№ 42. Polygonal, Megalithic Stone Builders

READER BEWARE: This page is a recent addition, but I am adding to it constantly. It is my belief that this culture was not only worldwide but was wiped out in the 9500 BC birth of Venus.

Who are the Polygonal, Megalithic Stone Builders?

I think it is safe to say that the megalithic builders were alive before the total destruction of the planet in 9500 BC when Venus was expelled from Proto-Saturn plasma-like afterbirth rained down from the skies for years afterwords.

Knobs or Protrusions

Keep a list of where the knobs are found. They are all over the world, which guarantees that this was a worldwide culture using the exact same technology (even as it appears to be).

Megalithic Builders were a Global Culture of Giants

YouTube Library
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This is a library of YouTube videos organized by geographic area. The point is to emphasize that these were the inhabitants of the last world, that it was a global culture, and that they were “giants” in comparison to us.

Turkey (a.k.a. Anatolia)

Lion Gate, Hattusa, capital of the Hittite Empire (credit Wikipedia)


“Gigantic Polygonal Masonry Found At Osaka Castle?” from the Mystery History channel:

New Zealand

“THE MYSTERY OF THE KAIMANAWA WALL” from the Turehu NZ channel:


Naupa Huaca

“Ancient Portal Found Deep In The Andes?” from the Mystery History channel:

Sacsayhuamán (Cusco)

“The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman” from the Ombio Productions channel:

Easter Island

Ahu Vinapu (wall)

“Easter Island: Lost Ancient High Technology Evidence Part 1” from the Brien Foerster channel:


Sardinia is the second-largest island in the Mediterranean Sea (after Sicily and before Cyprus).

“800 “Giants Graves” Found On Island Of Sardinia?” from the Mystery History channel:

Are Some Megalithic Structures Made of an Ancient Concrete?

I find the theory in this video “A Hypothesis: How Did They Build the Peruvian Stone Walls? | Ancient Architects” from the Ancient Architects YouTube channel to be meritorious:

In this video, the producer, Matt Sibson, suggests that the rocks may be crystalline because they were exposed to high heat. This could have simply been part of the construction technique or as a result of Proto-Saturn’s explosion. To suggest that the prehistoric concrete has exposed to extremely high heat as part of the construction process is not much different—and in fact in my mind makes a lot more sense—than the widely held notion that some kind of laser technology was used to cut the stone as if it were butter. With the laser butter knife idea, how exactly would the top boulders be held in place while cutting two stones simultaneously? And how would the excess material be removed so that you end up with a perfect joint? What process was used when there are as many as ten different faces to one mega stone?

Even allowing for the existence of a laser that cuts through rock like butter, it is difficult to imagine how it would be used to obtain such perfect joints

But here is why I think Matt has the right idea: Just look at the stones. Here you need the ability to see what is in front of your eyes, not unlike watching huge metal beams in the Twin Towers turn into dust as they fell to the ground. You need to break through a kind of hypnotism that tells you these stones were quarried. Look at them! Their general form and appearance are amazingly similar from one “rock face” (perhaps not really a boulder) to another, not unlike modern tiles.

Open your eyes and let them see what is before you. This is formed stone, not cut. It is a type of ancient concrete that was exposed to extremely high heat.

Here is a similar video named “The Artificial Pyramid Casing Stones: Ancient Geopolymer High Technology | Ancient Architects” from the same Ancient Architects YouTube channel, only this time it concerns the casing stones on the Great Pyramid of Giza.

Please note that “geopolymer” can be thought of as a specialized concrete.


“Megalithic ‘Inca Stones’ had ‘baked on enamel’ to make them look like ‘Andesite’!?” from the Charles Kos channel:

“Poured render covering other stones”

With the “smoking gun” at 7:25 minutes into the video (“proof” of casing stones)

“Are those huge Megalithic Inca stones ‘rendered/stuccoed’? (Includes a SMOKING GUN!)” from the Charles Kos channel:

Could the megalithic builders scoop stone as we do ice cream?

This is a different theory, though not necessarily mutually exclusive, the evidence for which is very compelling. I highly recommend these videos for their imagery.

“Megalithic Softening of Stone” in two parts from the Sierra H YouTube channel:

The following video is set to begin shortly before the decision of the Huacas in the Cuzco area of Peru. They show very clear evidence of this same “ice cream scoop” technology.

“The Living Stones of Sacsayhuaman” from the Ombio Productions channel:

Evidence of “Melted” Stone in the Last World

Date Written: November 22, 2018

“Melted Stonework In Peru ~ Proof Of Ancient War?” from the Mystery History channel:

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