№ 18. NASA Voyager, Gravity Probe B (GP-B), Hubble Space Telescope, Cassini Spacecraft, and ISS

PAGE STATUS: The idea even to create this page was relatively recent, and as soon as I did I expanded the list of NASA programs I think should be discussed. Not even the introductory paragraph was ever finished. I will say one thing, though. The idea that “nothing reveals precisely how close we are to the end time more so than the timing of the Voyager satellites” is a tightly held belief. But generally speaking, I think all of these NASA programs are designed to learn as much as possible about our Solar System right before one of these cyclic destructions of the planet for future generations to study. In that sense, the ISS can be thought of as an observation platform.
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NASA is a wholly-owned Subsidiary of the Progeny of Jove

NASA’s Voyager, Gravity Probe B (GP-B), and Cassini Spacecraft all have something immensely important in common. All three are designed to try to understand what happens to the planet Earth at this time. The Voyager probes are studying the space ahead of our Solar System. Gravity Probe B is studying the gravitational influence of the Sirius star system. And the Cassini spacecraft is studying Saturn, which in this context is best thought of as our former sun. All of this is an effort to better understand the cause of the cyclic destruction of the planet. 

The combined cost of these programs was to the taxpayers in the United States of America directly comparable to the blood, sweat, and tears of the Egyptian laborers who built the Great Pyramid of Giza.


) combination of the approach of the Sirius star system, a highly unusual area of space so electromagnetically charged that the effects of magnetohydrodynamics are going to liquify the outer core and outer mantle resulting in an earth crust displacement (which I prefer to characterize as an axial tilt because for someone on the surface of the planet there is no difference), and finally the movement of our solar system above and below the galactic plane, these, as I said, not fully understood influences on our planet and Solar System are going to reignite Saturn which will then regather her planets back into the polar configuration like a mother goose and her goslings.





I add the movement of our Solar System above and below the galactic plane for a number of reasons including the work of Dr. Paul LaViolette in relationship to the antiquity of the Zodiac and galactic center, the Maya Long Count calendar, and the work of a little-known man named Jamal S. Shrair.




Congratulations on having the perspicacity to open what might be the single most revealing page about the end time. Gravity Probe B and the Voyager satellites are closely related. Both are last-minute efforts to learn as much as possible about what is causing this cyclic destruction of the planet. In this sense, taken together they provide important evidence that the progeny of Jove do not know everything about the cause of the cyclic destruction of our planet.




Nothing reveals the End Time more so than the timing of the Voyager satellites

find all discussions about the space into which we are moving and either move them to hear or copy them


Voyager 2 reaches interstellar space: Scientists detect plasma density jump



You may think I am excited about all of this. I am not. What engages my mind the most for the last couple of days is the realization that the Voyager satellites more so than anything else right now speaks to the timing of this event, that we are “at the doors” as Christ Jesus said.


Matthew 24:33
so likewise ye, when ye shall see all these things, know that it is near, even at the doors.

launching the Voyager satellites in 1977 so that they would be ahead of the Heliosphere a few years before the end, enabling you to pass on to the next world knowledge more detailed knowledge about what causes this routine destruction of our planet,





Gravity Probe B (GPB)

Let us begin at the beginning and once and for all dispel the idiocy of the “spinning top” analogy.










The following National Geographic video is a good 6:22 minute overview of the Gravity Probe B experiment.


Now I want you to focus on these two clips


Okay, remember this (or you can always replay the clips). I do not recommend it, but feel obligated to included this video of the pre-launch press conference at NASA headquarters from the relgyro YouTube channel. I include it only for the sake of completeness.









April 20, 2004

About right now you are asking yourself, why am I looking at a picture of Adolf Hitler. What in the world could this possibly have to do with the possibility of our solar system being in a Binary relationship with the Sirius star system? Well, if you are coming here from a purely scientific background, I must ask your forbearance. You most certainly will be inclined to at least skip this section if not leave this website post-haste, but you would be profoundly mistaken.

April 20, 2004 is the date Gravity Probe B (GPB) was launched. It also reduces to 66. Here I need to add a note intended primarily for the progeny of Jove.


Had you not signed this work with such an outrageous date, not even I would have suspected that you were attempting to gather sufficient data to compute the orbital path of the Sirius star system in relation to our solar system.


The launch was planned for 19 April 2004 at Vandenberg Air Force Base but was scrubbed within 5 minutes of the scheduled launch window due to changing winds in the upper atmosphere. An unusual feature of the mission is that it only had a one-second launch window due to the precise orbit required by the experiment. On 20 April, at 9:57:23 AM PDT (16:57:23 UTC) the spacecraft was launched successfully. –Wikipedia (bold-red emphasis added)

The Guide Star


IM Pegasi 

Either way you had the entire Northern night sky from which to pick another star. Which of course means that IM Pegasi (read I’m Pegasi) must be just exploding with symbolism. Let’s see…

      • IM Pegasi is binary. What a coincidence!



“Members of the team originally thought the project would take about three years”

The Longest Experiment in History (over 40 years)

1962 applied to NASA for a grant of about a million dollars

Total cost was $750,000 for something the average American never heard of

Wikipedia here


















his wobbling is throughout the solar system, not just our planet. (Listen to Walter Cruttenden comments about Gravity Probe B (GP-B) at 3:58 minutes into ) Precession is speeding up because the Sun and Sirius clearly sometime in the past 12,000 years or so passed through apoapsis and are now beginning to travel towards each other. There is no wobble. As Mr. Cruttenden so elegantly explains, Precession is the consequence of Earth’s circular orbit around the center of gravity it shares with it’s binary dog (read God) star Sirius of which the Dogon (read No God) tribe has amazingly preserved the knowledge for some 5,000 years now.

The ancients were fully aware of the timing of all of this. In fact, the three pyramids on the Giza plateau do indeed mimic Orion’s belt. There is no mystery behind this. As today if you want to explain to someone how to find Sirius, you tell them to look for Orion’s belt because it points to Sirius. It is that simple.

If you doubt that the Sun can be in a binary relation with another star at 8.586 light years distance, then you do not understand that gravity is nearly instantaneous even at such distances. I understand your doubt, but please become a student of the Electric Universe team.

White dwarf stars Sirius B being similar in size to Earth it has almost the same mass as the sun, making it an incredibly dense object.


e brightest star in the Earth’s night sky. With a visual apparent magnitude of −1.46, it is almost twice as bright as



Sirius is a star system and Sirius A is the brightest star in the Earth’s night sky – twice as bright as Canopus, the next brightest star.


  • UFO.

CUT ‘N PASTE from the old “Trigger Mechanism” page

axial tilt, galactic superwaves on 216 cycle, solar hibernation as a consequence of binary relationship, GCRs







The Spinning Top

It boggles my mind that that the Gravity Probe B “scientists” completely overlooked this fact in their head “come hell or high water” devotion to their Father which art in Princeton, Albert Einstein. My God, they regarded the greatest proof that could ever be found that our solar system is in a binary relationship with the Sirius star system as “trash data” or “noise” and spent five years essentially trying to make this wonderful proof disappear. (replace with their actual language form the announcement video)


So-called “mainstream” science is being crushed under the weight of reality. Its days are numbered. I am starting to prefer the term popular science for popular and science should never being used in the same sentence more or less the same phrase.


Gravity Probe B proved the entire solar system is “wobbling” and that proof was completely ignored by popular science.


Nothing exposes the level of ignorance of popular science more than earth’s supposed “wobble” or the spinning top analogy. Combined with the pretentious “precession of the equinoxes” terminology (axial precession is the preferred term), that is the totality of their knowledge on this most profoundly important of topics.

Now not every one has used a spinning top. for the sake of those who have not, here is a nine second take from a YouTube video.

ForeverSpin Spinning Tops Review, Forget Everything You Know About Tops from the Toy, Gadget and Product Reviews by Dad Does YouTube Channel

The popular spinning top analogy fails on several levels. First off, axial “precession” is counter clockwise. But infinitely more important than this is the fact that it is the entire solar system that is “wobbling,” not just our planet.





Research Notes


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