Joshua (the Christ)

cross and crownChrist Joshua (his English name)

I know perfectly well discussing “Jesus” (not his real name) will cause many a reader to walk away. So be it. I do not believe Joshua was God. In fact, I am more than a little convinced that he was the product of a highly advanced ET race of beings that is looking out for humanity. Was he the “Son of God?” Yes. But my definition of God is such that we are all the sons and daughters of God. Did he exist? Oh yes. I am quite sure of that. He mimicked the ancient Egyptian and Sumerian texts so as to fulfill them, to bring them to life. But he was flesh and bones. He was here. Did he heal? And did he raise the dead? Yes, but understanding why is very important. He did these things so as to make it impossible for his words to ever be lost. He knew the secret societies of his day would do everything in their power to erase the memory of him. The faithfulness of his followers, which made it impossible for the secret societies of those days to “kill this baby in its crib” (as the saying goes) was rooted in the so-called miracles Joshua performed, which were primarily his healing work. But as Mary Baker Eddy says, there are no miracles, there are no exceptions to law. If Joshua did it, then we can, too. He said as much. That is how we know that we are an indescribably primitive race of beings. We are only beginning to discover the reality of being, that everything is mind, or as I like to say, no matter how long you stir the primordial soup, dirt cannot think. Is it so unforgivable that I attribute the birth and development of the Christ to a more advanced race of beings?

Let me be perfectly clear here; I believe Joshua was born to a virgin (Mary) who was impregnated by a highly advanced race of beings who have taken it on themselves to help mankind through this most difficult period of our development. Furthermore, I believe they watched over his development. This race of beings is so far in advance of us that for all practical purposes they could be regarded as God. Does this mean I do not believe in God? No! Of course not. But God is pure being, something we cannot even begin to grasp in our present condition. God is not a person. God is Spirit. God is the fabric of our being. The more we develop, the closer we come to God. That is why this ET race that gave us Joshua, the Christ, can be trusted. And that is why the “Beast” of Revelation is going to die in those tunnels. They have no concept whatsoever of reality. All they know is their own petty minds.

Joshua’s real mission was to warn us of what is about to happen. This is to say, I believe Joshua’s primary purpose is what has come down to us as Matthew 24, a warning to his followers of the pending destruction of the Earth, of the need to leave the Northern Hemisphere before the onslaught of the coldest weather Earth has ever known, and of the need to get up high in the mountains in order to survive the coming axial tilt and the consequential ocean tsunamis of unimaginable proportions. I can and will show you the meaning of each and every sentence in Matthew 24. It is where I started this quest for knowledge. It is imbued with a meaning far in advance of the churches. In short, as I am fond of saying in more informal settings, he came here to save our ass, not our soul.