The Great Plan for Depopulation




“Nuclear Energy is NOT What You Think” from the Hacking the Headlines YouTube channel:





Tropic of Cancer

The Tropic of Cancer

The spent nuclear fuel stored all over the surface of the Northern Hemisphere is the centerpiece of the Great Plan for Depopulation. Whoever is not killed by the ocean tsunamis in the Northern Hemisphere will die an agonizing death by radiation. The Tropic of Cancer is appropriately, and very deliberately, so named.


radiation warning symbol evalution

The international radiation symbol is derived from Pythagorean tetractys. This is no accident.



For years now the presence of spent nuclear fuel all over the world has confounded me. Clearly it will make the Northern Hemisphere uninhabitable for decades if not centuries after the event. Why is the progeny of Pythagoras allowing this to happen? Surely it could not be accidental.

These people have written our history and guided our knowledge through the millennia. One small example is that they clearly had advanced optics thousands of years ago, but only “discovered” the modern telescope in time to start numbering the solar cycles so that we would be at the end of solar cycle 24 now. Given such fine grain control of our entire reality, how could they make such a huge mistake as to allow spent nuclear fuel to be everywhere in the Northern Hemisphere when their base of operations is in Colorado. The answer is obvious. It is not a mistake. Hence, one must conclude that this spent nuclear fuel is the centerpiece of the Great Plan for Depopulating the Earth.





The Thorium Story

There are an endless number of YouTube videos on Thorium. Below are a couple I think are better than the rest. There are three things I want you to focus on:

  1. Thorium molten salt reactors were an option from the very beginning
  2. Our federal government discourages the use of this technology
  3. Thorium-based reactors are “walk away” safe (explained in videos)

Of these three, the first is the most important. There was an alternative to the current reality of breeder reactors and the resultant spent nuclear fuel distributed all over the Northern Hemisphere.


Now you have heard in these videos arguments as to why breeder reactors were chosen over Thorium-based molten salt reactors, even for civilian use. The most convincing of these arguments are that (1) the military-industrial complex wanted to use civilian nuclear reactors to manufacture weapons-grade plutonium and (2) the scientist at that time did not want to learn and master a new and different reactor technology. Do not believe either of these arguments. You need to open your mind to the reality that there is a controlling force at work among us. That it is following a Great Plan for Depopulation that dates back thousands of years. They do not want a “new world order.” They simply want you dead, especially if you are a person of color. They are working from a master plan that has been developed through the millennia. It is damn near infallible. And it comes to fruition next year.



Nothing Threatens Colorado

The prevailing winds in the continental United States are westerly (i.e. blowing from the west). This none of the existing nuclear power plants in the map below threaten Colorado. This is not by accident.



Yucca Mountain

The Yucca Mountain Nuclear Waste Repository is never going to be used. Were Yucca Mountain to be used for nuclear waster disposal, it would clearly threaten Colorado, which can be seen in this link to a wind map for the USA. Thus I can assure you it will never be used. It was never intended to be used. Everything in this regard is a delaying tactic. The main problem with Yucca Mountain is that is it due west of Colorado.




Vladimir Putin

The Russia and China Problem

In less than two years the entire North Hemisphere will become uninhabitable. Tell me how else do you decimate the populations of Russia and China? There is no other way. The sarin gas they produced and stored in the Front Range during WWII is meant only for the Southern Hemisphere. Their plan is fail safe. Earth will in fact be depopulated. Nothing can change this fact. Nothing. They know this. You should, too. This is why spent nuclear fuel was never stored in Nevada. In fact, at this point in history you must tip your hat to them because the world population is now guaranteed to be less than 500 million and no one, and I do mean no one, can prevent this.



At the suggestion of U.S. generals, the Fukushima nuclear power plant was located in an area the Japanese knew was tsunami prone


I suspect very strongly, knowing who was responsible for the location of the Fukushima nuclear power plant, that the tsunami that caused the melt downs at Fukushima, Japan was no accident of nature but rather a testing ground for what is to come.






The Future of Mankind and Sarin Gas Production at the Rocky Mountain Arsenal

The concept of binary canisters made of the highest grade of stainless steel existed before the start of World War II.

sarin roundduring WWII, the Rocky Mountain Arsenal was used to produce an obscene amount of sarin gas, enough to kill every man, woman, and child ever born on the planet. It is being stored underground in binary canisters in the same tunnel systems to which the Denver International Airport is the front door.