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June 18, 2019

  • Our binary dance with Sirius: You may be surprised to learn this is science, not prophecy. Our solar system is in a binary dance with the Sirius star system.  I will be working on this for a few weeks now. Progress will be slow. I am programming again, working a 40 hour week. What I will most certainly not be doing is jumping all over the place again. That approach to the work was not healthy. I will stay on this page until I achieve a legitimate first draft.


June 16, 2019

  • I’m back.


FEBRUARY 23, 2019

  • Shutting down.


FEBRUARY 15, 2019


FEBRUARY 14, 2019

  • Severe Winters: This winter is far from over. The worst is yet to come. I changed the name of the № 65. Matthew 24:20 and Luke 21:11 (“and the winters will be severe”) page to № 65. Luke 21:11 (“and the winters will be severe”) and brought it out of underneath the Matthew 24 menu to stand on its own. Funny I should do this while searching for a page number I can use exclusively for a new “There are No Prophets” page.
  • There are No Prophets: Before I can adequately address the Book of Daniel, I need to dedicate not a section, but an entire page to explaining what I mean when I say there are no prophets. Accordingly, I have removed a few incomplete sections from the top of № 102. My Thoughts about Christ Jesus and renamed it № 102. There are No Prophets. Ideally this should be in the RELIGION menu, but I am not willing to undertake such a renumbering and the views expressed in this page are uniquely mine. Plus I kinda like having it in the ABOUT THE AUTHOR menu, at least until I can figure out how to handle the renumbering.
  • New No Prophets Page: I have finished the introductory sections God is Impartial (a metaphysical argument for the impossibility of prophets) and What is Prophesy? (an explanation of prophesy in the Bible and by extension to all other religions) in the newly renamed № 102. There are No Prophets page. The remainder of the page is largely unchanged, just repurposed.


FEBRUARY 13, 2019

  • New End Times Page: I have renamed 2107 versus 2018 to End Times and moved the new End-Times Markers and the How Close are We to the End sections from the № 24. Our Last Days on Earth page to the newly renamed № 23. End Times page. The How Close are We to the End section is being vastly expanded. I think it is vital to explain how I think on this subject. Please do not think I will be revising my 2017 and 2018 stuff. I will not. And there is no reason to do so. But my attempts to rewrite the № 62. Book of Daniel page have made it clear to me that I need to more fully explain how I think about the end times.
  • Quick Links vs. Progress Log: The difference between the two is starting to confuse evenme. Here is a list of recently completely work from the Quick Links at the top of the homepage

February 11, 2019Refereeing Between the Gods and The Divine Essence (Golden Spirals and Sacred Number 216)
February 9, 2019The Georgia Guidestones Connection
February 8, 2019How Close are We to the End? 
February 7, 2019The Criteria for Discovery
February 4, 2019Four Faces of Ezekiel (the 23 of 600 B.C.)

From now on Quick Link (singular) will only include the section I am currently working on, nothing else.



FEBRUARY 10, 2019


FEBRUARY 9, 2019


FEBRUARY 8, 2019

  • I updated the page I don’t advertise.


FEBRUARY 7, 2019


FEBRUARY 5, 2019:


FEBRUARY 4, 2019

  • Solving a 2,600 Year Old Riddle: While everyone else was watching football I had two of the worst days ever in terms of website visitors but was nonetheless enthralled by my work on Four Faces of Ezekiel (the 23 of 600 B.C.). So much so that I apparently forgot about this progress log. The four faces of Ezekiel 10:14 were the 23 of their day. They were first used in about 600 B.C. and as late as 1910 on the Wheel of Fortune Tarot card. The four faces encode the Fibonacci sequence. It’s a good read, I think. At least I had fun writing it, but missed the game and halftime show. On the other hand, when that wave roars in the distance, I will not be caught unawares. My last few minutes will be full of wonder instead of the horror of not knowing. Call it deferred gratitude.


JANUARY 31, 2019


JANUARY 29, 2019

  • A Quest for Knowledge: I’ve just had one  of those moments that I have described elsewhere as the “quickening,” and I am stopping now to share the moment with the handful of readers I know are actually following my work. I am grateful for you. I can see through the numbers that you are there. And I am grateful for you. I am on a quest for knowledge and the only thing that sometimes hinders my progress is the feeling of being alone. It is your presence that bolsters me in those moments. So here is my message to you. You will want to follow my work on The Capstone today. What is all the fuss about? As a few of you may know, everything I am doing right now is in support of my work on the Georgia Guidestones including my work on the № 77. The Skull and Bones Number 322 and № 54. Civil War: The Fall of Southern Freemasonry pages.  I’ve essentially been working on the Georgia Guidestones since December 20, 2018. Well, at 116 x 78 inches, the capstone is one inch off from a perfect 2:3 aspect ratio, the importance of which is discussed in The Golden Ratio, Fibonacci Sequence, 2:3 Aspect Ratio, and Why 23 is So Special. As of a few minutes ago, I can now explain that one inch. I know it doesn’t sound like much, but (and I say this with all due respect for the handful of people who are following my work) that is the difference between reading and discovering. It is the discovering I live for.
  • For the Record: Much to my amazement, I am find increasing evidence of the antiquity of the Maya. So much so that I have decided to formally drop my objection to attributing the design of what I have heretofore called the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar. Of course, much of that work in incomplete, but I have already started changing all reference to the Long Count calendar to read “Maya Long Count calendar.” Not a critical point, but it will make many passages read smoother if I can so stop constantly reminding the reader of the antiquity of this calendar.


JANUARY 28, 2019


JANUARY 26, 2019

  • Job Interview: Sorry for the interruption. I had a job interview loading gnuCOBOL and OpenCobolIDE onto an iMac. That was ugly.
  • 33 & 322 explanation: This did not unfold the way I expected. The trigonometric explanation is only partial. The rest highlights Skull & Bones as something of a parent organization from which CEOs have taken their lead. I am returning to work on the № 77. The Skull and Bones Number 322 page today, partially and possibly fully folding my work on № 81. “The Mark of the Beast” Number 666 into this page. Let me make one thing perfectly clear, I had hoped the trigonometric side of this would be a slam dunk. It is not, but I am nonetheless convinced that what I am presenting to the reader is the same explanation of 322 as you would get from a Bonesman.


JANUARY 23, 2019


JANUARY 22, 2019


JANUARY 21, 2019


JANUARY 20 2019

  • The Hidden Hand: My interactions with the Civil War buffs as well as my own continued studies of secret societies has brought to me attention the need for a central place to collect quotes from powerful people warning us that there is an unseen level of control behind the scenes. We are by nature reluctant to admit to such realities. therefore I am reorganizing my introduction to the material in the № 10. History of the Illuminati page by adding a section entitled The Hidden Hand.
  • Job Application: I updated my job application at the top of the № 100. Me, Myself, and I page
  • Progeny of Jove: I spent another two or three hours clarifying the difference between the № 10. History of the Illuminati and № 8. Progeny of Jove pages, which resulted in a substantial improvement in the latter


JANUARY 19, 2019

  • Federal Reserve System: This is turning into a monstrosity. I had to split it off into an entirely separate № 11. Federal Reserve System page. material in the old “Society of Jesus (Jesuits)” page was move to the top of the № 10. History of the Illuminati page. All of the is under THE PLAYERS top-level menu.
  • 322: I just added this note to the top of the Georgia Guidestones section: “These are some introductory comments. Please note that I have moved what is perhaps the most critical part of this analysis to the № 77. The Skull and Bones Number 322 page. There is where I discuss the meaning of the capstone. I did not want that discussion to get lost in this rather lengthy section. The capstone is imbued with meaning. From that perspective, it is by far the most important element in the design of the Georgia Guidestones. And it is only because of the capstone that I finally know what the Skull and Bones number 322 means. The funny thing is it was in our face all the time. The significance of that number dates back to at least the Knights Templar. It explains the difference between what started as the Order of the Illuminati in Germany and the Freemasons, and confirms my long-held suspicion that at a higher level these secret organizations are one and the same. They are both the progeny of Jove.” I need to meet with a local trigonometry teacher on Monday before completing my presentation of the subject, but I radically sure I now know what 322 means.
  • Skull and Bones Images: I added an important new document to the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL)
  • History of the European Order of Illuminati: Added ASL. New England and the Bavarian Illuminati by Vernon Stauffer, A. M. to the ASL library. I prefer this text for a detailed history of the Illuminati. It is very easy to read.


JANUARY 18, 2019


JANUARY 16, 2019


JANUARY 15, 2019

  • A Routine Reconfiguration of the Planets: The polar configuration will return, and when it does we will learn why the ancients worshiped the planets as gods. I added this “READER BEWARE” note to the top of the № 26. Ekpyrosis (return of the gods) page:  This page in many ways is the heart of my work. I am utterly convinced that the belief of David Talbott of The Thunderbolts Project™, Wallace Thornhill of the Electric Universe, and all of the frontrunners in newly developing sciences of catastrophism and the electric universe that the recent reconfiguration of the planets (the dispersal of the polar configuration) was a one-off historical event (hence the necessity of Proto-Saturn being “captured” by the sun) is to the burgeoning understanding of our solar system’s true history what uniformitarianism (a.k.a. gradualism) has been to the masses of mankind. In my mind, they are making a mistake not entirely unlike the Big Bang theory in that the human mind insists on everything having happened in the recent past. For me the notion that the universe is only 13.8 billion years old is embarrassingly stupid. But how is that any different than thinking that the recent reconfiguration of the planets has never happened before? For me, there is no difference.  As a species, we must recognize and guard against this tendency to think that everything of major importance in the universe happened recently. This is nothing more or less than a consequence of the fact that as a species we suffer from an incurable amnesia precisely because we live on a defective planet is a solar system that is too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. . What this page has to offer more than anything is unequivocal testimony from the ancients that the planets routinely reconfigure themselves, as do the little metal balls used is plasma experiments. I need more time to develop this page, but the fundamentals are in place. The gods are about to return, but a precious few of us will live to see them.



JANUARY 14, 2019

  • Both Washington and Lee were Royal Arch Freemasons:  At least, i am satisfied of this. They would have to be to have done what I am suggesting. I just hope the reader can see this also. I am done with the Freemason symbols part of this section. Today I will be working on the family relationships, which were much closer than most people think. There is just no way in hell Lee would have ever fought against the Union. That never entered his thought. He commanded Confederate troops biding his time waiting for what would become known to history as the Battle of Gettysburg, where he very deliberated ordered the murderous attack we know of as Picket’s Charge. So you may think to yourself, “I’m not interested in the Civil War. That was a long time ago.” But the world is not what you think. You must see everything anew. If you want to understand the mind of the progeny of Jove, understanding Robert E. Lee is a good place to start.


JANUARY 13, 2019


JANUARY 12, 2019

  • Federal Reserve Bank: I will be working on The Federal Reserve System section of the № 10. History of the Illuminati page all day. Please update your browser window often if you want to follow along. The story I am telling is in the context of this website. This is no regular history of central banks.


JANUARY 11, 2019

  • Same Ole Same Ole: I am trudging along with a history of the central banks in this country, only with a twist of my own, inspired by my study of the Georgia Guidestones. I must be honest with you, times like this are most difficult for me. I have 22 windows open in Chrome, a queue of over 200 YouTube videos I am trudging through (because books are expensive, relatively inaccessible, and never read). Behind this level of research on the subject of central banks, I am in the middle of doing the same for the Denver International Airport (DIA), 3100 BC and 9500 BC, and a dozen or so other subjects, always trying to get back to what people seem to want me to finish the most, which is our binary dance with the Sirius star system. Each of those 22 window has anywhere from 30 to 40 tabs, which means I have about 800 balls in the air at the same time. I work from the moment I get up (often late because I rarely sleep) until the moment I go to bed, and then some because I review YouTube videos until I fall asleep, lately sometime after the sun starts to rise. I doubt very many people could stand this for very long.  Even for me it is a strain. I keep going because I see evidence everywhere that we are accelerating into the unknown. I think I am close enough so that I can finish this work before the Internet is lost. I want to be there to provide answers once the people awake, if they ever do. They did at the end of the last solar minimum. So I have faith that they will again. The progeny of Jove may own MSM, but Mother Earth cannot be forever ignored.
  • Chasms: I renamed the section “Earth is Expanding (earth cracks, sinkholes, and disappearing bodies of water)” to simply Chasms on the № 24. Our Last Days on Earth page and added some spectacular new evidence (the “SOTT Earth Changes” video for December, 2018) that this is a continuing worldwide phenomena. The earth is falling apart underneath our feet and people obediently sell their minds over to the political realm which a mere decade ago meant nothing to them. The deep hypnotic state of the masses is scary.
  • An Organizational Chart at Long Last: I finally completed an organizational chart for the progeny of Jove to show how they morph from one organizational entity to another in order to move stealthily through time. It can be found in two locations. The primary location for this chart is the An Organizational Chart for the Progeny of Jove section of the № 23. 2017 versus 2018 page. The other location is the The Federal Reserve System section of the № 10. History of the Illuminati page on which I am now working.


JANUARY 10, 2019

  • Reader Contract: I have decided that there is something of a reader contract implied in this progress log. I will therefore make an entry everyday, for at present I do work on this website full-time. So from now on you can count on me saying something, even if it is nothing more than the following bulleted item
  • Central Bank History: I continue to develop a timeline of central banks in the United States of America in The Federal Reserve System section of the № 10. History of the Illuminati page. I have already made enough progress to realize no one else is doing this the way I would. The presentations of others, in particular the myriad number of YouTube videos on the subject, are incomplete or do not bring to bear the particular perspective I believe the Georgia Guidestones (and I) are emphasizing, which is that The United States of America was lost in the Civil War. Our country is not our own. This is fact, not fantasy. We live in an entirely fabricated reality. If you don’t get that, then I have failed to do my job.



JANUARY 9, 2019

  • Timeline of central banks: I am developing a timeline of central banks in the United States of America in the The Federal Reserve System section of the № 10. History of the Illuminati page. The message of the Georgia Guidestones is deeper than I first suspected. I need this information to understand them better. All I can tell you right now is that the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 is not who is sending this message. Truth be told, Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 is poorly attended. Part of the building has been rented to a local government agency.  Rather, Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 part of the message. It was established in 1844, the same year Biddle died. This and the highly unusual Skull and Bones symbolism on their website is pointing to something else, such as linking the Civil War to the Bank War. I must therefore take the time to acquaint myself with the historical facts regarding the history of central banks in this country.  I feel morally obligated to bring the message of the Georgia Guidestones to the people, and the men who spent 20 years constructing that message (as opposed to the monument itself) have impressively sharp minds.


JANUARY 8, 2019

  • The Federal Reserve System: I am vetting over 200 YouTube videos and preparing a succinct history of the Federal Reserve in order to support my contention that the Civil War was not a War Between the States but the rise of the Illuminati. This is key to understanding the Georgia Guidestones section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page. In the process, I will be update The Federal Reserve System section of № 10. History of the Illuminati page and the № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati page.
  • YouTube Vetting Reminder: I would like to remind everyone that I spend an unholy number of hours vetting YouTube videos. In fact, I would say that for ever hour of YouTube videos actual used on this website, I vetted another 20 to 30 hours of videos that are not. When I find something I think is particularly insightful but do not have a home for it in the sense that it does not fit into any of my pages, then I add it to the № 104. Essential YouTube Videos (a playlist for thinkers) page. If you question this reliance on YouTube videos, you may also want to read the № 2. Conspiracy Theories page. Your YouTube is not mine. The truth is that YouTube is the new Library of Alexander, and quite possibly that last bastion for Freedom of Speech in this country.
  • The Georgia Guidestones: I have just peeled off a a whole new layer of meaning from the onion that is the Georgia Guidestones. There is a much more profound depth of meaning here beyond what I saw in the first couple weeks of study. I am sorrow if this is not a sexy enough issue for some readers, but in many ways it encapsulates everything I am doing. I must stay with it until I fathom its message. I feel drawn to the men who designed it.


JANUARY 7, 2019

  • Page Numbering: I did it! I finished page numbering. As can be seen on the automatically generated Sitemap, there are 108 pages and the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL), which are documents I deem important enough to maintain local copies. Obviously, this limits the scope of my work, but more importantly it means I have finally decided on the order of presentation. Now we will just write. There are still mountains to climb in that regard.
  • Rage: My soul is raging. It is part of who I am. So I added a bunch of stuff to the top of the newly renamed № 100. Me, Myself, and I page.
  • Apologies: It’s been a hard couple of weeks. I lost my footing. I’m okay now. I always recover.
  • Full Disclosure: I added a new video to Are we alone in the universe? Does ET exist?. Vetting this list is very personal for me.



JANUARY 6, 2019: Ever since January 2, 2019 when I started to show the association between the Georgia Guidestones and the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41, there has been a stranglehold on my website. I can’t say why this is. I have a very difficult time believing it is the Freemasons. I broke no oath. I do not know any Freemasons. What I know I learned on my own. From where I stand, I would argue three things. No one is is listening because there is too much noise in the world. Secondly, you can tell these people the truth right to their face, and it does not matter. They are asleep. Finally, we are too close to the end. You should think more about the future and worry less about the present. Everything is written in stone now. Whatever the reason my website traffic has steadily decline ever since January 2, 2019, I will just write for myself if this is how it is going to be rather than sacrifice the truth. I just renewed amallulla.org for another year. And I have taken measures to protect myself from a massive hack. I will keep writing up until the “day of our Lord.” Nothing and no one can stop me from doing what I was born to do.


JANUARY 5, 2019: Still working on the Georgia Guidestones page, which I will now finish to a fine polish, not unlike the granite they used. What I never stopped to consider is that some of the progeny of Jove survived as Freemasons in the South after the Civil War. I somehow managed to uncover a living, breathing remnant of the progeny of Jove, a small group of Freemasons who know what is about to happen. If you want to understand my work and the reality in which you live, immerse yourself in my work on the Georgia Guidestones.


DECEMBER 30, 2018: I have not stopped working on the Georgia Guidestones section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page. For three days now I’ve done nothing but research, but I am writing again and expect to finish soon. It has been ten days now. I’ve made a big investment in this section. It deserves the attention. The Freemasons in Atlanta just erected a huge gravestone for all of us. Of course, it is the timing that matters. Nothing says we are “right at the door” more than the Georgia Guidestones.


December 25, 2018: Merry Christmas everyone. Every once in a while, I discover a core concept that I talk about on a number of pages but do not define. That happened yesterday with my assertion that the “G” is Freemasonry is for granite. I remedied that by adding a detail explantation to the № 32. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” is the Front Range page, taking the opportunity to do a little cleanup of that page at the same time. As was yesterday’s, this work is in support of my ongoing effort to write the Georgia Guidestones section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page.


December 24, 2018: I’ve made substantial improvements to the № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati page over the last couple of days in support of my work on the Georgia Guidestones section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page.


December 23, 2018: A friend in Ecuador wrote and drew my attention to the fact that while I mention the Georgia Guidestones on several pages, I do not specifically discuss them anywhere. I am remedying that. Now that I have almost all of the pages numbered, in order to make room for the guidestones, I renamed the “Great Cross of Hendaye” page to № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts and added a Georgia Guidestones section. As always, on big projects like this reload your page frequently to monitor my progress.




DECEMBER 14, 2018:

  • Freedom: I need time for myself. Maintaining this log slows me down in a way I cannot fully explain.


December 11, 2018:



December 8, 2018:

  • The Pre_Columbian Era: I removed the “HISTORY” top-level menu. “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” is once again a top-level menu. “The Progeny of Jove in Pre-Columbian America” was renamed The Pythagoreans in Pre-Columbian America and  a significant amount of cleanup performed. This page was moved to the top of the “THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA” menu. All other pages from the old “HISTORY” menu have been removed from the website.


December 7, 2018:

  • Catastrophic Timeline: I am working on the The Genealogy in Genesis encodes the Beginning of this World section on the The Cosmic Drama (sequence of events) page. I decide I needed to recreate the biblical timeline myself, and I was right. As of this writing it is in nearly perfect agreement with the Mesoamerican Long Count and Yuga calendars. There was a very deliberate attempt by Jewish scribes to hide this fact. Everything is about 3100 BC. This was the start of the Fifth World or Great Cycle, when Proto-Saturn exploded and the entire world really did flood, as shown on the newly revised 2160 Orbits of Jupiter (the “Mayan” calendar) page.

December 6, 2018:

  • Denver, Colorado: I created a new “DENVER COLORADO” submenu of the “THE END OF OUR WORLD” top-level menu. I’ve immersed myself for days now in the Denver International Airport (DIA) material. In the process, I’ve become convinced that the powers-that-be are actually using the provocative art to create a smoke screen of conspiracy theories behind which to hide their airport work. DIA is the reception center for the extensive underground tunnels in the Pikes Peak granite some 40 miles to the west, of that there can be no doubt. Unfortunately, this ground has been polluted by people who were seeking nothing more than to profit from the controversy and achieve some level of recognition. In the process, they played into the hands of those who welcome ever more outrageous conspiracies surrounding the airport. I will sort all of this out in tIme, but for now I have compelling reasons to walk away from this subject matter.
  • Radiocarbon Dating: Changed the name of “Chronological Dating to Before 2600 BC” to Radiocarbon Dating is Infused with Uniformitarian Assumptions
  • “Mayan” Calendar: I updated the “table” (my interpretation of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar as 2160 orbits of Jupiter) on the 2160 Orbits of Jupiter (The “Mayan” Calendar) page. After working on this page for well over half a decade now, I like this version more than any of the previous.

December 5, 2018:

  • 132 Print Pages: Working on the DIA page was breaking my WordPress editor, something that has never happened before. Out of curiosity, I brought up a print dialogue and it said there were 132 pages. So I have split the work into Denver International Airport (DIA) and Leo Tanguma (DIA murals). I really apologize for this delay in progressing on more important fronts. I am just determined to fix this portal into my work, precisely so that I can focus entirely on the more important stuff.

December 4, 2018:

  • Denver International Airport (DIA): I renamed “Leo Tanguma (DIA Murals)” to Denver International Airport (DIA) and moved it to directly above the Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in Denver, Colorado page (for which DIA is the reception center) on the “THE END OF OUR WORLD” page. This is a very logical order or presentation. I do not know why it didn’t occur to me earlier. MY analysis of Leo Tanguma’s murals is now only a small part of that page. I continue to work on this page. I think it is worth the effort. DIA is the most public thing the progeny of Jove have done since creating the Freemasons in order to establish the United States of America. Well, maybe killing JFK, faking the moon landings, and 9/11 fit in there somewhere. But DIA is special.

December 1, 2018

  • December 16-21, 2018: This is probably a good time to hedge my bets remind people I am not suggesting another “December 21, 2012” is ahead of us. The end of the Mayan calendar on December 16, 2018 is what I call “an end-times marker.” The same is true of September 23, 2017 as discussed in the 923 (“predictive programming”) and Revelation 12:1-2 on September 23, 2017 (923) sections of the № 23. 2017 versus 2018 page. What exactly these end times markers mean is unknown to all but a handful of people on this planet (the Nine). All I know for sure is that Comet 46P/Wirtanen will pass earth at 0.0781 AU on that date “making this pass the brightest one predicted, and the brightest close approach for the next 20 years.” So there will be something to look forward to. And yes it is possible something could happen on December 21, 2018 because the solstices are electromagnetically significant. I have witnessed this fact myself. But “end-times markers” are what they sound like. And it is already clear that the sun is entering into a prolonged period of hibernation. The repercussions of this are being felt the world over and will ultimately be catastrophic. Just don’t think I am going to disappear on December 22, 2018 or be making any apologies. I know what I am talking about.
  • Menu: Another huge menu reorg. This time to bring the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar stuff under THE END OF OUR WORLD menu and on a par with the new Great Cross of Hendaye page. I can’t wait to develop that page. It is as startlingly specific about both 2017 and 2018. You may have noticed that Our Last Days on Earth page always remains № 24 no matter how I rearrange the menu. I’m not going to ever yield that ground.
  • Chapters and Verse in the Bible: Today I will finish a new Chapter and Verse Numbers in the Holy Bible section on the (what may seem misplaced) 666, The Mark of the Beast page. This new section is about the progeny of Jove’s love of sacred numbers. It is worth the read even if you are not Christian. UPDATE: I could not live with the two missing verses in Wikipedia so I found them. 216 x 144 = 31,104 has “progeny of Jove” stamped all over it. This is how you track them. They can’t help themselves. The implications of this were so awe inspiring I spent the entire evening tracking down the two missing verses in Wikipedia. You know sometimes, especially when I think of Dr.Judy Wood, Wikipedia disgusts me.
  • Leo Tanguma (DIA Murals): I’m still working on the Leo Tanguma (DIA murals) page. It is now by far the largest page on my website. I have had so many windows and tabs open in Chrome working on this page that it is causing my WordPress editor to lock up all the time. I had to temporarily disable all of my extensions to cope with the problem.

November 25, 2018:

  • 9/11 Page Finished: Not quite. I added a YouTube video this morning. Just for the record, I am tweaking things constantly. For example, I also added an amazing megatsunami compilation video to the № 24. Our Last Days on Earth page. Only big stuff makes this log.
  • Leo Tanguma (DIA Murals): I’ve been working on the Leo Tanguma (DIA murals) page. And I will be for at least two or three more days. I had no idea the work would be this involved. It has completely sidetracked me, but the subject matter is entirely unique and requires my complete devotion. This is a special portal into the website, and I just had to fix it.

November 23, 2018:

  • 9/11 Page Finished: Wow. That only took a couple of years. My 9/11 page is finally finished. Well almost. I see I never wrote the section on Why 9/11 Happened (the crime). Hah. Details. It never ends.

November 21, 2018:

  • “I am Morpheus”: I just finished writing An Overview of the Progeny of Jove as the start of cleaning up the Progeny of Jove page. I’ve waited years to be in the right frame of mind to write this section. Funny it came only after five days of fasting. Billions of years on earth have made the human body magnificently intelligent and can heal anything, from cancer to aging, if you only willing to fast. Tomorrow’s Thanksgiving meal is going to taste all the better. Have fun! And Happy Thanksgiving!

November 20, 2018:

  • Menu Reordering: The German in me just will not leave the menu alone. I keep trying to find the perfect organization of the pages. This was a pretty huge change from what I previously had
  • Revelation Written by the Phrygians: I found a quote from Manly P. Hall supporting my contention that the Book of Revelation was written by the Phrygians and updated the top of the Book of Revelation page accordingly. I can see by the numbers that many readers will not touch religious subjects, but you really should. My discussion of the Book of Revelation has nothing to do with religion.
  • How Old is Mankind?: I created a new How Old is Mankind? page and added it to the top of the REMNANTS OF THE LAST WORLD menu
  • News Sources: The News Sources page was revamped to make it easier to navigate. I also added news sources for natural disasters
  • Conspiracy Theories: I deleted the “YouTube, the New Library of Alexander” page and merged its contents into the new Conspiracy Theory page. This is a very substantial extension of the thoughts expressed on that page.
  • “and the winters will be severe”: I completely rewrote Matthew 24:20 and Luke 21:11 (“and the winters will be severe”)

November 19, 2018:

  • Astrotheology: I cleaned up my page on Astrotheology. It was previously an embarrassment.

November 18, 2018:

  • Effects of a Megatsunami: I had to replace the globe image at the top of № 24. End Times and the “Day of the Lord”. It was a Google Earth screen print and was ugly. So I upgraded to an AuthoGraph World image and expanded the idea into an entire section entitled Effect of a Megatsunami on the Americas. Now that I see the idea in writing, it seems a little weak. My three years in Ecuador just made a deep impression on me that the world goes from one huge catastrophe to another an in-between sort of freezes.  I studied the Andes from the coastline to the edge of the jungles. It amazed me how the world could not see that they are the sludge from the bottom of the Atlantic.  There are untold billions of rounded rocks buried in the Andes. There can be but one explanation for that. And so when I look at world maps I see the same evidence. In one case, it is up close. In another, it is from afar. For me, it is the same thing. Weak or not, after experiencing Ecuador, I cannot back away from this conviction. This new section will stay. I know this page name is not very descriptive, but I am going to keep that, too.
  • The Police State: A renamed the “The Militarization of Police Forces” on the Cultural Implosion page to The Police State (militarization of the police) and significantly expanded it. It needs a lot more work to finish it. This is actually a very important subject.
  • 9/11: I seriously cleaned up the 9/11 page. I regret very much that I ever let it fall into such disarray. This material had been my home page for a long time until I realized people were just not willing to confront what happened on that fateful day. If you are a true believer, I salute your patriotism. My own kid brother despises me for my 9/11 beliefs. We grew up in Annandale, Virginia, a mere eight miles form the Pentagon. Loyalty is a good quality, but so is the ability to see the truth. Please give me one shot at convincing you that something profoundly different than what you think happened that day. And if I succeed, welcome to my world. Nothing is as it appears.
  • Conspiracy Theories: I took a single sentence from the September 11, 2001 (9/11) page and expanded it until it became its own page entitled Conspiracy Theories. I didn’t really see this coming, but now think this is a cornerstone page for my website. I guess I’ve taken it upon myself to try to make others see the world differently. Now that’s delusional!

November 17, 2018:

  • Why JFK was Killed: I just rewrote the JFK page. I couldn’t be happier with the result.
  • Freemason Presidents: I finally got the Freemason Presidents page under control.

November 16, 2018:

November 15, 2018:


November 15, 2018: I have drawn a line in the progress log to mark this day. What I have been mainly doing for days now is rebuilding the 3100 BC and 9500 BC pages so that I no longer was in a position to divine or intuit which of these two dates marked Proto-Saturn going nova. It is not obvious that this is what I have been doing because dismantling what I had in place is a huge job. Well, yesterday one of the things I did that took a couple of hours was to carefully read Plato (Timaeus, Critias, and The Laws, Book III). Plato is the only “eye witness” accounts of the 9500 BC events. No bright lights were reported. This had a huge impact on me. If they remembered the earthquakes and flooding, they damn sure would have remembered seven days of a blinding white light. I named the section No References to a Bright Light in Plato on the 3100 BC page.  It’s just notes for now. Then I stopped writing about 1:00 AM and went to bed where I always watch a few YouTube videos. My world was about to change.

I watched a video entitled “Younger Dryas Impact Crater Discovered in Greenland?”  on the Ancient Architects YouTube channel, which had been posted a mere seven hours before. This is a potential game-changer for me. The video is based on a paper that was released yesterday and posted to the ScienceAdvances website 21 hours ago as of this writing. The paper is entitled “A large impact crater beneath Hiawatha Glacier in northwest Greenland.”  This is all over the news this morning. Here are some other links:

Massive crater under Greenland’s ice points to climate-altering impact in the time of humans (Science magazine)

Greenland ice sheet hides huge ‘impact crater‘” (BBC)

Scientists confirm massive impact crater beneath Greenland’s ice” (CNN)

Impact crater 19 miles wide found beneath Greenland glacier” (The Guardian)

Massive impact crater from a kilometer-wide iron meteorite discovered in Greenland” (ScienceDaily)

Huge crater discovered in Greenland from impact that rocked Northern Hemisphere” (phys.org)

All of these reports were posted less than 24 hours ago. The implications of this are staggering. It will have a profound impact on my work. Finally, here I must admit something I find a little embarrassing. I realized this while reading Plato.

Solon dates 9500 BC

No further chronological evidence is needed

This is now posted across the top of the 9500 BC page, which will remain a part of this website. My cat is named Plato, by the way. And his newly adopted kitten brother is named Socrates. I live what I believe, and across the front of my iMac has always been this quote from Plato, which I know all too well to be true

Those who are able to see beyond the shadows and lies of their culture will never be understood, let alone believed by the masses.

— Plato

Platonem ferunt didicisse Pythagorea omnia

Despite appearances, you are very close to the truth. Hang around. I’m just getting started. I was made for this.

November 14, 2018:

November 13, 2018:

November 12, 2018:

  • The Sequence of Events at the End of the Last World: I’ve added a badly needed The Sequence of Events section to the Proto-Saturn Explodes page. This is new materials. What is not new is the following Proto-Saturn NOT Captured by the Sun section, but this is the best I have ever done rewriting it. Mostly, I have worked on the Proto-Saturn Explodes page today while farming our arguments to the new Arguments for Proto-Saturn Exploding in 9500 BC and Arguments for Proto-Saturn Exploding in 3100 BC pages. As with many or most of the subjects I cover, I am completely alone on the issue of Proto-Saturn being “captured” by the sun, an outcast of the outcasts. That’s life for me. Tomorrow I will develop very strongly an argument against this idea based on the improbability that the ancients could have developed the Zodiac, the Mesoamerican calendars, and other star-related artifacts (in general their knowledge of the stars) in as little as a millennium. (They could not see the stars in the polar configuration.) In fact, I already argue that the Zodiac would require 78,000 years to develop in the How old is the Zodiac? section of the woefully incomplete The Zodiac and Plato’s Great Year page.

November 11, 2018:

  • The Origin of Asteroids and Comets: I add a new section entitled “The Origin of Asteroids and Comets” to the top of slightly rename № 8. The Ekpyrosis: A Reconfiguration of the Planets (return of the gods) by expanding on some existing material. The page was also rearranged.
  • A Radical Departure: I have been greatly troubled over the past few days by once again second guess my “Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC” hypothesis. I can no longer bear vacillating between 9500 BC and the status quo opinion of 3100 BC (3147 BC to be precise for Jno Cook). It tortures me. So what I will now be doing instead is developing both arguments in public with two new pages, Arguments for Proto-Saturn Exploding in 9500 BC and Arguments for Proto-Saturn Exploding in 3100 BC. Proto-Saturn Explodes still exists but contains only general information unrelated to the actual date of the explosion. This may be a false dichotomy though. Before fully developing these pages, I created Radiocarbon Dating the Explosion of Proto-Saturn as a first step. Until this issue is resolved I have replaced the “9500 BC” menu with a new “Proto-Saturn” top-level menu. I just got back from dinner with my domestic partner. She has a PhD and feels like my rationale for this change is sound. I am so excited about developing this new approach that I intend to work on it all night.
  • No Way Back: I have completed a rough draft of Radiocarbon Dating the Explosion of Proto-Saturn. I do not believe in the 9500 BC date anymore. I will continue to respect it because it is so widely accepted, but I must now focus on the sequence of events at the end of the last world and will no longer argue that Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC. Does this mean that I no longer believe the explosion of Proto-Saturn is the solution to the ice age (energy) paradox? No. It just means I no longer believe those events happened in 9500 BC. Given the reality of catastrophism, the best we can do is sequence events. We cannot date them, not as far back as 9500 BC.

November 10, 2018:

  • Immanuel Velikovsky: I significantly update my Immanuel Velikovsky under the “People” menu. This is one of the few “People” pages I ever completed. It is quite a comprehensive collection of resources for studying his work. I am remiss in not finishing the other “People” pages.
  • Readership Increasing: It is hard not to notice that readership is slowing increasing. I do not care so much for the number of visitors. It is the number of pages read compared to the number of visitors which is the most meaningful. This is currently 3 to 1 on average, with some days hitting 4 to 1. The number of visitors NOT coming from search engines is beginning to grow. This is my fledgling following for which I am most grateful. I see now that it is simply a factor of how much of the work I complete. I am doing that as fast as I can. I could work full time for another two years and not get all of my notes transferred to this website.
  • Priorities: I have not forgotten what matters, which is pages such as Our Binary Dance with Sirius. I don’t want to take the time to explain how I work, but trust me that I know there are things more important than these small updates I am doing. I am always trying to “get back” to the important stuff.
  • Evidence of Advanced Technology from the last World: I added a section entitled The Evidence of Advanced Technology in the Last World (long overdue) to the Our Entirely Fabricated Reality page.
  • Falsified Temperature Records: Added NASA is Manipulating Temperature Records section to the Global Warming page
  • Catastrophism 101: I have done some cleanup and updating on the Catastrophism 101 page. I put a lot of work into this page. It is seldom used. I find that a little frustrating

November 9, 2018:

  • Underground Cities: I created a new top-level menu item for UNDERGROUND CITIES. After moving existing pages to this new menu, including the page for Denver, Colorado which I renamed Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in Denver, Colorado, I added a new page for Petra. If you are really trying to understand my work, you need to understand the uniqueness of the granite batholith in Colorado. There is nothing else like it in the entire world.
  • Cultural Implosion: I am creating a new page № 28. Cultural Implosion. It incorporates the page on “The Militarization of Police Forces,” which has been deleted. Refresh often. This is a very subtle and infinitely important topic. It’s how you understand that we are manifestly living in the end times, not because of some devil or religious reason, but because the powers-that-be are pushing everything to the brink.
  • Founding of the Knights Templar: I added what is for me at least a fascinating new section entitled Founding of the Knights Templer in 1118 AD to the top of № 6. 2017 versus 2018 page. It makes the point that “precisely 900 years before the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar on December 16, 2018, nine men founded the original Knights Templar. If you think that is a coincidence or ‘confirmation bias,’ I will gladly be your madman.” I’m not sure how this has escaped my attention for this long. I also did some updating in the following A Very Public Countdown to 2017 section.
  • Knight Templar in the USA: Added a new section entitled The Knights Templar in the United States of America in 1362 to the newly renamed The Progeny of Jove in Pre-Columbian America page. This section needs some work. I am going to watch this video again tonight. It is a rare find. If you do not realize the wealth of knowledge on YouTube, please read my YouTube is the New Library of Alexander page.

November 5, 2018

  • New Top-Level Menu: I wanted to continue the numbering of pages. As mentioned below, in the end there will be exactly 108 pages. However, I found the menu was getting unwieldy and had to add a new top-level to it. I need to stabilize the content for two reasons. One is that I want to finish writing the pages I have. The other is because I may be accepting a new job in the coming weeks. This is going to seriously curtail how much time I can spend working on the website.
  • Deleted Pages: In the meantime, I am cannibalizing old deleted pages for useful parts. This usually means updating a lot of pages in small ways that would take too much time to document in this progress log.

November 4, 2018:

  • Why the Gulf Stream is Shutting Down: I just extended the section entitled We are Entering a Period of Extreme Cold before the End Time on the End TImes page. If you have not read this section, I highly recommend doing so now, especially if you live in the United Kingdom. You may notice that I also renamed the homepage after moving the material about the reconfiguration of the planets to a separate page. My emphasis on the extreme cold about to descend on the Northern hemisphere is for good reason. It is going to awaken the people like nothing else could. I wnt to be there for them when that happens.

November 3, 2018:

  • The “Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar” Menu: I just wanted to comment that over the last two days I have rearranged this material for what I believe to be the last time. I am very content with this organization. Perhaps now I will begin to finish the work. What I owe the readers more than anything is an explanation of the Great Wayeb and its anti-cipher.  I stopped writing at precisely this point a long time ago because I felt like all I could hear was my own echo and that no one was listening. This is starting to change. I am grateful for this fledgling following. It’s not that I want to lead. I just need to know someone is listening.
  • Giant and Supervolcanoes: I am working on the recently renamed Giant and Supervolcanoes section of the № 12. End Times page. Refresh often.
  • End Times: I’m done working on the End Times page for now. I need a change of pace.
  • Defining Exactly Who are the “Progeny of Jove”: I dismantled my homepage (which was getting unwieldy) for the sake of creating a better Defining Exactly Who are the “Progeny of Jove” page. I consider this definition to be critically important for the success of the website. I’ll probably be working on it for a couple of days. This required moving the material on the reconfiguration of the planets to a new page entitled № 8. Ekpyrosis: A Reconfiguration of the Planets (return of the gods). This is a top-level page. I made room for it by move the Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) page back to the “Science” menu

November 2, 2018:

  • The End Times: I am doing a lot of work on the End Times page. Refresh often. I’ve added three new sections (oneof which was taken from elsewhere and rewritten): We are Entering a Period of Extreme Cold before the End TimeEarth is Expanding, and Near-Earth Object Flybys Under One Lunar Distance (LD) and Meteors (Fireballs)
  • Global Warming: Please note that this is part of “the Hypnotic State” menu. I renamed it from “Global Warming (the exact opposite of the truth)” to just Global Warming so as to not offend anyone. It has been significantly cleaned up without actually rewriting any of the remaining sections.
  • Ecuador NOT Survivable for “Gringos”: I updated the bottom of a section recently added to the top of Why Ecuador? with some geological and cultural observations concerning the survivability of Ecuador
  • “The Table”: I rearranged the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar pages (and menu) so that I could get what I call “the table” on a separate page because the table is the centerpiece of my work. In the process, I converted the table from a PDF to a JPEG image for the first time. This was only possible because of a serious modification of the table which does not merit explanation. Suffice it to say that the table is much smaller now. This will make it easy to include it in other pages so that people have easy access to it. Prior to this change, the table has been somewhat hidden on the website. The new page № 1. 2160 Orbits of Jupiter (The “Mayan” Calendar)

November 1, 2018:

October 31, 2018:

  • Why Ecuador?: I recently returned from Ecuador where we still own a house. I’ve updated my Why Ecuador? page accordingly. Beside my geographical analysis of the Andes, these people will lie, steal, cheat, and deceive for a nickel. That’s the part you don’t see coming. They’ll do it for a nickel. One nickel. 0.05¢ Life is all about money there. Nothing else. In the end, even if it were survivable, I would rather not be there under such circumstances when they unmask themselves and stop pretending to be civil. But the big point is that it is not survivable. I was slow to come to terms with this reality. Enoch speaks of it. These are precisely the mountains that will “melt” and when they do no one in them will survive. And even if they did, walking out will be impossible.
  • Death to the Illuminati!: I corrected a major mistake changing the name of “A Deathtrap for the Progeny of Jove” to “A Deathtrap for the Illuminati“. The content of the page is the same.
  • Homepage Rewrite: My rewrite of the bottom of the homepage is done for now. I will edit the changes in a couple of weeks after which the material will be fresh to me and I can see the mistakes that escape me now.

October 30, 2018:

  • Rejected!: I created The Osiris Numbers page to preserve my original work from five years ago which was rudely rejected by Wikipedia as “astronomical nonsense.” Wow! I still can’t believe the criticism they leveled against my submission. This material was removed from “Sacred Numbers and the Progeny of Jove” which I am cleaning up and renamed to just “Sacred Numbers“.
  • Who are The Progeny of Jove?:  I have abandoned the “Definitions” page upon realizing the primary problem was that what I needed to define progeny of Jove. I am pulling this material from several places. Refresh your page frequently as I am updating rapidly. The new page in entitled Defining the Progeny of Jove and is, quite logically, in the “Progeny of Jove” menu.
  • Sacred Numbers: I did a very substantial cleanup of the Sacred Numbers page (which is far from completed) and for the first time link to all of the individual pages from this main page.
  • The Illuminati: Though it is still largely unwritten, I did some serious cleanup of the Illuminati page
  • Homepage: This work will not be completed until tomorrow, but I am strengthening the historical evidence for a reconfiguration of the planets and coming axial tilt at the bottom of the page.

October 29, 2018:

  • News Sources: Added the News Sources page with a permanent link at the top of the homepage.
  • Definitions: Created the Definitions page with a permanent link at the top of the homepage.

October 28, 2018:

  • Book of Revelation: I had considerable overlap between the newly rewritten 666, the “Mark of the Beast,” is NOT What You Think and Book of Revelation pages. Resolved this and completely rewrote the Book of Revelation page in the process. I have observed that my fledgling following does not read religious pages. I think this is a mistake. Here is a note from the top of the newly rewritten Book of Revelation page:

There are few pages the author regards as important as this one. The Roman bastardization of Christianity included the planting of the BooK of Revelation as the last book in the Bible is for him beyond question.

The Book of Revelation is not a religious book in my mind. I regard the assertion that it has anything to do with Christ Jesus as absurd. You should read this page, really.

  • Renamed page: I renamed “The Nine and their Master Plan are in Australia” to A Deathtrap for the Progeny of Jove
  • The Woman in Revelation 12:1-3 (September 23, 2017): I moved this material form the Predictive Programming page to the № 6. 2017 versus 2018 page. There now exists on the page a compelling argument for the importance of the year 2017
  • Predictive Programming: Though still light on material (there is much yet to be added because I strongly believe in this subject), the Predictive Programming page has been very substantially cleaned up. More importantly, I am convinced that I have solved the 923 question.

October 27, 2018:

  • The Deathtrap: Anybody who has made an effort to survey my literature knows that I am utterly convinced that the granite tunnels in Colorado are going to fail. I came across some information last night that is causing me to rewrite my thoughts on this subject. I renamed this page from just “Australia” to The Nine and their Master Plan are in Australia. My work on this page is ongoing. You will want to refresh often.

October 26, 2018:

  • Steel Balls and Rocky Planets: Added a YouTube video to the home page. It is a plasma “primer field” experiment in which little steel balls act like the rocky planets during a reconfiguration of the solar system
  • Bread and Circuses: Substantially rewrote parts of the Panem et Circenses (Bread and Circuses) page and moved it to the “End Game” menu

October 23, 2018:

  • № 6. 017 versus 2018: I’ve done a lot of work to clean up this page after making it a top-level menu item, especially the first two sections entitled The Very Public Countdown to 2017 and Why 2017 instead of 2018? Was 2017 the “Great Mistake”?. The latter section is a very succinct summary of my work on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. If you find anything at all of interest in my work, I encourage you to read that section so that you understand where I am coming from. For me, it has always been about the calendar. I am sure, like everything else, that the rest of the page needs a lot of attention, but it will have to wait. I am eager to return to work on What if a 23.4° Axial Tilt is Zero Hour? (still needs renaming).

October 22, 2018:

  • More from the ancients regarding a reconfiguration of the planets: I updated the home page with a quote from Plato
  • “The Nine” Resurrected: I added a page to the “End Game” menu entitled simple “Australia.” This page is far from finished, but I did spend a few hours cleaning it up. It includes this SPECIAL NOTE: This is a confused page with a long, convoluted history. I have revived it for a very specific reason. There is a mode of thinking I recognize to be very special, almost as if it is not entirely my own. Most would call it intuition. I don’t know what to call it. I just know it is special and I always listen carefully when such thoughts come to me. In this case, if “the nine” do in fact exist, the thought that comes to me is that they are living in Australia. That is the only place that will escape The Great Plan for Depopulation. This is why the progeny of Jove used it as a penal colony, to keep away the masses but also because the individuals sent there in the past  (the criminals) are on the whole better thinkers than their peers. This would also explain why it is impossibly expensive to emigrate to there now.
  • Page Rewrites: Working on 2017 versus 2018, which I removed from the Mesoamerican Long Cout Calendar menu and made a top-level page and the section entitled What if a 23.4° Axial Tilt is Zero Hour? (needs renaming) from the № 9. Foreshadowing of the Coming Axial Tilt page. Work on both of these pages is ongoing.

October 21, 2018:

  • Menu: I’ve struggled most of the day with another massive menu reorganization to support the number of pages (12 out of 108 numbered so far). One of my main tasks was to deconstruct “The Coming Axial Tilt” into four separate pages in a new high-level menu item. While I have been cleaning up pages all days, the most substantial rewrite was in № 9. Foreshadowing of the Coming Axial Tilt.
  • St. Peter’s Square, Rome: I am terribly excited about the realization and discovery that St. Peter’s Square, Rome is entirely designed to monitor for an axial tilt. There is a name for this device that at present escapes me. I was going to build one in Equador. Having one of these devices makes it possible to check earth’s axial tile at a glance. Doing so will give you as much as two to three days to prepare for the megatsunamis that follow. I will be writing this up over the next day or two in the section named What if a 23.4° Axial Tilt is Zero Hour? Whenever I am working on something, you should hit your refresh button often.
  • Reconfiguration of the Planets (return of the gods): I also added some material from Sibyl to strengthen the argument that the significance of the end of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar marks is that the planets are about to reconfigure themselves into a new polar configuration. I suspect this has been happening for a very long time. That and the gas giants occasionally spitting out new rocky planets such as Venus makes for a very catastrophic planet. I’m with Virgil; man do I want to live long enough to see this.
  • Long-Term Priorities: Lest ye think I have forgotten. My long-term priorities are to rewrite or finish № 7. Our Binary Dance with the Sirius Star System, № 13. 9500 BC, Proto-Saturn Explodes, and № 15. The Ice Age (energy) Paradox Solved
  • Pinocchio’s nose: Added section Video Compositing (Pinocchio’s nose) to the September 11, 2001 (9/11) page. I know intimately how difficult it is for an individual to face the truth about 9/11. My own kid brother was outraged by my suggestion that it did not happen the way people think and hung up the phone on me. Part of the problem is that the hypnotist has tied this lie to patriotism. This is precisely why I think it offers the most hop in waking people up from their hypnotic state. It helps that they made an endless number of mistakes. Between this and the faked moon landings, I would be hard pressed to say which deception was the most poorly executed.

October 20, 2018:

  • Contact Email Address: Added to top-left hand corner of the home page.  The “Contact” page has been deleted.
  • Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar: Many priorities press on me now that I am writing again. But I am eager to start to realize my vision of this website consisting of exactly 108 numbered pages. To that end, I have dismantled the page on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar into more workable units. I am very confident in the final organization of this material. When I first began this work, the material on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar—the centerpiece of this website—was spread out over a large number of pages. Then came the day I realized that no matter what I do nobody was going to ever read this stuff. So I slammed it all into one page and stopped working just short of a full explanation of the Great Wayeb. And there it has stayed for a very long time. I did a little cleanup of all the pages, but spent most of my time rewriting the first two sections entitled Crying Wolf and December 12, 2012 and The Siddhas in America on page № 1. Welcome Back! (to respect for the ancients). If you care enough about my stuff to be on this page, I would implore you to read the first of these two sections on crying wolf. Believe me, I know how hard it is to read stuff about the Mayan calendar. This is precisely why I am asking. 
  • CIA ASSASSINATION OF JFK: Created the JFK page and added it to “The Hypnotic State” menu. This is old materials but I now want to collect the worst of the deceptions into one place to emphasize how easily the American public is being manipulated by the progeny of Jove. I also further updated the Faked Moon Landings (1969 – 1972) and Global Warming (the exact opposite of the truth) pages.

October 19, 2018

  • Extreme Cold in the Northern Hemisphere: I am finished for now rewriting Global Warming (the exact opposite of the truth). A little more work is needed to finish it, but other things are more important. I am backing away from the statement that we entered into a new ice age on November 14, 2017 when the sun went completely blank (no sunspots) for the first time in Solar Cycle 24. I am not sure I even believe in ice ages. Moreover, whatever happens temperature wise is going to be disrupted and most likely radically changed by a reconfiguration of the planets, worldwide conflagration and flooding. But NO MATTER WHAT YOU THINK ABOUT THE APOCALYPSE, extreme cold is enveloping the Northern Hemisphere and it will not stop in our lifetime unless interrupted by something like the apocalypse.
  • Egyptians: I created an Egyptians page to preserve a link to an important YouTube video
  • When was the Great Pyramid of Giza built?: Added a section entitled When was the Great Pyramid of Giza Built? to the Great Pyramid of Giza page to preserve a link to an interesting YouTube video.
  • Solar Cycle 20: Updated Apollo Moon Landings (1969 – 1972) with information about Solar Cycle 20
  • The End of the Last World: Added a section on the end of the last world to the bottom of the home page. Some readers (not many) are aware of the endless permutations of my home page. That time is over. I will not change it much from what it is now. Decisions regarding the content of the home page are essentially artistic.
  • What Really Happened in 3100 BC?: I am restructuring the 3100 BC menu. What Really Happened in 3100 BC?
    is a new page but old material

October 18, 2018

  • Extreme Rainfall: I appear to have a fledgling following that very much likes this Progress Log. I will use it for warning such as this. We are on the cusp of profound changes the designers of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar were aware of thousands of years ago. What seems extreme to us now will in a few short years seem trivial. If you live near open water, a lake, river, or creek, sell your property and move to high ground. Why? The answer is found in my page on Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR), specifically the section entitled Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius. Do not follow me and remain ignorant about GCRs. I am something of a GCR preacher. To the extent that we are already experiencing the end times, the cause for everything that is happening is GCRs. I check there level daily, sometimes as many as for or five times a day. I also wrote this article for “Solar modulation of galactic cosmic ray flux on the wane? Something extraordinary is happening
  • New Home Page: I removed some material from the top of the Mary Baker Eddy page to my home page, where it will remain. I am finally ready to state publicly that what I think is about to happen is a once every Great Year reconfiguration of our solar system. This is why we live on a defective planet. Very few people survive what is about to happen. It is a cyclic destruction of the planet caused by being too close to the gravitation behemoth Sirius. This also explains the coming flood. The axial tilt (or “totter” as Virgil calls it) is extreme. The earth will tilt more than once and in multiple directions as it assumes a new orbital path. There will be many super tsunamis, not just one. The destruction will be every bit as horrendous as the prophet Daniel and Christ Jesus predicted.
  • Severe Winters in the End Times: Rewrote Matthew 24:20 and Luke 21:11 (severe winters) in preparation for a rewrite of Global Warming (the exact opposite of the truth), which I am moving to the new “The Hypnotic State” menu along with 9/11 and the Apollo moon landings. I don’t really care so much about what people think about these subjects. What is of interest to me is how strongly individuals react when you tell them what really happened. It is indicative of the deep hypnotic state of the masses

October 17, 2018:

  • Comet 46P/Wirtanen: Published a page with two quotes from spaceweather.com and Wikipedia. The timing of this comet is just a curiosity for me.
  • Apollo Moon Landings (1969 – 1972):  I have added a new page for this subject and a link to it in the United States of America menu. Where I am headed with this and the 9/11 page is an attempt to describe the hypnotic state or trance that most of my contemporaries regard as “normal.” It is as perplexing to me as the mathematical insanity of mainstream science. If you ever for a minute disrespect the Progeny of Jove and doubt their intelligence, you need only dwell on these two subjects momentarily to realize that they are brilliant planners. In fact, I need to routinely remind myself what is at stake to believe that someone could have deliberately planned all of this. It is in those moments that I realize that no matter how special we think we are as individuals, we mean nothing to them. Nothing.
  • Freemason Presidents: Updated “Freemason Presidents (exercising direct control of the U.S.A.)” with some interesting links
  • Menu: Another massive reorg of the menu today. Pull material from various sections to create “The Hypnotic State.” I am doing this now because I have a bunch of YouTube on the fake moon landing that I want to collect into one place. I am not so much saying that people are hypnotized because they believe man has been to the moon as I am suggesting that their reaction to telling them the Apollo moon landings were faked is indicative of a deep hypnotic state
  • General Comments on Religion: Removed from menu and will eventually delete
  • 2017 versus 2018: I deleted “2018 AD and End Times Prophesy.” That material and the section entitled “The ‘Mayan’ Calendar and 2017 AD” has been used to create a new page entitled simple 2017 versus 2018 in the new “Ancient Calendars” menu
  • Civil War (1861 – 1865): Created Civil War (1861 – 1865) in the United States of America menu

October 16, 2018:

  • Megalithic Structures in Peru : Added page Megalithic Builders to the Ancients menu in order to highlight the work of Matt Sibson. I think he is right. The megalithic stones in Peru are a type of concrete exposed to extremely high heat. He is not the only one to suggest this theory
  • Proto-Saturn: Added a new Proto-Saturn menu item to consolidate pages on that subject. This is an outgrowth of my newly found, deeply held conviction that Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC, not 3200BC as leading thinkers on the subject believe. It is this breakthrough that is bringing me back to the desk to finish my website. (MAJOR RANT WARNING) The leading thinkers on this subject, including David Talbott, Wallace Thornhill, and Jno Cook, are wrong. Period. I tried to respect these guys but it derailed everything I was doing and even threw my personal life into moral chaos. It is how they are wrong that most upsets me. They are overlooking the obvious (think inexplicable heat) and chasing numbers. In other words, they are starting to exhibit the same behavior as the mathematically insane. It is always “material conservatism and personal homage” that breaks the legs of our best thinkers. Nobody really cares about the truth.
  • Ice Age (Energy) Paradox Solved: I am restoring this material to its own page. This subject covers the black mats and nanodiamonds as well.
  • Menu: I am making serious modifications to the menu for several reasons. One is to highlight that my page on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar is (and always has been) the centerpiece of my work. I think this new arrangement of the menu items is clearer and deemphasizes use of the sitemap, which is simply an alphabetical list of the pages. I need to deemphasize that alphabetical listing because I am starting to number pages. When I am done, there will be exactly 108 pages on this website.
  • Mayan Calendar: I am going to break up the pages on the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. All of the separate pages will be under the same “Mesoamerican Long Count calendar” menu item. IN the meantime, I added this note to the top of the page:

Rewriting this page is why I have decided to finish the website. It is the “center and circumference” of my work. When I hear some over-educated, self-righteous speaker tread on this holy ground, I feel a kind of quiet disgust inside myself. I have been reluctant to make the contents of this page perfectly clear because of a kind of resentment towards our society as a whole. But as the times draws near when people will start to wake as conditions worsen, I want to be there with an explanation of what is happening. This is exactly what motivated the designers of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. And were it not for them, I would not exist. In the meantime, all of the essential pieces are hear.

October 15, 2018:

  • The Meaning of 666: Since I began working again a few days ago, I have completed 666, the “Mark of the Beast,” is NOT What You Think. This is one of those pages the most people will ignore because the subject has been trampled under feet by an endless number of writers. I consider it to be a very important extension of the subject of Sacred Number 216.
  • What Happened in 9500 BCA brief personal note here. I sometimes crash my entire life for want of inspiration. This usually happens right before an important breakthrough. I now believe this is why I stopped writing. I was letting the best and brightest tell me something other than what I knew to be true. That Proto-Saturn exploded in 9500 BC is now beyond question for me. Thus I have consolidated the 9500 BC page with Proto-Saturn Explodes and renamed the latter 9500 BC, Proto-Saturn Explodes. I will be working on this page for the time being.