Why Ecuador?





Earth is an oblate spheroid

Why Ecuador?

Earth is not a perfect sphere. The term for this is oblate spheroid. It bulges at the equator some 21 kilometers (13 miles), which by the way is why well over 95% of the North Americans that move to Ecuador return home within five years. (There is a significant lack of oxygen here.) This bulge is referred to as the equatorial bulge.




Quote Jno Cook on his theory of the breakup of the polar configuration and how the water flowed form south to north.


And if the change in the velocity of the diurnal rotation [slowing the planet down] should accompany the shifting of the axis, the water confined to the equatorial oceans by centrifugal force would retreat to the poles, and high tides and hurricanes would rush from pole to pole, carrying reindeers and seals to the tropics and desert lions to the Arctic, moving from the equator up to the mountain ridges of the Himalayas and down the African jungles; and crumbled rocks torn from splintering mountains would be scattered over large distances; and herds of animals would be washed from the plains of Siberia.



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