I did not ask for donations until late in 2020 when I quit my programming job to work full time on this website. While I remain grateful to all donors, there was never enough to offset my pay. However, enough money has come in to cover the costs I incur running this site on a state-of-the-art CDN. I have an agreement with my domestic partner to continue working full-time until 2022. But right now I am moving to another city and have little or no time to work on the website. The donations are a vote of confidence. They inspire me to keep working in the face of an inscrutable indifference. I can assure you any amount is greatly appreciated. Sometimes I go weeks without a donation.

Plato says thanks

Donations can be made on either Paypal or Patreon. Donors have access to the Ophiuchus changelog which makes it possible to follow my work without searching through all 108 pages for changes. Once there are a sufficient number of donors to defray the costs, I will establish, a donors-only discussion forum for the An Apocalyptic Synthesis website.