№ 73. 13 is Everything, and Everything is one thing






The Discovery

I cut the following out of the Tomorrowland page. It reflects the excitement of the day. It needs to be preserved but belongs on this page:

Speaking of the Maya Long Count calendar…I plastered “I’m on fire. Every man should know what it feels like to meet his destiny face to face” across the top of my homepage today (it may not still be there as of this reading) because on the way home from work today two things became clear to me. Both are based on the fact that this MP3 recording was released in the year 2013. The first is that I now know I am right in saying that the Maya Long Count calendar ended on December 16, 2013. I would have never arrived at that conclusion on my own. I learned it on an obscure “Godlike Productions” thread (a website I no longer patronize because I encountered some really very extreme prejudice there) years ago.



But I never really doubted this. Before I discuss the second, more important thing I learned today, I want to stop and tell you something very important. If you have any hope at all of learning the year, stop and think hard about this date. It is critical to your understanding.

Now the reason I am flying so high. I have been trying for years now to figure out the significance of the number 13 to the progeny of Jove. I doubt very seriously I will take the time to work on it any time soon, so if you want to see how lost I was, visit my page . My God, I wish I could properly convey to you the significance of the progeny of Jove releasing this MP3 recording in the year 2013. You have no idea. What it means is that any use of the number 13 is the equivalent of saying “the end of the Maya Long Count calendar,” or in other words, the end of this world. So what were the progeny of Jove thinking when they founded the United States of America? The thirteen colonies. The 13 motif splattered all over the one-dollar bill. Some part of me will be thinking about the significance of this for months. It is a dream discovery for a highly abstract thinker. When something like this pulls together a hundred threads, it’s like a firework finale for us.


July 4, 2017 Fireworks Finale at the Magic Kingdom


We were always the Land of the End Times, Atlantis II. This is an elementary schoolyard we occupy. You graduate from it. You don’t remain here forever. The only way out is through Mind.

I pray God the next time the Pacific ocean (or whatever they call it in the world to come) washes over this continent, that it is a vacated property. I pray God there is no Atlantis III. Then we can return and use Earth as a vacation property, our home-away-from-home, doubtless shared by many different extraterrestrial races. It’s a beautiful planet, but part of a siriusly “defective” Solar System. There will be historical plaques made of gold and deeply anchored in the ground outside all of the entrances to the Granite tunnel systems in Colorado celebrating mankind’s last failure to try on their own to survive this once every 26,000-year deluge. A museum in which, like Pompei, a select few rooms will be glassed off, untouched, showcasing the Skulls and Bones of the progeny of Jove and the 144,000 as they were found by a future generation. You guys are right about one thing. This is an alternative reality game, only you are going to lose.  You didn’t quite bring a knife to a gunfight, but you did hoard state-of-the-art military equipment as part of an effort to solve what is essentially a metaphysical problem. 


But nothing happened in 2013, you say. I grow intolerant of such naivete. But I will not become like my enemy, and who is to say you did not land on this page and are reading me for the first time. So let me just tell you this for starters, the Maya Shamans are on record as saying their calendar did not end in 2012. This is true. 2012 was the end of 13 baktuns. It technically ended on the above date, but they say it is the end “y un poco.” These people loved and worshipped numbers perhaps even more so than the progeny of Jove. Because of this, I am more certain than ever that I know the year. (I’m dropping clues all the time.) It’s been a good day.





I become my enemy with each passing day

The last time I did something like this, I lost Alder. Nevertheless, I must pass over into the transcendental. There is a perfection in numbers. The closer you come to the truth, the more perfect are the numbers that surround you. Thus, when I recently discovered the fortuitousness of having numbered my page about the Vault Profound 58, I saw in it the hand of God. Now as I see this page becoming my Samuel Barber Adagio for Strings crescendo, I see a similar divine influence in that the 73 calls to memory the 730 feet at which the miners died on September 9, 1889 in Golden, Colorado, which touches all our lives because September 11, 2001, another date that will live in infamy, was a memorial for those miners, as discussed on page № 58. Virgil’s “Vault Profound” in the Front Range. So by now I have already lost the casual reader, but are we not past all of that? If my “job” as I call it is to show the progeny Jove their tunnels are going to fail, if I am who I claim to be, then let us reason together and “let the dead bury their dead” as Christ Jesus said. I must listen to the music of the numbers that surrounds me even now.

You may have noticed I changed this page name and even the URL slug, which is always a costly decision if you care about Google. I do not. Why? Because 13 is everything, and everything is one thing, the coming axial tilt. Highly abstract thinkers live for moments like this when everything ties together and thought is lifted to a higher level. I finally understand the number 13. To learn the significance of the number 13 to the progeny of Jove, see page № 26. Tomorrowland, Revelation 12:1-2, and Predictive Programming. For historical reasons and as a matter of integrity, I am not going to change anything about the following section, which is me thinking out loud about the significance of the number 13. I am sure I have only begun to fathom this subject for surely there was a profound reason for erasing the cultural history of the Maya.






Matlactli Omey Ácatl (“13 reed” or “13 cane”) at the top of the Aztec sunstone. The entire outermost circle screams 13. The body of each of the two snakes consists of eleven squares followed by the tails which point to the Nahuatl glyph for 13. This is not a calendar stone. This is more analogous to a Freemason tracing board. The two questions the must be answered are, “What does 13 signify?” and “Why 13 Ácatl?”

The Criteria for Discovery

What makes the number 13 so special? This is an important question. A shallow answer would be that there were 13 colonies when the United States of America declared its independence from Great Britain. This would explain the frequent occurrence of the 13 motif on the one-dollar bill. But what if the Freemasons who founded this country planned on there being 13 colonies when they declared independence in 1776? I mean do you really think that was just an accident of history? If you only knew; nothing of significance concerning the United States of America was by accident. Everything was planned in great detail. Everything.


There are three main criteria for discovering what 13 really means.


  1.  NATURAL PHENOMENA: The explanation of 13 must be something found in nature, not manmade. For example, the 13 lunar cycles are not an invention of mankind. Here I assume all manmade manifestations of the number 13 are celebrating its natural occurrence. The fact that Judas was reportedly the thirteenth guest to be seated at the last supper is wholly unconvincing as a possible explanation for the number 13. This is clearly just one of hundreds of examples of manmade inventions celebrating the significance of this esoteric number.
  2. GREAT ANTIQUITY: The explanation of 13 must have great antiquity. I base this largely on the extent to which the lore of the number 13 pervades society. Here I must state plainly the fact that some of the Knights Templar were arrested on Friday, October 13, 1307 does not come close to meeting this criteria. The very earliest date I would accept is shortly after March 23, 687 BC, which is believed to be the last time Mars was close to Earth. This was the latest time period to which I attribute the origins of the progeny of Jove.
  3. DREADFUL IMPORT: One cannot help but think that the number 13 must portend some great calamity for all of mankind in the not too distant future. This trait of the progeny of Jove is highly predictable and second only to their equally compulsive signing of everything they do with easily recognizable numbers (such as delaying the landings on D-Day until June 6). I believe it is both an egotistical human weakness and at the same time deeply rooted in their reliance on symbols to convey meaning. They are like little children tattling. Despite all their pretenses to silence, they simply must tell what they know. Once you fully understand this about the progeny of Jove, it will become abundantly clear that the number 13 is way too important to signify anything less than a worldwide catastrophe of epic proportions. It is for this very reason that the next section will take a close look at the 13 motif in the history of the United States of America, and in particular on the one-dollar bill. What does it all mean? If the number 13 signifies someth8ing monstrous, why did the Founding Father plaster this number everywhere? Are we “the land of the free and the home of the brave” or the Land of the End Time?


There are not thirteen steps to a gallows. There are twelve. The thirteenth is the platform. The hangman’s noose has thirteen loops. And the thirteenth card in a Tarot deck is the Death card.


That we have been conditioned to think of the number 13 as somehow “unlucky” and the superstitions surrounding the use of this number, most notably the absence of a thirteenth floor in many public buildings, is highly instructive. The progeny of Jove are telling us what to look for in searching out the meaning of this esoteric number. Such traditions are very old.

The first record of 13 being an unlucky number appeared in the late 1600s. It was considered unlucky to sit 13 people at a table and people actually believed that the 13th person would cause someone to die within a year.

It seems that this stems from an old norse myth about the Ase gods:

12 gods were having a dinner party at Valhalla. Then Loki arrived as an uninvited guest and guest no. 13. At that dinner party, Loki arranged for Hoder (the blind god of darkness) to shoot Balder (the beautiful god of joy).

Odin loved Balder very much, so he had made sure that all living and dead things made a promise not to hurt Balder. But he had forgot the mistletoe. So, Loki dipped one of Hoder’s arrows in miseltoe and convinced him to shoot it at Balder.

Balder died and the earth turned dark. From then on 13 was considered an unlucky number.  —What’s the story behind Friday the 13th?, unattributed, accessed February 7, 2019

What I take away from this is that “the earth turned dark.” For some reason unknown even to me, I have yet to put ink to paper regarding my strongly held suspicions that the Norsemen, or Vikings (pirates) as they are popularly known, are the last ethnic (in the sense that they started out as Phrygians) manifestation of the progeny of Jove.

Recent linguistic studies present strong evidence that the Indo-European language group originates in Anatolia. According to most accounts, the Armens were generally tall, blond-haired, and blue-eyed in appearance…  —Simple English Wikipedia, Armens

I believe the Viking Age was the result of them returning from South America in advance of the other progeny of Jove who did not return until shortly before 1492 AD. So this story about the earth turning dark because of the number 13 is just another example of what is nowadays termed “predictive programming” in Hollywood. But these are not inconsequential observations. They are deadly serious.




The 13 Motif in the United States of America



On the Unite States Seal the number 13 is used 13 times. There are

the United State started with 13 colonies,

there were 13 signers of the Declaration of Independence and

the corner stone of the first White House was laid on the 13th of October 1792 as part of a Masonic ceremony.







Apollo 13















Moon Hoax; “What’s Up With Apollo 13?” from the Shill Stompers channel


What is the truth? The highly experienced astronaut in the following videos says it is -250 F in the shade and +250 F in the sun.

Astronaut Chris Hadfield Debunks Space Myths | WIRED from the WIRED channel



13 Lunar Cycles


the moon travels 13 degrees across the sky every day

13 Moon Calendar Tutorial

FROM https://johncarlosbaez.wordpress.com/2014/01/04/the-pentagram-of-venus/

That’s pretty close! So in 8 Earth years, Venus goes around the Sun almost 13 times. Actually, it goes around 13.004 times.




13 Tones in Mesoamerican Calendars


Cross reference Mayan stuff on The United States of America


“What is universally agreed upon with absolute certainty is that there are some extremely important ‘mathematical relations’ utilizing the numbers 13 and 20 which were considered to be of great significance for all Mesoamerican cultures and specifically useful to the Maya for their purposes of divination. When these two numbers are multiplied the result is equal to 260. Thus, this 13 x 20 matrix is the essential core foundation of the Tzolkin and basis for its functionality within Mayan society.”

13 tones!!!!!!!!

Explanation of the 13 tones:

13 katuns

13 Ahau   1776

13 baktuns





Ophiuchus, the 13th or forgotten constellation of the Zodiac

Now I need to explain something about the progeny of Jove (think Knights Templar, Freemasons, Illuminati, etc.) which is crucial to anyone who wants to understand our current predicament. The belief that they operate unseen is their greatest vulnerability. Once you understand how they think, it becomes possible to in effect read their mind. But you must first take some leap of faith before you can begin to see the obvious correspondence of their symbols to the physical realm. Then and only then will you begin to see the world as they do. I need for you to take that leap of faith right now.


The number 13 is always a reference to the serpent-bearer constellation Aguitenens in ancient Greece, Serpentarius in Latin, or Ophiuchus in English. Knowledge of this constellation in the Western World is at least as old as the Maya Long Count calendar. It probably predates 3100 B.C. and the genesis of the Fifth World. In fact, I suspect very strongly that full knowledge of the number 13 unlocks the secret of the ages.


On this page I will explain why when you take into consideration a number of factors

As discussed in the Four Faces of Ezekiel (the 23 of 600 B.C.) section of the № 77. The Skull and Bones Number 322 page, the Greek pantheon and astrology were early efforts to obfuscate the catastrophies of 3100 B.C. and when Proto-Saturn exploded and the planets in our solar system were reconfigured. However, the same argument cannot be made the  , the polar configuration of the planets were dispersed into the our solar system catastrophic nature of our solar system history, they also removed the thirteenth




Here is the anguitenens (or anguitenentis) entry from the well-known Lewis & Short Latin Dictionary translated from the classic German Freund’s Latin-German lexicon.


anguĭ-tĕnens, entis, adj. anguis-teneo,

I serpent-holding; hence, subst.the constellation, = anguifer, transl. of the Gr. ὈφιοῦχοςSerpent-bearerCic. N. D. 2, 42Manil. 5, 384. [bold-red emphasis added]

Serpentarius From Latin, literally “serpent handler”.

Their mind is knowable.


constellation (representing Aesculapius), 1650s, from Latin, from Greek ophioukhos, literally “holding a serpent,” from ophis “serpent” (see ophio-) + stem of ekhein “to hold, have, keep” (from PIE root *segh- “to hold”). The constellation is equatorial, and Milton’s “Ophiuchus huge in th’ Arctick Sky” (“Paradise Lost”) is a rare lapse for a poet who generally knew his astronomy.  —Online Etymology Dictionary, Ophiuchus


Though they regard us as little more than the walking dead and are at the very least responsible for the current epidemic or pedophilia, they follow a predictable protocol from one generation to the next. That is to say, they have a modus operandi in the


I believe I have identified the “origin” of the number 13. What do I mean by the “origin” of an esoteric number such as 13? The number 13 is clearly special if for no other reason than the U.S. one dollar bill, but that is not what made 13 special. There were 13 colonies, which is why the number 13 is plastered all over the one dollar bill. Is that it? Is 13 special because there were 13 colonies? I don’t think so. Esoteric numbers such as this have great antiquity. The other quality that will help to identify the true origin of this number is that it muc=st ne


Visible at latitudes between +80° and −80°.


Ophiuchus “has never been included in the zodiac.” 

Origins of the ancient constellations: II. The Mediterranean traditions by John H. Rogers, Journal of the British Astronomical Association, vol.108, no.2, p.79-89




1. ce.
2. ome.
3. yei.
4. naui.
5. macuilli.
6. chiquacen = [5] + 1.
7. chicome = [5] + 2.
8. chicuey = [5] + 3.
9. chiucnaui = [5] + 4.
10. matlactli.
11. matlactli oce = 10 + 1.
12. matlactli omome = 10 + 2.
13. matlactli omey = 10 + 3.
14. matlactli onnaui = 10 + 4.
15. caxtolli.
16. caxtolli oce = 15 + 1.
17. caxtolli omome = 15 + 2.
18. caxtolli omey = 15 + 3.
19. caxtolli onnaui = 15 + 4.
20. cempualli = 1 account.




The Georgia Guidestones Connection

Anyone who has taken the time to look at my ongoing work on the Georgia Guidestones knows my analysis of them is far in advance of anybody else who has ever approached the subject. The general public regards the monument with a distain that for me is nothing more than a reflection of their own thought. I am in awe of the Georgia Guidestones, of the daring of the men who designed this monument and broke their oath of silence to warn us of what is about to happen.

In the finest tradition of the symbolic language used by secret societies throughout history, the Georgia Guidestones use the same symbols to convey a multitude of layered messages. The difficulty in interpreting these messages is that no one can tell you if you are right or wrong. It’s not like being in school where the teacher can correct your mistakes. You must know for yourself. And in the ethereal world of symbols the only way you can be sure of yourself is to look for a convergence of ideas.


What I am about to share with you in this section is a perfect example of what I just said. In fact, I want to tell you the story of how I arrived at these conclusions. Long before I even started working on this page, I observed the peculiar shape of the road in front of the Georgia Guidestones. On nothing more than a hunch, I made a screen print of those roads and uploaded it to this website’s server. I knew it meant something. I can’t really explain why. Sometimes it’s just a feeling. I suppose I thought at the time that the shape of the roads were vaguely reminiscent of a swastika, but what I knew for sure was that I needed to preserve that image. Now look at the Zodiac symbol for the Ophiuchus constellation.



Now here is the image I uploaded to the server on January 8, 2019 on nothing more than a hunch, almost a full month ago.



Now in order for this exercise to work, I need for the reader to realize that I am writing this in “real time.” This is all I had up until an hour or so ago. And I would have shared it. In fact, I had the section entirely written. It began with an embarrassingly long apology, which I saved by converting it to the new Fact Checking section of the № 101. About this Website page. I worked really hard on that apology and didn’t want it to go to waste. Basically, I was apologizing for the material being so flimsy while explaining why I felt compelled to share it with the reader. And that was it. I was done writing “The Georgia Guidestones Connection” section which you are now reading

Then something happened that I can only describe as being what I live for nowadays. Very few people have any regard whatsoever for what I am doing. It doesn’t pay the bills. I get no attaboys. And I am drowning under a mountain of data that exist both in my physical reality and in my mind. I do this because I am utterly convinced this is what I was born to do. This is why I have suffered all my life. This is why I have been denied a normal life. I’m serious. When doubt clouds my thought, these are the things I say to myself. Who else can do this? So it’s not easy, but I’m not complaining. And I’m not complaining because of moments like this. So what happened? I would call it convergence. As I stated above, if you have any interest in pursuing this knowledge yourself, what I am about to share with you is a perfect lesson in convergence. In the ethereal world of symbols, this is precisely how to be sure you are correct in your interpretation of something like the Georgia Guidestones.

When I was done writing the section, I thought to myself, if this is what I think it is, there should be other references to the constellation Ophiuchus. The Georgia Guidestones are drenched in numbers. So I thought what number is the Ophiuchus? The 88 constellations defined by the International Astronomical Union (IAU) must be numbered, or so I thought. They are not. So then I printed an alphabetical list of them and carefully numbered the list until I got to 59, which is the constellation Ophiuchus. Okay, what next? Well, fortunately I have already done a great deal of detailed work on the Georgia Guidestones, so I just opened up that page and searched on 59. You can do the same, if you want to have a little fun and maybe experience what I did. I’m going to follow this sentence with a big image to give you that opportunity.



This is the official logo of the International Astronomical Union (IAU). It is by far the most important example of the Inverted Double V pattern corporate logos. All of these logos harken back to the entrance to the Great Pyramid of Giza.



I will explain the relevance of the IAU logo momentarily. First we must explore the significance of the number 59. Allow me to introduce you to the men who may be responsible for the Georgia Guidestones.



I liked these guys for the Georgia Guidestones the moment I first set eyes on this picture. I even wrote them an email, to which you can be sure I will never get a response. I see in some of their faces a different kind of craftiness. For an explanation why I think some of these men may be behind the Georgia Guidestones, skip ahead to the “But wait! Something doesn’t add up” discussion below.

Why the Atlanta-Peachtree Lodge No. 59? This is a fascinating story of discovery. It started when I first looked at Google Maps and noticed the distance from downtown Atlanta to the Georgia Guidestones was suspiciously close to 108 miles. Here is where I start to explain the “convergence” of ideas which assures me that the largest lesson of the Georgia Guidestones (both figuratively and physically) is that they are pointing to the Ophiuchus constellation for some as yet unknown reason.

The first three antebellum lodges in Greater Atlanta, Georgia are listed below in chronological order in which they were chartered with the oldest lodge first. All three are relevant to this discussion.

  1. Pythagoras Lodge No. 41: Dispensation issued April 12, 1844. Chartered November 7, 1844 making this is the oldest lodge in Greater Atlanta. 41 is the 13th prime number. Between the name Pythagoras and the number 41, it is difficult for me not to think that this lodge number is pointing to 13. If anyone has a copy of A History of Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, F. & A. M., George R. Jones, Decatur, Georgia, 1944, I would be eager to either borrow or buy it
  2. Atlanta Lodge No. 59: Dispensation issued April 13th, 1847. Chartered October 26, 1847. I generally shy away from such frivolous observations, but the dispensation is on a 13th, the charter on a 26th (two timers 13), and their first meaning was on a 31st (13 backwards). The 59th IAU constellation in alphabetical order is the the 13th Zodiac constellation.  This lodge is referred to as the “Mother Lodge” of Fulton Lodge No. 216.
  3. Fulton Lodge No. 216: Chartered October 30, 1857. I love these guys. It’s like they anticipated me coming to this party 100 years before I was even born. Okay, anyone who knows anything about me and this website knows my breakthrough moment, the day I deeply committed to pursuing this knowledge, which was over six years ago now, was the day I discovered that the basic unit of measurement for the Maya Long Count calendar is orbits of Jupiter and that each Great Cycle consists of 432 orbits of Jupiter for a total of 2160 orbits of Jupiter. I have worked an extraordinarily long time on my № 73. Sacred Number 216 page and probably will work on it countless more hours. So I don’t know what to say about Fulton Lodge No. 216 except that I think I am doing what God wants me to do. From a less personal perspective (i.e. something that might actually interest the reader), given the greater context of what is happening here, I must assume this lodge number is indicative of the fact that whoever is behind the design of the Georgia Guidestones (by which at this point I also mean to include whoever numbered these three lodges over a 100 years ago) is aware of the design of the Maya Long Count calendar. No other use of 216 I can think of rises to the level of symbolism in use in the design of the Georgia Guidestones. I think this moment is profoundly important to the proeny of Jove. I think it may be one of the greatest symbolic creations of all time.

The address of Pythagorus Lodge No. 41 is relevant to this discussion. It is 108 E. Ponce De Leon Ave, Decatur GA 30030. Decatur is in DeKalb County whereas Atlanta is in Fulton County. It should be noted that in 1844 when Pythagorus Lodge No. 41 was chartered, Atlanta City and Fulton County did not exist. They were part of DeKalb County. Now Decatur is a suburb of Atlanta. Hence, Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is in reality the oldest Masonic lodge in Greater Atlanta. This is a significant fact for the symbolism of the Georgia Guidestones. So even though Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 is in fact the oldest Masonic lodge in Greater Atlanta, technically speaking Atlanta Lodge No. 59 is the oldest Masonic Lodge in Atlanta proper. This and the fact that the Atlanta Masonic Temple building in use from 1909 to 1950 at the corner of Peachtree and Cain St burned down is also very important to the symbolism of the Georgia Guidestones.

Historically, the Atlanta lodges (not Pythagoras Lodge No. 41, which is in DeKalb County as opposed to Fulton Country) have always shared a building for their meetings. The buildings in which Freemasons meet are referred to as temples. In the early days of The Atlanta lodges met wherever they could. Nowadays they share the Atlanta Masonic Temple. The Fulton Lodge No. 216 History includes some very important background information of the Atlantic Masonic Temple that burned down in 1950. Please read this because it is very significant to understanding the message of the Georgia Guidestones.


In 1847, eleven years after the city of Atlanta was established, Atlanta Lodge No. 59 was constituted on the second floor, over a grocery, of a wooden, two story, building at the corner of Alabama Street and Lloyd Street (now Central Avenue). It was in the same building that Fulton No. 216, Atlanta’s other antebellum Lodge, received its Charter from the Grand Lodge of Georgia on October 30, 1857.

By the late 1850’s five Masonic Lodges were meeting in that first Masonic Hall over John Ryan’s store on Whitehall St. In 1859, David Mayer, Master of Fulton Lodge, served as President of the newly incorporated Masonic Hall Company. A new Masonic Temple on Decatur Street was dedicated on June 19, 1860. The building was spared by General Sherman when he burned Atlanta during the Civil War, but it was destroyed by an accidental fire, May 1, 1866.

In September, 1866, a corner stone was laid on the corner of Forsyth and Marietta Streets for a new Masonic Temple Building. Unable to raise the money for the building, it was sold by the Sheriff. The building became the DeGieves Opera House. After this, the various Lodges met over John Ryan’s store on Whitehall Street. In 1871, the Lodges moved to the Old Grant Building at the corner of Marietta and Broad Streets. In 1892, the Lodges moved to the Old State Capital Building on the corner of Marietta and Forsyth Streets. On December 27, 1894, fire destroyed the building. All of Fulton Lodge’s records from the first organizational meeting in May 1857, until that date were burned. The Lodges then occupied the upper floor of the Old Chamber of Commerce Building at the corner of Hunter and Pryor St until 1902. They then moved to the Concordia Hall at the corner of Mitchell and Forsyth Streets. In 1909, the Lodges moved to a new Masonic Temple at the corner of Peachtree and Cain St. At that time, Fulton Lodge was meeting the first and third Thursday’s of the month. Once again, fire destroyed the Atlanta Masonic Temple building on Peachtree and Cain St. in September, 1950. Fulton Lodge met at Morningside Lodge until it moved to its current location, Sept 7th 1960…

—Fulton Lodge No. 216, History [bold-red emphasis added]


Here is a picture of the Atlanta Masonic Lodge that burned down in 1950.

In case you are wondering about the strange symbols on the top of the 1950’s building, that is the logo for Shriners International. I have yet to analyze the significance of this to the Georgia Guidestones

It’s a parking garage now.


2012 Photograph of 218 Peachstreet Parking


Pythagoras Lodge No. 41

When I first started to ponder the location of the Georgia Guidestones, I suspected that they were 108 miles from one of the Masonic Temples in Atlanta. I checked every Masonic Temple.

I wanted it to be the the Pythagoras Lodge No. 41 because the Pythagoras name was appropriate, the street address was also 108, and I found a Freemason symbol on their website (show to the left) that I have never seen before and that combines the Skull and Bones with the Freemason Square and Compass. But alas the distance from that lodge to the Georgia Guidestones is 109 miles.


It was tempting to say close enough and offer some excuse for the extra mile, but I had already studied the men behind this project enough to know that they are following in the same footsteps as the designers of the Great Pyramid of Giza. Nothing is by chance. And everything is exact. The symbolism runs deep. I admire them for that.


I even checked the distance from the Georgia State Capital, but that was 110 miles. I was about to give up. Then I remembered that there was a lodge that burnt down in 1950. It was called simply the Atlanta Masonic Temple. So I did some research and found out that the temple was at the northwest corner of Peachtree Street and Cain Street.

ASL. Atlanta Masonic Temple by Donnie Summerlin includes a collection of historical photographs of the Atlanta Masonic Temple the burned down in 1950 from the Atlanta Time Machine

“The name of Cain Street was change to International Boulevard in the 1980s and then changed yet again to Andrew Young International Boulevard” (Atlanta Time Machine). With that information I was able to find the old location using Google Earth. It is a parking garage now. The name of the parking garage is “218 Peachstreet Parking.” (The business is so named because there is an International Peach Mart on the ground floor of the parking garage and the address for that business is 218 Peachtree Street.) The address for 218 Peachstreet Parking is actually 23 Andrew Young International Blvd NW, Atlanta, GA 30303. So I used Google Maps to map from this address to the Georgia Guidestones at 1031 Guide Stones Road, Elberton, GA 30635.


The distance is Exactly 108 miles. Not 108.1 or 107.9. 108.0 exactly. Wow! Something really profound is motivating these men. This is not kids play. A ton of money was spent building the Georgia Guidestones. And it involved a huge, complicated deception intended to suggest that the people behind the monument were a couple of Yankees from Fort “Dodge,” Iowa. Everyone sees only the deception, not how much work it must have taken to painstakingly locate the monument exactly 108 miles from a Masonic Temple that hadn’t existed in almost 30 years. Who are they speaking to? Who did they expect to see through the deception and interpret the symbolism?  



At first I interpreted pointing to a burned down building to be part of a message about the Civil War that I discuss in the Georgia Guidestones section of the № 22. Modern Apocalyptic Artifacts page. It is a perfect metaphor for Atlanta Georgia burning (“Gone with the Wind”) But at the beginning of this section I said, “In the finest tradition of the symbolic language used by secret societies throughout history, the Georgia Guidestones use the same symbols to convey a multitude of layered messages.” Now I am going to tell you why I said that. I was right to think the hidden reference to a burned down Atlanta Temple was a metaphor for the burning of Atlanta in the Civil War. But the man who took me off the streets of Baltimore and sent me to a very expensive private college told me about an old trick used by pirates to hide their treasure. At first they would dig very deep and bury the real treasure. Then they would partially fill the hole and throw in some valuables so that anyone digging in the right location would think they found the real treasure. The valuables are the Civil War message, but the real treasure is something infinitely more important.


The treasure is that Atlanta Lodge No. 59 is a reference to Ophiuchus, the 13th Zodiac constellation. And the burning down of the Atlanta Masonic Temple is analogous to what is about to happen to the planet, which the Greeks called the Ekpyrosis. href=”https://amallulla.org/mbe/#the-widow-of-a-high-ranking-freemason”>Mrs. Eddy called it an “internal fire.”


Now I am going to say something that I think will alienate nine out of ten of my readers, who are by definition very open minded. I am no little suspect that the Atlanta Masonic Temple was burned down on purpose by high-ranking Freemasons who were working on the Georgia Guidestones project. I understand you objection. Why in God’s name would they burn down their own building. Well you see I kinda laugh at that objection because they know the whole damned planet is about to burn.  The Georgia Guidestones are in immensely important message to people in this world as well as the next. Burning down a building as part of that message is by comparison an infintley small by comparison. You would not make such an objection if you understood the full dimensions of what is happening and you cannot do that until you make it real in your own thought. That is the part I cannot do for you. But what I can do is share the following

The Masonic Temple stood for over forty years before catching fire on September 7, 1950. The blaze began on the top floor of the structure. Authorities believed at the time that the fire originated from the torch of an elevator repairman, but the cause ultimately remained unknown. At the time of the fire, workers were also installing sprinklers to prevent such a catastrophe. The fire burned for five hours before the city’s fire department was able to extinguish the flames. All that remained of the structure the next morning was the exterior walls, which were eventually torn down. Surprisingly, not a single life was lost and only a few people suffered minor injuries, including a waitress who fainted across the street. A parking structure was eventually built in the Masonic Temple’s place and remains there today.  —Atlanta Masonic Temple by Donnie Summerlin

So let’s recap what happened on September 7, 1950

  1. No one was hurt in the fire except a waitress across the street who fainted
  2. The cause of the fire in unknown
  3. The window of opportunity to torch the building was closing because a sprinkler system was being installed at the time

The message doesn’t work unless the 108 miles to an non-existent building is difficult to decipher and the reason the building is non-existant is that it burned down. I am telling you what perhaps no one else can. this was done deliberately.

Now you begin to see the immense importance of the Georgia Guidestones.  As important as they are, the Georgia Guidestones themselves are telling is that understanding unlucky number 13 is more important.


Ptolemy (c. 100 – c. 170 AD)

But wait! Something doesn’t add up.

Now some of you are going to object that the Grand Lodge of Georgia chartered Atlanta Lodge No. 59 on October 26, 1847, almost 72 years before the founding of the International Astronomical Union (IAU) on July 28, 1919. I respect that. Your objection is that Atlanta Lodge No. 59 anticipated the alphabetical ordering of the 88 IAU constellations before the IAU even existed. I could respond that maybe they were just using that lodge number as a matter of convenience, but I would be lying about what I really think because what I really think is that the design and planning for the Georgia Guidestones did not take 20 years as we are told by the phantom R.C. Christian, but more like 200 years. I would point out to you that as reported on their Our Lodge History page, the Atlanta Lodge No. 59 “worked under a Dispensation issued April 13th, 1847″ [bold-red emphasis added]. The other Atlanta lodge symbolically referenced by the Georgia Guidestones is Pythagoras Lodge No. 41. 41 is the 13th prime number. That lodge was chartered even earlier in 1844. Do you think for a minute that the men who control the entire Western world and whose religion is numbers would willy-nilly number their lodges? (This may be a good time to remind you that I am speaking about the Freemasons of the South before the Civil War, not the Freemasons of today.) I understand your objection, really I do, but as I am fond of saying, the progeny of Jove are consummate, brilliant planners.

These are the same people who made sure their Book of Revelation was the 27th book in the New testament and the 66th book in the Holy Bible and then over a 1,000 years later added chapters and verses so that there are exactly 216 x 144 = 31,104 verses from Genesis 1:1 to Revelation 22:21, and then gave us Solar Cycle 24 at the end times.

Do you have any idea how much planning was involved is this short list of their innumerable accomplishments? Do not try to tell me they erected an end times memorial 33 years before the end of the Maya Long Count calendar without giving it the same level of thought required for these other, equally incredible feats of planning. What you cannot accept is the level of control they exercise. This is where the Matrix analogy is useful. It provides a framework for you to at least contemplate the possibility that we live in an entirely fabricated reality. What are we really talking about here? Obviously, the 88 constellations of the IAU were agreed upon before October 26, 1847.

Let me tell you what you should be thinking instead of making such an objection. What you should be thinking is that in order to execute this plan, not only was it necessary to decide on the alphabetical list of at least the first 59 constellations long before the IAU existed, but the progeny of Jove had to be in complete control of the IAU. This is why I showed you the IAU logo above. This logo makes it abundantly clear that the IAU is a progeny of Jove owned and operated institution. For me it is no different than if they were flying a pirate flag. When you start thinking like this, that is to say, when you start thinking like the progeny of Jove, you see that the execution of the plan for the Georgia Guidestones may date as far back as 1844 when the Pythagorus Lodge No. 41 was chartered. The only question I have is, Who is behind the Georgia Guidestones? Are they descendants of high-ranking Freemasons of the South defeated by the Illuminati in the Civil War (some of whom may still be alive and included in the picture of Atlanta-Peachtree Lodge No. 59 officers above) or someone else? Before everything is said and done, I think I will know the answer to this question.

My God, do you even realize that the ancient Greeks were the progeny of Jove? And before the ancient Greeks they were the Phrygians? These people date back to at least 600 B.C. They were already in control of the world 600 years before Christ Jesus was born. At some point, if you are ever going to understand my work (a.k.a. your reality), you need to read the № 8. Progeny of Jove page. The essential thing you need to grasp is what is at stake here. Normally, this 26,000 year cycle of destruction, about which Christ Jesus said “for then shall be great tribulation, such as was not since the beginning of the world to this time, no, nor ever shall be,” utterly destroys the world. The progeny of Jove are trying to put a stop to this. That’s why they don’t care when you get upset about GOAT beer being sold at the Super Bowl because you think the goat is Baphomet. It’s not. It’s Capricornus, the next age after Aquarius when they think they will be in control of Tomorrowland in a world with a a starting population infinitely smaller than the 500,000,000 mention on the Georgia Guidestones. all of whom will be Caucasian.




Paul A. LaViolette, PhD and the Ophiuchus Constellation





Ophiuchus and 2012 The 13th zodiac from the BruineDwerg2012 channel







Research Notes (includes what 13 does not signify)


The solution to the kissing number (Newton’s) problem in three dimensions is 12 for a total of 13 balls, but the fit of the 12 balls is very loose. I see no significance is this whatsoever.



13 witches in a Coven is widely disputed

“Thirteen thirteens in the Great Pyramid of Giza is nonsense (e.g. Grand Gallery opening is 8.5 meters, ego 8 + 5 = 13) and inconsistent with Dendera zodiac. See Codex 13 – Great Witness Speaks for complete list


He who understands the number 13 will be given power and dominion.”

In some of the ancient writings it is said,
The ancients claimed,
Some ancients say,
It was said that,

yada, yada, yada… No one attributes this quote
This may be nothing more than Internet hearsay

Indira Gandhi may be the source…

Female menstrual periods. I’m not touching this. Nor do I think anyone else should. It’s not relevant here.

The day of the month on which Christ Jesus was crucified is too speculative.

The fact that the Knights Templar were arrested on Friday, October 13, 1307 does not imbue 13 with any special meaning. The Three Secrets of Fátima are associated with a string of dates involving the 13th:  the first apparition of Our Lady on Sunday May 13th 1917;  the second apparition of Our Lady on June 13 1917; the third apparition of Our Lady On July 13 1917 ; On August 13, 1917, the girls were confined by civil authorities who did not release them until the 19th, on which day they saw the Lady who told them “I Want you to continue to go to the Cova da Iria on the 13th…”;  during the fifth apparition of Our Lady on September 13th, the Lady told the children, “I Want you to come here on October 13 …”; the sixth and last apparition of Our Lady on 13 October 1917. Who know why people choose the 13 of the month to do things? Neither of these incidents impress me as being anything other than human contrivances.

Is it 13 or 14 Archimedean solids? “Branko Grünbaum (2009) observed that a 14th polyhedron, the elongated square gyrobicupola (or pseudo-rhombicuboctahedron), meets a weaker definition of an Archimedean solid…” —Wikipedia, Archimedean solid

A Druid Cord has twelve nots and thriteen even lengths of rope, but it is about as relevant to this subject as Archimedean solids.


The fear of the number 13 is called ‘Triskaidekaphobia’.