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The Necessity of Monitoring Galactic Cosmic Rays


EXTREMELY IMPORTANT: You cannot understand this page without first reading № 58. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). I cannot tell people this enough. I don’t care if you are a hotdog vendor in NYC, a cab driver, a politician, or a corporate CEO, you need to learn about GCRs right now. Otherwise, you are flying blind. I don’t know how much more bluntly I can state this.

There is an inverse relationship between solar activity and Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) documented in my section entitled Solar Modulation. (You may also want to read an article I wrote entitled “Solar modulation of galactic cosmic ray flux on the wane? Something extraordinary is happening.”) As of this writing on October 19, 2018, we are well over a year in advance of NOAA’s prediction for the START of solar cycle 24’s minimum. Yet look at the following chart:

Galactic cosmic rays (GCR) as of 2 November 2018


GCR levels are already above four of the past five solar cycles since measurements began in the mid-1960s. What you may not be aware of is after they peaked last solar cycle weather patterns became so violent that everyone began to wake up and ask, “What is happening?” We are entering into a similar period now. The difference is that GCRs will go way off the charts and this will not end in our lifetime unless it is stopped by the apocalypse itself, what I expect to be a reconfiguration of the planets.

The level of galactic cosmic rays (GCR) are like a peephole for the coming apocalypse

There is no more important sign of the end times than the level of GCRs reaching our planet. I like to think of them as death rays because GCRs are either directly or indirectly responsible for all the following and more:

Few people truly grasp the significance of a massive influx of GCRs in an electromagnetic universe. Worldwide flooding, tornadoes, increased lightning, seismicity, and volcanism are already happening as they did during the last extended solar minimum of Solar Cycle 23. This was when people started to wake up and ask “What is happening to our planet?” There was one major natural disaster after another. Not only are all of these happening again, but this time they will not stop. They will only ever get worse, much worse with each passing month. GCR-related weather events will only accelerate the coming cold.






The Futility of Prepping

I do not talk much about survival because the likelihood that any one individual is going to survive what is about to happen is extremely low, but I will say this; I keep a couple go bags.


Actually, there are three go bags. One is fully packed with all of the essential gear. The other two are for last minute stuff I keep laid out on a shelf. I have a total of four of the best respirators money can buy, just in case I survive the initial onslaught. Two are in the packed bag along with all the replacement parts and extra filters (a large size one for me and a smaller one for my domestic partner). The other two are kept loose on the shelf. They are made of pure silicone. This makes them easy to wear. That’s important because the air and water are going to become deadly and will remain so for months if not years. I have one of the best portable water purifiers money can buy and plenty of water purification tablets as well as four large stainless steel canteens. All of the clothes I have ready are for cold weather. And I have plenty of fire making supplies including an abundance of extreme weather matches. I have no food, but I do have minimal fishing gear. I have gone ten days without food twice, and am about to try to make it thirty days. I have also learned that you can live without water for days. It’s called dry fasting. But I do keep two boxes of those little 5-Hour extreme caffeine “energy” drinks because I assume that if I survive I will be awake for the first few days. I also have fog horns and whistles for a number of reasons, one being to scare away wild animals. That’s about it. It just gives me the ability to get somewhere else if by chance I survive. Though I am seriously contemplating archery and the purchase of a handgun, I do not even remotely consider either a priority. I do of course have several high quality knives in the packed bag. I will say this, as my last words on the subject of survival; I have made sure my domestic partner understands that should she survive and not me, that the blue bag is the important one and that all she needs to do is grab it and run. Now that’s it. It’s just a precaution. I do not think about it. Everything is kept in the guest bedroom closet, out of sight and out of mind.



Survival gear is common sense. I talk about it briefly in The Futility of Prepping section of page № 24. Our Last Days on Earth. Three things do deserve special mention whenever I address this subject, which is seldom. You will need the very best respirators money can buy and lots of extra filters. For reasons discussed elsewhere in this website, at high altitudes in the winter where you may be stuck for months as the muck in the lower altitudes dries out, the weather will be extremely cold, perhaps much colder than you would imagine based on past experience. Used furs are dirt cheap right now. Buy one for each member of your family. You will also want earplugs because the sound of those approaching waves will be like a thousand locomotives.





Deep Rifts or Chasms are appearing Everywhere

See also№ 25. Our Binary Dance with the Sirius Star System

Earth is Expanding. The evidence for this is chasms (commonly referred to as earth cracks), sinkholes, and disappearing bodies of water. Why is this happening? Matter from space in many different forms (including the sunlight that results in photosynthesis) is accreting on the surface of the planet every single day. So why is earth expanding now? For the same reason it is electrically discharging. The Sirius star system has crossed over some invisible threshold and beginning to disturb the entire solar system. Earth is expanding now because of the approach of the gravitational behemoth Sirius.


Giant crack appears in the foothills of Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming (credit The Watchers)

There is some spectacular new evidence of these chasms in the most recent “SOTT Earth Changes” release for December, 2018.

“SOTT Earth Changes Summary – December 2018: Extreme Weather, Planetary Upheaval, Meteor Fireballs” from the Sott Media channel


Asteroids alone add over 11,000 tons of rock per day to earth’s crust. Most of them burn up in the atmosphere, but their dust falls to the earth. That’s over four million tons a year or four billion tons every century or four trillion tons every millennium. To that meteoric dust, you must add photosynthesis, the constant barrage of plasma from the sun entering earth’s atmosphere through the poles (i.e. the Aurora Borealis), and galactic cosmic rays (GCR).  Of course the earth is expanding over billions of years. How could it be otherwise?


About 25 million meteors enter the Earth’s atmosphere every day (duck!). Most burn up and about 1 million kilograms of dust per day settles to the Earth’s surface. The most common meteorites are chondrites, which are stony meteorites.  —From the University of Oregon


See also The Watchers: Earth Cracks


The crust is destabilizing because magma is working its way to the surface all over the planet. This is because of what happens during interglacials; earth’s core heats up, then magma burst through all over the planet. This is beginning to happen right now. This process over hundreds of millions and billions of years is how the earth gradually expands in response to the endless barrage of asteroids, plasma, galactic cosmic rays (GCR), and sunlight (photosynthesis). We know this is starting to happen because there are fissures opening up all over the world and volcanic activity is at an unprecedented level. Soon it will become apocalyptic.

Isaiah 24:18-19 (“Isaiah’apocalypsese“)
…the foundations of the earth do shake. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly

Sinkholes are part of this phenomena. So are all the disappearing lakes and rivers all over the earth. The crust is cracking in the ocean, too. That is why there is an increasing number of reports of “missing” oceans.

I was and still am surprised at how difficult it has been to find a good YouTube compilation of what are now being called “earth cracks.” Overlooking the awkward name, the following one entitled “Something is Trying to Escape from Under the Earth” from the On Point Preparedness YouTube channel is by far the best compilation I could find, at least up until 4:19 minutes into the video. At that point, he gets religiously weird for 1:25 minutes after which he offers some more realistic possibilities as to why this is happening.

I admire John Casey, but not his 206-year cycle. The shortest cycle of destruction I have identified is 36 orbits of Jupiter, which is 427 years. 36 orbits of Jupiter ago was 1591 which marked the onset of the Little Ice Age in terms of the extreme drop in solar activity which preceded the temperature drop.



Something much bigger is happening though. What can account for all of this?

Earth is expanding in response to the extreme solar activity of the Modern Maximum, which peaked in 1958 and exceeded anything seen over the past 10,000 years. The core of our planet is overheated. Consequently, the crust is destabilizing. The frequency of earth cracks, sinkholes, disappearing rivers, lakes, and even oceans is on the rise.

The producer of this video is right to associate these “earth cracks” with the end times. The crust is destabilizing. This will not stop. It will only get worse. Well-meaning scientists are offering different explanations, but the fact remains that these cracks are appearing all over the world. Scan the results of this YouTube search for “cracks in the earth” to see for yourself.

The is NO Planet Nine (or  Nibiru), but the following “Where is all the water disappearing to? Major bodies of water vanishing globally!” video from the Planet Nibiru YouTube channel is otherwise the best compilation I have found to date on this subject:

This phenomenon continues on a nearly daily basis

Subscribe to the End Times Signs YouTube channel (highly recommended). They include earth cracks all the time.

Giant cracks in the ground appear in Mojave Desert near the epicenters of California latest two major earthquakes





Russian Chelyabinsk meteor

Russian Chelyabinsk meteor

Asteroid Flybys and Fireballs: The Canary in our Celestial Coal Mine


We know the Sirius star system is approaching our solar system because the misnamed “precession of the equinoxes” is speeding up. At some point, it crosses an invisible threshold beyond which our solar system begins to destabilize. Long before the orbits of the rocky planets change orbits when the solar system reconfigures itself, this manifests itself in the orbits of the much smaller rocks we call asteroids and comets.

The Watchers Near-Earth Objects (for daily monitoring of flybys under one lunar distance)
SOTT.net Fire in the Sky (for daily monitoring of meteorites)
Wikipedia List of asteroid close approaches to Earth in 2018

5¢ terminology lecture…
asteroid = comet = rocks hurdling through space
fireballs (headlines) = meteorites (the technical term)


Only a god-damned fool would think a snowball could survive a close approach to the sun. As far as I know, this is the only time on the entire website I cussed


In case you don’t know, a meteorite is the name given to asteroids after they enter earth’s atmosphere and begin to burn up. But the more common name for these is fireballs. The intensity of fireballs is steadily increasing. This and the huge coronal holes on the sun (see my article entitled Solar modulation of galactic cosmic ray flux on the wane? Something extraordinary is happening) are two of the most underreported phenomenon in the world today. Perhaps if you fully understood the significance of this increase is meteors or fireballs entering earth atmosphere you might also understand why I just shake my head when I occasionally check Huffington Post to see what mainstream media is talking about.

Smaller rocks (meteorites)are entering Earth’s atmosphere (“fireballs”) on a nearly daily basis now, that what we are witnessing here is the start of something truly apocalyptic in nature. It is possible that the Sirius star system has passed some magical line after which it’s gravitational influence extends to our solar system. Again, this would be evident in the orbital paths of small rocks first, but cold eventual extend to the larger rocks, such as our planet. That is to say, what we are witnessing now may culminate in an axial tilt. I maintain that this is what the ancients are screaming at us, from the interior design of the Great Pyramid to the thoroughly discredited, so-called “Mayan” calendar.

We live on a defective planet. It is too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. The inhabitants of our planet have no memory of the past because it is routinely destroyed. We ignore the warnings of our predecessors at great peril. Daniel, Christ Jesus, Virgil, all of the “ancients” are saying the same thing. Some great catastrophe is about to happen.


I know this is stating the obvious, the thought behind these posts on The Watchers. My reason for stating the obvious is that, if this is the beginning of something bigger, it is further proof that there is no Planet Nine (or any of the other names given to the belief that there is another large planet in the solar system). As NASA repeatedly states, were such a planet responsible for these asteroid flybys and the increase in meteorites, it would be visible by now. It is not.



But before the “Day of the Lord” when you will first hear the distant rumble of this unimaginably huge tsunami wave, the orbits of smaller rocks (asteroids and comets) will be disturbed by the very same electromagnet and gravitational disturbance that will eventuate in an axial tilt. This is already in evidence. Practically every day now there are reports of bright “fireballs” and near-miss asteroids passing between the earth and moon (at less than one “lunar distance”). Why? Is this simply a matter of more eyes, more cameras to witness something that has been happening forever? No! This is a real increase. Because of there smaller size, the orbits of asteroids and comets are the first to feel the effect of this electromagnet and gravitational disturbance. For the purposes of this discussion, the “planets” are just bigger rocks. Eventually, the same electromagnet and gravitational disturbance will cause our planet to tilt. It may also cause the entire solar system to reconfigure itself once again.




Chaotic Comet Flyby Blew Away Some of Mars’ Atmosphere

Close Comet Flyby Threw Mars’ Magnetic Field Into Chaos







READER BEWARE: This section is far from finished


Revelation 13:1
And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea…


Revelation 18:21
And a mighty angel took up a stone like a great millstone, and cast it into the sea, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down, and shall be found no more at all.


“MEGA TSUNAMI PROPHECY” from the REVELATION STATION (35,157,549 views as of this writing)

This video compilation of megatsunamis is well done, but I do not think it begins to approach the reality of what we are about to experience. Some of the tidal waves will be miles high.

Further inland, the terror of the sound of an approaching megatsunami alone will kill hundreds and thousands of people



There are a number of reasons why megatsunamis will be generated in the end times, not just the axial tilt. Underwater earthquakes (e.g. the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami that killed more than 230,000 people) and volcanoes will generate countless tsunamis. And here is another reason why tsunamis will be generated by the extreme tectonic stresses generated:

“BBC Horizon 37-1 Mega-Tsunami, Wave of Destruction (12 Oct 2000) (ED)” from the FR Hamilton YouTube channel:

When you watch this movie, realize that the massive tsunami pictured in it does not begin to compare to the megatsunamis that will begin to wash over the continental shelves two or three days after an axial tilt.




Effect of a Megatsunami on the American Continent


This AuthaGraph World Map is considered the most accurate flat projection of the surface of our planet ever. Wikipedia says, “About 71% of Earth’s surface is covered with water, mostly by oceans.” Do you think this is enough water to top the Rockies (highest peak at 2.7 miles) and flood the Great Plains? An axial tilt can produce megatsunamis that are miles high. Some people think as high as 13 miles.

I contend that the brown you are seeing on the west coast of the Americas, from Alaska to the tip of South America, is the extent to which the continent was washed bare by megatsunamis during the last axial tilt

Why you may ask did South America suffer far less than North America? Funny you should ask. I just got back from three years in Ecuador. I talk about the unusual catastrophic deposits I found there (the Andes mountains) in the UPDATE: Indeed Why? section of the Why Ecuador? page. It is painfully obvious that the ferocity of the megatsunamis in South America is somehow mitigated. I think they arrive at North America first which causes a “wave echo” that dampens the impact further south.

Not only were the Rockies topped, but the overburden washed down their backsides. You can see this in a US relief map







READER BEWARE: This section not written
See alsoElectric Earthquakes (“earthquakes in divers places”)


People who live on or near a continental shelf are wiped off the face of the earth by the megatsunamis that follow an axial tilt. It is the survivors further inland who live to tell their stories and what they remember are earthquakes and volcanoes.


Many sources suggest this world will end by earthquake, first among them is the so-called “Mayan” calendar. Which is it? Is the world going to be destroyed by earthquakes or by an axial tilt? The answer is both.





The “Giant” Volcano of 535 and 540 AD

See also Detailed stratigraphy of massive Tierra Blanca Joven eruption, one the worst volcanic catastrophes in Central America

All it took in 535 and 540 AD to finally put an end to the Roman Empire and radically change the course of history was a “giant” volcano (as opposed to a supervolcano). While there is reason to doubt what is about to happen will trigger a supervolcano (because such eruptions are separated by hundreds of thousands of years), there can be little or no doubt that a number of giant volcanos will erupt.


Lake Ilopango, El Salvador

A supervolcanoe is classified as a “volcano that has had an eruption of magnitude 8, which is the largest value on the Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI)” (Wikipedia).

The world you live now is a consequence of two volcanic eruptions in 535 and 540 AD. These were NOT supervolcanoes.

In this section, I am going to introduce the reader to a magnitude 7 eruption that changed the world in which we live. Let us call this a “giant” volcanic eruption. There were actually two eruptions. They occurred in the not too distant past sometime around 535 and 540 AD. As you watch these videos and read the remainder of this section, try to keep in mind the unimaginable stresses upon earth’s crust during a reconfiguration of the planets in our solar system and the attendant axial tilt.

If the earth were the size of a basket ball, the crust would be a thin as a piece of paper. Underneath that crust is molten rock. In other words, we are adrift on a sea of fire on a few miles of hardened rock sprinkled with dirt that together has the equivalent thickness of a rubber life raft.

I work hard to select outstanding YouTube videos. You really should take the time to watch these two. Not even Wikipedia seems to know that in these videos it is firmly establish that the Lake Ilopango eruption in present day El Salvador was responsible for what happened 1,500 years ago. In their article entitled Extreme weather events of 535–536, Wikipedia describes this giant volcanic eruption as “the most severe and protracted short-term episodes of cooling in the Northern Hemisphere in the last 2000 years.” And at 22:35 minutes into part one of the video below, the commentator states, “This proves that the eruption of the Ilopango catapulted more ash and gas into the atmosphere than any other volcano has in the last two thousand years.” Everything changed from that time forward

It is important to note that there were two eruptions. These massive volcanic eruptions have been dated using tree rings from all over the world. Beyond the ice core evidence discussed in the videos below, tree rings also attest to two eruptions.

Tree ring analysis by dendrochronologist Mike Baillie, of the Queen’s University of Belfast, shows abnormally little growth in Irish oak in 536 and another sharp drop in 542, after a partial recovery.  —Wikipedia

When writing on this subject, the author David Keys entitled his book Catastrophe: An Investigation into the Origins of the Modern World.  Here is the editorial review for this book from Amazon:

It was a catastrophe without precedent in recorded history: for months on end, starting in A.D. 535, a strange, dusky haze robbed much of the earth of normal sunlight. Crops failed in Asia and the Middle East as global weather patterns radically altered. Bubonic plague, exploding out of Africa, wiped out entire populations in Europe. Flood and drought brought ancient cultures to the brink of collapse. In a matter of decades, the old order died and a new world—essentially the modern world as we know it today—began to emerge.

In this fascinating, groundbreaking book, archaeological journalist David Keys dramatically reconstructs the global chain of revolutions that began in the catastrophe of A.D. 535, then offers a definitive explanation of how and why this cataclysm occurred on that momentous day centuries ago.

Keys identifies the eerie fallout from the months of darkness: unprecedented drought in Central America, a strange yellow dust drifting like snow over eastern Asia, prolonged famine, and the hideous pandemic of the bubonic plague. With a superb command of ancient literatures and historical records, Keys makes hitherto unrecognized connections between the “wasteland” that overspread the British countryside and the fall of the great pyramid-building Teotihuacan civilization in Mexico, between a little-known “Jewish empire” in Eastern Europe and the rise of the Japanese nation-state, between storms in France and pestilence in Ireland. The Roman Empire and China were changed forever, and Islam spread.

David Keys is not aware of the second eruption and attributes the 535 eruption to Krakatoa. We note only that Krakatoa is not considered a supervolcanoe either. Neither is Mount Tambora responsible for the Year Without a Summer in 1816.

The 1815 eruption of Mount Tambora was one of the most powerful in recorded history, with a Volcanic Explosivity Index (VEI) of 7. It is the most recently known VEI-7 event and the only unambiguously confirmed VEI-7 eruption since the Lake Taupo eruption in about 180 AD. —Wikipedia

The point is that were multiple giant volcanoes to explode during a worldwide catastrophe, the devastation would be no less than that of a single supervolcanoe. The location of the first eruption may be uncertain, but the second eruption is most certainly Ilopango.

A 2015 study further supported the theory of a major eruption in “535 or early 536”, with North American volcanoes considered a likely candidate. It also identified signals of a second eruption in 539–540, likely to have been in the tropics, which would have sustained the cooling effects of the first eruption through to around 550. —Wikipedia [bold emphasis added]



What interests me the most is the following:

  • Death Toll: Countless millions died, an appreciable percentage of the entire world’s population
  • The Spread of Islam: The Lake Ilopango eruption led directly to the death of Justinian the Great and the fall of the Eastern Roman Empire because of the Plague of Justinian, which paved the way for the Spread of Islam. Imagine a world in which this had not happened
  • Impact on Maya Culture: At 18:05 minutes into part one of the video below, the commentator states, “It’s unlikely that anyone in radius of 1,000 square kilometers survived this inferno.” Teotihuacan’s decline is associated with this event. Wikipedia states that Teotihuacan was “the largest city in the pre-Columbian Americas, with a population estimated at 125,000 or more, making it at least the sixth largest city in the world during its epoch.” Well, Teotihuacan is near Mexico City over 1,200 kilometers away from Lake Ilopango. The entire Maya Region of Mesoamerican is well within 1,00 kilometers of the Lake Ilopango eruption.


Location of the Ilopango crater lake

The Smithsonian websites host an article entitled “Why Did the Mayan Civilization Collapse? A New Study Points to Deforestation and Climate Change” in which the authors, one of them a “climate modeler,” use a computer model to arrive at some pretty bizarre conclusions. Somehow they managed to overlook the Lake Ilopango eruption. I think it is more likely that the same event that brought the Eastern Roman Empire to its knees probably had something to do with the Classic Maya collapse. What is wrong with mainstream science and academia? The central Maya lowlands discussed in that article are less than 500 kilometers from this eruption. The following quote is pertinent.

Volcanic activity, within and outside Mesoamerica, is also correlated with colder weather and resulting drought, as the effects of the Tambora volcano eruption in 1815 indicate. —Wikipedia

This quote cites the book The Great Maya Droughts written by Richardson Gill. This same Wikipedia article say regarding the Classic Maya collapse, “Critics of the drought theory wonder why the southern and central lowland cities were abandoned and the northern cities like Chichen Itza, Uxmal, and Coba continued to thrive.” They were further away from the eruption. Now if you’re thinking I’m offering a 535 and 540 AD reason for something that happened much later, please remember I have close to zero respect for radiocarbon dating. See also What Caused the Maya Collapse? Archaeologists Uncover New Clues which discusses “a record-setting 154 radiocarbon dates” in the paper High-precision radiocarbon dating of political collapse and dynastic origins at the Maya site of Ceibal, Guatemala.

Now you are prepared to watch “The Power of Volcanos Pt. 1: Years without Summer | Full Documentary” and “The Power of Volcanos Pt. 2: In the Shade of burning Mountains | Full Documentary” from the hazards and catastrophes YouTube channel. Have fun! I thoroughly enjoyed this video.

Notably, at 2:38 minutes into the second part of this video, the commentator says,

There are indicators that new Magma continues to rise to the surface. In some spots, it heats up the water to 70 degrees. The volcano is still active. The majority of dormant giants remain invisible, sometimes for so long that they fall into oblivion

This makes for a good segue to a discussion of supervolcanoes.






The Yellowstone lava chamber is the bottomless pit



Revelation 13:1
And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth…


The “bottomless pit

Revelation 9:2
And he opened the bottomless pit; and there arose a smoke out of the pit, as the smoke of a great furnace; and the sun and the air were darkened by reason of the smoke of the pit.

Who can doubt that this verse is a reference to a supervolcano? Now you must read my thoughts about The Nine and their Deathtrap for the Illuminati. If one of The Nine wrote Revelation, the “bottomless pit” would be a direct reference to Yellowstone.


The question arises, does the Ekpyrosis, a once-in-every-Great-Year (2160 orbits of Jupiter or 25,621 years) event, reliably cause one of earth’s supervolcanoes to erupt? According to Wikipedia, the last supereruption of the Yellowstone Caldera was 630,000 years ago. That means that this particular supervolcano did not erupt in 9500 BC when the earth was almost totally destroyed by the explosion of Proto-Saturn. In fact, no supervolcanoe did. But one did 26,500 years ago.

The Oruanui eruption of New Zealand’s Taupo Volcano (about 26,500 years ago) was the world’s most recent super eruption at a VEI-8 eruption. —Wikipedia

I would argue based on this evidence, that the author of Revelation had good reason for suggesting another supereruption would occur at this time. The start of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar was 25, 621 years ago. That’s pretty damned close.

The Modern Maximum, which witnessed more solar activity than in the past 10,000 years, has heated up earth’s core. Magma is working its way to the surface all over the planet. That is the reason the crust is starting to crack. And that is why one of the supervolcanoes is likely to erupt soon.

But tests at the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility in Grenoble show the sheer volume of liquid magma is enough to cause a catastrophic super-eruption. —Supervolcano eruption mystery solved on the BBC website.

The leads author of this study said, “We knew the clock was ticking but we didn’t know how fast: what would it take to trigger a super-eruption? Now we know you don’t need any extra factor – a supervolcano can erupt due to its enormous size alone.”

credit bbc.com

I thought it was interesting that “they loaded synthetic magma into a diamond capsule and fired high-energy X-rays inside – to probe for changes as the mixture reached critically high pressures.” These X-rays can be thought of as analogous to high-energy galactic cosmic rays (GCR) that are about to go off the charts as the sun enters into a prolonged period of dormancy. See also Electric Volcanoes.

Here is a very balanced video on the Yellowstone supervolcano. I remind the reader that I spend countless hours

“BBC Supervolcano: The truth about Yellowstone (Full Documentary)” from the Laurens Koehoorn YouTube channel:

Yellowstone is only one of many supervolcanoes. There are at least twelve supervolcanoes known to Wikipedia. Here is a list of supervolcanoes in the world (data and images from What is a Supervolcano? on the owlcation.com website)

A. La Garita Caldera, Colorado
B. Yellowstone caldera in Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming
C. Long Valley caldera, in east-central California
D. Valles caldera in New Mexico


A. Campi Fleigrei or Phlegraean Fields, Italy


A. Lake Toba, Indonesia
B. Tambora in Indonesia
C. Baekdu Mountain, North Korea
D. Mount Io, Japan
E. Kurile Lake, Russia
F. Aira Caldera, Kyushu, Japan
G. Karymshina, Russia

The Kikai caldera in Japan is missing from this list.


A. Pacana Caldera, Chile:
B. Cerro Galan, Argentina:
C. Pastos Grandes Caldera, Bolivia


A. Bennett Lake Volcanic Complex, Yukon Territory


A. Lake Taupo, New Zealand: Lake Taupo, Waikato, New Zealand
B. Macauley Island, New Zealand:


Recently it was discovered that the Largest Volcano on Earth Lurks Beneath Pacific Ocean.

I do not think the eruptions at Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano are done. I think this is a lull in activity.






Research Notes


Volcanic Eruption May Have Plunged the Maya into a “Dark Age”



FROM https://i.pinimg.com/564x/56/b4/f4/56b4f486d0c73a0f492348fef855059d.jpg


This image of a “Mayan supervolcano” is referenced in the “Lost Civilisation Of Atlantis Found?” on the Mystery History YouTube channel (to which I am subscribed), but I think it is highly suspect. They are saying it was sent to Germany and destroyed in WWII. I need to authenticate the image before doing anything else.






COPIED FROM  The Biblical Deluge (3106 BC)

FROM http://destination-yisrael.biblesearchers.com/destination-yisrael/2010/08/as-in-the-days-of-noah-the-earth-tilted-and-became-inclined-and-sudden-destruction-came-upon-the-ear.html

If it were not for the Book of Enoch, we would not have any Hebrew textual or scriptural precedent for many of the apocalyptic phrases in the John’s Apocalypse of Revelation.  So when the days of the coming of the Messiah are foretold, let us look at what happened to this planet earth as stated in the Book of Enoch.


Book of Enoch – “In those days, Noah saw that the earth became inclined, and that destruction approached.”

According to the Book of Enochjust before the flood of Noah,this planet earth tilted on its axis or as the text says, it “became inclined.”  Compare this text with another Hebrew book, also not found in the Biblical canon but was quoted from in the Old Testament.  This book was called the Megillah (Scroll) of Yashir (Jasher) and compared its description with the Book of Revelation.

Jasher 6:1 – “And on that day (Flood), the Lord causedthe whole earth to shake, and the sun darkened, and the foundations of the world rages, and the whole earth was moved violently, and the lightning flashed and the thunder roared, and all the fountains in the earth were broken up….”

Revelation 12-14 – “I looked when He opened the sixth seal, and behold, there was a great earthquake; and the sun became black as sackcloth of hair, and the moon became like blood, and the stars of heaven fell to the earth, as a fig tree drops its late figs when it is shaken by a mighty wind. Then the sky receded as a scroll when it is rolled up, and every mountain and island was moved out of its place.”



Cut this from the front page…



I do so wish I could quote from the entire beginning of this section. It alone is worth the price of the book. It describes what happened in 9500 BC unlike anything else I have ever read. Read it and you will never again doubt when Immanuel Velikovsky says, “At that moment … the seas would rush over continents, carrying gravel and sand and marine animals, and casting them onto land” (quoted from above).

Not sure what was happening but apparently a comparison of Velikovsky and some from  Cataclysm! Compelling Evidence of a Cosmic Catastrophe in 9500 BC by D.S. Allan & J.B. Delair. At the very least the Velikovsky quote belongs on this page