Carl Munck

You cannot get the big picture of our past without this man. He is the creator of “The Code” which can be watched on YouTube. Carl Munck is an extraordinary and rare genius. It is only because of him that we know there was a unified, worldwide society of people before the 9500 BC event, and that both the Great Pyramid of Giza and the mounds in the United States of America were created by them.  This simply cannot be doubted because Carl Munck’s mathematics are infallible.



The Code (YouTube Videos)

The Code (all-in-one)

The Code (three parts corresponding to physical  CDs)

The Code (27 parts)


Rare glimpse of Carl Munck five years ago

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“THE CODE” OF CARL MUNCK AND ANCIENT GEMATRIAN NUMBERS, Part One (for coverage of Carl Munck’s newsletters, copies of which are no longer available)