1 Day, Magnitude 2.5+ Worldwide

1 Day, All Magnitudes Worldwide

You will soon start to notice a close connection between solar activity and earthquakes. For example, after a prolonged period of calm on the sun, a large Coronal Mass Ejection (CME) will always result in large earthquakes here on earth. Having learned this through observation only, I accurately predicted the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Mexico. By “large” I mean either a powerful CME such as an X-class or a long duration CME. Given what’s happening on the sun now, the latter is more probable to happen. The point is, what defines “large” is the quantity of plasma directed at the earth as a result of the CME.


I have yet to find a highly useable source to monitor volcanism. I need charts that provide historical context. That is what is missing everywhere I’ve looked. This information is becoming increasingly vital, so if you know of a good source for this information, PLEASE contact me.