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The tide is turning against Global Warming. People are just not this naive.



“…climate models are unreliable and predictions of great warming ‘absurd’…”

October 8, 2019: German Environmental Movement Co-Founder, Professor Calls FFF Movement Hysterical, Overhyped …Real Threat To Economy

September 26, 2019: Another Climate Scientist with Impeccable Credentials Breaks Ranks: “Our models are Mickey-Mouse Mockeries of the Real World”

June 30, 2019: Why do perfectly intelligent people believe in Climate Change?

October 16, 2018The Dark Story Behind Global Warming aka Climate Change






Global warming is an intellectual whore

Anthropogenic global warming (a.k.a. “climate change”) is a bad joke

Quite honestly, the only meaningful thing I can say here is that anthropogenic global warming is comparable to the faked moon landings or 9/11. The evidence that it is politically driven is so overwhelming that for those of us willing to look honestly at the facts, others who still believe that CO2 from factories, the burning of coal to produce electricity, and automobile emissions is somehow dramatically impacting Earth’s climate is an anachronism. It is comparable to the following nonsense from Wikipedia regarding the Sun:

The core is the only region in the Sun that produces an appreciable amount of thermal energy through fusion; 99% of the power is generated within 24% of the Sun’s radius, and by 30% of the radius, fusion has stopped nearly entirely. The remainder of the Sun is heated by this energy as it is transferred outwards through many successive layers, finally to the solar photosphere where it escapes into space as sunlight or the kinetic energy of particles.

Here is the countervailing view from Wallace Thornhill’s “Synopsis 6 – Electric Stars.”

Plasma physicists argue that stars are formed by an electromagnetic “pinch” effect on widely dispersed gas and dust. The “pinch” is created by the magnetic force between parallel current filaments that are part of the huge electric currents flowing inside a galaxy. It is far more effective than gravity in concentrating matter and, unlike gravity, it can remove excess angular momentum that tends to prevent collapse. Stars will form like beads on a wire until gravity takes over. The late Ralph Juergens, an engineer from Flagstaff, Arizona, in the 1970’s took the next mental leap to suggest that the electrical input doesn’t stop there and that stars are not thermonuclear engines! This is obvious when the Sun is looked at from an electrical discharge perspective. The galactic currents that create the stars persist to power them. Stars behave as electrodes in a galactic glow discharge. Bright stars like our Sun are great concentrated balls of lightning! The matter inside stars becomes positively charged as electrons drift toward the surface. The resulting internal electrostatic forces prevent stars from collapsing gravitationally and occasionally cause them to “give birth” by electrical fissioning to form companion stars and gas giant planets. Sudden brightening, or a nova outburst marks such an event. That elucidates why stars commonly have partners and why most of the giant planets so far detected closely orbit their parent star. Stellar evolution theory and the age of stars is an elaborate fiction. The appearance of a star is determined largely by its electrical environment and can change suddenly. Plasma physicists and electrical engineers are best able to recognize plasma discharge phenomena. Stellar physics is in the wrong hands.

So you can trust academia, the Intellectual whore of this age, or plasma physics. Understanding the difference is critical because the very foundation stone of “global warming,” “climate change,” or whatever you want to call this poplar insanity is that the Sun is invariable. It is not. To the extent that you think otherwise, you live in darkness. This matter is close to my heart because my own kid brother, out of a misplaced sense of loyalty to the United States of America, staunchly believes in both 9/11 and global warming. Try as I may, as of this writing, I cannot move him on either subject. The analogy I make to myself is that of NAZI Germany. How could you make a Hitler Youth understand that an entire country is being misled? All you would accomplish by trying is to raise his ire. Now imagine he is your sibling.





NASA is Manipulating Temperature Records

The question is why? Here I must remind people that it was NASA who committed the Apollo Program deception. There can be no doubt whatsoever that NASA is an instrument of the progeny of Jove. Everything they do or say is of necessity suspect.

The answer to the question Why? can be found in this section: Matthew 24:20 and Luke 21:11 (severe winters). If you can make a direct connection between an attempt to remove “the winters will be severe” from the Bible some 1,700 years ago to NASA manipulating temperature records, I would first off congratulate you. You are something of a graduate student. Why is making this connection such an accomplishment? Good question. Because it requires the imagination to realize the continuity of the progeny of Jove across millennia. The mind is not willing to accept this unless and until you realize the full extent of what is about to happen. The dire predictions of Christ Jesus and the prophet Daniel were not religious nonsense. They knew what was going to happen. The progeny of Jove has been planning for this “event” for at least 2,600 years, and YES all of the evidence suggests that this climate deception is a top priority of theirs. Again Why? The answer is simple and you are about to experience it yourself.

This winter and all the winters to follow for the rest of your life or until the reconfiguration of the solar system and the attendant axial tilt occur (i.e. the apocalypse) are going to be extreme. The progeny of Jove know this. They know they cannot fully hide this fact, though they have tried to by burning fossil fuels at an alarming rate for over a century now.

Not able to hide this sign of the end times, they are reverting to a kind of hypnosis. They are simply telling your mind a thousand times over, daily in the media, year after year, “It is getting hotter. It is getting hotter. It is getting hotter.” It is a form of hypnotism intended to delay as long as possible the realization that in reality it is getting bitterly cold because, as Christ Jesus warned us, “The winters will be severe” right before the end. It’s that simple. And believe me, if you think that is a fantastical account, I really do not care.

The following videos are very well done.

Is The Global Temperature Record Credible? from the Tony Heller YouTube channel:

Erasing America’s Hot Past on the Tony Heller YouTube channel:

And here are a couple of very convincing articles on the subject:


10 Of 10 Coastal Antarctic Stations Show Zero Warming Over Past Decades. Failed Scientists Need To Resign

11 of 11 Coastal Antarctic Stations Show ZERO Warming Over Past Decades






Serious Individuals Speak Out

Anthropogenic global warming is a good place to begin waking from the deeply hypnotic states of the masses because it is such a crude lie. here are any number of very serious and highly respected individuals who have spoken out against it.

How the Global Warming Scare Began from the KUSI News YouTube Channel

See also Non-Global Warming: 350 Graphs, which is an (apparently ongoing) update of the original 80 Graphs From 58 New (2017) Papers Invalidate Claims Of Unprecedented Global-Scale Modern Warming, May 29, 2017 b.


The Great Global Warming Swindle – Full Documentary HD from the Wisdom Land YoutTube Channel


Freeman Dyson, professor emeritus in the Institute for Advanced Study in Princeton, a Visitor of Ralston College, and a member of the Board of Sponsors of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists.

Freeman Dyson on the Global Warming Hysteria April, 2015 from the 1000frolly YouTube Channel:



Nobel Laureates

Professor Ivar Giaever, the 1973 Nobel Prizewinner for Physics

Nobel Laureate Smashes the Global Warming Hoax from the 1000frolly YouTube Channel:


Nobel Laureate in Physics; “Global Warming is Pseudoscience from the 1000frolly YouTube Channel:


Dr. Kary Mullis, a 1993 Nobel Prize-winning American biochemist

Climatology is a ‘Joke’ – Nobel Laureate Dr Kary Mullis from the 1000frolly YouTube Channel:




The movie “The Arrival” falls into the category of predictive programming




Global Cooling in the 1970s

This is a collection of historical documentaries that I find rather fascinating.


Lost Documentary: The Coming Ice Age from the Sling and Stone channel:


Global Cooling 40 Years Ago! from the Todd Childers channel:



The Global Cooling Conspiracy from the Alltime Conspiracies channel:





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