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Elbert became the 13th county of Georgia on December 10, 1790

Marbury, Horatio and Crawford, William H., “1802 Marbury and Crawford’s Digest” (1802). Historic Georgia Digests and Codes. 9, pages 163-164. Above this “An act for dividing the county of Wilkes, and for other purpofes” on page 163 which created Elbert county on December 10, 1790 is “An act to divide the county of Richmond” which created Columbia County on the same day. There is no time of day associated with either act, but we take the order of this listing as sufficient confirmation of Wikipedia’s claim that Elbert was the 13th county. Normally, I would not feel a need to fact check Wikipedia, but this is somewhat critical information. The following two slides for 1788 and 1790 from Interactive Map of Georgia County Formation History show what the counties looked like back then. 


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Not surprisingly, Samual Elbert was a Freemason.


Elbert was a Freemason. His name appears on the 1779 Masonic membership roles of Solomon’s Lodge No. 1 at Savannah[4] along with James Jackson, Governor John A. Treutlen, and Archibald Bulloch. Elbert also served as the last Provincial Grand Master of the first English Provincial Grand Lodge of Georgia in 1785.  —Wikipedia, Samuel Elbert



The oldest map I have been able to find clearly showing Elbert county is this 1795 map from the Library of Congress.

Georgia, from the latest authorities. Scale ca. 1:3,000,000.


Elbert County is also clearly marked on Jedidiah Morse’s Map of Georgia, 1796


December 10 also happens to be the date on which …


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