№ 78. Mary Baker Eddy who outsmarted the progeny of Jove and left us a warning

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She was a “scribe under orders” and the author of the promised Comforter (a thorough and complete explanation of absolute metaphysics)

I owe this woman my life. The page is so numbered because 1978 was the year I walked into the laundromat in which I washed my clothes every week near to where I was living in the YMCA on West Franklin Street in downtown Baltimore, and found a Christian Science Sentinel left there by a very large black man who was on the literature distribution committee for the First Church of Christ Scientist in that blue-collar city where I spent most of my young adult life. I wonder if that man ever knew how much he changed my life.

I do not advocate attending Christian Science churches.

About the only other thing I can say on this subject is that the overwhelming majority of the Christian Scientists today are impostors. I know this because I have been close to the heart of the movement for forty years now. There is no healing in the Christian Science churches. Like everything else, they are faking it.