№ 43. Elongated skulls and giant skeletons

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Elongated skulls

The following article agrees perfectly with the DNA evidence as to the origins of the elongated skulls. This is a huge breakthrough.

Ancient woman with ‘ALIEN-LIKE’ SKULL unearthed in Russia (VIDEO)

The elongated skulls are also known as conical skulls or “coneheads” if you are old enough to remember the original Saturday Night Live shows. In part because of the use of the term “race” in the expression “a race of siddhas” used in the Surya Siddhanta (“the oldest surviving astronomical text in the Indian tradition” which is discussed The “Race” of Siddhas in America), I suspect very strongly that the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was designed by the elongated skulls.

The “Paracas” elongated skulls

Brien Foerster is a leading authority on elongated skulls. He lives in the coastal town of Paracas, Peru, and has studied elongated skulls for many years. Elongated skulls are found elsewhere in the world, for example in Bolivia, which is why he always refers to the “Paracas” elongated skulls. This can be a little confusing, there is no reason to differentiate the “Paracas” elongated skulls from those found elsewhere.

I am more than a little inclined to believe that artificial cranial deformation (ACD or binding) is a form of worship for an intellectually advanced humanoid who once populated the earth. Real elongated skulls are easily differentiated from those who impersonated them because of their significantly larger cranium capacity. They disappeared off the face of the earth, not unlike the giant skeletons. But that does not mean they were not once a powerful force. I remained convinced of at least the possibility that they both designed the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar and built the Great Pyramid of Giza.

The following video is the most comprehensive he has ever made on the subject. I don’t know about you, but when I was done watching it, I had no doubt whatsoever that the elongated skulls are a different species.

RUNTIME: 54:08
TITLEAncient Elongated Skulls Of Peru And Bolivia Full Lecture
CHANNELBrien Foerster
POSTED: December 11, 2018
VIEWS: 44,556 views as of April 18, 2021

DNA evidence

I prefer the following video for DNA evidence. In fact, I think it may be one of the most significant elongated skulls video in existence.

RUNTIME: 17:31
TITLEIt Just Happened! DNA Results Could Rewrite History 2018!
POSTED: February 3, 2018
VIEWS: 185,163 views as of April 18, 2021

According to Brien Foerster, DNA evidence suggests that the elongated skulls migrated from the Caucasus mountains between the Black Sea and the Caspian Sea to high ground in South America. A recent RT article entitled Ancient woman with ‘ALIEN-LIKE’ SKULL unearthed in Russia (VIDEO) provides startling new evidence of the correctness of this theory.

Brien Foerster was the driving force behind either some or all of the DNA testing of the elongated skulls. He has a seven-part video on the subject. The videos are listed here first and then shown in order. All of these videos are from the Brien Foerster channel. They are short,—lasting only several minutes,—if you want to watch them here. Otherwise, I also have these seven videos in an Elongated Skulls DNA Results playlist on the An Apocalypse Synthesis supporting YouTube channel.

TITLE: FINALLY: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 1
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 5, 2018
VIEWS: 1,929,665 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 2: Black Sea Connection
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 7m 2018
VIEWS: 288,004 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 3: Physical Anomalies
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 12, 2018
VIEWS: 96,231 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 4: Facial Reconstruction
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 13, 2018
VIEWS: 82,729 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 5: More Facial Reconstruction
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 14, 2018
VIEWS: 105,083 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 6: The Experts
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 15, 2018
VIEWS: 74,835 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: FINALLY: DNA Results Of The Paracas Elongated Skulls Of Peru: Part 7: Summary
CHANNEL: Brien Foerster
POSTED: February 17, 2018
VIEWS: 114,253 views as of April 18, 2021

Cranium size versus artificial cranial deformation (ACD and otherwise known as binding)

Find notes on cranium size versus binding.

Nemes Headdress

Did the elongated skulls build the Great Pyramid of Giza?

Are the ancient Egyptian headdresses and crowns hiding elongated skulls? And if so, why?

The annihilation of the elongated skulls

Note to self: need page on Mars showing both methods proving intelligent design

What happened to the elongated skulls? Either we are forced to conclude that they left planet Earth prior to the breakup of the Polar configuration (thereby avoiding the attendant destructions) or they were annihilated by the Pythagoreans. The former is plausible if you accept that someone constructed the face and other structures on Mars, but knowing the Pythagoreans, I am inclined to think the latter.

The following video was shown above, but here it is set to begin at 6:03 where the narrator says:

There’s something very different about these people. And they were unknown. It was like this whole race that like nobody knew about throughout history and then in 1928 there was somebody who stumbled across this graveyard that was just chockablock full of skulls and bones and whatnot. And apparently this group was eventually you know they ended up…the feeling is the next people that invaded their land sort of won the war sort-of-speak and they slaughter all these people and just you know buried them and they threw their bones in this big massive bone yard. So and until 1928 nobody even knew a thing about them. 

RUNTIME: 17:31
TITLEIt Just Happened! DNA Results Could Rewrite History 2018!
POSTED: February 3, 2018
VIEWS: 185,163 views as of April 18, 2021

Timothy Alberin, “The Alberino Analysis”

I like this guy. He’s straightforward.

TITLE: The Alberino Analysis – Elongated Skulls: Episode I
CHANNEL: Timothy Alberino
POSTED: May 26, 2014
VIEWS: 47,165 views as of April 18, 2021
TITLE: The Alberino Analysis – Elongated Skulls: Episode 2
CHANNEL: Timothy Alberino
POSTED: July 8, 2014
VIEWS: 25,744 views as of April 18, 2021

Reference notes

Ancient DNA traces the Black Death to Russia’s Volga region

Ancient Skeletons with Alien-Like Heads Unearthed in Croatia

Paracas elongated skulls Google search

IMPORTANT: Find notes about advanced metallurgy found in the Caucasus area. They were the first to use iron

Note also that Paracas is just outside of the YDB impact field, whereas the Caucasus mountains are not

YDB impact field

Michael Salla presents Antarctica’s hidden history and the evolution of secret space programs” from the UFO Research (NSW) Incorporated YouTube channel (extreme stuff, but well presented)


Elongated heads were a mark of elite status in an ancient Peruvian society


Giant skeletons

No less than President Abraham Lincoln otherwise know as “Honest Abe” attested to the existence of giant skeletons in the United States of America.

The eyes of that extinct species of giant, whose bones fill the mounds of America, have gazed on Niagara as our eyes do now.

Abraham Lincoln, Fragment: Niagara Falls, Collected Works of Abraham Lincoln, Volume 2, September 25-30, 1848

Listen to me! Few things make it more obvious that we live in an entirely fabricated reality than the deliberate suppression of the evidence of a race of “giants” who lived on this planet before us, some of whom have survived to very recent times. And as far as I am concerned, this conspiracy begins and ends with the above quote from a man whose integrity no one should doubt because he was as Rosicrucian.

This is the Smithsonian Institution logo. The Freemasons call that the “Blazing Sun” (think Sirius) and I’m guessing that’s the Pacific Ocean behind it. In fact, it looks a lot like the following Freemason and Jesuit symbols.

The Smithsonian Institution cover-up of giant skeletons

There is a long history of giants all over the world. Why is it not scrutinized by the scientific community and academia and taught in our schools? Few things make it clearer that the United States of America was founded by the progeny of Jove (who at that time were known as the Freemasons) than the question of what happened to all of the giant skeletons at the Smithsonian Institute. Why did the progeny of Jove destroy or re-bury the evidence of giant skeletons deep inside the Smithsonian Institution? The answer may be a little more involved than you realize. They don’t want us to know the truth about our past because we might start asking questions about our future. To understand this point better, read Lost in the Dream of Uniformitarianism and the Theory of Evolution on page № 1. Our Entirely Fabricated Reality.

The Internet was deliberately flooded with photoshopped images of giant skeletons

YouTube is of questionable use when researching this problem because someone, most likely the progeny of Jove, flooded the Internet with photoshopped, fake pictures of giant skeletons. That makes the following compilation of historical references to the giants of inestimable value. It is videos like this that make me refer to YouTube as the “new Library of Alexander.”

TITLEThe Smithsonian Hides the Fact that Giant Human Beings Existed
POSTED: October 26, 2018
VIEWS: 442 views as of April 18, 2021

I hope to recover the following video which was removed from YouTube: “Are the Smithsonian Covering Up the Greatest Mysteries of Humanities Past” from the Zohar StarGate Ancient Discoveries channel:


RUNTIME: 18:17
TITLETaught to Believe They Never Existed, Here’s Your Proof!
POSTED: March 4, 2018
VIEWS: 862,162 views as of April 18, 2021

The giant skeletons were us

Who are the giants? The giants are us before the end of the last world. That is to say, we are descended from the giants. When Earth was in the polar configuration, inside the magnetosphere of Proto-Saturn, David Talbott tells us that Earth’s gravity was much less. This is what made life for the dinosaurs possible, and it is why we grew to be so tall.

The giant skeletons are us

And the mounds found all over the continental United States of America are bunkers to protect them from the devastations of the comet Venus and Mars. Subsequent to that they were decimated by the progeny of Jove to preserve North America for the end times

Some folks think we are not from this planet because we have so many lower back problems. They’re partially right. The Earth in the polar configuration was very different than the Earth on which we live now. We have lower back problems because we are still adjusting to the increase in gravity. There were “giants in those days because mankind survived the destruction of 3100 BC when Proto-Saturn exploded, Earth’s axis titled, and megatsunami waves inundated the continents. The following millennia gave birth to us. We are the runts. We still have back problems because we are still adjusting to this new gravity. We are smaller because the gravity outside of Proto-Saturn’s magnetosphere is much greater. Being a giant outside of Proto-Saturn’s magnetosphere was no advantage. It was a liability. Very few are living today, but they are still here. I saw one at a gas station while living in Arkansas.

RUNTIME: 11:58
TITLEDiscourses on an Alien Sky #32 | Before the Counting of Time
POSTED: November 23, 2017
VIEWS: 43,051 views as of April 18, 2021

The mounds were bunkers for the giants. Who else could lift these massive stones? Combine this with the work of Carl Munck and you must start to ask if not all of the ancients were giants. I believe they were. I believe the giants were us.

The significance of giant skeletons so close to the surface

Why the Smithsonian coverup you ask? The significance of giant skeletons being unearthed relatively close to the surface is so stupendous and mindboggling as to defy imagination. There are two main areas of thought that it profoundly disrupts.

  1. PLANETARY RECONFIGURATION in 3100 BC: There is no more compelling evidence for the recent end of the polar configuration of  The Thunderbolts Project ™ and the subsequent Solar System reconfiguration than the fact that the giant skeletons are being unearthed close to the surface. It means that the giants died recently, not during the well-documented destruction of 9500 BC. If they were already in the ground at that time, they would be lost to us. This logic of the giant skeletons at or near the surface pointing to a relatively recent breakup of the polar configuration is quite simple and easy to follow. By extension, we can say with some measure of confidence that Proto-Saturn exploded in 3100 BC, Had they died off in 9500 BC, not only their skeletons would be lost to us but so would the mounds they used to survive the destruction of the comet Venus and the more recent close encounters of Mars
  2. DARWINISM AND THE THEORY OF EVOLUTION IS A FARCE:   That means that as a species in less than one Great Cycle or 5124 years, we have devolved from what seems to us now as “giants” with double rows of teeth into what we are today. Again by extension, this explains why “Neanderthals” and “Cro-Magnon” had bigger bodies and larger brains. It’s just us shrinking. Science is insane. In the post-Einstein reality, they are primarily mathematically insane, but they have always been insane. The reason why is because they are constantly infiltrated by the progeny of Jove who direct their thought as assuredly as they have tunneled into the granite in Colorado. Everything is one thing.

In other words, our species is capable of rapid biological change in response to differences in our surrounding environment. I find this thought entirely consistent with my belief that life is the norm throughout the Universe, not the exception. In this case, the environmental change would be a significant increase in gravity.

Now can you see why it was so important for the progeny of Jove to re-bury the giant skeletons as they were found on a somewhat regular basis in the nineteenth century?

The evidence that we live in a much more dynamic world does not augur well for their plans for the masses to be complacent and compliant in the week following the axial tilt before the megatsunami waves inundate entire continents. If would not help if we even suspected something like that could even happen. During that week they must fly people from all over the world into Denver International Airport.  A docile, stupid people who are more interested in watching superhero movies than surviving is what they planned for and as I say on my homepage, they are brilliant, consummate planners.

The Adena people

Giants in the ancient Hindu Vedas (Daityas)

YouTube search

Google search

Why double rows of teeth?

Humans were herbivores in Proto-Saturn’s magnetosphere

Giant hands

Scary archeology: Pits full of nothing but large to very large severed hands found in Egypt


This lessor gravity made it possible for the dinosaurs (that could not stand up in today’s gravity) to exist.

Research Notes

Immanuel Velikovsky’s “Giants” and “Nefilim” papers. Consider renaming this gigantism. EU has a video by that name. Get it.


Find original source…

And the daughters of Cain with whom the angels had companied conceived, but they were unable to bring forth their children, and they died. And of the children who were in their wombs some died, and some came forth, having split open the bellies of their mothers they came forth by their navels. (The Ethiopian Kebra Nagast)

Dinaric skulls in Europe and Middle East (related to elongated skulls in Peru)

They are described as a powerful people of great stature “like the height of the cedars” (Amos 2:9) who had occupied the land east and west of the Jordan. The height and strength mentioned in Amos 2:9 has led some Christian scholars, including Orville J. Nave, who wrote the classic Nave’s Topical Bible, to refer to the Amorites as “giants”.

Wikipedia, Amorites

Removed YouTube video (I may have a copy) at 49:07 attributes the development of gematria and advanced mathematics to the Amorites (original inhabitants of Jerusalem?).

search giants in bookmarks

Cro-Magnon was earth before the Polar configuration broke apart (and hence very stable for many hundreds of thousands of years). Everything after is evolution

What is the relationship between Cro-Magnon and Dinarics? Compare skulls.

search “Cro-Magnon giants”

Did red-haired, cannibalistic giants exist? Unlocking Lovelock Cave