№ 5. Stanley Kubrick and the Implausibility of the Apollo Program




A Concerted Effort to Counter the Rising Consciousness that Mankind has never left Low-Earth Orbit

The following image is inserted below every YouTube about the Apollo program. The obvious intent is to suggest that human beings actually left low-earth orbit a half a century ago at the height of one of the worst solar maximums ever. Doing so would have been suicide. Only an uniformed and uncaring public would believe the propaganda because we still cannot leave low-earth orbit. And if you cannot accept this basic truth, how in God’s name I am supposed to convince you that the world you live in is about to be utterly destroyed?



It’s obnoxious. I can tell you as a matter of fact that in the weeks and months after September 11, 2001, there was a concerted, centrally directed effort on the part of whoever perpetuated that domestic terrorist attack to discourage any thought that the government was somehow behind that attack. This effort took the form of individuals posing as citizens commenting on news websites. I spent a lot of time on the Internet at the time arguing the implausibility of what the public was being told. One of my arguments was that millions of people lived in the Washington Metropolitan Area, most of whom had cell phones capable of taking pictures, and yet not a single one of them managed to take a picture of a jumbo jet falling out of the sky. One of the men I debated for quite some time finally said (paraphrased), “May be we embarrassed getting caught with our pants down.” This comment was in regards to the Pentagon. I interpreted it as an bizarre appeal to my sense of patriotism as an excuse for firing a missle into that building.

I would suggest to you that given the ever increasing awareness that NASA lacked the technology to achieve a moon landing half a century ago and even today cannot leave low-earth orbit,



2001: A Space Odyssey was Stanley Kubrick practicing for the Faked Moon Landings

Get ready to learn a radical truth. Stanley Kubrick knew much more than most people realize. And he knew it sooner than most people believe. “2001: A Space Odyssey” was practice for faking the Apollo moon landings. He already knew then “what’s going to happen” (a quote from the end of the movie). None of his subsequent movies come as close to him revealing the truth of what is about to happen. Of course, I am referring to The Shinning, which got him killed. But long before that

Stanley Kubrick planted a few bombshells in 2001: A Space Odyssey including a United States flag waving inside of a closed room and helmet visors reflecting things they should not.

What I am telling you is that NASA had already told Stanley Kubrick everything before he even began filing 2001: A Space Odyssey was practice for filming the moon landings. In fact, I am sure the financing for this movie was not only arranged for him but that he also had a very generous, if not practically unlimited budget. Furthermore, Kubrick had already decided at least some of the tricks he would use to communicate to a thinking audience that what they were seeing was a staged landing on the Moon, not the real thing.

The waving flag inside of a closed room in 2001: A Space Odyssey shocked me the first time I saw it. I knew immediately what it signified. He was telling us even then, “I have been contracted to fake the moon landings for NASA.” We just would not be able to hear him until many years later when the first person realized that a flag on the surface of the moon should not be waving.

And was waving. The progeny of Jove are in the middle of a campaign to defend the Apollo Program. Part of that campaign very specifically addresses the waving flag. Don’t buy it.

Despite its name, the following video includes a very good (“best of breed”) analysis of The Shinning. Pay special attention to the part about the contract. If you can hear Stanley Kubrick’s voice speaking directly to you about his contract to fake the moon landings, then I think you have graduated from this module in your effort to escape the deep hypnotic state. You just have to let it be real. You must think for yourself.

“2001: A Space Odyssey – What Did Stanley Kubrick Know?” from the Shaking My Head Productions channel:

Now as for the movie The Shinning, nobody understands the room 237 thing.

This change was done to bring attention to the original room number 217 in the book. Stanley Kubrick added 20 as if to say “there’s a zero missing after the two.” All of this is pointing to the year 2017. This has nothing to do with the distance to the moon. That is pure speculation.  See also the № 23. 2017 versus 2018 page.


I highly value the following video because it th oroughly documents the high-level of NASA involvement in the production of 2001: A Space Odyssey.


“Richplanet – New evidence on Stanley Kubrick faking the Apollo Moon landing (full version)” from the Robert Ritter YouTube channel:

The more I study Stanley Kubrick, the more I think he was another Manly P. Hall. Both men were killed for talking too much. My point is that Kubrick knew everything. He was an insider. He knew “what’s going to happen.” None of his subsequent movies come as close to him revealing the whole truth of what is about to happen when compared to 2001:A SpaceOdyssey.


Kubrick is telling us what to expect. And it is “something wonderful.” Mankind will survive the Ekpyrosis, and the “gods” will return. Our skies will be full of heavenly bodies so close as to make the survivors think they have died and gone to heaven.








I can assure you that you’ve never heard this before because I was the first person to notice it. In his movie 2001: A Space Odyssey, the start of the movie is so bizarre that I just knew he was telling us something profoundly important. It took me a few minutes to find it. It was in the timing. The music reaches a very loud crescendo and then suddenly stops. The time is 00:04:33, as in “I am making this movie for 33” or for the progeny of Jove. Stanley Kubrick was eventually killed for doing this, for his compulsive need to use his art to tell us what was really happening.

His most bold move in this regard has regrettably never been noticed. It starts at 00:41:06 in the same movie and lasts until 00:45:36, a 4:30-minute scene in which his brilliance as a human being was wasted on us. The scene opens with a cameraman dressed in a totally weird looking plaid suit so as to get your attention. You’ll see this plaid again on Jack Nicholsen in The Shining. The camera is initially pointed at the audience. So as to emphasize the peculiarity of this scene, some of the last dialogue is


Oh yes. As some of you already know, the council has requested that formal security oaths be obtained in writing from everyone who has any knowledge of this event.


The “event” to which Kubrick is referring is the faked moon landing. The progeny of Jove have already hired him to fake the moon landing and he has committed himself in writing to secrecy. 2001: A Space Odyssey was his preparation for that work. It was also intended to prepare the public for the moon landings.

How do I know all of this? Because of the 4:30 scene I am discussing now. Why is there a cameraman filming a top-secret meeting in which all of the attendees are sworn to secrecy? It’s Kubrick! The cameraman is Kubrick. Something profound is about to happen. Something everyone missed. Sometimes I think The Shining grew out of Kubrick’s frustration that we missed what happens in this scene. It is so obvious in retrospect.

Kubrick has already figured out how he is going to expose the moon landings as a fake. He has several devices in mind, but the flags in this scene are his most important. Even at this early date,  Kubrick intends to make the flag on the moon wave, something that should be clearly impossible because there is no atmosphere on the moon. He is thinking way ahead. That is what this whole scene is about. It is being filmed in a closed room (which also happens to be on the moon). There is no breeze, nothing to cause the flag to wave in this secen either. Yet it does. This man truly is a genius.

The scene discusses a “cover story” which is clearly a reference to the faked moon landings. Here is an excerpt. You should imagine this is Stanley Kubrick talking to you about the faked moon landings because that is exactly what he is doing.


I found this cover story personally embarrassing myself. However, I accept the need for absolute secrecy in this and I hope you will, too. Now I’m sure you’re all aware of the extremely grave potential for cultural shock and social disorientation contained in this present situation. If the facts were prematurely and suddenly made public without adequate preparation and conditioning.


At 00:41:45 after Dr. Halvorsen has reached the podium and is standing behind it, the United States flag starts waving. Kubrick wasn’t taking any chances; it waves more than just a little, more than could possibly be explained by the draft of a passing man. And then as if to emphasize what just happened, the blue flag with the white star in the other corner at the front of the room starts inexplicably waving. In fact, if you watch carefully, both flags keep moving throughout this 4:30-minute scene. Why did the flag move? Perhaps it was a disturbance in the air caused by Dr. Halvorsen walking by (even though Kubrick has made sure the timing of the flag moving does not support this theory). So you might ask, does the flag move when Dr. Floyd walks by it? This is where Stanley Kubrick is having a little fun and speaking directly to you. It is in some small way what I call an “anti-cipher” in that he is letting you know that he did indeed move the flag on purpose. The answer is you’ll never know. Dr. Halvorsen blocks the camera’s view of the flag at this critical juncture in the scene.

Now you might think all of this is conjecture, meaningless prattle. It’s okay. I understand. But if you feel this way you really should stop reading my website. There’s nothing in it for you. The things I am saying are real. And Stanley Kubrick died because of this. He was murdered. So was Christ Jesus.





Did the Apollo Program Succeed in Landing on the Moon

We know the moon landings were faked for two very simple reasons: the Van Allen belts and the size of the batteries that would be required to transmit a live signal from the moon to the earth. The latter is often overlooked.

Honestly though, the astronauts themselves reveal the truth. Maintaining such a huge lie is hard on the soul.

This image including the link to Encyclopedia Britannia has now been forcefully added to every YouTube about the Apollo program, including even those “debunking” the “conspiracy theory.” This is essentially a threat to censor this content. You can say all the bad things you want about Google, but nowhere on the Internet is there a community that has enjoyed as much freedom of speech as YouTube. If it goes, I fear individual websites such as this one will be next. Therefore, I think it is time I spoke out on the subject of the faked Moon landings.







Coronal mass ejection (CME)

The Van Allen Belts

The sunspot count was over a hundred. Even if we had the technology to pass through the Van Allen belts, we would have waited. The situation is analogous to charging a machine gun in battle. You wait until they are reloading.

Only a handful of people ever mention the fact that attempting to go to the moon at the height of the Solar Cycle 20 maximum would have been suicidal. No sane human being would have tried this.



The Apollo Program claims to have landed on the moon at the height of Solar Cycle 20. This makes no sense. No sane person would even attempt to do this, especially because Solar Cycle 19 saw levels of solar activity not seen is over 10,000 years.

I know because it peaked the month before I was born in 1958.

10,000 year sunspot record

10,000 year sunspot record


The sunspot count when “first man” landed on the moon was more than 100. It’s difficult to think of a proper analogy, but charging a machine gun comes readily to mind.

Solar Cycle 20


The following “What Happened On the Moon? Part 2 – Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets” from the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network  channel very eloquently refers to this as “playing sunspot roulette.”


This guy is a new comer, but I think his video is a good compilation of NASA personnel (including astronauts) stating plainly that we have never left low Earth orbit because of the radiation danger.

What will it take for you to finally admit that we never went to the moon? from the Rob Skiba channel





Size and Weight of Batteries

This is seldom discussed, but the size and weight of the batteries necessary to broadcast from the moon alone preclude any possibility whatsoever of live broadcasts from the moon. You will never hear this “debunked.”Never.


“JOE FRANTZ regarding NASA & Moon Landing Hoax: ‘IMPOSSIBLE TO BROADCAST THAT SIGNAL FROM THE MOON'” from the John Farpoint YouTube channel:


“TV From the Moon: Are you INSANE?” from the MrThriveAndSurvive channel:


Moon Hoax; “Why Apollo’s Broadcasts From The Moon Couldn’t Have Worked!” from the Shill Stompers channel







A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon

This YouTube is actually a full blown movie with its own Wikipedia entry. Before watching it, I urge you to watch this interview with its producer Bart Sibrel. The interviewer was a true believer in the moon landings, that is until he met Bart Sibrel. It starts slow but is well worth the wait.

“A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon” from the Bart Sibrel channel:





Exhaustive Documentaries

These videos require a real time commit. This first one has a runtime of 5:10:38 (yes, that’s over five hours).


“Moon Landings Hoax Day Collection – Dec 14, 2017” from the Taboo Conspiracy YouTube channel:


The following is a three part video.

“What Happened On the Moon? – Analysis of the Lunar Photography” from the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network channel


“What Happened On the Moon? Part 2 – Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets” from the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network channel


“What Happened On the Moon? Part 3 – Environmental Dangers & The Trouble with Rockets” from the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network channel

This video is not available, or at least I cannot find it on the UFOTV® The Disclosure Network channel.







A sample of a moon rock brought back from the Apollo 11 mission. (credit upr.org)

Origin of the Moon Rocks

Of all things, the origin of the moon rocks always bothered because they would be scrutinized by geologists. Then one day I heard this in a YouTube video about the Kola Superdeep Borehole, which is the deepest hole ever drilled into the earth.

Geologist were keen to examine the lunar rock. And some of this geologist were the same people who had been working at Kola. They noticed with astonishment the the composition of the moon rocks was exactly the same as the composition of the rocks found at the 1.86 mile level below the earth’s surface.


My God, the irony. The progeny of Jove have used rock from the “vault profound” to masquerade as moon rocks.


This video is set to begin at the point at which the commentator says what I quoted in the above excerpt. It is a fascinating watch though. So I suggest rewinding it to the start.

Here’s what Hides At The Bottom Of The DEEPEST Hole On EARTH… from the Amazing Stock channel






The Devil is in the Details

This section was inspired by a new (to me at least) YouTube channel. This guy is unstoppable. I just wish I could show him that the faked moon landing is only a small part of what is happening. Nevertheless, I expect this section to grow over time as I review more and ore of his and other videos by people who are taking an ever more detailed look at the biggest lie ever told in the history of mankind.



The Apollo Lunar Module

Upon close inspection, what was lunar module (LM), or what was originally called the lunar excursion module and is therefore sometimes referred to as the LEM, looks like a poorly executed high school science project.

Yet another WTF moment

Look great at a distant, no? Wait to you see this thing up close. My God the madness of the Apollo program never stops. If you can read this page and watch all these videos and still believe we landed on the moon, God help you because I cannot. And if we did not land on the moon, you need to consider everything I am telling you on this website. Trust me, the faked moon landing are a big nothing in comparison to what is about to happen.


Moon Hoax; “The LEM Under Fire” from the Shill Stompers channel




There is Truly No Limit to NASA’s (think NAZI) Deceptions

The Following YouTube video is German made.


Is NASA deceiving us? When astronauts rise from the dead | www.kla.tv/en | Dec. 17, 2016 from the Klagemauer TV – English channel








The Debunkers

Just for the sake of balance. Here are some of the “debunkers” videos.


“Moon Hoax Theory dead – killed by rabbit!” from the BertieSlack YouTube channel:


“Moon Landings Faked? Filmmaker Says Not! | Video” from the VideoFromSpace YouTube channel:


“Why can’t we see the Apollo lunar landers on the Moon from Earth?” from the Curious Droid YouTube Channel:
(Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter)

This last one just kills me. Just enough resolution to see something, but not enough to determine without and shadow of a doubt. Why? Google Earth works better than the Lunar Reconnaissance Orbiter.