№ 27. The Grossly misunderstood Georgia Guidestones

This is the front cover image from the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook, which you can read on this website.




Add coca-cola scene from Tomorrowland to emphasis that this is not the progeny of Jove

216-218 Peachtree Street NE



This page is dedicated to Sunn Fornuft Fornyet, yet another exotic pseudonym for a contributor who wishes to remain anonymous. Without his help this page would lack critically important information.




A very subtle message to those of you who want to live

This building to your left, the Masonic Temple in Atlanta, Georgia, was both built and burned down as part of a multi-generational plan to build the Georgia Guidestones. The Georgia Guidestones are the work of a very special group of the progeny of Jove who were isolated and cut off as a result of what is mistakenly called a Civil War.

As you read and study this page, be reminded of what I say on my home page.


The progeny of Jove are consummate, brilliant planners.


The rationale for such drastic measures is simple, and also stated on my homepage. The progeny of Jove live for one day and one day only. All of history awaits this one day. Everything else in the entire history of the world as you know it pales in significance. On this “day of the Lord” as the Bible calls it, a Pacific Ocean megatsunami over two miles high will wash over the continental United States of America and erase everything and everybody you have known your entire life. On that day, the United States of America will enter into the realm of myth. This is the reality of the Georgia Guidestones, nothing less.

If you want to survive that day, know this. The very same group of men who built the Georgia Guidestones burnt down their own Masonic Temple to establish the hidden 108 mile distance between the two as a front door of sorts for those seeking the truth.

Now listen carefully! Everything is one thing.

This building was dedicated on February 22, 1909, seven years after the Geological Survey of Georgia was published that I use to establish weight in lbs per cubic foot of the granite used to build the Georgia Guidestones. It was burned down on September 7, 1950. Why September 7 was chosen as the exact date escapes me, but I cannot help but to think it is somehow related to the White Ash Mine disaster. However, I can state with confidence that the 951 cubic feet of granite listed on the Explanatory Tablet is a reference to the year 1950. This is not a game, and I am not batchit crazy. This is a matter of life and death, yours, mine, and everyone else on the surface of the planet. This is the end of the world in which we now live.

[I told you boys I would never cross the line, and I never will. Let us let God decide. I would have it no other way.]





Is there a Second Vault Profound in Georgia?

If morality is any sign of intelligence, I don’t see how it could be otherwise. And if the Georgia Guidestones are not a monument to morality, they are nothing.


Stone Mountain, Georgia

Lest we forget, when the Freemasons founded this country, their headquarters were in Georgia.

After all, all of the money from Coca-Cola had to go somewhere, and something tells me it was not all funneled to stockholders.


Now what I said above about morality may seem contradictory to the name of the next section, but perhaps in naming that section I am just establishing the basis for a legal defense against any claim of intellectual property rights infringement. Because quite frankly, part of me is always hunting for The Nine, and India and Georgia are at the top of the list of suspect locations.



The Pyramid Quarry in 2003. The quarry sits upon the Lexington-Oglesby Blue Granite Belt, which stretches from Elbert County to Oglethorpe and Madison counties. The Pyramid Quarry is one of many companies that contribute to the large granite industry centered in Elberton.

Elbert County sits upon a subterranean bed of granite in the Piedmont geologic province, identified at the turn of the twentieth century as the Lexington-Oglesby Blue Granite Belt, that measures about fifteen miles wide and twenty-five miles long and stretches into nearby Oglethorpe and Madison counties.




The Perpetuation of a Great Fraud against All of Humanity

In as much as the people of Elbert County, Georgia are perpetuating a Great Fraud against all of humanity, I hereby assert my legal right to use all of the following two videos and stand prepared to defend that right in a court of law.  The Georgia Guidestones are what they appear to be, a message to all of humanity that the world in which they live is about to be utterly destroyed in a natural disaster so calamitous the “prophets” in the Old Testament refer to it as the “day of the Lord.” The moment I first learned about them, I knew what the Georgia Guidestones represented. And so I knew immediately to look for a link between them and the Freemasons of the South. You see Georgia was once the headquarters of the entire world in a time when the Freemasons were the progeny of Jove and in direct control of the United States of America through the Presidency. This is why up until the so-called Civil War all of the Freemason Presidents were Southerners. This crucial page in our history is very little understood. The Civil War was not what it appeared to be. The European Illuminati had infiltrated and taken control of the Supreme Council, Scottish Rite, Northern Jurisdiction, USA. Following one of the most cherished precepts of the European Illuminati, these Yankees parading as Freemasons used the Northern Jurisdiction to first gain control of the Presidency and then to wage war against the real Freemasons of the South who founded the United States of America. The (real) Freemasons lost that war and the United States of America subsequently became a legal corporation. It ceased to exist as a country. I discuss this little understood chapter of our history on page № 54. Civil War and the Fall of Freemasonry.

And so I knew immediately that the great grandchildren of those men who lost the so-called Civil War were breaking ranks with a tradition of secrecy that dates back 2,600 years to warn the public that something unthinkable is about to happen. Knowing further that numbers are a religion to these people, I began my search for a link between the Georgia Guidestones and the Freemasons in Atlanta, the capital of Georgia. I found it in so little time and in such an inspired state of mind as to remind me when I prayed for an understanding of Daniel and within 24 hours found the remarkably simple mathematics in that book. The link between the Georgia Guidestones and the Freemasons was as remarkably simple and yet well hidden as was the year in Daniel.


The Georgia Guidestones monument was built 108 miles (like the 108 pages on this website) from the location of the Atlanta Masonic Temple, the oldest Masonic Lodge in Atlanta, which was deliberately torched by the progeny of Jove in 1950. The distance is exactly 108 miles. Not 108.1 or 107.9. 108.0 exactly. Remember this as you watch these two videos.


I discuss this below in the section entitled The Height of the Monument. Anyone who suggests that the location of this monument was left to chance, was a last minute decision, happenstance, or whatever is either a damnable liar or ignorant of the truth. There is another, perhaps equally important reason for the location of the Georgia Guidestones. They are directly underneath the path of the 2017 total solar eclipse which, when combined with the yet to come 2024 total eclipse in the year 2024, forms an X across the continental United States. I discuss this in the last section of this page entitled X Marks the Spot.



Though I have come to despise the word, this webpage thoroughly debunks the widely-accepted notion that the Georgia Guidestones were built by two Yankees. Anyone who accepts this as the truth is only a casual observer. Now with the production of these two videos, the people of Elbert County, Georgia proffer an alternate theory, that the Georgia Guidestones are a deceptive marketing tactic perpetrated by a handful of people in Elbert, Georgia (the “Granite Capital of the World”) with connections to the Elbert Granite Association. The absurdity of this suggestion is so painfully obvious that I am reluctant to even point it out. In fact, I refuse to take this suggestion seriously. If the reader is so inclined, I would suggest you return to surfing the Net. I cannot help you.


If you ask me if the people in this video know the truth and are partaking in this deception or are simply ignorant and do not know who actually built the Georgia Guidestones, I cannot say for sure. I think the young men behind the production of these videos probably have no idea what is really happening. But I can say for sure at least one of the men is this video is a damnable liar. He is the man who suggests that the location of the Georgia Guidestones was his idea.


Although I go to great lengths to expose this deception, the reader should not mistake this for disrespect. On the contrary, no one has greater admiration than I for the men who erected the Georgia Guidestones. In my opinion, they are some of the greatest men alive, unsung heroes of the people.





After years of research and one of those rare moments when I feel the hand of God on my shoulder, I am prepared to say that my best guess is that these gentlemen from the Atlanta Peachtree Lodge #59 build the Georgia Guidestones




“Honesty and fair dealing with all mankind.”

–Leonard Christopher Simpson, first Worshipful Master of Atlanta Lodge No. 59, from Atlanta Lodge No.59


I find these words from the history of Atlanta Lodge No. 59 to be of profound importance to anyone who seeks to know who built the Georgia Guidestones:


The lodge rooms were on the upper floor of a two-story wooden building which stood on the corner of Lloyd (now Central Avenue) and Alabama Street, at south angle. The ground floor of this building was occupied by a grocery store of which Paul McSheffery was the proprietor.

Just seventv-seven years, over three quarters of a century ago, in this building, which for many years was known as Masonic Hall, the first lodge of F. & A. M. was constituted.

Leonard Christopher Simpson was the first Worshipful Master of Atlanta Lodge No. 59. He is described in the History of Atlanta as the citv’s first resident lawyer, and a man of fine personal appearance and unusual professional abilitv. It is of him we speak when referring to the founder of Freemasonry in Atlanta, then in DeKalb County, Georgia.

Atlanta Lodge No.59 [bold-red emphasis added]


Whoever build the Georgia Guidestones, they are the great grandchildren of the men who founded this country and the last of the living Freemasons who know the truth. In this sense, they too are the progeny of Jove. A more special group of men cannot be found on this planet. I am in awe of them.


(Full Documentary) The Georgia Guidestones Movie (an unlisted YouTube) from the M Reser YouTube channel.


Here is the text that accompanies the YouTube:

“Winner of the Best Regional Documentary award at the 2013 Charleston Film Festival, The Georgia Guidestones Movie is a DIY, low-budget documentary movie about the mysterious “American Stonehenge” in Elbert County, Georgia.

“The Georgia Guidestones Movie was screened at various theaters in South Carolina and Georgia, including the Georgia Museum of Art, and was also screened in Portland, Oregon. The movie had a limited DVD and Blu-Ray release. Now, please enjoy the full film online, ad-free.

“The soundtrack for the movie is written and recorded by award-winning, Athens, Georgia area musician Kyle Dawkins and includes original, never-before-released material.

“More information about the film, the filmmakers and narrator, and the soundtrack can be found:

“This documentary delves into the most intriguing questions about the Guidestones’ creation and enigmatic purpose: Who is R.C. Christian? Why does the monument exist? How did it come into being? Answering these questions takes the film beyond the site of the Guidestones themselves and into the homes and workplaces of a variety of key players and sources, as well as into the quarries and stoneworking facilities of Elberton, Georgia, known as “The Granite Capital of the World.”


I assure you, the “key players” behind the Georgia Guidestones remain well hidden from the public, though this webpage includes a photograph of at least some of them.


The makers of The Georgia Guidestones Movie from the Limited Perspective YouTube channel


I include these videos as the first section of one of the most important pages on this website because they provide a good introduction to the subject and invaluable local flavor, but more importantly because they introduce yet another subterfuge as to why the Georgia Guidestones were created. They were created by a very special splinter group within of the progeny of Jove. Do they know about these videos? Were they involved in their production? I cannot say for sure. I have my doubts. But the timing of The Georgia Guidestones Movie is suspicious.


As you can see, it is eight seconds short of 1:08. I feel as if this timing is somehow taunting me. Were the real backers of the Georgia Guidestones involved in round two of this deliberate deception? If so, one must remember that these men are trying to share arcana rightly regarded as some of the most protected information in the history of mankind. Perhaps this is why The Georgia Guidestones Movie was released in 2012, the year of another great deception.

Thank you to Sunn Fornuft Fornyet for alerting me to both the existence of these YouTubes and the importance of the monument’s location in relation to the 2017 solar eclipse. Here I want to quote from an email he sent to me:

“Another random thing I noticed a few days ago is that in the official story they originally planned on placing the Guidestones somewhere between Hancock and Augusta County, instead of Elberton.  That entire area is outside of the totality boarder where the total eclipse occurred. If they wanted the Guidestones in a place where totality would happen in 2017 then the official story isn’t completely true…”

As I hope this section has made perfectly clear, the suggestion that the location of the Georgia Guidestones was anything less than meticulous planeed in the finest tradition of the progeny of Jove is one of the main purposes of this multi-layer deception. For if everyone knew what I do, they would be greatly concerned about the significance of this apocalyptic monument, one of the most important “end times markers” discussed on this website. I pray now that I have finally published this information that Sunn will share his other Georgia Guidestones research.






2001: A Space Odyssey

In the history of end-time markers, none is more important than the Georgia Guidestones. In one sense, they are what they appear to be. But in order to fully understand them, you must understand the entirety of my work. And only a handful of people will ever achieve that before the end. I admire the men who erected this monument to no end, and they damn sure were not two Yankees.

The great-grandchildren of the Southern Freemasons who were defeated in the Civil War when the United States of America effectively ceased to exist used the monolith from 2001: A Space Odyssey as inspiration when designing the Georgia Guidestones. In turn, Stanley Kubrick was using the monolith as a reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza. (It is a documented fact that Kubrick originally was going to use a pyramid instead of a monolith.)


Nothing, I repeat, nothing reminds me more of the banality of the intellectual life I am forced to live, surrounded by a people who are so sure they understand everything, than the Georgia Guidestones. We should show the same respect and awe for them as do the apes in the opening scenes of 2001: A Space Odyssey. For once, a very special and unique group within the progeny of Jove have told us in plain and simple language that over seven billion people are about to die a sudden and violent death.





Popular Misconceptions

Speaking of banality…

I live in the same town as Aaron & Melissa. Yet they will not acknowledge my work on the Georgia Guidestones.  This is life for me. This is the price I pay for pursuing the truth. Conservative society shuns me, would-be saviours of the world attack me, and even radical intellectuals avoid me like the plague.  There is not, nor has there ever been, a place in this world for me.

So here is what a respectable Austin, Texas couple has to say about the Georgia Guidestones (not long before their website was ravaged):


“So this is what the Guidestones is. It’s a bunch of snotty rich douchebags trying to tell everyone else how to live, and who should die, and that they know everything…”

—Melissa Dykes, TruthStream Media, The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014 at 4:17 into the video on the Truthstream Media YouTube channel


Wow! Thank you, Melissa. I just wish for one moment you could fully realize that as I listen to this mindless rant all I can think to myself is how perfectly you are describing how I feel about what you are saying in this video, and this is coming from a fellow Austinite and one of your biggest fans. I have promoted you and Mr. Aaron Dykes from the beginning of this website. TruthStream figures prominently on page № 107. Highly Recommended News Sources. It always will.


But this, Melissa dear, in your own words, is…



What were you thinking? Yea sure, the Freemasons in Atlanta are just going to break with 2,600 years of tradition and announce to the whole world that over seven billion people are about to die a sudden and violent death. It’s okay. We all make mistakes. It’s just harder for us because we make them in public. If you ever backtrack and admit that your wrong and I’m right, I would like to buy you and Aaron as much beer as you can drink in one night at the bar in The Driskill. Just don’t try deleting this YouTube video. I made a copy. We must all answer for our mistakes however painful that may be.


Proverbs 23:7
as he thinketh in his heart, so is he


It’s really funny that you should so name this video. The whole cube thing was so staged a child could see through it. Maybe that’s the problem; you were too busy being an adult to see what was really happening. Bend my friend. I know you can do it. Yield to the truth(stream).

Let me set the record straight for the Great State of Texas and the men who fought to save our country from the European Illuminati during what is erroneously remembered as the Civil War. Because that’s what this is, Melissa. This is about the South. This is about the United States of America that could have been had we not lost the war. Am I promoting slavery or advocating prejudice. Hell no! Slavery as an institution was doomed, and not because of the abolitionists in the North prior to the start of the Civil War. The characterization of that war as being fought to free African slaves is one of the greatest lies in all of history, dwarfing even 9-11. had the South not been proded and provoked by the European Illuminati in the North, the South would have done the right thing and ended slavery itself. In fact, one could rightly argue that it was Atlanta, Georgia that gave birth to Martin Luther King Jr. and the Civil Rights movement.


“Oh, do not cry. Be good children, and we shall all meet in Heaven … I want to meet you all, white and black, in Heaven.”  —General Robert E. Lee

—Last recorded words, spoken to his grand-children and negro slaves from his deathbed, as quoted in The National Preacher (1845) by Austin Dickinson, p. 192.


No one is talking about slavery, unless by that you are referring to the Federal Reserve system instituted by the European Illuminati who won the Civil War and permanently derailed the United States of America. That is what this is all about. Not African-America or chattel slavery, but the slavery of a nation. Debt slavery. By the way, if you two are going to keep operating your website, I would advise getting some really good backup software because you’re shitting where you eat (namely, in the South).


The Babylonian captivity for “We the People of the United States” has been the Federal Reserve system and an oppressive federal government that has strangled the intellectual life of a nation in order to subjugate it to the will of the European illuminati who regard us as little more than the walking dead.

The Georgia Guidestones are so grossly misunderstood because no one is allowing for subtlety on the part of their designers. This is a huge problem because using the voice of the phantom R.C. Christian, the designers told us that they spent 20 years perfecting this design. It is a mathematical puzzle in the highest tradition of the progeny of Jove, but is being treated as little more than expensive graffiti chiseled into granite.


The message is being lost in the process. This cannot be. This message is important beyond measure.


For the first time in history, a very special and unique outcrop within the progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc,), people who possess specific knowledge about the end times that has been carefully preserved from previous world ages, are speaking directly to the masses. I am in awe of them. For once, someone is speaking out on behalf of the masses.


As if to echo Virgil’s All, see, enraptured of the coming time!, the Freemasons in the defeated South used the highly symbolic Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, the very first Masonic lodge in what would become after the end of the Civil War the Atlanta metropolitan area, to send a message, not to the survivors in the New World, but to us. That message is the Georgia Guidestones erected 33 years before the long-awaited end of the Maya Long Count calendar on December 16, 2013.



When I try to thank of an appropriate analogy for the Georgia Guidestones from an intellectual perspective, there is only one. The Freemasons of the South hoisted a pirate flag on March 22, 1980. It was a bold move in open defiance of their age-old tradition of secrecy. For it really does not matter what you think my dear reader, those stones are announcing the fact that the world is about to be utterly and completely destroyed. Ignore the message if you want, attack it in mindless ignorance, or learn from it what you may. The choice is yours. But if you want to learn, keep reading. I am in the process of unlocking its secrets.





Listen to me and ye shall yet live. Or think me batshit crazy. It’s all the same to me.


Thanks to the incredibly shallow analysis of their meaning, the Georgia Guidestones suffer constant graffiti attacks by misguided Southerners and are tossed onto the same intellectual trash heap as the Maya Long Count calendar. In so doing, our ignorance is without measure. This must stop. The truth must be told. Two Yankees did not erect the Georgia Guidestones. This was a ridiculously shallow deception which has lead to a number of popular misconceptions that this webpage is dedicated to correcting.






The Capstone

I believe there is profound meaning behind the simple rectangular design of the capstone. In fact, I am sure of it. But it is well hidden in the measurements, measurements the designers very carefully preserved in the explanatory tablet discussed below. The very existence of the explanatory tablet should alert you to the fact that there is meaning embedded in those measurements. There is no such “explanatory tablet” as it has come to be known next to the Washington Monument. If there was, it would undoubtedly explain that the monument is 555.5 feet tall and 55.5 feet wide, leaving you to realize that 555.5 feet is 6666 inches and 55.5 feet is 666 inches. The measurements of the Georgia Guidestones are an order of magnitude more subtle, but both monuments use measurements to convey meaning.

Before I discuss that meaning, I want to briefly mention how the designers are using visual tension to draw attention to the capstone. Whether you associate the Georgia Guidestones with the South and want to imagine a Confederate flag when looking at the monument from above or are thinking “X marks the spot,” the capstone wants to be “squared” when seen from above. This tension arises from the apparent misalignment of the diagonally opposing support stones which is best seen in the picture above. This visual tension is significantly enhanced by the fact these same four stones are just barely supporting the four corners of the capstone. This can best be seen in the following aerial view. This visual tension serves to draw our attention to the capstone. And for good reason. Much of the secret message the Georgia Guidestones are intended to convey is hidden in the measurements of the capstone.



Please note that whenever looking at the PHYSICAL DATA on the Explanatory Tablet, metric data is meaningless and not part of the actual monument. This needs to be said because, for whatever reason, almost every source, including especially Wikipedia, that transcribes the data on the Explanatory Tablet includes metric equivalents. I do not. Here then are the dimensions of the capstone exactly as given on the explanatory tablet:


   WEIGHS 24,832 POUNDS.


These capstone measurements are decidedly intended to catch our attention. I saw this right away because the width is “6-FEET, 6-INCHES”. The designers had to know the 66 would draw our attention. Then I noticed the 9-FEET. If you do not know how special the number nine is in the study of sacred numbers, you need to stop and study sacred numbers. All sacred numbers are multiples of nine, the three most important being 108, 216, and 432. To give you some idea of the importance of these three numbers, 216 is the “name of God” within the study of sacred numbers. Evan as a Christian, I respect the profundity of 216. I am it awe of it. So I saw right away that 9 x 12 = 108. At that point I realized immediately that I was standing on holy ground, so-to-speak. The designers had just told me that something very important is happening with the capstone measurements. But what?


If you ever hope to understand the mind of the progeny of Jove, I beg you please listen carefully to what I am about to say. What I am about to say is immeasurably important for the reader to understand. If you add the 108 (9-FEET) to the 8-INCHES you get a year. The year is 1088. That is the year of a Civil War in England remembered as the Rebellion of 1088. What I want to do is discuss the significance of that war, but first I need to convince the reader that this is not an overactive imagination on my part. If I fail to do so, the reader loses one of his or her best opportunities ever to realize that the Georgia Guidestones are conveying a profoundly important message.


If it helps for me to say so, it took me over a month of full time work to unlock just this one aspect of the puzzle. The designers of the Georgia Guidestones are using what I call on this website an anti-cipher. Anti-ciphers are very common in arcana. Discover one, and you are sure to be on the right track. Discovering the anti-cipher that proved the duration of the Maya Long Count calendar was not 144,000 x 13 = 1872000 days but actually 2160 orbits of Jupiter (the five year difference between the two being what I call the Great Wayeb, which I have yet to fully document) was one of the most exciting moments of my life. This is why the section entitled What is an Anti-Cipher? is found on page № 20. Ancient Calendars. It is only one paragraph. Please take a moment to read it.

I respect the designers of the Georgia Guidestones for even using anti-ciphers. Doing so follows in the tradition of the ancients who preceded them. The First Great Anti-Cipher is built into The Great Pyramid of Giza, and the The Second Great Anti-Cipher is found in the design of the Maya Long Count calendar. The anti-ciphers discussed on this page may not be “Great” but it shows these guys are the real thing unlike anything else could.


Before you can understand this anti-cipher, you must fully understand the significance of the 2:3 aspect ratio. This knowledge is the holy of holies for the progeny of Jove. This is the 32° Freemason stuff. Tread carefully. There was a time not long ago when I imagine I really could have been killed for laying this all out so plainly. But those days have long since passed. Symbolism is a thing from the past. Survival is the order of the day. We are too close to the end now. Nevertheless, if you run roughshod over this knowledge I think a curse will descend upon you for the rest of your life. So have some respect. I am still working on it (what’s new?), but I need for you to stop right now and read  page № 31. The Number 23 and 2:3 Aspect Ratio in its entirety, paying particular attention to the stuff about the 2:3 aspect ratio.


Okay, now you are prepared to better understand and appreciate the anti-cipher hidden in the measurements of the capstone. The dimension of the capstone as recorded on the explanatory tablet are 9-FEET, 8-INCHES x 6-FEET, 6-INCHES. That is 78 x 116 inches. As noted in the 2:3 Aspect Ratios in Freemason Square and Compasses, Georgia Guidestones Capstone, and Skull and Bones Tomb section, 78 x 116 is not a perfect 2:3 aspect ratio. 78 divided by two is 39. 39 times three is 117. So why do I say the capstone has a 2:3 aspect ratio in the aforementioned section? Your first thought will probably be that I am fudging the numbers. I am the last person on the planet who would do that.


Remember what Pythagoras said, “All is number.”  The progeny of Jove are always exact when it comes to numbers. There is no exception to this rule. Numbers are their religion. This is precisely why the 116 demands scrutiny. If you are a student of the progeny of Jove, it practically jumps off the page.


In the case of something like this, where the exact 2:3 aspect ration would be 78:117 instead of the 78:116 reported on the explanatory tablet, there is always an explanation. Here it is important to note that the one inch difference is on the sides that measure 9-FEET, 8-INCHES. These are the numbers that point to the Rebellion of 1088. If a true 2:3 aspect ratio were used, the length of those sides would have added up to 1089, a meaningless number. On the other hand, by introducing a mathematical imperfection in a world of symbols where exactness is a religious tenant, the designers are in effect telling us, “Yes, we wish to make an analogous reference to the Rebellion of 1088.” That is how this particular anti-cipher works. Or else this is “Confirmation bias,” which is a polite term for insane. You decide. This is the Internet. I could be talking to the next Ted Bundy for all I know. I can only hold the reader’s hand so much. But if you’re not the next Ted Bundy and find yourself on the fence regarding my analysis of the capstone, I can understand that. Here is my advice to you. Do not consider this aspect of the capstone in isolation. Highly abstract thinkers never consider anything in isolation. That is our nature. So I see this puzzle differently than you might. Think about how the designers are presenting the year 1088 in relation to other hidden messages such as the height of the monument discussed in the next section or the distance of the monument from the burned down Atlanta Masonic Temple. It all adds up. It’s a subtle message and it requires a subtle mind to understand. But I can promise you this, unless you accept my analysis of the 9-FEET, 8-INCHES length of the capstone being a reference to the year 1088, you will fail to appreciate the significance of the Rebellion of 1088 to the message the designers of the Georgia Guidestones are conveying to those of us who live in the end times. That would be a real shame because I am killing myself to interpret this for you. Seriously. Lately I work at my desk studying and writing practically every waking moment. And I sleep very little. I don’t ask for donations. I am doing this because I perceive no one else can. I am probably one of the most abstract thinkers alive.


SPECIAL NOTE: Since writing this section, another reference to 1088 has been uncovered in my work on the Granite Weights below. Furthermore, this second anti-cipher, discovered by an anonymous contributor who is a member of the Triple Nine Society, is also part of the capstone. So it appears as though the capstone is key to unlocking the true meaning of the Georgia Guidestones.


So what is the significance of the Rebellion of 1088 to the Georgia Guidestones? The designers of this monument are identifying themselves in the language of the progeny of Jove. Believe me when I say this was never intended for public consumption. This is how they talk to each other. The intended recipients of this message are the living and breathing progeny of Jove who control what I call the vault profound in Colorado, the immense tunnel system where they expect to survive the coming axial tilt. That location was chosen thousands of years ago. They in effect stole it from the Freemasons of the South when they won the so-called Civil War. In the language of the progeny of Jove, the designers of the Georgia Guidestones are saying, “We are the great grandchildren of the Rebels who fought against you in the Civil War. We are going to do what you would never do, which is to warn the people.”


And how did the descendants of the European Illuminati respond to this message? I have waited a long time to use the following clip from the Tomorrowland movie. This is what the Unknown Entity well hidden behind need-to-know clearances thinks of the men who brought us the Georgia Guidestones. The scene is when the main characters are being teleported to the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France. If you are not familiar with the movie Tomorrowland, just know this for now. It is more important than the Book of Daniel in the Old Testament and the Book of Revelation in the New Testament combined. Let me repeat this in case you think I misspoke. The Tomorrowland movie is more relevant to the end times than the two most highly revered apocalyptic books in the Bible. Why? Because the movie was produced by the very same people who wrote those two books, the progeny of Jove, and the movie is clearly more recent and decidedly more relevant. This little clip, no matter what you may think about it or me, is in effect a response to the building of the Georgia Guidestones. It is intended to convey the message that, “We are neither impressed nor do we care. You are not important to us. You do not matter” albeit it poetically.



This is not a paid advertisement for Coca-Cola. I hardly think the Coca-Cola company would have agreed to this presentation of their product. Coca-Cola is a reference to Atlanta Georgia, to the Freemasons of the South. The disgusting belch is a slur against them. In the context of French la haute culture (think European Illuminati), the progeny of Jove are suggesting that the Freemason of the South are a crude people. In as much as they are the only ones willing to break with 2,600 years of secrecy and warn us what is about to happen, I find them to be gallant gentleman.


If you think this is an outlandish interpretation, I suggest you start studying the Tomorrowland movie. It is not what it seems to be. Nothing in it should be taken at face value.


I cringe when I think of the arrogance of this not so subtle scene. This is how the would-be saviours of humanity regard the men who founded this country. The Civil War and the treachery of General Robert E. Lee marked a turning point in world history few people will ever understand. When I look upon this state of affairs, I think of Enoch. I rededicate myself to this website and pray that after I descend from Monjeau, establish a settlement near the Roswell artesian basin, and head north to discover the fate of the progeny of Jove, that what I learn is that they never made it back to the surface.  These people simply cannot be our future, but the technology in the vault profound can. That is why the last thing I plan to do on this dreary planet is to mark the entrances to their tunnel system and explain to some future generation what is inside and why the information about our defective solar system should never again be kept secret.






The Height of the Monument

Though the cornerstone is marked A.D. 1924, the Pythagorus Masonic Temple in Decatur, Georgia was dedicated in 1925, which is why the Georgia Guidestones are 19 foot 3 inches tall. That is 19.25 feet, the same year as the dedication service. This perhaps more than anything else should put to rest any doubt whatsoever who is responsible for the Georgia Guidestones, settle once and for all that “R.C. Christian” from Fort “Dodge,” Iowa was a ruse from the beginning, and that the local Freemasons in Elberton, Georgia and quite possibly their good friend and neighbor Wyatt C Martin were active participants in this deception.


Here is a transcription of the start of the speech at the unveiling ceremony (as much of it as is preserved at the start of the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film). It is noteworthy to see what features of the Guidestones were highlighted at the time of the unveiling.

“Over 951 cubic feet of granite make up the eleven pieces of the monument. The overall height is 19 feet three inches from the surface of the ground to the top of the capstone.There are slots and holes in the center stone that have astrological significance because they have been cut at precise angles to permit accurate reading of the sun and moon at various times of the year…”

On the explanatory Tablet, the “Overall Height” is the first measurement listed.



It is obvious that the designers are trying to communicate something very important. The symbolism here is that in the antebellum South, the United States of America, the country of our Founding Fathers, reached its height. In what might be the most perfect example ever of what I call the “law of opposites” on my homepage, slavery was instigated at this time throughout the entire United States of America in the form of the fledgling Federal Reserve system, as can be seen by these two entries from History of the Federal Reserve

1836-1865: The Free Banking Era

State-chartered banks and unchartered “free banks” took hold during this period, issuing their own notes, redeemable in gold or specie. Banks also began offering demand deposits to enhance commerce. In response to a rising volume of check transactions, the New York Clearinghouse Association was established in 1853 to provide a way for the city’s banks to exchange checks and settle accounts.

1863: National Banking Act

During the Civil War, the National Banking Act of 1863 was passed, providing for nationally chartered banks, whose circulating notes had to be backed by U.S. government securities. An amendment to the act required taxation on state bank notes but not national bank notes, effectively creating a uniform currency for the nation. Despite taxation on their notes, state banks continued to flourish due to the growing popularity of demand deposits, which had taken hold during the Free Banking Era.

The Internet being what it is, I expect much of this page to be pirated. So let me put a date on this realization of the symbolic meaning of the height of the Georgia Guidestones. I got out of bed early this morning, Thursday, January 3, 2019 to note this on my website.


Stephen Decatur Jr. Promoted at age 25, he is the youngest man to reach the rank of captain in the history of the United States Navy. (credit Wikipedia)

Have all the onions layers been peeled? This is the first time in my life that I find myself at loggerheads with the living, breathing progeny of Jove, who I regard to be consummate, brilliant planners. Have I exposed a truth about the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 or am I too being played?  If this monument was in fact designed by the Freemasons in Atlanta, Georgia, then the Freemasons retained specific knowledge of the end times after the Civil War. They were not “beheaded” as I like to describe it when the progeny of Jove morphed from the Freemasons to the CIA in 1947. This makes sense precisely because of the Civil War. The Freemasons of the South were defeated in battle by the European Illuminati posing as the legitimate government of the United States of America. And they continue to do so all the while enslaving “We the people of the United States” with their hellish Federal Reserve system. Meanwhile, the Freemasons of the South retained precise knowledge of the end times to this very day, which means I have made contact with the progeny of Jove. I cannot begin to tell you how humbling this feels. These men represent a tradition that dates back at least 2,600 years. I pray I am worthy to convey their message to the handful of people who are willing to listen. I pray that I am worthy to follow in the footsteps of Stephen Decatur on the intellectual ocean of the end times. But mostly, I am grateful to have found my country again. The United States of America is alive and well in Atlanta, Georgia, in “The City Too Busy to Hate” and the hometown of Martin Luther King Jr.


I would like to be there when the producers of the film “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” read this. I can just imagine how humiliating it would feel that instead of being so clever in their “investigation” into the identity of “R.C. Christian,” that they were actually played and made unwilling participants in the very same deception they fancied was exposed by their film. 



The name “Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, Free and Accepted Masons” is used by the National Register of Historic Places when referring to a historic building located in Decatur, Georgia. The building is also known as Pythagoras Masonic Temple and occasionally known as Decatur Masonic Temple. Built in 1924, the building is a work of William J. Sayward (1875-1945), an architect who was a member of the Masonic lodge, and who partnered with William A. Edwards in the firm Edwards and Sayward. It was designed and built in Beaux Arts architecture style.

The building was listed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1982. It was deemed significant for its architecture and for the social/community history of the lodge.

The building was constructed as a Masonic hall by Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, Free and Accepted Masons, one of several Masonic Lodges which meet in Decatur. The Lodge received its charter in 1844, and has functioned continuously since then.

—Facebook, Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, Free and Accepted Masons Landmark & Historical Place


The following historical blurb is from Atlanta and Environs: A Chronicle of Its People and Events, 1820s-1870s by Franklin M. Garrett, p. 208-209. It should be noted that in 1844, Atlanta City and Fulton County did not exist. They were part of De Kalb County. Hence, Pythagoras masonic Lodge No. 41 is in reality the oldest Masonic lodge in the Atlanta metropolitan area. This is a significant fact for the symbolism of the Georgia Guidestones.



You need a little more background before you can fully appreciate the significance of the location of the Georgia Guidestones. The following History includes some very important background information of the Atlantic Masonic Temple that burned down in 1950.


In 1847, eleven years after the city of Atlanta was established, Atlanta Lodge No. 59 was constituted on the second floor, over a grocery, of a wooden, two story, building at the corner of Alabama Street and Lloyd Street (now Central Avenue). It was in the same building that Fulton No. 216, Atlanta’s other antebellum Lodge, received its Charter from the Grand Lodge of Georgia on October 30, 1857.

At the time of its inception, Atlanta Lodge was in DeKalb County. In 1853, Fulton County was set off from DeKalb County. Because of that creation, Fulton Lodge became the county’s first Masonic lodge. Therefore, according to T. C. McDonald, Past Master of Fulton Lodge and author of the definitive book on early Masonic history in Atlanta, “….Atlanta Lodge No. 59 and Fulton Lodge No. 216 are the two oldest Masonic Lodges in Atlanta and Fulton County, The former being the Father and the latter, the Mother Lodge.” Fulton Lodge, like the county, was named for Robert Fulton, developed the first commercially successful steam-powered ship. Working for a short time under Dispensation until it received its charter, the lodge’s first returns to the Grand Lodge were made on August 31, 1857. The Lodge started with 28 members and paid $14.00 in dues to the Grand Lodge.

By the late 1850’s five Masonic Lodges were meeting in that first Masonic Hall over John Ryan’s store on Whitehall St. In 1859, David Mayer, Master of Fulton Lodge, served as President of the newly incorporated Masonic Hall Company. A new Masonic Temple on Decatur Street was dedicated on June 19, 1860. The building was spared by General Sherman when he burned Atlanta during the Civil War, but it was destroyed by an accidental fire, May 1, 1866.

It should be noted that the last two years of the Civil War, no returns were made from the lodge, but by 1866 the Lodge was again operating. It is not known how many brethren were involved in the war, but the minutes show that W.L. Hubbard, Sheriff of Fulton County, “Served his country – The South.” Alvin Alley was in Charleston, South Carolina when the first shots of the war were fired at Fort Sumter. Harry Banks, who later served as Grand Master of Masons in Georgia, Morris Hirsch, Levi Cohen and Otto Spahr also served in the Confederate Army. There could have been many others, but early records were lost.

Masonic Temple, Atlanta 1909-1950 (credit Wikipedia)

In September, 1866, a corner stone was laid on the corner of Forsyth and Marietta Streets for a new Masonic Temple Building. Unable to raise the money for the building, it was sold by the Sheriff. The building became the DeGieves Opera House. After this, the various Lodges met over John Ryan’s store on Whitehall Street. In 1871, the Lodges moved to the Old Grant Building at the corner of Marietta and Broad Streets. In 1892, the Lodges moved to the Old State Capital Building on the corner of Marietta and Forsyth Streets. On December 27, 1894, fire destroyed the building. All of Fulton Lodge’s records from the first organizational meeting in May 1857, until that date were burned. The Lodges then occupied the upper floor of the Old Chamber of Commerce Building at the corner of Hunter and Pryor St until 1902. They then moved to the Concordia Hall at the corner of Mitchell and Forsyth Streets. In 1909, the Lodges moved to a new Masonic Temple at the corner of Peachtree and Cain St. At that time, Fulton Lodge was meeting the first and third Thursday’s of the month. Once again, fire destroyed the Atlanta Masonic Temple building on Peachtree and Cain St. in September, 1950. Fulton Lodge met at Morningside Lodge until it moved to its current location, Sept 7th 1960.

In 1900, the lodge had 116 members. Due to rapid growth, by 1903, 170 members were on the books. By 1950 the lodge had over 685 members.

Over the years, Fulton Lodge has been known throughout the state as one of the premiere lodges in Georgia. The quality of its work and lectures has been recognized as a shinning example for other lodges to emulate.




In case you are wondering about the strange symbols on the top of the 1950’s building, that is the logo for Shriners International. I have yet to analyze the significance of this to the Georgia Guidestones



So while Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is in fact the oldest Masonic lodge in the Atlanta metropolitan area, technically speaking Atlanta Lodge No. 59 is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Atlanta. This and the fact that it burned down (not once, but twice) is also very important to the symbolism of the Georgia Guidestones.


Symbols from the Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 homepage

Further evidence that the Georgia Guidestones can be traced back to the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge № 41, 108 E. Ponce De Leon Ave in Decatur, Georgia 30030 is the reoccurrence of the number 108 in association with the monument.

When I first started to ponder the location of the Georgia Guidestones, I suspected that they were 108 miles from a Masonic lodge in Atlanta. I checked every lodge. I wanted it to be the the Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 because the Pythagoras name was appropriate, the street address was also 108, and I found a Freemason symbol on their website (show to the left) that I have never seen before and that combines the Skull and Bones with the Freemason Square and Compass. But alas the distance from that lodge to the Georgia Guidestones is 109 miles.


It was tempting to say close enough and offer some excuse for the extra mile, but I had already studied the men behind this project enough to know that they are following in the same footsteps as the designers of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Nothing is by chance. And everything is exact. The symbolism runs deep. I admire them for that.


I even checked the distance from the Georgia State Capital, but that was 110 miles. I was about to give up. Then I remembered that there was a lodge that burnt down in 1950. It was called simply the Atlanta Masonic Temple. It is a SP+ Parking lot now. So I used Google Maps to map from the address of the parking lot at 127 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30303 to the Georgia Guidestones at 1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA 30635.


The distance is Exactly 108 miles. Not 108.1 or 107.9. 108.0 exactly. Wow! Something really profound is motivating these men.


Then it came to me why they used the location of the Masonic Temple that burnt down. It is a perfect metaphor for the whole message, much akin to Atlanta Georgia burning (“Gone with the Wind”) discussed in the The Significance of the Location subsection below. 







Granite Weight and the Fall of Atlanta on September 2, 1864

Somewhere along the line I lost the anonymous contributor who does by the pseudonym Sunn Fornuft Fornyet. Perhaps he became impatient with the slow progress of my work, but I so value the material be brought to my attention that I will not change the dedication of this page to him.

I always knew the granite weights encoded something, but was intimidated by the challenge of analysing those weights. Other than geometry, in which I was a star pupil in high school, I am not a mathematician. Another anonymous contributor who has become a personal friend, is the driving force behind this section. He has patiently waited many, many months for me to tackle this subject. In fact, I honestly felt ashamed when I gathered all of his notes on the subject and realized for the first time how important it was to him.


This section may not have ever existed without the help and encouragement of a Triple Nine Society member, my dear friend Alder Av Grunn (another pseudonym for the Age of Reason)


Before we can intelligently discuss this subject, the reader must understand the term specific gravity in reference to the weight of granite. The following excerpt is from a Geological Survey of Georgia, Bulletin No. 9-A, A Preliminary Report on a part of the Granites and Gneisses of Georgia by Thomas L. Watson, Ph.D, Assistant Geologist, Georgia Department of Mines, Mining, and Geology, 1902


Specific Gravity

     The Specific Gravity of a rock may be defined as the ratio of its density to that of distilled water, at 4°C. (39.2°F.), that is, a comparison of the weight of the rock with that of an equal bulk of distilled water, at the above temperature. Another way of expressing it is: The gravity is the expression for the weight per unit of volume for a stone.

Since the weight per cubic foot, the strength and the absorptiveness (porosity) of the stone are dependent upon density, this property becomes a very important one, practically. Mineral composition and density are definitely related ; since it has been observed , for those rocks having the same mineral composition , the densest have proven the heaviest, least absorptive , generally the strongest, and , as a rule, accordingly, the most durable.

The specific gravities of the Georgia granites and gneisses appended in the table , Chapter VI, were determined by suspension in distilled water, upon carefully selected fragments, weighing from ten to twenty grammes, and from which all included air was previously expelled by boiling, according to the method given by Clarke and Hillebrand. The weight in air, divided by the loss of weight in water, is the specific gravity sought.

Weight Per Cubic Foot

     The weight of stone, expressed in pounds per cubic foot, be comes, at times, of considerable practical importance and convenience. It is obtained by multiplying the specific gravity of the stone by 62.5 , the weight in pounds of a cubic foot of water at 4° C . (39.2° F .).

The weight of stone is again commonly expressed by the number of cubic feet contained in a ton ( 2 ,000 pounds) , and is obtained , by dividing 2 ,000 by the weight of a cubic foot of the stone, expressed in pounds. The tables of Chapter VI contain the specific gravity , ratio of absorption , weight per cubic foot, and the number of cubic feet in a ton , for the various types of the Georgia granites and gneisses.


So now let us take a look at this most important of tables in Chapter VI.


Now you are entering the world of numbers, and when you do so you must realize that from the perspective of the progeny of Jove, this is sacred ground. Numbers are always precise with them. There is no room for fudging numbers. Doing so is sacrilegious from their perspective. So let us begin with the specific gravity of Stone Mountain, under which I suspect there may be a second Vault Profound.

The calculated weight per cubic foot is 167.90. Keep this in mind as we stop now and look at the granite weights listed on the “Explanatory Tablet” which is an important part of the Georgia Guidestones monument.


Explanatory Tablet


Metric data is meaningless and is not part of the Explanatory Tablet, as can be seen in the following photograph.



NOTE: I cannot find a reliable source for the punctuation, and it is too difficult to read in the above photograph, which at this time is the only picture I have of the physical data part of the Explanatory Tablet. I’m going to leave this note for a morse code person, at least until I am sure I have the dashes, comas, semicolons, and periods (dots) correct. Correct or not, the punctuation is suspiciously inconsistent. Is there something going on here?


   WEIGHS 24,832 POUNDS.


Okay, a couple of quick observations. The casual reader will not appreciate the significance of there being nine physical data entries on this table. It jumps off the page for someone like me. And what it says is “Pay attention!” Also the “GRANITE QUARRIED FROM [THE GREAT] PYRAMID” being on a seperate line is somewhat poetic. At any rate, you can be sure the choice of the “Pyramid Quarry” as a supplier for the granite used to build the Georgia Guidestones is imbued with a special meaning. The truth is that the progeny of Jove plans years in advance, and the quarry was so named because the Georgia Guidestones were on the drawing board long before they were erected.

The progeny of Jove began life as the Phoenicians and they learned what they know from the Jews, who stole the Arc of the Covenant from the Great Pyramid of Giza. The Phoenician who learned the secrets of the Arc of the Covenant was the infamous Hiram Abiff, who has come to symbolize the “on pain of death” threat for exposing their secrets. This is also when they decided to assume the identity of Master Masons throughout history, a fact which would eventually be expressed in the architecture of Ancient Greece and Rome and all of the spectacular cathedrals in Europe. Finally, this is also why they have been trying to (and may yet succeed) wipe the Jews from the face of the earth.


We are finally ready to do some calculations to check what Alder Av Grunn is telling me about the weight of the granite on the Explanatory Tablet of the Georgia Guidestones.


We are being told that 951 cubic feet of granite weighs 237,746 pounds. So the weight per cubic foot is 237,746 ÷ 951 = 249.995793901156677. Now that quotient is begging to be rounded, so let’s call it 250 pounds per cubic foot. Now look back at the table of specific gravities for Georgia granite. The highest pounds per cubic foot listed is 177.50. Some of the most dense granite on the surface of the planet is the Pikes Peak granite batholith, which is reported to have a specific gravity above 3.0. Even at that very high specific gravity, the weight of granite in pounds per cubic feet is only 187.2.


Something is profoundly wrong here. And before I say another word, if after reading this you still think the Georgia Guidestones were built by a couple of hapless Yankees, there is zero possibility that I will ever reach you. They are the product of a secret society, one I suspect yearns for broader recognition because I live in the South and I’m still alive.


Now it is time to figure out what this apparent mistake on the Explanatory Tablet means. What are these numbers encoding? Where this is going to take is us is an Alice in Wonderland falling “down the rabbit hole” of arcana, which will demonstrate beyond any shadow of a doubt that this was not a mistake, and that everything you are reading on this page is true. And what does this mean? It means the Georgia Guidestones are exactly what they appear to be, which is a warning to mankind that something unimaginable is about to happen.


The Pyramid Quarry, from which the granite for the Georgia Guidestones monument was quarried, is no longer in operation. It has since been sold to a father and son team who renamed the quarry Pyramid Stone Industries. I had the good fortune of speaking with the son, Bo Rutherford, a very congenial man. He informed me that the granite from their quarry had a consistent weight of 176 lbs per cubic foot. And a man at the Elberton Granite Associate (EGA) said the standard shipping weight for Elberton granite is 180 lbs per cubic feet.

The calculated specific gravity for these two weights would be 178 ÷ 62.5 = 2.848 and 180 ÷ 62.5 = 2.88, but this is not how specific gravity is calculated. Specific gravity is a scientific term as defined above, not based on the shipping weight of granite. Neither of these men knew the specific gravity of the former Pyramid Quarry granite.

That leaves us with the 1902 Geological Survey of Georgia data above, in which the specific gravity of Elberton granite is clearly listed. Of the properties listed in the above table, a careful reading of the text makes it perfectly clear that the monument-grade granite being quarried in and around Elberton, Georgia is that described as the “Swift and Wilcox quarry” in the above table. I want to be very careful now, because we are walking on sacred ground. So rather than copying the relevant text from this survey, I am going to use images of the original document.


Note that the Swift and Wilcox property herein described is less than 3.5 miles from the location of the former Pyramid Quarry.

It is the same granite!



Let us round the weight per cubic foot to 166 and so start our fall “down the rabbit hole” of arcana.


Much like the 108 miles undetected until I began writing on this subject, the 166 lbs per cubic foot (based on specific gravity, not “shipping weight”) hints at the profound level of planning behind the Georgia Guidestones


In this sense, I do not think it exaggeration to say that the Georgia Guidestones follow in the footsteps of the Great Pyramid of Giza. The fact that they are marginalized by some people is merely a reflection of the smallness of the minds observing them. In that I do all my original writing on Apocalyptic Synthesis, my intellect is laid bare to the world. I prefer it this way. I hold the banner of honesty aloft, and face a withering barrage of enemies who would see me dead. Most of my life, I have pleaded with God to explain to me why I was saddled with this thinker. I cannot escape it. And because of it this “mortal coil” is daily heaped with contempt. When Sir Francis Bacon speaks of “pangs of despis’d love,” I dare to think in him I would have found a kindred spirit. But alas, at moments like this, the sky above me opens and a light pours down upon my blighted soul and I am reminded that I volunteered to come back here to deliver my message to the progeny of Jove in Colorado. For the men in Georgia surely enjoy the blessings of Almighty God.

Now enough of me waxing poetic. Let’s get back to work…

What is the relationship between the 250 lbs per square foot reported on the Exploratory Tablet and the actual weight of 166 lbs per square foot (based on the specific gravity of the granite)? The answer is that 166 represents the 2:3 aspect ratio discussed on page № 31. The Number 23 and 2:3 Aspect Ratio and used throughout the symbolism of the progeny of Jove symbolism including notably the Square and Compasses of the Freemasons and the Skull and Bones 322, both of which are discussed at length on page № 75. Skull and Bones 322. It’s all the same. Everything is one thing. 166 is two thirds of or  .666 repeating times 250.

250 x .666 (repeating) = 166 (rounded)

Now that we have reached the inner chambers of the Georgia Guidestones, what is it these men want to tell us? There is only one place to start in answering this question. Let us recalculate the granite weights on the Explanatory Tablet.  Since we know the listed weights are wrong and to make sure nothing is missed, I am going to recalculate the weight based on their listed dimensions times a more precise 166.67 (rounded) weight per cubic foot. In so doing, we are searching for hidden meaning.

As stated above, “Much of the secret message the Georgia Guidestones are intended to convey is hidden in the measurements of the capstone.” Little did I know when I originally wrote this sentence, that this was even more true of the granite weights. I would suggest to you that perhaps the most important message of all is staring you in the face. It is encoded in the width measurements for the support stones. I know this because I know the progeny of Jove better than any man alive. There is an eloquent simplicity to their most important messages. Beyond that, as I say on my homepage, the ancients are screaming at us. I can hear their voices. This is one of them.


Before there was 9/11, there was 9/02


It took me the better part of a day to develop this table. For over forty years now, the Explanatory Tablet has been (numerically) screaming at everyone who looked at it. This adds yet another first to the long list of firsts on this website, starting with the fact that the Maya Long Count calendar is 2160 orbits of Jupiter.

The first thing you should notice is that the weight of the SUPPORT STONE (BASE) is way off by an astounding 902 pounds and that practically every number on that line of the table is a multiple of 902.

902 x 1 = 902      (2 x)
902 x 2 = 1804   (1 x)
902 x 3 = 2706   (2707)
902 x 4 = 3608   (3609)

Two of the numbers in the table are off by one, but where have we seen this before? The capstone! Remember this:

In the case of something like this, where the exact 2:3 aspect ration would be 78:117 instead of the 78:116 reported on the explanatory tablet, there is always an explanation. Here it is important to note that the one inch difference is on the sides that measure 9-FEET, 8-INCHES. These are the numbers that point to the Rebellion of 1088. If a true 2:3 aspect ratio were used, the length of those sides would have added up to 1089, a meaningless number. On the other hand, by introducing a mathematical imperfection in a world of symbols where exactness is a religious tenant, the designers are in effect telling us, “Yes, we wish to make an analogous reference to the Rebellion of 1088.”

So now being off by one is a signature of this monument design, an old friend. And it is once again an anti-cipher, only this time one I cannot discuss. I am pledged not to divulge certain information.

But that these numbers are intended to signal multiples of 902 is very much in your face. To tell the truth, if anything, in a world of numeric subtlety, I was shocked when I first saw this. The last line of this table from my perspective is screaming for attention, and that is abnormal in the world of arcana.


300.8 x 3 = 902.4


And for the genuine conspiracy theorists among you, 2406 – 1806 is 602, which could be interpreted as an upside down nine.


There’s nothing subtle about this.

The only question is, What is so important that the designers are using numbers to scream at the top of their lungs?


Here is where the misstated weight of 2707 becomes useful.


1804.73 + 902.27 = 2,707 POUNDS


The 1804.73 is not exactly on the Explanatory Tablet, but it is based on the only published specific gravity for the Pyramid Gravity known to me before the first indication I have that the Georgia Guidestones were in planning,  which was the dedication of the Masonic Temple on February 22, 1909, a mere seven years after the Geological Survey of Georgia was published that I use to establish weight in lbs per cubic foot of the granite used to build the Georgia Guidestones. I discuss the significance of this in the section entitled A very subtle message to those of you who want to live and elsewhere on this page.

I believe everything in this equation has profound significance. The .73 is pointing to the progeny of Jove in Golden, Colorado and the 730 feet of the White Ash Mine disaster. To fully understand this you must read the sections entitled The profound Significance of September 9, 1889 on page № 58. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range and If September 11, 2001 was a domestic terrorist attack, why did “they” choose that date? on page № 7. The real Horror of the September 11, 2001 (9/11) domestic Terrorist Attack is the Truth. And the 27, well that is the difference of 1.00 – .73. It is also one of the nine sacred numbers the designers are purposefully juxtaposing. And it is the number of this page. When the day comes that you begin to understand that the sacred numbers have a life of their own, then you are ready to pursue this body of knowledge.

What this equation is telling us is that the 1804 is very deliberate.  There are arguably two 1804 in the table because the two times 902 equals 1804. This is also very much in your face. Once I saw the 2707 was way off and that everything was a multiple of 902, it took me less than an hour to find the hidden message.


September 2, 1864

Fall of Atlanta

The two sixes (66) on the capstone measurement are the two missing sixes in the two 1804s, which much like the .73 is pointing the finger to Golden, Colorado and confirming everything I say about the so-called Civil War.


Now what you must realize is that this is the base stone. A such, it is highly symbolic. This is what is underneath the Georgia Guidestones, in the ground, like the bones of the ancestors of the men killed by the European Illuminati in the so-called Civil War when the United States of America ceased to be a country and started down the road to becoming a corporation. But I tell you, as someone who has spent countless hours pursuing this knowledge, there is something much more profound happening on this line of the above table. Something I dare not say. I can only characterize it as a message from what remains of the original Freemasons who founded the United States of American to what I call the Unnamed Entity well hidden behind need-to-know clearances. It is a message of open defiance. It is knowledge many virtuous men have pursued their entire life and not found.


What I can tell you is this.


Everything I say about the so-called Civil War on this website is true.  We’re not just talking about the Fall of Atlanta here. The bigger  story is the end of a dream. And that dream was called the United States of America. General Grant and President Abraham Lincoln were doing the bidding of the European Illuminati. “Sic semper tyrannis!” was a cover story for the silencing a man who knew far too much about the European Illuminati.


The men who settled this part of the country were patriots.


After 1783 the area’s population steadily increased. Many of the newcomers were veterans of the Revolution who had been awarded land grants in the region for their service to their country. On December 10, 1790, Elbert County was split from Wilkes County by an act of the state legislature and thus became Georgia’s thirteenth county. It was named in honor of Samuel Elbert, who was a commander of Georgia’s militia and Continental forces during the Revolution. Elbert later served as Georgia’s governor from 1785 to 1786.

—The Georgia Encyclopedia, Elbert County [bold-red emphasis added]


The Georgia Guidestones were built in Georgia’s 13th county. Coincidence? Or as the progeny of Jove call it, providence (a word with two radically different meanings)


As stated on my homepage, the pre-planning involved is mind boggling at times. It only begins to make sense when you realize everything is one thing and the progeny of Jove live for one day, and one day only.


What is most difficult to grasp, what your mind will never allow you to accept, is that the marble, the collective consciousness, —everything you are, everything you think you know, the society in which you live, including especially its academic and scientific bodies of knowledge,—was minutely planned by minds infinitely cunning in their deceit hundreds and thousands of years before you were even born.


The “hundreds and thousands of years” does not apply to the Georgia Guidestones, but I feel confident is saying the planning of this monument began shortly after the surrender at Appomattox. (I discuss this painting in the section entitled Freemason Symbolism in the “Let Us Have Peace” Painting on page № 54. Civil War and the Fall of Freemasonry.)    In fact, I deliberately link these two pages through the use of sacred numbers.



Still think the Georgia Guidestones are a product of two lackluster Yankees? This is all about the Civil War and the self-identification of the men who designed and built the Georgia Guidestones.


Now I have told you the fathers and grandfathers of the men who built the Georgia Guidestones also designed, built, and burned down the Masonic Temple in Atlanta Georgia for the purposes of conveying a very sacred message to you. At this point they know you have reached what I am characterizing as the “inner sanctum” of their monumental design. This is no game. I don’t know how many times I can say this. This is not a crossword puzzle. A number of very special Southern families have for generations now dedicated themselves and made significant sacrifices to convey this message to the public. You are only privy to it because you are on my website and owing to the intellectual generosity of an anonymous member of the Triple Nine Society who persisted in telling me the specific gravity for granite was deliberately misstated on the Georgia Guidestones monument.   Show some respect for the numbers in front of you.


I finish this page with some observations of my dear friend and contributor, Alder Av Grunn.  Here I think it best if I let him speak for himself by extracting quotes from the several emails he sent me on this subject, patiently waiting for me to realize the importance of it to my work on the Georgia Guidestones. As I said, these sentences are extracted from several emails and are listed here in no particular order.


Like I mentioned before, 166.67 is found in numerous places. This is why it was used above. It is a reference in “degrees” of a specific location on a circle, a ratio, a comparison. 360 degrees / 166.67 = 2.16. This number should jump out at anyone trying to figure this out.

No granite weighs 250 lbs/ft3 unless it is pure Malachite, which they are obviously not.

You mentioned the 1088 number, which is a pointer to a key of the puzzle. You were very astute in this and I congratulate you. You need to dig deeper now. Why? Because the weight of the cap stone is listed as 24,832 lbs. This is exactly 1088 from 25920 (years). Get it? 24832 + 1088 = 25920.

Working out the cap stone volume and using this density gives you 99.4861 ft3 x 166.67 lbs/ft3 = 16,581.4 lbs.

This is key because the difference between the listed weight and true weight is 8250.65. This has a ratio of 3.1415 (or Pi) to the great year of 25920 yrs. So, 25920 / 8250.65 = 3.1415. A confirmation flag of sorts. This tells you that you are on the right track.


My only problem with all of this is that 25,920 is a modern fabrication for the Great Year that has no correspondence whatsoever with either ancient calendars or modern attempts to measure axial precession. I confronted Alder with this thought, and he said he agrees that it is a modern fabrication. That bothers me a little because I do not understand why the designers of the Georgia Guidestones would incorporate 25,920 into the design of the monument. Nevertheless, Pi is not something you trip over accidentally. And so I leave it to the more mathematically astute readers to make of this what you will.




Matthew 7:7 Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you

Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41

Important Link: Pythagoras Lodge No. 41

The Georgia Guidestones are the work of the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge № 41, 108 E. Ponce De Leon Ave in Decatur, Georgia 30030. But of course I think this is the Southern Freemasons speaking with one voice. Long before I discovered this, I instinctively knew that “R.C. Christian” from Fort “Dodge,” Iowa was a deception because I understood the subtlety and sophistication of the monument’s design. I knew the Georgia Guidestones were a sacred message to the European Illuminati who have controlled the United States of America ever since April 9, 1865 when the Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrendered his Army of Northern Virginia to Union General Ulysses S. Grant. I count it one of the “Great” ironies of history that the slaveholders of the South lost the Civil War at the Appomattox Court House, but “We the people of the United States” were taken into captivity on that day no less so than the Jews in their Babylonian exile, only we will never be set free again until this world is utterly destroyed. How appropriate that I was born and raised in Northern Virginia.

I instinctively wanted to attribute the design of the Georgia Guidestones to the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 because the name Pythagoras was right, the street address was 108 which is the the value of all the numbers and letters on the cube and the Georgia Guidestones are exactly 108 miles from the Atlanta Masonic Lodge that burnt down in 1950. I could sense everything was pointing to this particular lodge. Even as late as yesterday I was holding the Tarot trump cards XX and XXI (JUDGEMENT and THE WORLD, respectively) in my hands and thinking 41 means something. But it was not until this morning, Wednesday, January 2, 2018 (after studying and researching this subject all day long for thirteen days straight) that I remembered that the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge in DeCatur, Georgia was No. 41. Here I must divulge a different kind of secret; I take my work seriously. I have labored with a singular understanding of the design of the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar for over five years now. No one knows and no one cares. But unlike the designers of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, at least some of the men personally responsible for the design of Georgia Guidestones are still alive, and I realized for the first time someone will know who I am. So when I started to tell my domestic partner about my ninth inning insight, I had to fight back tears. I lost the fight. Being the sole witness of a fast approaching apocalypse is not an inviable position. I imagine these are very powerful men. I don’t know what they will do about a member of the general public seeing and understanding their design for the first time. I pray no harm will come to me. There is too much noise now. No one is really listening. And we are “right at the door” as Christ Jesus said.





Bonesmen picture from Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 homepage






Deciphering the Letters on the Cube


On the surface, MM is intended to mean “Master Mason” as in “Master Masons of the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge № 41,” but this is why pseudonym is deliberately misspelled with an ‘n’ on the explanatory tablet.  The designers of the Georgia Guidestones lacked faith in our ability to understand their message. MM is not an initialism for Master Mason. It is a symbolic reference to water and by extension to the Age of Aquarius in which the earth is routinely and utterly destroyed.


(As a side note, for the initiated, the geocentric Age of Aquarius is actually the heliocentric Age of Leo, which explains why a lion is the other supporter on the Rothschild coat of arms as discussed in the Ubiquitous Unicorns section of the № 15. Intentional Dumbing Down of the Masses page.)


The Egyptian equivalent of m was n. Here an unmistakable connection is made to the Egyptian hieroglyph for water. The third letter M from the misspelled pseudonym creates a distinct mental image (seen below) of this Egyptian hieroglyph. The leap from water to the Age of Aquarius is simply a matter of context, such as the fact that the monument uses post-apocalyptic language and is made from the same granite as are some 250,000 plus gravestones and mausoleums every year in Elberton, Georgia. There can be no doubt whatsoever of this interpretation of MM in light of the deliberate misspelling of pseudonym with an ‘n.’ It is moments like this that allow us to see past the Iowa deception to the heart of the Georgia Guidestones.


Egyptian hieroglyph for water


In the larger context, the MM on the cube and the deliberate misspelling of pseudonym on the explanatory tablet are a reference to the Age of Aquarius in which earth is routinely destroyed as discussed in № 26. Ekpyrosis (return of the gods) and various other pages on this website.


The sign of Aquarius

This concealed reference to the coming axial tilt in the Age of Aquarius is continued with the meaning of JAM on the opposite side of the cube. The “J” and the “M” are the links to the Great Cross of Hendaye. Both “modern apocalyptic artifacts” reference the same sequence of Tarot cards creating an unmistakable link between the two monuments. Various Latin translations are possible here. I would translate “JUDGEMENT” and “THE WORLD” directly from the the Tarot cards as “JUDICIUM” and “MUNDUS.” At first glance the “A” may seem somewhat more subject to interpretation, but I don’t think so because the numeric value of JA is (10 + 1) eleven and Aquarius is the eleventh sign in the Zodiac. Aquarius is spelled the same in English and Latin. Hence, the correct translation of JAM into Latin is


The three Tarot cards in JAM order

It is highly significant that the Babylonians referred to the Age of Aquarius as the “Great One.” The cycle of destruction involved here is our solar system’s binary relationship with the Sirius star system. Life on this planet is much older than we think. The Zodiac is a record of what happens at different periods in our solar system’s 26,000 year binary dance with the Sirius star system. What the ancients knew from millennia of direct observations which they encoded into the Zodiac is that when the vernal equinox Sun rises in the constellation of Aquarius (as it does now) the sun becomes dormant. Hence “Aquarius” or the “water bearer.” To understand why earth is even now being inundated by an endless parade of unprecedented levels of rainfall (and the constant echo of “I’ve lived here all my life and never seen anything like this”), you need to study galactic cosmic rays (GCR). The rainfall in the Age of Aquarius is represented by the pitcher being poured onto the land.

The rains of the water bearer are only a harbinger of what is to come. At some point on its approach to Earth, the Sirius star system crosses an invisible threshold beyond which our solar system begins to destabilize. If you doubt this, it is because you are laboring under a false concept of gravity. It is instantaneous over vast distances, including the 8.58 light years that separate our solar system from the Sirius star system. ULTIMATELY, THIS RESULTS IN AN AXIAL TILT. The axial tilt is represented by the second pitcher of water being poured into the body of water and causing ripples to radiate outwards. I would read JUDICIUM AQUARIUS MUNDUS as “the Age of Aquarius is a harbinger for the destruction of mankind.”

This happens once every 2160 orbits of Jupiter, which is ignorantly referred as the “precession of the equinoxes” by mainstream science and academia. See also Asteroid Flybys and Fireballs: The Canary in our Celestial Coal Mine. (For those of you who believe in an earth crustal displacement, I am very sympathetic. I discuss that possibility in Earth Crustal Displacement versus an Axial Tilt. To summarize what I say in that section, there is no difference from the perspective of someone on the surface of the planet. The effects of both are the same.)


Here is where it gets interesting, at least for me. The trump card for the water bearer (the Age of Aquarius) is number XVII. If you rearrange the tarot cards in the “JA” order and substitute the numeric value of the cards (XX and XVII) you get 2017, which is the year the progeny of Jove have been counting down to for centuries as discussed on the № 23. 2017 versus 2018 page.

And of course it is the same year found on the base of the Great Cross of Hendaye.

Though it is generally understood now that the two exposed “20 14” sides of the cube while it was installed in the monument were deliberately misleading (because, as I like to say, the progeny of Jove have a sense of humor), the appearance of the “20” on the same face as “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000 IN PERPETUAL BALANCE WITH NATURE” strongly suggests to me the need to complete the year. Now you might object that “nothing happened” in 2017. That’s right. The Georgia Guidestones are one of many “end times” markers. They are not exact dates. Nor were they ever intended to be exact dates. All of them find their origin in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. What these “end times” markers are telling us is that as of December 21, 2018 we are now officially living in what the designers of this ancient calendar as well as the progeny of Jove who are alive today believe to be the end times. Given their advanced knowledge of celestial mechanics, you can be sure the apocalypse spoken of in the Holy Bible is “right at the door.”

What matters the most about JAM is the numeric values of the three letters which is 24. It is amazing how everyone is missing the significance of this. The progeny of Jove love their numbers. Nothing demonstrates this more clearly than the Chapter and Verse Numbers in the Holy Bible. Hence, the end times are occurring in Solar Cycle 24 and Isaiah 24 (the “Little Apocalypse”) and Matthew 24 tell us what to expect  (see № 79. The End Times Number 24).


Pythagoras Masonic Lodge No. 41 108 East Ponce de Leon Avenue, Decatur, GA 33° 46′ 32″ N, 84° 17′ 47″ W, Built 1924-25. Special Collections and Archives, Georgia State University Library




Deciphering the Numbers on the Cube

Then 108 started appearing everywhere. Of course, the mathematical value of all the numbers and letters on the “Atlanta Sunstone” cube equal 108.



MM (13 + 13) + 8 + 16 + 20 + 14 + JAM (10 + 1 + 13) = 108


The English Province of Georgia was the last of the Thirteen Colonies. This is why Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is so numbered; 41 is the 13th prime. You should expect there to be an emphasis on the number 13 for this and other reasons, such as “MM” which is English alphabet equivalent of 13 13.


Then I noticed something else. The Freemason in Elberton, Georgia were rewarded with a new lodge building for their part in the Iowa deception.

This is the old Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 building in Elberton, Georgia, which was dedicated in 1891

I find it interesting that the Freemasons in Elberton could afford to build a new lodge not long after the Georgia Guidestones were built.

The new Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 in Elberton, Georgia is dedicated exactly 108 years after the original, possibly as compensation for their involvement in this project.

The Georgia Guidestones damn sure were not designed by Yankees. In light of the too numerous to list inconsistencies in the story of why “R.C. Christian” decided on Elberton, Georgia as the location for the Georgia Guidestones and in particular because of the rather amateurish cube deception, the involvement of the local Elberton Freemasons is beyond question. They were wading knee deep in this deception all through the filming of “Dark Clouds Over Elberton.”

There is even a posible connection to the Pythagoras Masonic Lodge № 41 zip code for Decatur, Georgia 30030, if you are willing to accept that these men knew the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar actually ended on December 21, 2013. I am more than a little sure they did.


The Georgia Guidestones were erected in 1980, 33 years before the correct end date of the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar.






The Fort “Dodge,” Iowa Ruse

But what about the film “Darks Clouds Over Elberton,” you ask? To which I would unhesitatingly reply


“There’s a sucker born every minute”


This famous quote “There’s a sucker born every minute” is usually attributed to P. T. Barnum (shown on the left). What does this quote have to do with the Georgia Guidestones? Surprisingly, it may be the key to understanding them for some people. I know the language of the progeny of Jove. I know how they think. I’ve developed a sixth sense for their symbolism. So I did not need to uncover the Iowa deception to know that the Georgia Guidestones are their work. It is self-evident to me that the Georgia Guidestones are a truly profound message from the Freemasons who were defeated in the Civil War to the European Illuminati who have controlled this country ever since.

Fort Dodge, Iowas is famous for

Did Dr. Herbert H. Kersten of Fort Dodge, Iowa design the Georgia Guidestones as is suggested in the film Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones? This story reminds me of an old trick used by pirates to hide their treasure. At first they would dig very deep and bury the real treasure. Then they would partially fill the hole and throw in some valuables so that anyone digging in the right location would think they found the real treasure.

I do not mean to disparage the character of Dr. J. Michael Bennett and Christian J. Pinto, the two men who produced the film Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones, but their lack of respect for the wishes of the elderly Wyatt C Martin in uncovering the identities (plural) of R.C. Christian (discussed below) was well anticipated. They found the smaller treasure. That was by design. They were meant to find it. Neither of those two men know anything about the men who designed the Georgia Guidestones. They think they do, but they do not. The following quote is from their own film. 


The sophistication of the Cardiff Giant “There’s a sucker born every minute” and Fort “Dodge” deception alone should tell you that we are dealing with highly intelligent individuals here. Iowa is a ruse. The Georgia Guidestones were built and paid for by Southern men of the highest character, namely the Atlanta Freemasons. 



“The money was sent to me from various cities, remailing services in the United States because he didn’t want it to come from his town.””   —Wyatt C Martin


The letter from Dr. Herbert H. Kersten to Wyatt Martin sent from his home in Fort Dodge, Iowa that includes a return address. This is the letter used by the producers of “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” to identify R.C. Christian. The only “dark cloud” I see here is over Dr. J. Michael Bennett and Christian J. Pinto, the producers

Dr. Herbert H. Kersten does not “wish to remain unnamed.” Sometime in 2003, he called Joe Fendley and offered to revel his true identity (1:17:36 into “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film). He is using the pseudonym R.C. Christian because he was told too, if in fact that was even him in Elberton in 1979 and not an actor the Atlanta Freemasons hired to impersonate him. “R.C. Christian” is part of the message to the Illuminati, a reminder of their common origin in the Rosicrucians.

We are being asked to believe that while Dr. Herbert H. Kersten was sending letters to Wyatt Martin from his home in Fort Dodge, Iowa that included not only U.S. postage cancelation stamps naming his home town but actual return addresses, that he was paying for a remailing service to send cash “from various cities” to pay for the monument. Now that’s nuts. I believe that there is a good chance Dr. Herbert H. Kersten never knew anything about the Georgia Guidestones. He most certainly did not pay for them. That money was coming from the Freemasons in Atlanta, Georgia.


Now suppose you are an Atlanta Freemason and you want to choose a city in the north to use as “R.C. Christian’s” hometown as part of a ruse to suggest that the Georgia Guidestones were designed by Yankees. Fort Dodge would be a brilliant choice for two reasons. The first is that Fort Dodge is the hometown of the Cardiff Giant, “one of the most famous hoaxes in American history” (Wikipedia), which gave rise to the now famous saying, There’s a sucker born every minute. The second reason for picking Fort “Dodge” is the name itself.



It is quite possible that Dr. Herbert H. Kersten was chosen with the same care as Fort Dodge, Iowa and that he never even heard of the Georgia Guidestones, that all of his letters were forgeries mailed from his hometown by a Freemason who regularly attends lodge meetings in Atlanta.

There are a host of other reasons why Fort Dodge, Iowa smacks of deception.



Dr. Herbert H. Kersten  was not a Freemason. Though a physician in his hometown, he was not even a very well respected man. Yet the capital letter “G” is splattered all over this monument. Someone had to name them “Georgia Guidestones.” I hope you can see the “GG” connection to the most sacred of Freemason symbols. And then of course there is the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook (GGG). And then there is the “Guidestones Group” mentioned on the black granite plaque. Another GG. Why so many Gs? This doesn’t exactly require a genius to answer this question. It was at best a shallow deception. I cannot even take it seriously.





This is the Bible Belt. Deeding the property to Elberton County was a risky proposition. We are being told this is the legacy of one man concerned for the future welfare of mankind. Suppose Elberton County decides they don’t want the Yankee monument any longer. It’s causing too much trouble in the nearby conservative, Southern Baptist communities. Your life savings and legacy may get bulldozed into the ground one day after you’re gone. But if in fact it was designed and paid for by the power elite in nearby Atlanta, deeding it to Elberton County was a safe and easy way to protect your identity.



The following is one of my notes from watching the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film.

17:43 (verbatim)
Exactly why the stranger chose the town of Elberton is not completely known. According to Wyatt Martin, the man’s appearance seem to come from out of nowhere. “He had flown in from Atlanta, rented a car, and was just driving down wha I call Granite Row. And he stopped at what he thought was a reputable looking company and went in and introduced himself as R.C. Christian. I said how did you get interested [in Elberton, Georgia] and he said well during WWII at the beginning of that it was Army Air Corps and I actually took my basic training in the state of Georgia. And the best of my memory is that his grandmother was originally from Georgia.”

So we are being asked to believe that a couple of Yankees from Fort Dodge, Iowa came to this small town in Elberton, Georgia and spent a small fortune to build something they decided to call the Georgia Guidestones (see the bottom of The “G” in Freemasonry is for Granite section) because one of them took basic training in Georgia or possible because his grandmother lived there. What about the other guy? Maybe he wanted it closer to home.

Texas, Massachusetts, Indiana, Wisconsin, and Georgia are the top producers of granite in the U.S. These granite quarries account for approximately 64 percent of the countries production. In 2016, natural stone was being produced at 276 quarries, in 34 states.

The largest open face granite quarry in the world is located in Mount Airy, North Carolina, also known as “The Granite City.” Established in 1743, the North Carolina Granite Corporation has been harvesting stone at the site for more than 150 years.  —About Marble and Granite Quarries in America by Marble.com Staff

And what about the additional expense. Granite quarries are not in short supply. Why Georgia? Why so far away. Elberton, Georgia granite is mostly used for gravestones and mausoleums. They is much prettier granite (such as pure white or black) in quarries closer to Iowa. No this monument is in Elberton because it is being paid for by Atlanta Freemasons and the fact that the granite from Elberton is mostly used for  gravestones and mausoleums is particular appropriate. Over seven billion people are about to die. And this is a kind of living gravestone for all of them.







A Chronology of Events

Timing is everything

As discussed in detail in The Significance of the Location section below, the Georgia Guidestones are an “end times” message from the Freemasons of the South who once controlled the United States of America to the European Illuminati who took control of it after they won the Civil War. They are also an important message for the New World in case no one survives what is about to happen. But the timing of the Georgia Guidestones that should make you think the most. They  were unveiled 33 years before the actual end date of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar in 2013. We are indeed “right at the door.”

June 1979 A Friday afternoon. A man who called himself “R C Christian” walks into The Elberton Granite Finishing Company and meets with the President, Joe H. Fendley Sr., a Scottish Rite and York Rite 32 degree Mason and member of the Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 in Elberton, Georgia. Mr. Fendley was the first man in Elberton, Georgia to meet R.C Christian. Joe Fendley built the Georgia Guidestones. He was also the President of Pyramid Quarries Inc (notably off highway 72) where the granite for the Georgia Guidestones was quarried. As you can see in this Chronology, the unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones was only nine months later. On the same day, Mr. Christian went to the Granite City Bank in Elberton, which no longer exists. There he met with the bank President Wyatt C Martin, who served as the financial intermediary for the project.

October 1, 1979 Wyatt C Martin arranged for the purchase of fives acres of farmland from from Mildred and Wayne Mullenix and deeded it to Elbert County.

March 22, 1980 the unveiling

March 1981 publication of the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook

1986 Common Sense Renewed is published

1992 Robert Merryman who published Common Sense Renewed (according to Stoyles Graphic Services in Lake Mills, Iowa) dies 

1999 New Philomathea Masonic Lodge #25 in Elberton, Georgia dedicated

2003 R.C. Christian calls Joe Fendley and offers to revel his true identity (1:17:36 into “Dark Cluds Over Elberton” film)

May 30, 2005 Joe H. Fendley Sr. dies at age 70 (link)

September 3, 2014 supposedly the earliest known photograph of the cube after it was installed on an unknown date

September 25, 2014 cube publicly destroyed

 July 31, 2015 “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones” DVD released


SPECIAL LINK: Georgia Guidestones Guidebook (alternatively on wired.com or archive.org)
Coordinates: 34° 13′ 55″ N, -82° 53′ 40″ W (from Georgia Guidestones Guidebook)




Is “MAINTAIN HUMANITY UNDER 500,000,000” post-apocalyptic guidance?


“The Georgia Guidestones monument encourages humanity to establish a limit for human numbers.”

 —Common Sense Renewed, p. 128, “Final Note” of the Third Edition


This “Final Note” to the Third Edition is part of the deception discussed above.



I want to start by quoting someone I admire and respect, particularly for her research capability.

…some people have said that the guidestones are not about giving us information people living now here. This is actually about a message for people rebuilding in the future. Well that’s actually not true. And the reason I can say that it’s not true is because this is the Guidestones’ official booklet that they put out. There’s a whole lengthy explanation in here of what this is about. They say it’s a message for us now. And they lay it all out as to what it means, what it’s about and how we’re supposed to take each one of these guides. I mean it’s all in here. And so this is definitely not a message for some far off day after an armageddon has taken place and they’re trying to rebuild the planet. It’s not guides for those people. This is something they want us to do now…

So this is what the Guidestones is. It’s a bunch of snotty rich douchebags trying to tell everyone else how to live, and who should die, and that they know everything…

—Mellissa Dykes, TruthStream Media, The Georgia Guidestones Have Officially Been Updated with the Year 2014 at 4:17 into the video

It pains me to listen to the tirade on this video. Mellissa & Aaron Dykes are brilliant researchers, but they could not possibly be more wrong in their interpretation of the Georgia Guidestones. I was glad to hear them speak in a more respectful tone in their more recent What Is the Real Secret of the Georgia Guidestones? video published November 23, 2017.

However, I am grateful to Mellissa Dykes for so forcefully framing the issue. Nothing about the Georgia Guidestones is more important than the question, Why do they exist? Here is the title of Wired Magazine’s article on the subject.

This article, dated April 20, 2009 begins, “The Georgia Guidestones may be the most enigmatic monument in the US: huge slabs of granite, inscribed with directions for rebuilding civilization after the apocalypse.” The third poaragraph states, “What’s most widely agreed upon—based on the evidence available—is that the Guidestones are meant to instruct the dazed survivors of some impending apocalypse as they attempt to reconstitute civilization.” This “most widely agreed upon” interpretation of the Georgia Guidestones is in stark contrast to what Mellissa Dykes says. Who is right? The question of whether or no the Georgia Guidestones is port-apocalyptic or not is discussed in this section.

Nothing disturbs me more than the universal failure to understand the new First Commandment. I have yet to find a single person who can read what the stone actually says without inserting their own perverted misunderstanding. In the very bowels of my soul, I wrestle to know if the progeny of Jove are good or evil. Indeed, I openly admit that I may have invented The Nine as a sort of prayer that some higher intelligence is guiding them. The Georgia Guidestones gives me hope in that sense. There is no other subject on the face of the entire earth to which Shakespeare’s statement that “there is nothing either good nor bad, but thinking makes it so” is more applicable. Having said that, when I hear someone substitute words of their own fanciful imagination for what is in front of their owns eyes and then pass judgement on a evil doer of the own conjuring, all I can think of is that I am surrounded in this life by sick minds that project themselves onto everything they touch. It is stuff like this that forces me more and more with each passing day into the mindset of the progeny of Jove. What does it matter that billions are about to die? They are useless eaters.

Now let me get down off my high horse and remember that it is those “useless eaters” who I seek to enlighten. Please do me a favor, and read the new First Commandment for yourself. Read what’s on the stone. Not what’s in your mind. And do not let others tell you what it means. This is not unlike the 9/11 problem. I’ve added some bold-red emphasis to help you.

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Okay, stay with me now. What is the definition of “maintain”?

Do you see anything in this definition that says restrict, limit, reduce, cull, kill off, genocide, or mass murder? No! That is not what it says. It says maintain. This is a post-apocalyptic commandment. These stones are not meant for us. They are meant for the New World. That is why the new Ten Commandments are written in the eight most popular languages on the planet. The Georgia Guidestones are also a Rosetta Stone for the New World. The author is not sure who will survive. My god, if you fail to realize this, you fail to grasp the their real significance, which is that we are “right at the door” exactly as Christ Jesus said. Now, please, I beg you, tell me why I am the only person who can see this because I always read it that way, from the first time I saw the Georgia Guidestones until now.

In June 1979, a man using the pseudonym Robert C. Christian approached the Elberton Granite Finishing Company on behalf of “a small group of loyal Americans”, and commissioned the structure. Christian explained that the stones would function as a compass, calendar and clock, and should be capable of withstanding catastrophic events. —Wikipedia, Georgia Guidestones [bold-red emphasis added

“The monument stands at an approximate elevation of 750 feet (230 m) above sea level” (Wikipedia). Although the Georgia Guidestones may be on some of the highest ground in Elbert County, supposedly the highest ground in that county, 750 feet is not high ground. In fact, the Georgia Guidestones are not far from surface water, the Savannah River. No, the location (the significance of which is discussed below) has nothing to do with high ground beyond the fact that nothing could obstruct the view from the monument and therefore possibly interfere with the functionality of the astronomic features discussed below. To survive an Atlantic ocean megatsunamis in Georgia, you would have to be atop the Pine Mountain Range. However, the Georgia Guidestones are designed in such a way that regardless of the direction from which the Atlantic Ocean megatsunamis wave hits after the coming axial tilt, no more than two of the huge granite slabs should fall and they are too heavy to be washed back out into the ocean. So whoever finds the Georgia Guidestones (they will doubtless use a different name) in the New World can reassemble them for posterity. The next time you hear someone telling you that the new First Commandment is somehow evil, stop listening and walk away. You need to hear the message of the Georgia Guidestones. Keep reading and I will tell you what they really mean.







This is a tourist thing, right? I mean of course there is always the possibility that someone from Africa who doesn’t speak English will visit this little backwater town and want to read the new Ten Commandments in his native language. I don’t think so. The Georgia Guidestones are also a Rosetta Stone for the New World. The author is not sure who will survive. My god, if you fail to realize this, you fail to grasp the their real significance, which is that we are “right at the door” exactly as Christ Jesus said.

in stark contrast to the impression left in the mind of the aging as to the purpose of the “gnomon pole”





The Significance of the Location

See also: № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati

This was the first national flag of the Confederate States of America. It had 13 stars which included the states of Kentucky and Missouri.In this section I argue that the Civil War was not about slavery or fundamentally different economic systems. It was about the Illuminati from Europe taking control of the country. I ask that you watch the following two videos, the first from the № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati page and the second from the № 11. Society of Jesus (Jesuits) page so that you might have some conceptual framework in which to understand this reality. This first video was a recent discovery, as with all their work, videos produced by TruthStreamMedia.com (one of a handful of my highly recommended news sources) are of exceptionally high calibre.

“Secret History of the Order of the Illuminati” from the Truthstream Media channel:

This second video is a good substitute for the overpriced college and university educations of today.

“‘The Jesuits’ or ‘The Society of Jesus’: Historians Expose Conspiracy to Rule the World” from the BibleOrTraditions channel:

Like it or not, if the Freemasons founded the United States of America, the soul of this country is and always has been in the South. This is the “law of opposites” I speak about on my homepage at work. Nothing is as it seems. You want to know why the United States of America is so stupid as to have a Federal Reserve? That is because we lost the Civil War and the European Illuminati took control of this country. We are still paying the price to this very day.

(Please do not take this to mean I condone prejudice. I most certainly do not. I have fought it my entire life, even to the point that my first trip into the deep South scared the hell out of me.)


“The fall of Atlanta was a critical point in the Civil War. Its much publicized fall gave confidence to the Northerners. Together with the Battle of Mobile Bay, the fall of Atlanta led to the re-election of Abraham Lincoln and the eventual surrender of the Confederacy.”

—Wikipedia, Civil War and Reconstruction: 1861–1871


What is the symbolic location of the Georgia Guidestones? Is it Elberton, Georgia, the “Granite Capital of the World?” No. The “Granite Capital of the World” has a very specific meaning discussed below, but the symbolic location of the Georgia Guidestones is Atlanta, Georgia, the capital. In order for you to fully understand my answer to this question, I encourage you to read № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati. The following is an excerpt from that page.

Maintenance Note: More or less the same statement exists in Freemasonry was a Southern Institution section of the № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati page.

You cannot understand my work without radically changing your concept of the Civil War. It was not a War Between the States. It was a war between the Freemasons who founded the United States of America and the Illuminati from Europe, the very same Illuminati that George Washington vilified. You really must read Dire Warnings from George Washington on the № 10. History of the Illuminati page to fully understand this subject. Although the African-American population benefited from the Civil War, it was not fought on their behalf. The abolitionists were tools. Please allow me to repeat this most critical of points, the Civil War was not a War Between the States. It was a war between the Freemasons who founded the United States of America and the Illuminati from Europe, the very same Illuminati who continue to pillage this country on a daily basis through that most vile of institutions, the Federal Reserve.















We are not done with this conversation about the significance of the location. Elberton, Georgia is the “Granite Capital of the World” in part because they export tens or hundreds of thousands of granite gravestones and mausoleums every year.

Tucked away in the northeastern Georgia Piedmont between the Savannah and Broad rivers lies the city of Elberton, also known as the granite capital of the world. Currently, more than 150 sheds and manufacturing plants turn rough blocks of granite extracted from 45 area quarries into finished memorials, markers, and mausoleums. These granite products are subsequently shipped to customers all over the world. At least one monument or marker made from Elberton’s granite has been placed in all fifty states; the granite is also found in several foreign countries. In recent years Elberton’s stone industry has produced an average of 250,000 granite markers and monuments annually. In all, a total of 280 separate companies operated businesses in granite production or related services in Elberton in 2003.  —New Georgia Encyclopedia, Granite, accessed December 26, 2018

This has a double meaning in the symbolism of the Georgia Guidestones. It harkens back to the countless deaths in the Civil War, but it also foreshadows the coming axial tilt. Finally, there is the Pyramid Quarry where the granite for the Georgia Guidestones was quarried. This is the cherry on the location symbolism cake. The Freemasons trace themselves back to ancient Egypt and this is an obvious reference to the Great Pyramid of Giza.


The unfinished pyramid upon its reverse side is a trestleboard setting forth symbolically the task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated from the day of its inception.  —Manly P.Hall



I believe very strongly that the character of Samuel Elbert, for whom both Elbert County and the city of Elberton are named, is an important and vital part of the message of the Freemasons to the Illuminati who control what I have dubbed the Vault Profound. He was first and foremost a Freemason leader.

Sometime during the War for independence, Samuel Elbert, American soldier and later Governor of Georgia, was “elected” Provincial Grand Master [of Solomon’s Lodge, the first Freemason lodge in Georgia]. On December 15, 1786, Brother Elbert resigned as Provincial Grand Master so that the independent Grand Lodge of Georgia might be formed.  —HISTORY OF FREEMASONRY IN GEORGIA

But he is also a statesman, a sheriff, a highly compassionate man, a brave soldier, and loyal to the fledgling United States of America. They are appealing to the Illuminati’s sense of decency by associating their message with this man. Just read some of what Wikipedia says about him.

In 1785, Elbert wrote in a letter to George Walton, “It is a pity that the people on our Frontiers will behave so cruelly toward those poor savages; not contented with having the lands, but to rob, beat and abuse them likewise is enough to bring down Divine vengeance on their heads.”

Battle of Brier Creek

Although Elbert was a brigadier general in the Georgia Militia, he was still a colonel in the Continental Army at this time and was in command of one of three divisions under General Ashe. On March 3, 1779, the British launched a surprise attack and quickly routed Ashe’s main army. Ash disappeared into the woods, ostensibly to rally his scattered troops. The remaining left wing, under General Elbert, was driven back against Brier Creek. With Brier creek behind him and surrounded on all other sides by the enemy, Elbert and Lieutenant Colonel John McIntosh together with 60 Continentals and 150 Georgia militiamen, made a heroic effort to turn the fortune of battle without any help from the other two divisions. In the words of the Georgia Historical Commission, Elbert’s small regiment “made one of the most gallant stands against overwhelming odds of the Revolutionary War.” The British Army was forced to bring up its reserves and, with all hope of escape or victory gone, Elbert surrendered the remnants of his command. More than half of the 150 men killed were Elbert’s men. Elbert himself was about to be bayoneted when he was recognized as a Mason by a British officer who ordered his life spared.

There is ample reason to believe that, if the other two divisions had fought with the tenacity of Elbert’s command, things might have turned out differently, especially since General Andrew Williamson was on his way with 1200 men and General Griffith Rutherford was coming with 800 men to reinforce the army at Brier. As it was, General Lincoln’s plan to win control of the South and bring the war to an end resulted in disaster. General Ashe was later accused of cowardice for leaving the field of battle while Elbert was still engaged, but since nothing could be proved, a court of inquiry found Ashe only guilty of gross neglect.

Elbert remained a prisoner on parole in the British camp for more than a year. During this time, he was accorded great respect and kindness. The British made every effort to suborn his allegiance, offering promotion, honors and other rewards, but he remained loyal to the American cause.  ―Wikipedia, Samuel Elbert [bold-red emphasis added]

To the extent that erecting the Georgia Guidestones was controversial within the progeny of Jove, I intuitively think a British office sparing his life during the Battle of Brier Creek may be the central message of associating the Georgia Guidestones with Samuel Elbert. He is reported to have “displayed” a Masonic distress (some unknown combination of a gesture and spoken words) which includes speaking the phrase “Is there no help for the widow’s son?” If the designer’s of the Georgia Guidestones have crossed some line, I think they are using Samuel Elbert to essentially say the same thing to the progeny of Jove.

At another level, the Freemasons are saying, “This is who you defeated in the Civil War.” And in that sense, they are expressing their own independence in these end times. I honestly did not think anyone within the Freemasons organization (after the formation of the CIA in 1947) knew what is about to happen. I remain utterly convinced the overwhelming, vast majority of them do not. But whoever is behind the Georgia Guidestones exhibits a strength of character I associate only with the progeny of Jove. They know.





Robert Merryman of Lake MIlls, Iowa. He was the author of Common Sense Renewed (but not the man who went to Elberton, Georgia

The Identity of R.C. Christian (“Dark Clouds over Elberton”)

Link to FilmDark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones (Amazon) (Vimeo) (not available on Netflix)


R.C. Christian has two identities. Both of these men live in Iowa. But these are not the men who designed the Georgia Guidestones. Iowa is a ruse.


The multiple identities of R.C. Christian are established in the film Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones.  The man who flew to Elberton, Georgia in June, 1979 and met with (1) Joe H. Fendley Sr (owner of The Elberton Granite Finishing Company and Pyramid Quarries from which the granite was quarried), the Freemason who built the Georgia Guidestones, (2) Wyatt C Martin (former President of Granite City Bank in Elberton who served as a financial intermediary), and(3)  Hudson Cone (former Editor for the Graniteer Magazine) who claims to be the the third and last man to meet R.C. Christian while he was in Elberton, was  Dr. Herbert H. Kersten of Fort Dodge, Iowa

However, the man who published the book Common Sense Renewed in 1986 using the pseudonym Robert Christian was a different person. His name was Robert Merryman of Lake MIlls, Iowa. He was the general manager of The Messenger, a newspaper in Fort Dodge, Iowa.

We note in passing that the name of Robert merryman’s newspaper, “The Messenger” is something of a perfect coincidence, not like the name Fort “Dodge.” It all seems a little  too perfect.

At 1:36:31 into the film “Dark Clouds Over Elberton,” an acquaintance of Robert Merryman named Harris Honsey is asked “How certain are you that [Robert Merryman] was the author of [Common Sense Renewed]? He answered, “I am very certain. I think that’s, I always believed that…I was under the assumption that he wrote it. That would be my answer…I guess I never really considered that anyone else wrote it. Bob wrote it.”

You must always remember that the producers of “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” were tools, instruments of a deception that would have you believe the Georgia Guidestones are the work of a Yankee. The only thing this film got right was that the progeny of Jove are white supremacists and eugenicists. The identity of the men behind the Georgia Guidestones was obscured by the film, not revealed.

In some ways I think the original Wired article AMERICAN STONEHENGE: MONUMENTAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR THE POST-APOCALYPSE, dated April 20, 2009 is more valuable than this film, but in truth “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” is an invaluable source of informtion about the Georgia Guidestones. Here are my notes from having watched it at least a dozen times.

Film Notes:

8:32 (verbatim)
“And you have to remember that this was done at a time when Russia and the US was threatening each other with nuclear missiles in the time of the Cold War.” According to Wyatt Matin the original purpose of the monument was to provide guidance for humanity in the event of a nuclear holocaust, one that might require rebuilding civilization. “I can remember in the days in the 60s going down through Florida there and you would see fallout shelters built along the areas of the lakes there were I was fishing and people at one time had a great fear of that occurring. We had to elicit the services of people like from the University of Georgia to show us how to drill the hole up through the gnomon pole where you could look at night and see Polaris the northern-most star because if this worldwide calamity had arisen, you could have gone back and found the Northern Star again. With the sun coming through the slots drilled down through the gnomon pole when the sun rises on the shortest day of the year it shines at a different angle through there so you can tell the shortest day. On the longest day of the year it will shine out the other way. And you can therefore establish the calendar again. So you could reestablish the compass and the calendar.

17:43 (verbatim)
Exactly why the stranger chose the town of Elberton is not completely known. According to Wyatt Martin, the man’s appearance seem to come from out of nowhere. “He had flown in from Atlanta, rented a car, and was just driving down wha I call Granite Row. And he stopped at what he thought was a reputable looking company and went in and introduced himself as R.C. Christian. I said how did you get interested [in Elberton, Georgia] and he said well during WWII at the beginning of that it was Army Air Corps and I actually took my basic training in the state of Georgia. And the best of my memory is that his grandmother was originally from Georgia.”

Joe Fendley’s daughter says she thinks they burnt everything he had in connection to R.C. Christian, including possibly the Georgia Guidestones model.

Wayne Mullenix says he and Joe Fendley were in the Masons and Shriners together

Wayne Mullenix says “I said, You know out there out my house you know would be a good place. And like I said Joe and I were real close friends, and he said, Are you serious? And I said I think it will suit the requirements that he is asking for. And it wasn’t but just a day or two that Joe called me back and said that Mr. Christian was coming and that he would like to look at that site. And I said well if you need me call me.” (This suggests possible local knowledge and collusion.)

43:46 (verbatim)
The Georgia Guidestones monument encourages humanity to establish a limit for human numbers. [Source: “Common Sense Renewed,” p. 128, —”Final Note” of the Third Edition]

Mart Clamp, caretaker for the Georgia Guidestones and son of Charlie Clamp, the artist responsible for sandblasting the lettering on the Georgia Guidestones, says “All of the men involved in this were Masons.” However, this is not exactly true. The former bank president Wyatt C Martin is not a Mason. I believe Mart Clamp meant to say all of the people who built the Georgia Guidestones were masons.

Within the paperwork given to us by Shirley McNeely, there was something that may provide insight into the original purpose of a time capsule and at the same time offer an explanation for the mysterious name R.C. Christian. What follows is from a strange document that we found among the records. The wording of it does not read like the other writings of Mr. Christian. It seems to have been composed by someone else, perhaps another member of the anonymous group behind the Guidestones.

We spoke with the Elberton Star newspaper who told us they know nothing about the message, and have never been given any mysterious keys.  We also contacted the leaders of the Atlanta Rosicrucian Society, who declined to provide any official comment.

Hudson Cone, former Editor for the Graniteer Magazine and the third man to meet Mr. Christian in Elberton, Georgia says “But now people said that, What did he look like, Mr. Christian? I said he was bald about like myself except he had white hair up around here.  He had very sharp features.”

1:25:32 (verbatim in reference to the papers stored in the computer case)
“Most of it is just drawing and correspondence and records of where I received money. The money was sent to me from various cities, remailing services in the United States because he didn’t want it to come from his town.”

The stones must speak for themselves

1:29:26 (Wyatt C. Martin reading a letter from R.C. Christian dated 14 July 1998)
And he sent me packages of things to mail to other organizations that he thought would help to spread the word about the Guidestones.

1:33:12 (Wyatt C. Martin reading a different, earlier letter from R.C. Christian date unknown)
It can be stated that the individuals who sponsored the project are loyal American who believe in God and country. They wish to remain unnamed because the appeal of these stones is to all mankind and is not sectarian nor nationalistic or in any narrow sense politically [sic]. The stones must speak for themselves and to all who would take not they must appeal to believers and non-believers everywhere at all times.

We contacted the published of the book Common Sense Renewed at Stoyles Graphic Services. in Lake Mills, Iowa. We were told that the book had been published by a Mr. Robert Merryman

Fort Dodge is also famous for the Cardiff Giant, one of the great hoaxes of the ninetieth century

When [Robert Merryman] died [in 1992] he left $400,000 to the local diocese

Dr Kersten was a “racist to his fingertips”


“Dark Clouds Over Elberton” DVD cover


David Icke Review:

‘Dr. J. Michael Bennett is the associate producer and primary researcher behind the remarkable new documentary film, “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones.” Combining new interviews with some of the key people involved in the guidestones construction with never-before-seen evidence and good old gumshoe detective work, the documentary reveals the identity of the guidestones’ pseudonymous creator, “R.C. Christian,” and in the process uncovers dark connections to the racist, Malthusian pseudoscience of eugenics.’  —David Icke, Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones, August 27, 2015


Official Trailer:

“DARK CLOUDS OVER ELBERTON: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones” from the AdullamFilms channel:

“This is the trailer for the new documentary: “Dark Clouds Over Elberton: The True Story of the Georgia Guidestones” by Adullam Films. For more information, check out our website at: www.ADULLAMFILMS.com



My involvement with the documentary

In early 2010, I was involved with the development of the documentary, Dark Clouds over Elberton, a Chris Pinto production made with the assistance of Mike Bennett, the podcaster behind the “End Times” focused FutureQuake program.  In addition to being filmed in numerous scenes, I also provided Pinto with my research and I arranged his interview with Wyatt C. Martin, the key figure in uncovering the identity of R.C. Christian.  However, within a few days I withdrew from the project after witnessing unethical and disrespectful behavior from both Pinto and Bennett.  Most importantly, Pinto and Bennett boastfully exploited Wyatt Martin’s trust – and ridiculed the man in the process — in order to covertly obtain R.C. Christian’s address in Ft. Dodge, Iowa.

Wyatt C. Martin has maintained his vow to protect the identity of R.C. Christian since 1979.  I deeply respect Martin and I consider him a man of rare character and morality.

Martin had suffered a debilitating stroke only a few weeks before I arranged the Pinto/Bennett interview and Martin originally declined the interview until I vouched for the character of the pair.  Consequently, I felt responsible for their betrayal on Wyatt Martin.

I wrote a personal account of these incidents in March, 2010, almost immediately after I withdrew from the project.  Again, it is a personal account and I never intended to publish it, but with the release of Dark Clouds Over Elberton, I feel it is necessary to include portions of it in a second article in order to preserve Wyatt C. Martin’s character and legacy.

—Van’s Hardware Journal, Part 1: Iowa White Supremacist behind the Georgia Guidestones, accessed December 28, 2018 [RED emphasis added]









The March 22, 1980 Unveiling


According to Wikipedia, “The monument was unveiled on March 22, 1980, before an audience variously described as 100 or 400 people.” But according to the Explanatory Tablet itself (which is part of the Georgia Guidestones and discussed below), only the “center cluster” was erected on this date. In other words, they were in a rush to dedicate the monument on March 22, 1980.


The Unveiling on March 22, 1980. The Monument was covered with a huge, black sheet of plastic. The men in the foreground are reporters and cameramen.

The unveiling of the Georgia Guidestones. Could one of these people be the mysterious R.C. Christian? (credit TheVigilantCitizen.com)


So what was the rush? Why was March 22, 1980 so important? According to the fictitious R. C. Christian, the Georgia Guidestones were 20 years in the planning, and yet great importance was placed on introducing them to the world on this particular date. Why? You may think March 22 (322) is the only topic of discussion here, but you would be wrong. The year 1980 is also significant, which I will show below.

Some source have suggested that March 22 signifies the Spring Equinox. They are dead wrong. The progeny of Jove do not make such mistakes.


The Spring Equinox in 1832 when Skull and Bones was founded, 1980 when the Georgia Guidestones were erected, 2012 when 13 baktuns of the fifth Great Cycle ended, 2013 when the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar ended, 2017 of the progeny of Jove countdown ended, and 2018 when the Great Wayeb ended were all March 20. The progeny of Jove does not make mistakes like this. March 22, 1980 has nothing to do with the Spring Equinox. This is an obvious reference to Skull and Bones.  I find this highly peculiar for the Southern Jurisdiction of the Scottish Rite to be paying homage to Yale University in New Haven, Connecticut. I should think that after the Civil War that an organization such as Skull and Bones would be an anathema to them. But this is the whole point.


Before I explain why the once all powerful Southern Freemasons are paying homage to a secret society of the Northern university, you must understand why the Civil War was fought. As stated on the № 54. Civil War (1861 – 1865): Rise of the Illuminati page, It was not about slaves, though the Freemasons in the South truly hated African-Americans at the time. It was not a clash of different economic systems. It was not about England trying to regain a foothold in her former colony. It was not about anything you think.

Maintenance Note: More or less the same statement exists at Why the Civil War was Fought.

What was at stake in the Civil War was not slavery. It was control of the federal government. But here you must understand that control of the federal government of the United States of America was only a stepping stone. The real goal was control of the Front Range in Colorado, what I call the “Vault Profound.” This location was chosen by the progeny of Jove thousands of year ago. You cannot understand anything I am saying on this website unless you grasp the geographical uniqueness of the Pikes Peak granite. There is no other granite batholith at such a high altitude and so far from an ocean anywhere else in the world. It is the ideal location for surviving an axial tilt. The Illuminati were founded on May 1, 1776 in Ingolstadt, Germany. They had one goal and one goal only, which was control of the United States of America. The USA was not even a country at the time, but they knew the Freemasons were about to declare their independence from Great Britain. In no less than 80 years they successfully infiltrated and took control of the Supreme Council of the Northern Jurisdiction. Now they were after the prize. The Freemasons did all the groundwork founding this county so that work on the Vault Profound could begin. The Illuminati inherited all of their work after they won the Civil War. The Illuminati would continue to wear the vestiges of the Freemason until 1947 when they morphed into the CIA. But the Southern Freemason have been powerless since the Civil War. 

The date March 22, 1980 is at once a tribute to the victors of the Civil War and an appeal to their sense of patriotism. March 22 acknowledges them. There can be no other interpretation of 322. And 1980 is reduces to nine, which always means control. Effectively the dates says, we acknowledge that the Illuminati are in control of this country. The Southern Freemasons do not seek conflict. They only want to speak before the end. And the Georgia Guidestones contain their message, a distant ego of our founding fathers.



The “Atlanta Sunstone” Cube

See alsoAugust 14, 2016 is Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av (credit dailycrow.com) under A Deep Hatred of the Jews (anti-semitism) from the First Crusade, Knights Templar, and Georgia Guidestones to Modern Day Scotland

Use this section to explain that it was a staged ritual, not vandalism. Deal with the arrest by quoting the perplexed sheriff



The cube is six inches squared, which of course is a reference to 666.

A six inch square cube has both a surface area and volume of 216

The 6 inch width of the Cube, was verified using high enough resolution pictures of the Cube when in situ in the Guidestones slot as compared to the known 2 metre [sic] wide English slab. It was definitely a 6x6x6 inch Cube; —aamichael666.com, 22 Nov 2014: Georgia Guidestones 666 Time-Cube, Smashed To Represent Future Mecca Kaaba & Clock Tower Attack!, accessed December 26, 2018

Now by way of example of that caginess, Mart Clamp said in connection to the perfectly square notch that had been carved out of the top right hand corner of the slab engraved in English: “It appears that the damage was made over the course of about a year in an on-going effort to topple that Guidestone.” … Which is in complete contradiction to the bollocks news story put out by WSGC radio, who claimed in August 2013 that the damage was made by 37 year old William Ellis from Anniston in Alabama and two unknown accomplices on the night of September 11 2009

a feat of engineering as arduous as


Other uses

The Roman numeral Ⅿ represents the number 1000, though it was not used in Roman times. There is, however, scant evidence that the letter was later introduced in the early centuries by the Romans. [3]



2014 marked when the cube was installed


a staged ritual



Symbolic of Jewish tefillin and Muslin Kaaba?



As with the letters, over time dirt accumulated in the seams of the precut corner and it became visible. By placing the cube so close to the controversial new First Commandment, it was sure to draw maximum attention. The precision of the cut itself precludes any possibility whatsoever that the addition of the block was vandalism. It was a stage event with a very specific message to Jews.


The discussion of the following document begins at 1:14:46 into the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film

Why is the “Sunstone for Atlanta Masons” written between the northeast stone in the “possible later [circle of] stones” (as marked on a different drawing) and an arrow pointing to the top of the page? The answer is because that is the location of the cube.

This drawing tells us two things. The cube is in fact what it appears to be, a sunstone. The designers of the Georgia Guidestones could not risk this connection not being made because the cube carry a vital (though anti-Semitic) message to this generation.


When you see this “Sunstone for Atlanta Masons” note you really need to remind yourself that this memorial is supposedly the work of one or two men in Fort Dodge, Iowa, neither of whom were Freemasons. According to locals in the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film, they  were talked into erecting the monument in Elberton, Georgia to save on transportation costs. And no one has ever said the anonymous group of men who supposedly worked on the design for 20 years were Freemasons. No one. So why this note? It makes no sense in that context. You must see this for what it is. It is the designers of the Georgia Guidestones telling you they are the Freemasons in Atlanta and the the cube is a sunstone, exactly as it appears to be.












“Georgia Guide Stone- 2014 stone removal 9/25/14” from the copperheadrr1 channel:

Why do I sense that these people are talking to the camera? And if this was vandalism, how in God’s name can they have the original piece? That defies logic. One careful observer noted how this man climbs the ladder with no tools, as if he somehow knew the block could easily be removed by hand. I think anyone who buys into the story that this block was installed by anyone other than the designers of the Georgia Guidestones has little or no change of ever grasping their true meaning.

It has also been noted that the man who destroyed it was unnaturally on his left knee, the same position as shown in this “CANDIDATE TAKING THE OATH OF AN ENTERED APPRENTICE” figure from a very old Freemason book. I too am right handed and can attest that destroying that block while on your left knee would be very awkward. It must have been done on purpose.





A New Ten Commandments

Population Control

Maintain humanity under 500,000,000 in perpetual balance with nature.

Designer Babies and Genetic Diversity (not necessarily eugenics in the sense of killing unwanted children)

Guide reproduction wisely — improving fitness and diversity.

A Universal Language

Unite humanity with a living new language.

Intelligent Religion

Rule passion — faith — tradition — and all things with tempered reason.

Legal Jurisprudence

Protect people and nations with fair laws and just courts.

Let all nations rule internally resolving external disputes in a world court.

Avoid petty laws and useless officials.

Balance personal rights with social duties.

The Ascendency of Wisdom

Prize truth — beauty — love — seeking harmony with the infinite.

Respect for Nature

Be not a cancer on the earth — Leave room for nature — Leave room for nature.






The Explanatory Tablet and Black Granite Plaque

What I (and others) refer to as the “explanatory tablet” show below is referred to as a “ground marker” on the black granite plaque.

Explanatory Tablet or “ground marker”

Black granite plaque


The complete text of the explanatory tablet is detailed below. The tablet is somewhat inconsistent with respect to punctuation, misspells the word “pseudonym”, and incorrectly uses the adjective “hieroglyphic” as a plural noun. The original spelling, punctuation, and line breaks in the text have been preserved in the transcription which follows (letter case is not). At the top center of the tablet is written:

The Georgia Guidestones
Center cluster erected March 22, 1980

Immediately below this is the outline of a square, inside which is written:

Let these be guidestones to an Age of Reason

Around the edges of the square are written translations to four ancient languages, one per edge. Starting from the top and proceeding clockwise, they are: Babylonian (in cuneiform script), Classical Greek, Sanskrit and Ancient Egyptian (in hieroglyphs).

On the left side of the tablet is the following column of text:

Astronomic Features
1. Channel through stone
indicates celestial pole
2. Horizontal slot indicates
annual travel of sun
3. Sunbeam through capstone
marks noontime throughout
the year

Author: R.C. Christian
(a pseudonyn) [sic]

Sponsors: A small group
of Americans who seek
the Age of Reason

Time Capsule
Placed six feet below this spot
To be opened on

The words appear as shown under the time capsule heading; no dates are engraved.

Physical data

On the right side of the tablet is the following column of text (metric conversions added):


1. OVERALL HEIGHT – 19 FEET 3 INCHES [5.87 m].
2. TOTAL WEIGHT – 237,746 POUNDS [107,840 kg].
   AN AVERAGE OF 42,437 POUNDS [19,249 kg].
   INCHES [4.98 m] HIGH, WEIGHS 20,957
   POUNDS [9,506 kg].
5. CAPSTONE IS 9-FEET, 8-INCHES [2.95 m]
   LONG, 6-FEET, 6-INCHES [1.98 m] WIDE;
   1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK. WEIGHS
   24,832 POUNDS [11,264 kg].
   4 INCHES [2.24 m] LONG 2-FEET [0.61 m] WIDE.
   1 FOOT, 4-INCHES [0.41 m] THICK, EACH
   POUNDS [2,211 kg].
   2½ INCHES [1.28 m] LONG, 2-FEET, 2-INCHES [0.66 m]
   WIDE, 1-FOOT, 7-INCHES [0.48 m] THICK.
   WEIGHT 2,707 POUNDS [1,228 kg].
8. 951 CUBIC FEET [26.9 m³] GRANITE.


Guidestone languages[edit]

Below the two columns of text is written the caption “GUIDESTONE LANGUAGES”, with a diagram of the granite slab layout beneath it. The names of eight modern languages are inscribed along the long edges of the projecting rectangles, one per edge. Starting from due north and moving clockwise around so that the upper edge of the northeast rectangle is listed first, they are EnglishSpanishSwahiliHindiHebrewArabicChinese, and Russian. At the bottom center of the tablet is the following text:

Additional information available at Elberton Granite Museum & Exhibit
College Avenue
Elberton, Georgia

Astronomical features[edit]

The four outer stones are oriented to mark the limits of the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle.[9] The center column features a hole drilled at an angle from one side to the other, through which can be seen the North Star, a star whose position changes only very gradually over time. The same pillar has a slot carved through it which is aligned with the Sun’s solstices and equinoxes. A ​78in (22 mm) aperture in the capstone allows a ray of sun to pass through at noon each day, shining a beam on the center stone indicating the day of the year.[2]



The four outer stones are oriented to mark the limits of the 18.6 year lunar declination cycle.




In the film “Dark Clouds Over Elberton,” Joe Fendley’s daughter says she thinks they burnt everything he had in connection to R.C. Christian, including possibly the original Georgia Guidestones model with the pyramidal top. At 1:21:09 into the video, Wyatt C Martin says “Fendley’s daughter told me they burned all the stuff her father had…And Mr. Chistian told me to destroy mine, but I had an idea that I would write a book about it.” Shirley McNeely who works for Frank Coggins (Joe Fendley’s self-styled “idea man”) also kept some papers. Among them wwas a strange letter described as follows in the “Dark Clouds over Elberton” film.

Here are a few notes about this “strange document” (as it is referred to in the film) from my watching of “Dark Clouds over Elberton:”

1:06:55 (verbatim)
Within the paperwork given to us by Shirley McNeely, there was something that may provide insight into the original purpose of a time capsule and at the same time offer an explanation for the mysterious name R.C. Christian. What follows is from a strange document that we found among the records. The wording of it does not read like the other writings of Mr. Christian. It seems to have been composed by someone else, perhaps another member of the anonymous group behind the Guidestones.

1:10:09 (verbatim)
We spoke with the Elberton Star newspaper who told us they know nothing about the message, and have never been given any mysterious keys.  We also contacted the leaders of the Atlanta Rosicrucian Society, who declined to provide any official comment.

1:29:26 (Wyatt C. Martin reading a letter from R.C. Christian dated 14 July 1998)
And he sent me packages of things to mail to other organizations that he thought would help to spread the word about the Guidestones.

This last entry is very important because it substantiates why Shirley McNeely is in possession of such an odd document. I have recreated it here excruciatingly carefully from the film. However, there are words missing in the second to last paragraph. I requested a copy from the filmmaker, but so far said request has been ignored.

To whomever comes across this presenting:

Contained herein are keys that have been awaited to be placed here in proper
sequencing and in proper order to announce the return and the activation of those
events of prophecy that that signal thEse events.  Those who have guarded this great mystery
and who have guarded the evolution of the human species itself are returning.  It has

This monument known as the Georgia Guide Stones [sic] shall find threads unto the revelation
of its mystery in the name R.C. Christian otherwise known unto that contingency
that is responsible for the erection of this monument as Christian Rosenkrentz [sic] (1378-1484).

This presentation of keys upon the finding of it is to be delivered to the Elberton Star.
The Elberton Star is to deliver it to the Atlanta Rosicrucian Society.
The Rosicrucian contact number is 1. That number is derived from the synchronistic
mystery of 404-294-4172 in Atlanta.

It is only those with the understand [sic] of the rose and its return who will be capable
of deciphering the codes and the keys that are contained herein:

Unto this great mystery shall it in due time be unveiled likened unto she whose
Great portal reads only,  “Know thyself.” unto the unveiling of her wisdom…[unreadable word(s)]
Come indeed the bridegroom bearing the knowledge of the perfect blending…[unreadable word(s)]
the white, to bring forth the gold and thiu the purity of the rose. it shall…[unreadable word(s)]
again.  This monument has now been activated by that which was to come forth…[unreadable word(s)]
its activation and technological understanding and many shall come forth…[unreadable word(s)]
portal  to awaken and to be thusly activated.
you are greatly loved mankind. once we saw through the glass…[unreadable word(s)]
shall see fact to face.  do not fear.  we are with you through the com…[unreadable word(s)]








Thomas Paine’s Central Bank Connection

Like everything else about the Georgia Guidestones, there are different levels of interpretation. I do not think the men behind the Georgia Guidestones are endorsing Thomas Pains literary works. To the contrary I think the mean to use them to expose the man, and by extension to suggest that the Illuminati were at work in the country even before the Revolutionary War.

Thomas Paine is intimately connect to the Bank of North America, the first de facto central bank in the United States. In fact, NE IS THE VERY FIRST INVESTOR in a private corporation masquerading as a public institution or central bank.

House documents: Volume 7; Volume 293 January 1, 1877 (Digitized by Google), Annual report of the Comptroller of the Currency to the Second Session of The Forty-Fourth Congress of the United States, December 4, 1876, p. VI


I was reluctant at first to commit these thoughts to writing until I realized the the banker in Elberton, Georgia,Wyatt C Martin, had been very intentional made the center of the little drama that unfolded in that town in 1979-1980 and for yers afterward.





“The Age of Reason” by Rosicrucian philosopher John Locke (more likely founding father)


“The fable of Christ and his twelve apostles…is a parody of the sun and the twelve signs of the Zodiac, copied from the ancient religions of the Eastern world…. Every thing told of Christ has reference to the sun. His reported resurrection is at sunrise, and that on the first day of the week; that is, on the day anciently dedicated to the sun, and from thence called Sunday…”  —Thomas Paine, The Complete Religious and Theological Works of Thomas Paine



At the beginning of Part I of the Age of Reason, Paine lays out his personal belief:

I believe in one God, and no more; and I hope for happiness beyond this life.

I believe in the equality of man; and I believe that religious duties consist in doing justice, loving mercy, and endeavouring to make our fellow-creatures happy.

But, lest it should be supposed that I believe many other things in addition to these, I shall, in the progress of this work, declare the things I do not believe, and my reasons for not believing them.

I do not believe in the creed professed by the Jewish Church, by the Roman Church, by the Greek Church, by the Turkish Church, by the Protestant Church, nor by any church that I know of. My own mind is my own church.

All national institutions of churches, whether Jewish, Christian or Turkish, appear to me no other than human inventions, set up to terrify and enslave mankind, and monopolize power and profit.

I do not mean by this declaration to condemn those who believe otherwise; they have the same right to their belief as I have to mine. But it is necessary to the happiness of man that he be mentally faithful to himself. Infidelity does not consist in believing, or in disbelieving; it consists in professing to believe what he does not believe.



Paine’s analysis of the Bible

After establishing that he would refrain from using extra-Biblical sources to inform his criticism, but would instead apply the Bible’s own words against itself, Paine questions the sacredness of the Bible, analyzing it as one would any other book. For example, in his analysis of the Book of Proverbs he argues that its sayings are “inferior in keenness to the proverbs of the Spaniards, and not more wise and economical than those of the American Franklin”. Describing the Bible as “fabulous mythology”, Paine questions whether or not it was revealed to its writers and doubts that the original writers can ever be known (he dismisses the idea that Moses wrote the Pentateuch or that the Gospel’s authors are known, for example).

My intention is to show that those books are spurious, and that Moses is not the author of them; and still further, that they were not written in the time of Moses, nor till several hundred years afterward; that they are no other than an attempted history of the life of Moses, and of the times in which he is said to have lived, and also of the times prior thereto, written by some very ignorant and stupid pretenders to authorship, several hundred years after the death of Moses. […] The books called the Evangelists, and ascribed to Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John, were not written by Matthew, Mark, Luke, and John;  …they have been manufactured, as the books of the Old Testament have been by other persons than those whose names they bear.

Using methods that would not become common in Biblical scholarship until the nineteenth century, Paine tested the Bible for internal consistency and questioned its historical accuracy, concluding that it was not divinely inspired.

Paine also argues that the Old Testament must be false because it depicts a tyrannical God. The “history of wickedness” pervading the Old Testament convinced Paine that it was simply another set of human-authored myths. He deplores people’s credulity: “Brought up in habits of superstition,” he wrote, “people in general know not how much wickedness there is in this pretended word of God.” Citing Numbers 31:13–47 as an example, in which Moses orders the slaughter of thousands of boys and women, and sanctions the rape of thousands of girls, at God’s behest, Paine calls the Bible a “book of lies, wickedness, and blasphemy; for what can be greater blasphemy than to ascribe the wickedness of man to the orders of the Almighty!”   —Wikipedia, The Age of Reason


COMMON SENSE By Thomas Paine



Common Sense Renewed book by Robert Christian









Why does Wayne Mullenix have this very same picture (without the lettering) from the Georgia Guidestones Guidebook framed and sitting on the ground next to him while being interviewed by the producers of “Dark Clouds Over Elberton?” Supposedly this guidebook was written by Robert Merryman who never once went to Elberton, Georgia.

Lesser Arguments against a Simplistic Interpretation of the Georgia Guidestones






See Georgia Granite link folder


The emphasis on two

the letters are two inches tall. longitude is almost two times the square root of two

large stones are two meters wide METERS ARE EUROPEAN LIKE THE ILLUMINATI

two rc christians




If there is one thing that gives me pause, that makes me wonder if ___________ was not actually a front man but the driving force behind the Georgia Guidestones, it is this letter regarding the costs.


One would assume that the men I suspect were behind this design had plenty of money, but the fact is that the pyramid top was changed to a flat top and no other stones were ever added.

contrast with wired.com article

additional stones never intended. just a ruse for the sunstone comment. There was no real anomosity or esle the would not have gotten their new lodge.








From archive.li

Piece of GA Guidestones Recovered After Nearly Four Years

August 6, 2013
After nearly four years, the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office has recovered an item from the Georgia Guidestones reported stolen.
William Jeremy Ellis

William Jeremy Ellis

The item in question, a small cube of granite taken from the top of the stones, was recovered after deputies noticed three individuals on the surveillance cameras that monitor the land mark.
“Deputies got a call to go out there, and there was a gentleman there from Alabama that had the piece of granite that was taken almost four years ago”, said Investigator Darren Scarborough with the Elbert County Sheriff’s Office. “Told the officers that he had it, and he had been out there in 2009 and took the small piece of granite off.”
The original theft occurred on September 11th, 2009.
He says deputies arrested 37-year-old William Jeremy Ellis of Anniston, Alabama.
The "piece" in question.

The “piece” in question.

Two other men, who remain unidentified, accompanied Ellis; the only known information on the two men is that they were from Florida.
Scarborough says the whole incident has the sheriff’s office scratching their heads a little bit.
“We don’t know what their intentions were with the piece of granite or why they were back out there late Friday night/early Saturday morning”, said Scarborough. “We have talked to the gentleman, who is in charge of the guidestones, and we have the piece of granite back, but we are not sure what will be done with it.”
Ellis is charged with Felony Theft by Taking, Interference with Government Property, and 2nd Degree Criminal Damage to Property.
Ellis remains in custody at the Elbert County Detention Center where he is currently awaiting a bond hearing.





Sections brought back from another page…..



Jewish Persecution





A Deep Hatred of the Jews (anti-semitism) from the First Crusade, Knights Templar, and Georgia Guidestones to Modern Day Scotland

I address this subject in a subsection of the Knights Templar because the hatred of the jews was so strong even in their time.


Jews butchered during the Crusades

make the Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av connection (removed from article cited in next section)


vet these videos some more… (all have over a million views)

First Crusade Part 1 of 2 and First Crusade Part 2 of 2 from the Epic History TV channel:


First Crusade: Siege of Jerusalem 1099 AD from the BazBattles channel:



August 14, 2016 is Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av (credit dailycrow.com)

The exposed year of “20 14” on the cube when it was installed was misdirection. It was intended to alert you to the fact that the numbers on the cube included a date, but wrongly suggested the year was 2014.

JAM is the wrong perspective and the date numbers do not read as naturally as they do for the 2016 date

Were it not for this deliberate misdirection, I would be suspect that the date was intentional. But under the circumstances, I am sure that it is a part of the design. Many have mistakenly read the date as August 16, 2014 (8/16/2014) and developed fantastical explanations based on this date. However, they were reading the date from the wrong perspective. This misinterpretation of the cube was encouraged by the designer by installing it with “20 14” exposed. The progeny of Jove have a sense of humor. They enjoy doing stuff like this. And while the Freemasons of today are a “headless corpse” (i.e. not the progeny of Jove), I have great respect for the men behind this monument and very much respect that they somehow know everything that is about to happen. The date must be read clockwise from the Master Mason (MM) perspective. The actual date is 8/14/2016, which in the Jewish calendar is Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av.

Tisha B’Av (…lit. “the ninth of Av”) is an annual fast day in Judaism, on which a number of disasters in Jewish history occurred, primarily the destruction of both Solomon’s Temple by the Neo-Babylonian Empire and the Second Temple by the Roman Empire in Jerusalem. Tisha B’Av is regarded as the saddest day in the Jewish calendar and it is thus believed to be a day which is destined for tragedyTisha B’Av falls in July or August in the Gregorian calendar.  —Wikipedia, Tisha B’Av [bold-red emphasis added]

A little explanation is required here. If you check a Jewish calendar, August 14, 2016 is actually shown as the 10TH of Av. The 9TH of Av is shown as Erev Tisha B’Av. Erev in Hebrew means the day before a Jewish holiday. Jewish days are from sunset to sunset. Thus August 14, 2016 (8/14/2016) is in fact Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av.

Ask Google “When did Tish’a B’Av begin in 2016?” and it provides this answer

This is an ugly subject for someone whose entire life has been around Jews, but I must confront it. One reason I give credence to this being an element in the original design of the Georgia Guidestones is this (edited) list compiled by the anonymous author of the original article at dailycrow.com.

  • The Jews were expelled from England on July 18, 1290 (Av 9, AM 5050).
  • The Jews were expelled from France on July 22, 1306 (Av 10, AM 5066).
  • Germany entered World War I on August 1–2, 1914 (Av 9-10, AM 5674), which caused massive upheaval in European Jewry and whose aftermath led to the Holocaust.
  • On August 2, 1941 (Av 9, AM 5701), SS commander Heinrich Himmler formally received approval from the Nazi Party for “The Final Solution”. As a result, the Holocaust began during which almost one third of world’s Jewish population perished.
  • On July 23, 1942 (Av 9, AM 5702), began the mass deportation of Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto, en route to Treblinka.

—dailycrow.com, The Georgia Guidestones Cube – August 14, 2016 – Tisha B’Av, accessed December 26, 2018

The message is not the date itself. Nothing of importance happened on August 14, 2016. The numbers were chosen because they equal 108. However, the message of the Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av is decidedly part of the cube.

The progeny of Jove hate the Jews with a ferocity unequaled in the annals of time. They are an ancient enemy.


Do not mistake anything I am saying as contempt for the Jews. My entire life has been defined by Judaism. I left home at 19 years of age to fight for the Israel Defense Forces (IDF). Almost every woman I have ever dated my entire life was Jewish. I live now with a Russian Jew. Hell, I even sat across the aisle from the head of the Jewish mafia at the Meyerhoff listening to the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra (BSO) for over a decade. I am not anti-semitic. I just will not gloss over the truth about the world in which we live.


They attempted to rid the world of Judaism in 70 AD. Subsequently, they invented Islam to rival both Judaism and Christianity. One of their main objectives in World War II was to create the state of Israel (as they “prophesied” in their Book of Revelation) either because they intend to nuke them at the last minute or because Palestine is the last place on earth you want to be during an axial tilt (owing to the highly unusual contour of the Mediterranean seabed), or both. Anyone who harbors the belief that the Jews are in control of this world is completely delusional. These are some of the most persecuted people in the history of mankind precisely because they are the № 1 enemy of the progeny of Jove.

A further confirmation that the Tisha B’Av or the 9TH of Av date was intention can be found in the fact that the cube was removed  and unceremoniously smashed into pieces onSeptember 25th 2014, which was the Jewish New Year Festival or Rosh Hashanah.

Ask Google “What date was the Jewish New Year in 2014?” and it provides this answer

What doubt can be left any reasonable people other than that the cube carries a very disturbing message for the Jews of this world? That message, very simply put, is that they will not survive the coming apocalypse. It is a brutal message. And it is emanating from the most powerful people on the planet, the unseen progeny of Jove who have awaited these end times for at least 2,600 years. I tell you a truth. If I were a Jew I would get out os Israel now. It is a deathtrap.


“Georgia Guide Stone- 2014 stone removal 9/25/14” from the copperheadrr1 channel:

Why do I sense that these people are talking to the camera? And if this was vandalism, how in God’s name can they have the original piece? That defies logic. One careful observer noted how this man climbs the ladder with no tools, as if he somehow knew the block could easily be removed by hand. I think anyone who buys into the story that this block was installed by anyone other than the designers of the Georgia Guidestones has little or no change of ever grasping their true meaning.

It has also been noted that the man who destroyed it was unnaturally on his left knee, the same position as shown in this “CANDIDATE TAKING THE OATH OF AN ENTERED APPRENTICE” figure from a very old Freemason book. I too am right handed and can attest that destroying that block while on your left knee would be very awkward. It must have been done on purpose.


Anti-Semitism in Modern Day Scotland

Scotland’s papers: ‘Rising tide’ of anti-Semitism and baby ‘miracle’

Jews in Scotland are considering leaving over antisemitism, says senior community leader


Find the video about the migration of the Greeks to Scotland







X Marks the Spot

For reasons that I will explain to you momentarily, this is the last section on my Georgia Guidestones page. I received an interesting communication from a contributor who I shall refer to by only his first name, Scott. I could tell that he was moved and sensed he had a hold of something important. Here is what he wrote in part:


On No. 26 you mention the date September 23, 2017 and it’s apparent significance. I believe that 34 days before that date on August 21, 2017 there was a total solar eclipse that went directly over the Georgia Guidestones. (This was probably planned by the people that made the Guidestones.) This particular eclipse went directly across the United States. There will be a second eclipse 7 years later on April 8, 2024. (“There is nothing after 24, everything just starts over”.) This second eclipse will go across the United States making an X when combined with the first eclipse.


It struck me as odd that the difference between these two dates would be 34 days. In the world into which I have entered numbers tend to be perfect. So I checked, and indeed he was wrong.



Now you have my full attention, Scott. There is no way in hell the progeny of Jove are not fully aware of your X over the United States of America including the fact that it will be completed in the year 2024. By the way, in Scott’s email, that is me he is quoting in parentheses. Let’s do a little more fact-checking on this interesting subject.




The following image is from X Marks the Spot: Two Total Solar Eclipses in Seven Years, nationaleclipse.com


It’s been said that, on average, a total solar eclipse can be seen from the same place only once every 375 years. The methodology used by whoever calculated this number is unknown and it’s debatable whether there can even be a definitive methodology for such a calculation. For instance, how many points on Earth do you use to arrive at an average number of years? But regardless of the math, there’s no denying the fact that a total solar eclipse is a relatively rare event for any given place. So, for an area to get not one, but two, total solar eclipses in just seven years is a truly remarkable occurrence!

X Marks the Spot: Two Total Solar Eclipses in Seven Years, nationaleclipse.com



There is a very high level of probability that the Georgia Guidestones caretakers live in Athens, Georgia




All of the following photographs are from an article entitled Eclipse awes those gathered at Georgia Guidestones.



This slideshow requires JavaScript.


Fully eclipsed sun directly over the Georgia Guidestones. Coincidence? Anyone who reads my website and can insistently tell thems selves, “Oh, that’s just a coincidence” over and over and over again is batshit crazy, not me.


I am still working on Tomorrowland. When I finish it, and eventually I will, my plan is still to return to this page. In fact, worried that I would lose Scott as a contributor (he has other material), I wrote him the following email.


Hi Scott,
I was wondering if I would hear from you again. At least one or two people have dropped bombshells on me and then just disappeared into the mist. Please listen very carefully to what I am about to say. I just got this dropped on me last night https://amallulla.org/tomorrowland/#the-exact-date-of-the-apocolypse. I am on massive overload. I fully expected to work on your stuff this weekend, but then this happened. What I want you to know and understand is how much I care for the men who built the Georgia Guidestones. My admiration for them is beyond words. I want to do for their monument what I am doing for Tomorrowland, which makes you my new best friend. Will you please forgive me if I finish Tomorrowland first. I am really concerned that I may lose the material you have. My intention is to make the Georgia Guidestones page the strongest work I have ever done my whole life, out of respect for these men. Please just use these coming weeks to gather your material. Trust that anything you send me WILL BE USED. I don’t lose anything. Will you please trust me on this? I would be very grateful.


So I shall return to this page soon, as promised. I look forward to telling Scott and you, the reader, what all this means to me. You will be no little surprised to hear what I have to say. For now, let’s just say the buffalo herds will be returning to North America, Atlantis, or whatever you want to call it.















Research Notes


Lee sent his resignation letter on 4/20. I saw these numbers somewhere on the GG


“With independence achieved, American Freemason cut all ties with Britain and launched an exclusive American Grand Lodge in 1777



New information about the Georgia Guidestone’s mysterious cornerstone? (for stuff about man charged with theft)

Sinister Sites: The Georgia Guidestones

Georgia Guidestones Say 2014 is When The Oligarchs Want Depopulation To Begin?

Apokalyptō (ἀποκαλύπτω “revealing”) of the Georgia Guidestones






This stuff is all over the net. I do not think attribution is appropriate under these circumstances. Just rewrite.



    • Rejecting the 12 Spies report on Canaan ca 1492 BC, the death of adults 21 and over during 40 years wandering in circles in the Arabian Desert; “Arab Desert” NW of Mecca at Jebel al Laws not the fake Mt Sinai in Egypt.
    • Rabbis teach that Jeremiah is a Traitor, born on 9 Av; a traitor because he told the truth (eg Jer 10) to his people in the face of Rabbinical Lies; think God is pleased with celebrations of setting up Groves on Hanukkah, or baking cakes for the “Queen of Heaven”? Guess Again. Followers of JESUS are in the same predicament celebrating the Pagan Holy Days called Christmas and Easter. Jeremiah is important because Irish-Scottish-English Kings claim descent from Zedekiah’s mythical daughter Tamar-Tephi (Tamar comes from Gen 38:12-23; Judah’s eldest son Er married Tamar and was killed by God; Onan and Tamar then receive the inheritance due Er; Onan is killed by God; Judah then doesn’t recognize Tamar and the 2 give birth to Perez, an ancestor of Jesus) who allegedly is taken by Jeremiah to Ireland with “Jacob’s Pillow” where she gives legitimacy to the Irish Kings; the last of which will be Sargon “Legitimate King” III or Antichrist.
    • The destruction of Solomon’s Temple (ref Eze 8) in 585 BC; God does not appreciate “Ancients of Israel” committing abominations on the altar as women “weep for Tammuz” on the porch! The 1st Breach in the Walls occurred on 17 Tammuz 3 weeks before; in 2016 this is July 23, the first full day the Sun enters Leo.
    • The destruction of the 2nd Temple in 70 AD. Jesus, fulfilling some 300 prophecies to the letter was rejected as King of Jerusalem and Priest of the Most High “Melchisedek”; an “Alternative Christ” will be born/revealed on 9 Av who comes in his own name; Daniel refers to him as the “God of forces”
    • Bar Kochba Revolt in 135 AD by fake Jew and self proclaimed Messiah of the Star Simon Bar Kochba. 500,000 real Jews are massacered because Kochba was believed to be Jewish; Talmud, Zohar, Kaballah, Rabbis are like the Pharisees of old, anything but Jewish.
    • The razing of the Temple site and re-dedication “Zeus Capitolina”; Zeus’ Capitol can also be seen in Washington DC at the apex of the Federal Triangle.
    • The 1st Crusade began on Aug 15, 1096 (Aug 15 if the Feast of Lucifer) preached by Pope Urban; instigated by the same people who instigate all wars. Guess he forgot Jesus’ only 2 Commandments “Love God” “Love our Neighbor”. “He who kills with the sword must be killed with the sword”. Crusader means “Warrior of the Cross” The Cross is a Pagan symbol of Tammuz having nothing to do with Jesus who was Nailed to a Tree amid 2 Thieves roming the 7 Branch Candlestick.
    • Expulsion of “Fake “Jews” (Usury Bankers) from England July 18, 1290 by King Edward I; Rothschild is anything but Jewish; the name “Bauer” means “Farmer” the profession of Cain; Cainites, or their religion at least came through the Flood with Noah’s wife, who produced Canaan from incest with Ham and Edomites married women of this incest. Bauer became Rothschild whose street address 666 Am Mein was written in Red; Rothschild means Red Shield.
    • Expulsion of “Fake Jews” from France July 22, 1306
    • The Alhambra Decree, forced conversion and/or expulsion of Crypto “Jews” from Spain. Rosicrucian Christopher Columbus’ (Christ=Messiah; Taufr is Norse for Red=Red Messiah; the Red Cross on his sails and the British Flag is a dead giveaway) voyage to “New Jerusalem aka America in 1492 AD. No coincidence with Moses date 1492 BC either; this date is critical because it was at the end of the Hyksos (Amalekites are Edomites/Ishmaelites) Era, Moses was raised up.
    • 1648 Chielminicki Massacre; 250K Polish and Ukraine Jews slaughtered
    • WWI began on Aug 1, 1914 (Aug 1 is Lugnasadh) on 9 Av; the Nazi build-up planned in advance by Jesuit handled 330 Masons Albert Pike and Giuseppe Mazzini (Google Albert Pike 3 World Wars)
    • 9 Av 1929 Grand Mufti of Jerusalem initiates the Hebron Massacre
    • WWII began in 1939 on 9 Av; ever wonder where Hitler got the incredible sums of money, steel and aluminum to build the Nazi War machine? Hint: Prescott Bush and George Romney are 2 names that should ring a 23 tonne Bell. Again, WWII was planned in advance as recorded by Albert Pike on 15 Aug 1871
    • “The Final Solution” 9 Av 1941, Aryan Nazi Reinhard Heydrich receives orders to initiate the Holocaust
      Mass deportations of real Jews from the Warsaw Ghetto initiated the Holocaust on 9 Av 1942. 6 million God fearing Jews who rejected Rothschild’s British version of Israel and the Zionist Star of Molech were gassed, burned or shot. Dwight Eisenhower gets a free pass in history for murdering 1.7 million German citizens after the war.
    • 9 Av 1991 “Shock and Awe” begins Gulf War I. Shock and Awe is the Talmudic-Kabbalist “Shekinah” the “Sacred Feminine” presence of God; wrong God boys, that’s Satan. 9 Av 1991 330 Luciferian Mason Carlyle Group Business Partners GHW Bush and Saddam Hussein with Iraq Ambassador April Glaspie initiate Gulf War I, now entering its 26th year.
      9 Av 1994 Jewish Community Center in Buenos Aires Argentina bombed killing 300.

9 Av 2006 while GW Bush is at Bohemian Grove, news shills claim he is monotoring the Lebanon War from his Crawford Ranch.

George Bush Sr began with Gulf War I on 9 Av 1991


Origin of the Crucifix

Cut ~1:01:15 to 1:02:10 from “Remembering the End of the Last World”


1:13:26 in Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary)

1:15:08 IN Symbols of an Alien Sky (Full Documentary) YES DAVID TALBOTT AGREES THIS IS THE ORIGIN OF THE CROSS


Possible relationship to Maya Long Count calendar…

Everything from the King James Bible to the Georgia Guidestones is about the end of the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar.


In the case of the Georgia Guidestones the mathematical link to the so-called “Mayan” calendar is in four little words “Sunstone for Atlanta Masons” completely ignored by the troop of insightful idiots who have graced us with their editorial opinions on this subject.

The discussion of the following document begins at 1:14:46 into the “Dark Clouds Over Elberton” film

Why is the “Sunstone for Atlanta Masons” written between the northeast Sunstone in the “possible later [circle of] stones” (as marked on a different drawing) and an arrow pointing to the top of the page? The answer is because that is the future location of the cube.These additional Sunstones were never really part of the design. I can assure you these men, the highest-ranking Freemasons of the South, a living, breathing remnant of the progeny of Jove, did not run out of money. The very thought is so preposterous as to be laughable. This note about a “Sunstone for Atlanta Masons” is intended to announce the true meaning of the cube. It is a Sunstone and that is what links it to the most powerful intellectual achievement of mankind in this age, the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. Once again, these men lacked faith in our ability to understand their message. And who can blame them? The message of the cube is the Georgia Guidestones message to this generation, those of us alive at the end of the Fifth World. And I will not allow it to be unheard in the den of Internet madness.