The Illuminati





Origins of the Illuminati

Who are the Illuminati really? What do they know, and how much power do they wield?




The History of the Illuminati in The United States of America

What is at stack here is and always has been who controls the granite tunnels in Colorado, what Virgil and I call “The Vault Profound.”





Dire Warnings from George Washington

Not only do I believe that the Illuminati “infiltrated” Freemasonry, I also believe they instigated the Civil War for the purpose of isolating the Freemasons in the Southern United States in order to consolidate their control of the country. Their can be no other explanation for the difference in character, purpose, and resolve of men like George Washington and those who now control access to the granite tunnel system in the Front Range batholith (the “Vault Profound” as Virgil called it).


Library of Congress: George Washington Warns of Illuminati


Dire Warnings From Past U.S. Presidents and Other High-Profile Leaders About an “Invisible Government” That Runs the U.S. With “No Allegiance To the People” written by  OCTOBER 5, 2016 in Bankers & Wall St.Corruption



The Civil War and the Decline of Freemasonry in the South

The power-base for the Freemasons in the United States of American was in the South.



The Federal Reserve System





The Council on Foreign Relations (CFR)

The very least one can say about the CFR is that it is the policy arm of the Illuminati in the United States of America. The following YouTube videos were carefully chosen. They are worth your while to watch. You will notice a consistency between these three videos regarding the role of the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) in our current political reality:


This missing YouTube was the Christian speaker from the “Prophecy Club”




The attempted coup d’état against FDR in 1933





WWII and the Rise of the Illuminati

Its main purpose beyond population control was to fully exterminate the Jewish people. The six million killed during the war was only the start. The main objective was the creation of a Zionist state. Palestine is the last place on earth you want to be during an axial tilt.




President Dwight D. Eisenhower’s Warning







The following quotes is from the History of the CIA — Central Intelligence Agency



Why was JFK murdered?

Before morphing into the CIA, the Beast directly controlled the United States of America through the Presidency. President Kennedy was killed to demonstrate that the Beast would not allow that office to interfere with their control of the country. He was not killed because of anything he said or did. He was a catholic. He was chosen long before the election specifically because whoever won was going to be murdered in order to demonstrate that they were not relinquishing control of the country.



Why was JFK killed? There exists now a government within the government of the United States of America completely hidden from view using “need to know” clearances. Not even the President can touch these people. Who are they? Their lineage can be traced back to the Phrygians in Anatolia, though they claim descent Pythagoras and the ancient Egyptians. This highly cohesive entity travels through time morphing from one organization to another.

In the recent past they surfaced as the Freemasons in 1717 in order to establish the United States of America and directly control it through the presidency, which they did until the time of JFK. Before his election, they morphed into the CIA. When they did, the Freemason lost the knowledge of the end time which gave them the power the wielded for over a century. That organization is a corpse now. It knows nothing.

But JFK was not killed for making remarks such as the following:

I will splinter the CIA into a thousand pieces and scatter it into the winds.

The assassination of JFK was preordained before his election. He was chosen precisely because he was catholic. The message was simple. “While we no longer will be in direct control of the United States of America, not even the presidency can interfere with our work. Try to interfere with our work, and you will die.”


The CIA is still a tool of the Progeny of Pythagoras:

CIA Agent Says Agency Supplies Pedophiles With Children


When did the Progeny of Pythagoras morph into the “nameless entity”? The answer is 1977, when Stansfield Turner, a Christian Scientist, was appointed Director of Central Intelligence by President Jimmy Carter.



Auxiliary Groups



Skull and Bones, Bohemian Grove,  Bilderberg, Council on Foreign Relations, and all the et ceteras, are either headless corpses, puppet organizations, mere “think tanks,” or pretentious wannabes. The reaction of former President George W. Bush to being told that the country was under attack on September 11, 2001 (9/11) could not make this any clearer. I refer to the real power, to that relatively small group of men who now control the extensive tunnel systems in Colorado and throughout the Western United States, as the “Progeny of Pythagoras.” What are they hiding? What do they know?

and all the et ceteras…

Young Presidents’ Organization





The intentional dumbing down of the masses

What has happened to Hollywood? Why are adults in the United States of America watching superhero movies?





New World Order

At the Denver International Airport there is a granite “Dedication capstone.” It mentions the “New World Airport Commission.” It does not say anything about the “New World Order.” It says “New Word…” There is no greater deception in the world today than the belief that there will be a smooth or rough (WW III) transition to the New World. The total destruction of the planet is not under the control of mankind. It is a consequence of the fact that we live on a defective planet, one that is too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. The only question is who survives. And everything happening in the world today is a distraction intended to keep those who rightly suspect something cataclysmic is about to happen from focusing on the messages the ancients left behind to warn us of this pending catastrophe, none more so than the “New World Order.” That the Freemasons were a “headless corpse” when the capstone was laid is beyond question. There is no “New World Order.” And the Bush family is not in control of this world. They are puppets. The people who are in control of this world are the same people who “dustified” the Twin Towers. George W. Bush did not see it coming because he too is a “Pawn in the Game.” 

There is a dedication marker in the airport inscribed with the words “New World Airport Commission”. It also is inscribed with the Square and Compasses of the Freemasons, along with a listing of the two Grand Lodges of Freemasonry in Colorado. It is mounted over a time capsule that was sealed during the dedication of the airport, to be opened in 2094.  —Wikipedia

The world is about to be utterly destroyed by forces incomprehensibly huge. Contrary to what even our most advanced thinkers believe, based on plasma experiments that show us the configuration of small metal balls are easily and nearly instantaneously rearranged by a slight change in their electromagnetic balance, I think it may not only involve an axial tilt, but quite possibly a rearrangement of the planets into yet another configuration. In the original “Symbols of an Alien Sky” video, David Talbott says “In Greek, Roman, and Gnostic thought, this was ekpyrosis, a catastrophic meeting of the planets.”2

Ekpyrosis (/ˌɛkpɪˈrsɪs/; Ancient Greekἐκπύρωσις ekpyrōsis, “conflagration”) is a Stoic belief in the periodic destruction of the cosmos by a great conflagration every Great Year. The cosmos is then recreated (palingenesis) only to be destroyed again at the end of the new cycle. This form of catastrophe is the opposite of kataklysmos (κατακλυσμός, “inundation”), the destruction of the earth by water. —Wikipedia

We are at the end of the Maesoamerican (“Mayan”) Long Count calendar and I believe what is about to happen is the ekpyrosis. Nothing else measures up to the dire predictions of Daniel the prophet and Christ Jesus in Matthew 24, both of whom say it is the worst thing that has ever happened to the planet. Everything points to a “once-in-a-Great Year” event. You may be assured that there are people on this planet fully cognizant of this reality. They control not only the United States of America, but every secret society mentioned in the last section. ET is here in force to witness this event. But unlike those responsible for the failed experiment of keeping this knowledge secret, they are benign. I know this from personal experience. Humanity is in a deep sleep, and I fear nothing can awake them in time to realize what is about to happen.  Christians have no one to blame but themselves for this. Christ Jesus gave his life to warn us what is about to happen.