A new ice age began November 14, 2017


I reasoned the Sun would go quiet before the end of this year. It effectively did on November 14, 2017 after 13 spotless days, indicating for the first time in Solar Cycle 24 that there were no sunspots anywhere on the Sun. But clamoring for credit right before the world is destroyed makes little sense. We just watch as things unfold.

Terminology … grand solar minimum (not really the same as ice age). Little Ice Age was the start of this ice age.


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Global warming is an intellectual whore

Anthropogenic global warming (a.k.a. “climate change”) is a bad joke

Quite honestly, the only meaningful thing I can say here is that global warming is comparable to 9/11 discussed on my homepage. The evidence that it is politically driven is so overwhelming that for those of us willing to look honestly at the facts, those who still believe that CO2 from factories, the burning of coal to produce electricity, and automobile emissions is somehow dramatically impacting Earth’s climate are an anachronism. In this sense, it is comparable to the following nonsense from Wikipedia regarding the Sun:


The core is the only region in the Sun that produces an appreciable amount of thermal energy through fusion; 99% of the power is generated within 24% of the Sun’s radius, and by 30% of the radius, fusion has stopped nearly entirely. The remainder of the Sun is heated by this energy as it is transferred outwards through many successive layers, finally to the solar photosphere where it escapes into space as sunlight or the kinetic energy of particles.

Here is the countervailing view from Wallace Thornhill’s “Synopsis 6 – Electric Stars.”

Plasma physicists argue that stars are formed by an electromagnetic “pinch” effect on widely dispersed gas and dust. The “pinch” is created by the magnetic force between parallel current filaments that are part of the huge electric currents flowing inside a galaxy. It is far more effective than gravity in concentrating matter and, unlike gravity, it can remove excess angular momentum that tends to prevent collapse. Stars will form like beads on a wire until gravity takes over. The late Ralph Juergens, an engineer from Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1970’s took the next mental leap to suggest that the electrical input doesn’t stop there and that stars are not thermonuclear engines! This is obvious when the Sun is looked at from an electrical discharge perspective. The galactic currents that create the stars persist to power them. Stars behave as electrodes in a galactic glow discharge. Bright stars like our Sun are great concentrated balls of lightning! The matter inside stars becomes positively charged as electrons drift toward the surface. The resulting internal electrostatic forces prevent stars from collapsing gravitationally and occasionally cause them to “give birth” by electrical fissioning to form companion stars and gas giant planets. Sudden brightening, or a nova outburst marks such an event. That elucidates why stars commonly have partners and why most of the giant planets so far detected closely orbit their parent star. Stellar evolution theory and the age of stars is an elaborate fiction. The appearance of a star is determined largely by its electrical environment and can change suddenly. Plasma physicists and electrical engineers are best able to recognize plasma discharge phenomena. Stellar physics is in the wrong hands.

So you can trust academia, the Intellectual Whore of this age, or plasma physics. Understanding the difference is critical because the very foundation stone of “global warming,” “climate change,” or whatever you want to call this poplar insanity is that the Sun is invariable. It is not. To the extent that you think otherwise, you live in darkness. This matter is close to my heart because my own kid brother, out of a misplaced sense of loyalty to the United States of America, staunchly believes in both 9/11 and global warming. Try as I may, as of this writing I cannot move him or either subject. The analogy I make to myself is that of NAZI Germany. How could you make a Hitler Youth understand that an entire country is being misled? All you would accomplish by trying is to raise his ire. Now imagine he is your sibling. And in case he ever actually reads this, I want to make it perfectly clear that facing the reality of what happened on that fateful day is not a question of loyalty to the United States of America any more than believing in anthropogenic global warming is a question of adherence to the scientific method.


See also Non-Global Warming: 350 Graphs, which is an (apparently ongoing) update of the original 80 Graphs From 58 New (2017) Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Global-Scale Modern Warming, May 29, 2017 b.





So will there be another ice age?

This depends. What is the “trigger mechanism” for an ice age? Is it outside of the solar system? If not, is it dependent on the arrangement of the planets? In other words, are ice ages a thing of the past because they were a byproduct of the polar configuration? These are critical questions no one is asking because David Talbott is still fighting for the acceptance of the polar configuration. You can be sure that will not happen before the coming axial tilt.

The temperature data suggests that we are at the end of the Holocene interglacial.

Interglacial optimum


An interglacial optimum, or climatic optimum of an interglacial, is the period within an interglacial that experienced the most ‘favourable’ climate that occurred during that interglacial, often during the middle part. The climatic optimum of an interglacial follows, and is followed by, phases that are within the same interglacial and that experienced a less favourable climate (but nevertheless a ‘better’ climate than during the preceding/succeeding glacials). During an interglacial optimum, sea levels rise to their highest values, but not necessarily exactly at the same time as the climatic optimum.

In the present interglacial, the Holocene, the climatic optimum occurred during the Subboreal (5 to 2.5 ka BP, which corresponds to 3000 BC-500 BC) and Atlanticum (9 to 5 ka, which corresponds to roughly 7000 BC-3000 BC). Our current climatic phase following this climatic optimum is still within the same interglacial (the Holocene). This warm period was followed by a gradual decline until about 2,000 years ago, with another warm period until the Little Ice Age (1250-1850).  —Wikipedia




Highly original individuals with foresight who deserve some credit


John Casey



Rolf Witzsche








Global Warming much more than a Hoax

Let us assume this was done deliberately by the progeny of Jove, the same tightly-knit group of men who now control the extensive tunnel systems in Colorado and throughout the Western United States of America.

For reasons I need to explain on a separate page, I deeply believe in predictive programming. In fact I think it dates back thousands of years and matured from oral storytelling to the stage finally blossoming in Hollywood.

Reference The Arrival movie