№ 88. Paul A. LaViolette, Ph.D. who showed me the true significance and antiquity of the Zodiac

READER BEWARE: This page is largely a placeholder. Reading LaViolette is not easy.

I believe at the very least LaViolette’s may explain what happened at the end of the first and second Great Cycles in the Maya Long Count. See № 4. 432 Orbits of Jupiter (“Great Cycles”) for a discussion.

Paul LaViolette is a special person. His book Earth Under Fire may be the key to understanding our solar system’s past. I used to view his work with skepticism believing the Zodiac to be an unreliable timepiece, but now I believe the exact opposite. The Zodiac may be the only reliable timepiece because the hour hand is governed by the Sirius star system. This makes LaViolette’s deep study of the Zodiac invaluable.