№ 16. Intentional Dumbing Down of the Masses






What has happened to Hollywood? Why are adults in the United States of America watching superhero movies?











Ubiquitous Unicorns

We are being inundated with Unicorns right before the end. Why? I am always trying to cultivate in my readers an imagination sufficient to grasp the full dimension of what is happening right now in the world. The mundane mind resists the sheer magnitude of these thoughts.


Rothschild Family “Great” Coat of Arms. See also The Rothschild Coat of Arms from The Rothschild Archive.

Notice the Unicorn in the Rothschild family Great Coat of Arms. The following image is from the “Why Are We Being Inundated with Unicorn Symbolism?” video (shown below) on the Truthstream Media YouTube channel. This is what one occult author has to say about the symbolic meaning of unicorns:


quote from Nancy Hathaway


From what I know from having studied the progeny of Jove, including the Illuminati for over five years now, is that this is exactly the kind of ridicule they love to thrust onto the masses. I do not doubt for a second that this flood of unicorns (I had one at my door last night for Halloween) is a very deliberate mocking gesture, one that only reinforces my sense that we are on the verge of something unimaginable.

If you are aware of or concerned about the intentional dumbing down of the masses, you really want to watch this Truthstream Media video:


Truthstream Media is one of my few news sources. This is a truly brilliant couple. Now you really want to watch this video entitled “Why Does the Bible Mention Unicorns?” from the NathanH83 YouTube channel. Nathan Hoffman is one of most cherished sources for biblical information. He is an amazing guy, and what I would characterize as a “real” Christian. He cares enough to think. We should take the time to think about our religion.



Don’t stop now. You are on the verge of a major breakthrough

A question of paramount importance must now be asked

Why is there a unicorn (supporter) on the Rothschild coat of arms?


(A “supporter” is a technical term for heraldry.) Wikipedia has an interesting page entitled Pages in category “Coats of arms with unicorns”. The Rothschild coat of arms is clearly a throwback to the Royal coat of arms of Great Britain.

But this still begs the question, Why? There is no such animal in reality. What are the designers of these coats of arms saying by including one in their heraldry? If you watched Nathan Hoffman’s video, I think you have sufficient information to answer this question for yourself. The Royal coat of arms of Great Britain was designed only a few years before the Freemasons were created in 1717.

The progeny of Jove are mocking Christianity. The unicorn “supports” their shield because they believe Christianity is delusional. On the other side of these shields is a lion. Few people understand as did Manly P. Hall that from a heliocentric perspective, which is the perspective of the progeny of Jove, that we are not in the Age of Aquarius, but the exact opposite. We are in the Age of Leo. It is in the Age of Leo that earth is destroyed. The lion represents the physical assault on the masses. The unicorn represents the intellectual assault.

It is the same old problem. As discussed on the Sacred Numbers and Tracking the Progeny of Jove page, the Pythagoreans cannot see that there is a conscious entity behind the sacred numbers. They can only conceive of their own, haughty intelligence. And for reasons I try, perhaps in vain, to describe on the Matthew 24:15-18 (the last sign before the end) page, these men become “beasts” in the end time. This is a natural consequence of lesser mortals coming into direct contact with sure knowledge of the end times. I bury my religious stuff pretty deep, but it is where I started. I began writing when I first perceived that there was science behind what Christ Jesus says in Matthew 24. Specifically, I could see that his mention of massive lightning (such as is reported daily in the news) in the end times was related to an increase in galactic cosmic ray (GCR) flux. See Galactic Cosmic Rays Cause Lightning for a discussion. The point is, this unicorn onslaught is yet another sign that we are in the end time. These people know. They are using their control of the markets to drown us in symbolism that is for them 300 years old. Why now? It is what it appears to be, a celebration of the end times. See № 6. 2017 versus 2018 for details, and then reconsider your thoughts about the Mesoamerican (misnamed “Mayan”) Long Count calendar.

When I think of the little girl who came dressed as a unicorn to my front door on Halloween night, when I was working on this very section, all I can think is that their tunnel systems will fail.

I am grateful to whatever guides my thought.It is not entirely within me. I am grateful for knowing that the Illuminati are facing sure death in those granite tunnels.




Author Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt, Daughter and Granddaughter of Bonesmen

Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt is also the author of The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America and owner of deliberatedumbingdown.com. The latest edition of her book is The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America, Revised and Abridged Edition by Charlotte Thomson Iserbyt (2011-05-03) is available on Amazon. I maintain an older copy of her book in the Apocalyptic Synthesis Library (ASL) at ASL. The Deliberate Dumbing Down of America by Charlotte Thompson Iserbyt.