Gravitational Waves

Gravitational Waves

Gravitational waves are the latest example of how mainstream science and academia are mathematically insane. We do not know what the Laser Interferometer Gravitational Wave Observatory (LIGO) is measuring, but it is not gravitational waves from two merging black holes. Black holes do not exist. Nevertheless, the following short YouTube is useful in explaining the LIGO’s equipment.

Here is what Wallace Thornhill has to say about the LIGO and the recent announcement of the “discovery” of gravitational waves.

These and other Nobel prize winners of the past have seriously warped our sense of reality. The public will have spent 1.1 billion dollars providing super-expensive gadgets to detect the grin of the cosmic Cheshire cat to mathematical gamers posing as physicists. Like the scientists wasting billions of euros on the Large Hadron collider to find the imaginary Higgs boson, they had to find something to save their credibility.  —Wallace Thornhill

Cheshire cat

Mathematical Insanity

“Mathematically insane” is harsh language. It is nonetheless true. Waking up the the reality that our mainstream scientists and academia are mathematical insane is a slow and difficult process because these people present pictures, artist renditions, of what they imagine exists. But it exists only in evidently erroneous mathematical equations. This is the disconnect. They crunch numbers, numbers that tell them something like “black holes” must exist, and then they “prove” they exist using the very same mathematics. Even naming such non-existent entities is misleading. It’s mathematical insanity. There’s no other way to describe it. The trick is to remember that it is all mathematical equations, nothing else. No one has ever seen a black hole and no one ever will because they do not exist in reality. If it seems cruel to you to say out-loud that the king has no clothes, just remember what mainstream science and academia did to Immanuel Velikovsky. Speak the truth to these madmen and they become vicious little animals. Speaking of the truth, here are two videos comprising Wallace Thronhill’s response the the most recent “gravitational waves” madness:


Between LIGO and P9, CalTech is batting zero.