DAYS SINCE LAST DONATION: 0 days $100. 🙂 Only a true friend could have sensed I had “wandered too far from the shore” as an old blue grass song goes. Thank you. The date thing is really messing with my head. I’m gonna head down to the Gulf to make TOP No. 5. I’m okay but mostly working on the new property so that I can feel good better about getting away a few days before it gets too cold. I finally get it. No one is listening. Well, almost no one. Thanks again. It really does keep me going. I think it is because it mystifies my roomie. She has a PhD from that school they laughingly call the Harvard of the South and can’t wrap herself around people sending me $50 and $100 for writing about “my thing” as I call it at home. I love to see that look of consternation on her face. I think this will be the start of a new tradition where I publicly thank the last big donor. 

I do not want anything I am about to say to sound pretentious. As of this writing on October 13, 2021, my donor base remains small, less than 50 people and I have been accepting donations since August of last year. But some of those people have been extremely generous. Others have made not one, but many donations. I am grateful for this support. I’ve been alone all my life, so when someone takes the time to send me their hard-earned money, it inspires me to the point that I sometimes think I must be a shallow person. Honestly, even a small donation will lift my spirits for a day or more. I work really hard at this you guys. It’s my whole life.

I just published the date, but even before that, the burden of corresponding with every donor was beginning to weigh heavy on me. I cannot do it any longer. I wish I could. I would like to meet every one of you and thank you for being such an amazing person. What I can do,—what I can offer all donors,—is access to The Network where you can discuss these issues with like-minded people. There are some very insightful things happening there. And you can ask me questions on The Network. I will answer them as time permits.

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Plato says thanks

Donations can be made on either Paypal or Patreon. Donors have access to The Network on, a donors-only discussion forum for the An Apocalyptic Synthesis website. Enjoy the company of like-minded individuals. The author of this website will join the discussion as often as possible. Only donations of $100 or more will be acknowledged by the author. I must of necessity do this.