September 11, 2001 (9/11)

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Find image in 9/11 YouTube of size of debris pile draw in front of standing Twin Tower


A Summary of the Significance of 9/11

The message of 9/11 is too important to toy with. I will in time expand this page to include every aspect of the attack on the American people by wayward elements of its own government, in particular the Bush family. As I do, the message will become ever clearer with the help of an Army of YouTube videos which systematically dismantle the deception. What I can say as of this writing is that the Bush family and that part of our government that they represent, much to my dismay and surprise, has access to a highly advanced and very destructive technology that is capable of turning hardened steel into dust and the ability to project images of things in the sky that simply are not there. Combining this capability with that of “flying saucers” and other anti-gravity technologies, we can say that they have achieved the ability to fake an extraterrestrial attack on the planet, just as many think they are planning.



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A World of Opposites

I introduce my broad subject matter with a discussion of what happened on September 11, 2001 because we live in a world of opposites. Nothing is as it seems, and what you think about 9/11 is a perfect testing ground. I feel compelled to so introduce my work because I need for you to see that the world is not what it seems. Please trust me that this is a necessary exercise. Revisiting the destruction of the Twin Towers and how mainstream media ignored a Category 3 hurricane off the coast of New York City that fateful day is a perfect testing ground for you as a potential reader of my work. This is not a question of patriotism. What is at stake here is your willingness to look beyond the superficial to the deeper meaning of things.

I do not care who was responsible. I do care about the loss of life. At the time I was caring for an elderly woman whose deceased husband had taken me off the streets of Baltimore and sent me off to an expensive private college attended by an unusual number of rich kids from California. The both of us were in NYC the day after the mayor said it was okay to visit. The dust was everywhere, three to four inches deep on cars that were parked blocks away. I wondered about the fate of the drivers as I used my hand to shovel some of the dust off the top of one of the cars into a plastic bag that I saved. But the moment I remember the most is when I turned around and saw a Norman Rockwell family standing shoulder to shoulder all staring high up into the sky in reverent silence. I turned back around and looked up myself. Nothing was there. That was the moment I realized they lived in New York City. They remembered. There used to be something there, and in their mind’s eye they could still see it.





Dr. Judy Wood and Perceiving the Reality of What Happened that Day


The Twin Towers, World Trade Center


The Real Significance of 9/11 is NOT What You Think

The author of this website judges a person by what he or she thinks happened on 9/11 in New York City when the Twin Towers at the World Trade Center were “dustified” (what happened was so unusual as to require the invention of a new term) as described by Dr. Judy Wood (YouTube videos) by an unknown “directed energy weapon.” Truth is always simple. And the simple truth is that there was no rubble heap. Think! Think for yourself! Where did the buildings go? The answer is that they were turned into dust, but the problem is that collapsing a building cannot pulverize hardened steel. Look again at the above picture of the Twin Towers and really try to imagine what it would look like after two of the tallest buildings in the world collapsed. Taking just a minute to do so may change your entire perspective on life. So please, indulge me. Look again before proceeding to read another word. Can you see the impossibly of those two buildings falling in their own footprint? The idea is as ludicrous as thinking that a jumbo jet fell out of the sky and hit the Pentagon in a city with almost a million people walking around, many if not most with cell phones, and no one caught any part of it on camera.

If you cannot see that something is profoundly wrong with this picture, I suggest you stop reading now. I honestly cannot help you. You will learn nothing from me because you cannot see the evidence before your very eyes. But if you suspect something is amiss, I can take you down a path that makes the Twilight Zone seem tame.

From Why Indeed Did the WTC Buildings Disintegrate? by Morgan Reynolds and Judy Wood

The scrap guys could not believe the twin towers produced so little rubble. “It simply did not seem possible that two of the world’s tallest buildings had all but disappeared…In total, 2,700 vertical feet of building, containing nearly 10 million square feet of floor space, were reduced to a tangled, smoking, burning heap less than 200 feet thick.”

It’s not about who did it or why. It’s about the technology involved. If you are unwilling or unable to contemplate what really happened on that fateful day, you will never realize that the technology involved is mind-boggling, far in advance of any of our known military weapon systems. Miss that and you miss everything. You must possess this ability to see the bigger picture. It is indicative of having an open mind. So give Dr. Judy Wood a try (links above). She is a brave woman with a boundless intellect. Even mentioning her name on Wikipedia is strictly banned. Neither her name nor any of her work is mentioned even on the 9/11 conspiracy theories Wikipedia page. Did you hear what I just said? Wikipedia has a 9/11 conspiracy theories page and searching it for “Judy” returns zero hits. Any mention of Dr. Judy Wood is strictly banned on Wikipedia. Why? This is an extraordinary fact given her credentials. If nothing else, it should make you curious as to why Wikipedia would go to such an extreme to ignore her work. Her most-watched YouTube video entitled “9/11 Breakthrough Energy Technology | Dr Judy Wood” has well over a half a million views.

The Russians and Chinese need to consider the military significance of what happened. If the Illuminati (because I cannot use the term “progeny of Jove” here) perfect this technology by making it work faster, the military implications are profound. For one, navies would be rendered immediately obsolete simply because ships move too slow to avoid being disintegrated.




Why 9/11 Happened (the crime)


Expand 9/11 coverage for the “why” (see also images folder)

9/11 Trillions: Follow The Money


Executive Order 13233

The Bush Family’s Project Hammer (clandestine clearing of $240 billion in treasury bonds)

The Great Ruble Scam





Mainstream Media and Hurricane Erin

There is another, equally important reason to revisit September 11, 2001 (9/11). As profoundly much as I respect Dr. Judy Wood, I stress equally important. Why?  Because it evidences as nothing else can a central control of mainstream media (MSM) in the United States of America, not unlike that of NAZI Germany. On the morning of 9/11, there was a category 3 hurricane off the coast of NYC. It was as ignored by MSM as Dr. Judy Wood is by Wikipedia. You really need to watch this video. As you do, realize that the announcers were told not to mention the hurricane. It creates an unmistakable awkwardness in some of them. This is their job, and they were told not to do it. They were told to say everything is just coming up roses even though a major hurricane is approaching New York City and its population of 8.5 million residents.

This video (one of the few websites from which I obtain news) makes it perfectly clear that THERE IS A HIGHLY ORCHESTRATED, CENTRAL CONTROL (think Joseph Goebbels and NAZI Germany)  OVER ALL MAINSTREAM NEWS OUTLETS IN THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA. Above and beyond the fact that only a handful of corporations own those news outlets, this “central control” is determining EXACTLY what you see and hear from mainstream media. This is not propaganda. They are effectively telling you what is real about your world. This is mind control. This and other YouTube videos of Hurricane Erin are profoundly important. It took a lot of work to make these videos. Watch them thoughtfully.

And that is what I want you to take away from this opening discussion of An Apocalyptic Synthesis. See also This 1967 CIA Memo Is Still Used to Discredit Conspiracy Theorists TodayBefore explaining the meaning of “an apocalyptic synthesis,” a little background information is necessary. 





The Building 7 Mockery

The ten second, symmetrical fall of building seven and the NIST official explanation for it should be sufficient for the citizens of the United States of America to rise up in arms against their government. I fault Dr. Judy Wood on only one point. I think there were a number of explosions that were not water storage containers disintegrating. I think there were a small number of explosions intended to assure the buildings fell in their own footprint to reduce the loss of life, not that those who were responsible cared about the loss of life, but because the greater the loss of life the greater the scrutiny of their grand deception. But Building 7 was not a controlled demolition. The building was largely disintegrated into dust the same as the Twin Towers, We it otherwise, there would have been so many explosions that there would be no question but that it was a controlled demolition.


THE ANATOMY OF A GREAT DECEPTION How 9 11 Woke Me Up David Hooper Film

Building 7even YouTube channel, published on August 23, 2015


The Hammer Fund

The Pentagon was hit with a missile in order to kill an investigation into the $240,000,000,000 Hammer Fund.


If this was the motivation, George W. Bushes father is most likely the driving force and his son (the then President of the United States of America) was kept in the dark, which would explain the look in his face when he was told what was happening at the elementary school,



“There were no planes on 9/11” (2,517,355 views as of April 10, 2018)

If the pilots say even hitting the Twin Towers is too difficult for a professional pilot wit years of experience flying that particular plane, then hitting a particular floor dead center in order to kill everyone at a meeting or destroy a computer room is inconceivable. This lends credence to the no planes theory.


Retired Expert Pilot John Lear – No Planes Hit the Towers on 9/11
911PlanesHoax YouTube Channel
2,517,355 views as of April 10, 2018

MAIN POINTS: An “airborne holographic projector” used for “strategic deception management.”