№ 20. Our last few years on earth (“the beginning of sorrows”)

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Aquarius (water bearer)

Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius

Another term for solar dormancy (or “hibernation,” if you prefer) is “grand solar minimum.”  The Little Ice Age is an example of a grand solar minimum, but I think it was just the onset of something that will give an entirely new meaning to the term ice age. For reasons discussed on page № 21. Luke 21:11 “and the winters will be severe” unless the dreaded “apocalyptic” arctic methane release happens in time, the coming extreme cold will be unprecedented in at least the last half a million years (think a violent end to the Holocene epoch). And it does not appear as if the arctic methane release will happen in time. Large portions of the planet are about to become uninhabitable, including everything above the 40th parallel. How long this will last is the question. And the answer is beyond the scope of this page. It involves, in no small part, correctly interptreting

Solar dormancy does not mean a dark or black Sun. This makes John L. Casey’s book on the subject entitled Cold Sun (see YouTube) somewhat misleading. More on him in a moment. But it does mean an extreme drop in temperature, crop losses, and a significant reduction in the “carrying capacity” of Earth. In short, yes, people are going to die.


Voyager 2 exits the Heliosphere and GCRs massively increase. This is what we can expect as the sun weakens and the heliosphere shrinks and offers less protection


Gray Stevens, creator of the “Jupiter’s Dance” website and who I discuss on page № 79. Gray Stevens who inspired me to discover that the Maya Long Count calendar is 2160 orbits of Jupiter, has connections at NASA because I distinctly remember him telling me during the last solar maximum that the corona of the Sun was being stripped away (as “filament explosions”) and no one there understood why. Followed by the massive coronal holes we are now experiencing during the subsequent solar minimum, this is clearly the mechanism by which the Sun enters into a prolonged period of dormancy. As soon as these enormous coronal holes started appearing, I wrote a leading scientist who had just published a “peer-reviewed” paper on the subject and suggested that they would continue because coronal holes are self-evidently an important part of the mechanism by which the Sun becomes dormant. I got no answer.

My principal argument for what is about to happen is that when on the vernal equinox the Sun rises in Aquarius is also when it also becomes dormant for a prolonged period of time. The Little Ice Age was only the start of this. This makes John Casey’s 206 year cycle highly suspect. The actual cycle involved here is our solar system’s binary relationship with the Sirius star system. Life on this planet is much older than we think. The Zodiac is a record of what happens at different periods in our solar system’s 26,000 year binary dance (misnamed the “precession of the equinoxes”) with the Sirius star system. here, it is notable that the Babylonians referred to the Age of Aquarius as the “Great One.”


What the ancients knew from millennia of direct observations which they encoded into the Zodiac is that when the vernal equinox Sun rises in the constellation of Aquarius (as it does now) the sun becomes dormant. Hence “Aquarius” or the “water bearer.”


The inverse relationship between solar activity and galactic cosmic rays is discussed in the section entitled Solar Modulation on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). GCRs seed clouds, vastly accelerating the hydrological (or water) cycle. For anyone not distracted by the political circus in the United States of America, this is already happening. Worldwide flooding is a consequence of the inner solar system being bombarded by GCR. You need only monitor this page to learn what is happening on an almost daily basis. The mainstream media is completely ignoring the worldwide flooding.






Coronal Hole


The Beginning of the End: The Coming Perfect Storm of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR)

Life on this planet will cease in a single day, on what the Bible calls the “day of the Lord” (even though the Old Testament so-called “prophets” knew full well they were talking about the coming axial tilt). Only a handful of people on the surface of the planet will survive what is about to happen.  Only a handful ever do. You can read about this on pages № 30. The Coming Axial Tilt and № 34. The End of Our World. But before then, we will be experiencing ever more extreme weather because of something called galactic cosmic rays (GCR). You can read about them on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR).  The purpose of this page, which I think of as the “dailies” page because it requires my constant attention, is to convince you that I know what I am talking about by showing you the proof of all that I say. It’s not prophesy. It’s science.


The level of galactic cosmic rays (GCR) is like a peephole for the coming apocalypse


In fact, I aver that there is no more important sign of the end times than the level of GCRs reaching our planet. There is nothing in the whole world—no website, no would-be prophet, no university teacher, no so-called scientist, no computer model, nothing and nobody—that can alert you to what is already happening in the here and now more than a GCR monitor. I like to think of galactic cosmic rays as death rays because GCRs are either directly or indirectly responsible for all the following:


      • Extreme Lightning
      • Worldwide Flooding
      • Severe Winters
      • Extreme Hail
      • Massive Landslides
      • Tornadoes Everywhere
      • Major Earthquakes
      • Increasingly Violent Volcanic Eruptions

Sound apocalyptic? If so, it is important to remember to differentiate between cause and effect. A massive increase in galactic cosmic ray flux is NOT what I call the “trigger mechanism” for the coming destruction of the planet discussed at The Coming Axial Tilt. They are a consequence of the Sun’s dormancy. And the Sun’s dormancy is in turn a consequence of a fast approaching gravitational behemoth, which is the Sirius star system not another planet. Hence GCRs are at once both an effect (of the Sun’s dormancy) and the cause of everything listed above, but they are not the ultimate cause of all the trouble the solar system and our planet is experiencing. The ultimate cause, or trigger mechanism, is our fatal binary relationship with the Sirius star system.Google search: G

But this is nothing compared to what is about to happen. My only interest in the subject of extreme weather is that if I tell in advance that it is coming, then I pray you might consider what I am saying about the coming axial tilt. Now you might say, “Well that’s just climate change.” But I don’t think you understand what I am saying. This is starting even as I write this on October 8, 2019, but it will only ever increase in frequency and intensity. And it will not stop. Never. Ever. Like a bad dream from which you cannot escape.

So the purpose of this page is for you to return in a few months or a year or so and say to yourself, “Dang it! he was right. How did he know that ahead of time?” But again, I warn you; extreme weather is a mere inconvenience compared to the coming axial tilt. Only a handful of people (none of whom live in Hollywood) can even imagine what two-mile high megatsunamis waves will look like or what it is like to see and entire major metropolitan area such as Los Angelos or Boston vanish in the blink of an eye as if it were never there. 


Matthew 24:8
All these are the beginning of sorrows


Few people truly grasp the significance of a massive influx of GCRs in an electromagnetic universe. Extreme thunderstorms, unprecedented worldwide flooding, tornadoes everywhere, major earthquakes on a near-daily basis, increasingly violent volcanic eruptions, “severe winters,” and unimaginably violent hailstorms are already happening as they did during the last, extended solar minimum of Solar Cycle 23. That was when people started to wake up and ask “What is happening to our planet?” There was one major natural disaster after another. Not only are all of these happening again, but this time they will not stop. They will only ever get worse, much worse with each passing month. And GCR-related weather events such an increased volcanic activity will only exacerbate the severe winters.



Can you hear me now?

I find it utterly remarkable that the Maya Long Count calendar precisely marked the end of the Modern Maximum, shortly after which an unprecedented galactic cosmic ray flux would begin.


Before this solar cycle, NASA was fond of saying the backside of the bell curve we call a solar cycle was highly predictable. And as of this writing, everyone is still saying that solar minimum will not arrive until 2019-2020. This is rubbish. I have been saying since 2013 that by the end of 2017 solar wind would drop below 300 km/s and the Sun would become inactive (no sunspots), and the data supports this view.


Sunspot Number Progression


Solar Cycle 24 is crashing. NASA is already off by a year.  Despite the recent rash of X flares (not unusual during a solar minimum), I think it will continue to crash. The areas shaded in blue in the following chart are the solar maximums for the past five solar cycles. I call them “GCR winters.”


GCR monthly average

GCR Monthly Averages from the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station

The last, extended solar minimum broke all records in the level of GCRs. As you can see, comparatively speaking, there was no “GCR winter” this solar cycle. This is a reflection of the weakness of Solar Cycle 24. As of this writing, GCRs are stalling at about 6700 as they did last solar cycle. I live on the equator and I can tell you that when the solar wind below 300 km/s and GCRs are above 6500 GCR we routinely cloud over.


I wrote this years ago. I was wrong about the solar wind dropping to below 300 by the end of 2017, but I was no more wrong than NASA. What I did not anticipate back then was the size of the coronal holes such as the following ones I reported on in an article entitled Solar modulation of galactic cosmic ray flux on the wane? Something extraordinary is happening. You will not read about it in the news, but these monsters have never been seen before. This is the face of solar dormancy, something no one alive has ever seen before.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


While these four coronal holes were exceptional this level of darkness on the face of the sun continues to this very day.


This slideshow requires JavaScript.


The reason why I was wrong about the solar wind is that these coronal holes release pressure from the interior of the Sun where exhausted fuel is stored between episodes of solar dormancy. Yes, I know this is not the normal understanding of how the sun works, but mainstream science and academia are mathematically insane and if you are listening to them you live in a dream world and what you need to do is become a student of the Electric Universe. Start by watching the videos in the section entitled The Sun is NOT a gigantic thermonuclear furnace on page № 59. The “NO” Page for the Mathematically Insane. You might also want to look at the videos on page № 106. Electric Universe 101.


The pressure is diminishing over time and the solar wind is dying down.

It is happening.


March 25, 2019: Today, for the first time this solar minimum, Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) climbed to over 6800. And yet the people sleep. 2011 is coming back. Only this time it won’t be going away, not in our lifetime.



spaceweather.com announcement


These statistics are truly remarkable. Well ahead of what NASA predicted as the start of the solar minimum for Solar Cycle 24, on September 20, 2019 the solar wind was clocked at 288.2 km/sec, near a theoretical minimum possible solar wind speed and on September 30, 2019 the sun reached a 27 day spotless streak that put it at 73% spotless days for the year 2019, tied with 2008 which saw the most spotless days of last solar minimum.

GCRs and the related number of spotless days are already approaching the same highs as last solar cycle’s unprecedented solar minimum, only this solar minimum was not supposed to even start until 2019-2020. Let me say that again, in case you are reading a little too casually.

GCRs and the related number of spotless days are already approaching the same highs as the last solar cycle’s unprecedented solar minimum, only this solar minimum is only beginning.

“Spotless days” refers to sunspots. Keep reading, my friend, because you are reading your own tombstone. Many of you may not remember what happened last time. Weather-related disasters became almost a daily thing. People were starting to wake up from their deep sleep and ask, “What is happening.” But solar minimum passed, things returned to normal, and everyone forgot. It’s like post-Katrina in New Orleans, a town which in the very near future will not exist; the people just forget. Only this time, it does not stop. This time GCRs are going off the scale to levels this planet has not seen for many thousands of years. This time not only does it not stop, it just keeps getting worse. We are already on this roller coaster ride inside a house of horrors. This ends in our destruction.

Today’s date is October 5, 2019, and something I’ve been waiting a long time for is starting to happen. GCRs are on the rise again.



I’ve waited a long time for this, faithfully checking GCRs every day, sometimes more than once. They leveled off almost a year ago after I posted the following.


As of this writing, on October 19, 2018, we are well over a year in advance of NOAA’s prediction for the START of Solar Cycle 24’s solar minimum. Yet look at the following chart:

Galactic cosmic rays (GCR) as of 2 November 2018


GCR levels are already above four of the past five solar cycles since measurements began in the mid-1960s. What you may not be aware of is after they peaked last solar cycle weather patterns became so violent that everyone began to notice. We are entering into a similar period now. The difference is that GCRs will go way off the charts this time and they will not return to anything near normal in our lifetime. There are profound reasons for this. You can read about it in a section entitled Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR).   [Since then I created this page and moved that section to the bottom. See below.]


It’s been a long wait, many months, but I think this is the beginning of the rise that will take us off this chart and into uncharted territory, a level of GCRs perhaps not seen in hundreds of thousands of years.




If you look closely at the pattern set last solar minimum, this solar minimum is following a similar path, only the dip in the rise before the flatline was bigger this solar cycle. Once I saw that we were repeating this pattern, I kept my patience waiting for this rise to begin. So now I am confident that this is the start of the rise that will take us off the chart.



I cannot tell people this enough. I don’t care if you are a hotdog vendor in NYC, a cab driver, a construction worker, a computer programmer, a lawyer, an engineer, a politician, or a corporate CEO, you need to learn about GCRs right now. Otherwise, you are flying blind (or in the case of CEOs, flying in increasingly dangerous skies). I don’t know how much more bluntly I can state this.



There is an inverse relationship between solar activity and GCR documented in my section entitled Solar Modulation. Solar dormancy means more GCR. Our planet’s magnetosphere protects us from GCR. It’s that simple. Learning and understand this requires some effort. But I assure you, it will not be wasted effort. The technical stuff is on № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR).


Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) are not a sexy subject. I can tell because nobody reads page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). So as of August 18, 2019, I will concentrate my effort to document the effect of a massive influx of GCRs in the following subsections. Any news articles I cite in these subsections will only be the most extreme cases.


You can be sure the coming severe winters discussed on page № 21. Luke 21:11 “and the winters will be severe” will start to wake people up again. Men in the Bible knew all of this was going to happen. In fact, I believe Matthew 24 is one of the least understood chapters in the entire Bible. It is because of the following verse, more so than any other verse in Matthew 24, that I know Christ Jesus was a man of science.


Matthew 24:27
For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


I believe this is a reference to the coming massive increase in galactic cosmic rays. I doubt seriously though that the ancients used the term galactic cosmic rays (in part because it is a misnomer, they are not rays but highly charged particles), but they did most certainly know that as the Sun grows weak in Aquarius that there is a massive increase in lightning.


Christ Jesus was a man of science. He knew that there would be extreme lightning in the end times.


And then there is the Book of Revelation. Perhaps the vial poured “into the air” in the following verse is also a reference to galactic cosmic rays.


Revelation 16
And the seventh angel poured out his vial into the air; and there came a great voice out of the temple of heaven, from the throne, saying, It is done. And there were voices, and thunders, and lightnings; and there was a great earthquake, such as was not since men were upon the earth, so mighty an earthquake, and so great. And the great city was divided into three parts, and the cities of the nations fell: and great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of his wrath. And every island fled away, and the mountains were not found. And there fell upon men a great hail out of heaven, every stone about the weight of a talent: and men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great. [bold-red emphasis added]


This is always the problem, a failure to realize the “ancients” knew as much or more than us. I have an entire folder full of quotes from well-known writers who proclaim they believe the ancients were more advanced than us but then breakdown at some point and make ridiculous suggestions such as they had no written language. No one really believes there once existed on Earth a people more advanced than us in every conceivable way. Our minds have been trained to think the exact opposite.

I strongly believe that around 2,600 BC after the polar configuration of the planets broke apart and the comet Venus and Mars finally settled into their current orbits, that the ancients instantly and clearly perceived that we would never understand or even believe how destructive is our solar system to life on Earth. They knew what happens in the Age of Aquarius and that outside of Proto-Saturn’s protective magnetosphere, we would experience extreme lightning and worldwide flooding like never before. And what is happening? We do not know for sure, but our Solar System is either approaching something or something is approaching our Solar System. Our Sun is reacting by partially shutting down and entering into a prolonged period of dormancy (or hibernation). This is what causes the massive increase of GCRs. The same electromagnetic disturbance liquifies the outer core and asthenosphere. Eventually, the Earth’s crust will rotate independently of the core. This is known as an Earth crust displacement. I call it an axial tilt because, for someone on the surface of the planet, there is no difference between the two. Then a few days pass (because of something I call Noah’s secret) and a Pacific Ocean tidal wave or megatsunami over two-miles high will erase the United States of America so thoroughly that it will only exist in myths to future generations. A mighty power that once was, the Atlantis of future generation. It’s happened countless times before. This is why GCRs are so important. They announce the coming of the Apocalypse. 


Monitor the level of GCRs at the University of Oulu Cosmic Ray Station in Finland every day. As you become familiar with them you will begin to see the connections to all of these extreme weather events. 


The GCR Dasilies are going to get very difficult to manage. I need to reduce them to nothing but lists. This material needs to be repuposed:

I don’t think a Solar Cycle 24 news section is merited. It has bottomed out and will remain there until the end. There will be no further news. Blend this stuff in with the above or dispose of it.



Solar Cycle 24: Solar Minimum News and Updates

See also NASA’s Galactic Cosmic Rays in the News.



March 5, 2018 FROM Space Weather, an AGU Journal

Update on the worsening particle radiation environment observed by CRaTER and implications for future human deep-space exploration

Over the last decade, the solar wind has exhibited low densities and magnetic field strengths, representing anomalous states that have never been observed during the Space Age. As a result of this remarkably weak solar activity, we have also observed the highest fluxes of cosmic rays.

This article suggests a potential of as much as 30% increase in GCR over Solar Cycle 23 maximums, which would put GCRs above 9600 (Oulu Cosmic ray Station). That is way off the charts.


December 21, 2017 FROM watchers.news

Solar activity cycle falls to the bottom 1.5 years earlier than expected

Well, this pains me a little only because I have been predicting it since 2013 and regularly complaining in the media that everyone continued to quote NASA as saying solar minimum would not arrive until 2019-2020. Now that someone with more respectability has been the first to make headlines with this story my prediction will go largely unnoticed. How did I know? The answer to this question is precisely that I understand the role galactic cosmic rays are even now playing (severe winters, extreme rains)  in the coming destruction of the world and I knew, based on everything the ancients are shouting at us, that the Sun is entering a period of profound dormancy. Based on that and the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar extended end date of 2018 as well as Christ Jesus’ predictions for severe winters, I reasoned the Sun would go quiet before the end of this year. It effectively did on November 14, 2017 after 13 spotless days, indicating for the first time in Solar Cycle 24 that there were no sunspots anywhere on the Sun. But clamoring for credit right before the world is destroyed makes little sense. We just watch as things unfold.


December 21, 2017 FROM watchers.news

How cosmic rays produce clouds and influence Earth’s climate



December 19, 2017 FROM spacewether.com

100 DAYS OF SPOTLESSNESS: As of yesterday, Dec. 18th, the sun has been without spots for 100 days in 2017. The last time the sun crossed this threshold was in 2009 (260 spotless days) when the solar cycle was just beginning to rebound from a century-class Solar Minimum. This time we are entering a new Solar Minimum. In 2018 we can expect at least twice as many spotless days (200+) as blank suns once again become the norm.

So why is everyone still following NASA’s lead by claiming that Solar Cycle 24 solar minimum will not arrive until 2019-2020?

Russian Astrophysicist Dr. Habibullo Abdussamatov, who is the head of space research for the Pulkovo Observatory at the Russian Academy of Sciences, in a new study, claims the “new Little Ice Age” started at the end of 2015 due to low solar activity, kicking off decades of “deep cooling” in the latter half of the 21st Century.

It isn’t just a lack of sunspots that is causing scientists to worry. Earth is now in a period of increasing incoming galactic cosmic rays – these being a main factor for major volcanic activity. This usually causes an increase global cloud coverage which blocks more sunlight and promotes further cooling. If it becomes colder along with more clouds then the risk is also of greater snow coverage. Such conditions were last seen during the Little Ice Age that ended around 1850, which coincided with the start of the Industrial Revolution. Until the thaw it was so cold England’s Thames river froze at least 23 separate times, with ice skating and “frost fairs” the norm. — SOTT.net  [emphasis added]



Find a new home for this, too…



Outside of Proto-Saturn’s protective magnetosphere, the earth is subject to much a greater GCR flux than ever before



The polar configuration of the planets at midnight with Proto-Saturn in the background

Two Suns (“Shields are down Scotty”)

The Earth had two suns in the past, our current Sun and the planet Saturn, which is referred to as Proto-Saturn in the remote past. Both protected our planet from galactic cosmic rays. Then the polar configuration of the planets broke apart (David Talbott prefers “dismembered”) and Earth began a solo orbit around the Sun. This has profound implications for the future of mankind. Earth is no longer inside the protective magnetosphere of Saturn. Now only the heliosphere of the Sun protects us from galactic cosmic rays.

When you begin to understand the consequences of a massive influx of these highly charged particles misnamed “galactic cosmic rays,” you will begin to also understand what the ancients knew. Outside of the protective magnetosphere of Proto-Saturn, as an intelligent species, we are headed into uncharted territory. This has never, ever happened before. Judging by the heartbeat-like regularity of the ice core temperature records, nothing like this has happened for at least a half a million years and may never have happened before. In other words, the temperature records suggest that the polar configuration of the planets was stable for that long. The giant skeletons found on or near the surface of our planet are critically important evidence that the polar configuration did not destabilize until about 18,000 years ago with Proto-Saturn exploding in 9500 BC. But the grossly misnamed “precession of the equinoxes,” which is provably our solar system’s binary relationship with the Sirius star system, is a 26,000 year cycle. What this means is that the newly orphaned Earth on its solo orbit around the Sun is entering into the Age of Aquarius outside of Saturn’s protective magnetosphere for the first time ever. Think Star Trek “raise the shields Scotty,” only the shields are at fifty percent and the Klingon’s (GCRs) are about to attack in force. The ancients knew this, and they fully understood the consequences. It has already begun. We are in for the ride of our life.


Galactic cosmic rays were used to detect when VOYAGER-1 exited the heliosphere an entered unprotected interstellar space in May, 2012 Credit: NASA/JPL









The GCR Dailies

I update the following extreme weather subsections on a daily basis. This requires a great deal of effort on my part, not unlike running an Internet news service, which explains the addition of a very prominent “GCR Dailies” link on my homepage. Why? Why would I use so much of my already precious time to do this? The answer to this question is contained in the previous two sections on this page, Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius and The Beginning of the End: The Coming Perfect Storm of Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). Study them if you want to understand the extreme weather headlines that follow. Many people are aware of what is happening to our planet right now. Few understand why. Many a reader will begin their Apocolypic Synthesis journey right here, reading this paragraph and then the larger context of what I say on this page. That gives me one chance to convince new readers they have stumbled across an extraordinary work, not just another website clamoring for attention on the Internet.


Something extraordinary is happening to our planet. The ancients invented something called the Zodiac in order to document what happens during the 26,000-year cycle more recently thought of as the great year, Platonic year, or the precession of the equinoxes. Given what is already happening, I would argue that it is self-evident why the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer, was so named. Those observations were made while Earth was still part of what David Talbott calls the polar configuration of the planets and Saturn’s magnetosphere protected our planet from harm. Now our solar system is passing through the sign of Aquarius the water bearer without the protection of Saturn’s magnetosphere for perhaps the first time ever.

This is uncharted territory.

Galactic cosmic rays (GCR) are about to go off the charts. Mainstream science has no idea what is about to hit us.




This is not a prophecy. This is not a prediction. It is not a conspiracy theory either. And it damn sure is not a computer model. These are observable facts. This is happening in the here and now.


But what really perplexes me is that people like David Talbot and The Thunderbolts Project™, Wallace Thornhill of the Electric Universe, and other prominent thinkers in the fields of comparative mythology, the electric universe school of thought, or plasm science has ever once stopped to consider the consequences of earth being outside of Saturn’s protective magnetosphere in the Age of Aquarius, the water bearer.


Headlines come and go, which makes it difficult to spot developing trends unless you are paying careful attention to what is happening.


These headlines are sticky.


The Galactic Cosmic Ray (GCR) show, for which the curtain is rising even now (September 2019), in time will prove all that I am saying.



November 9, 2019: The evidence of what is happening is so overwhelming that I cannot handle this workload, not and continue to work on the rest of the website at the same time. Even as I write this, I have 30-40 more things to add. I’m raising the bar, so-to-speak. Only records at the state or province-level and higher or truly extraordinary events in every category will be reported from now on.

But I cannot allow myself to abandon this effort. Three things are happening right now. The progeny of Jove, who control mainstream media, are only reporting on extreme weather events where they occur. Only when unavoidable, they report extreme weather to a wider audience but always low key (largely a consequence of brevity). In this way, no one can spot trends because we are in effect living in isolation. For example, we are already in the grip of a severe winter already, but I bet well under twenty percent of the populace would openly acknowledge this fact. Another thing that is happening is the boiling frog problem. The infrequency and low key manner in which extreme weather events are being reported is acclimating us to extremes in the weather. Jump! The trends are clear across the board. The effects of a record high GCR influx are already changing the world in which we live. Open your eyes. Trust that I will continue this effort regardless of the fact that it is so little appreciated at present. Stop by at least once a week to encourage me. There’s a lot of work involved in doing this.  The third thing is even less obvious. Alternative news sources are regularly reporting on weather extremes, and in so doing they assume their readers are seeing the extreme weather trends such as extreme lightning. But that’s just an assumption. I’m not so sure it is true. We need to try harder to help the reader see what is happening before they boil to death




Extreme Lightning

See Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) Cause Lightning) on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) for a more thorough explanation of why were are experiencing such extreme lightning. Mainstream media is completely ignoring this phenomenon.


Matthew 24:27
For as the lightning cometh out of the east, and shineth even unto the west; so shall also the coming of the Son of man be.


Rising incidents of lightning strikes in Sindh have prompted fear amongst citizens

November 14, 2019: Lightning kills 12 people in separate incidents in Sindh

October 26, 2019: With 150 killed in last 2 months, MP tops list of lightning

October 11, 2019: Was that lightning? Rare thundersnow seen in southern Manitoba

September 15, 2019: Lightning strikes in Sweden up six-fold over last two years

September 13, 2019: B.C. set a new record for lightning strikes as quiet fire season winds down

September 8, 2019: Lightning kills 246 across country this year [Bangladesh]

September 8, 2019: About 1,250 lightning strikes recorded in Washington within three hours

Lightning strikes have caused at least 1,311 deaths in the four-month period between April and July this year, according to a first-of-its-kind report on lightning incidents in India.

September 8, 2019: Explained: Mapping lightning across India

September 2, 2019: Crazy Storm Hit Alberta Last Night With Lightning Striking Every Few Seconds (VIDEO)

August 23, 2019Thousands of lightning strikes hit North Island overnight

August 22, 2019Record-breaking lightning as long as Kansas spotted

August 15, 2019More Than 3,000 Lightning Bolts Strike Greece on Thursday (video)

August 15, 2019: Rare lightning strikes detected near the North Pole

June 27, 2019: 15 second clip from This happened on our Earth June . 2019 P / 4 ,V1 last events from all over t… from the WORLD OF SIGNS NARED KING YouTube channel

Unknown Clip (lost source notes)


February 18, 2018: West coast of South Island, New Zealand hit by 9000 lightning strikes

May 30, 2017: More than 120,000 lightning strikes recorded within 12 hours over southeast England and northern France






More Earthquakes

That GCRs cause lightning is now mainstream science. But profoundly more important than lightning is the fact that cutting edge science is awakening to the reality that earthquakes and volcanoes are a kind of “underground lightning.” See the section entitled Electric Earthquakes and Volcanoes on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) for a detailed discussion of this phenomenon.


November 3, 2019: Hundreds Of Earthquakes Rattle The U.S. As The Level Of Seismic Activity In North America Continues To Rise

October 15, 2019: San Francisco Shaken By Dozens Of Earthquakes – Is A Major Seismic Event Coming?

The New Madrid Fault Seismic Zone is awakening.

October 1, 2019: Five earthquakes in less than an hour rattle southeast Missouri, experts say

October 1, 2019: Signs Of The Times? Earthquake Swarms Hit Texas, Oklahoma, San Francisco And The New Madrid Fault Zone




More Volcanic Eruptions

That GCRs cause lightning is now mainstream science. But profoundly more important than lightning is the fact that cutting edge science is awakening to the reality that earthquakes and volcanoes are a kind of “underground lightning.” See the section entitled Electric Earthquakes and Volcanoes on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) for a detailed discussion of this phenomenon.


November 8, 2019: Japan’s Sakurajima Volcano Erupts in Miles-High Plume of Ash: Kyodo

November 8, 2019: GNS Science researchers find ancient mega-volcano; may have biggest caldera on Earth

October 11, 2019: Italy’s Mount Etna Bursts Into Volcanic Activity – Volcanology Institute

September 14, 2019: Yellowstone’s Steamboat geyser breaking records with 34 eruptions so far this year

August 27, 2019: Volcano shock: Eruptions creating purple skies – stunning images







Record-Breaking Hurricanes, Typhoons, and Major Storms

From now on, record-breaking storms will become the norm.



November 5, 2019: Super typhoon Halong among strongest storms ever seen on Earth

Halong is now the third Category 5 typhoon of the 2019 West Pacific Ocean typhoon season to date. The long-term average (1981 – 2010) for Category 5 typhoons through November 5 is 2, meteorologist Philip Klotzbach said.

November 5, 2019: Halong rapidly strengthens into a third super typhoon of the season

October 28, 2019: Cyclone Kyarr, the Strongest Storm on Earth, Is Breaking All Sorts of Records

Only one other storm since 1950 has first reached hurricane intensity at a farther north latitude, according to Tomer Burg, an atmospheric science PhD student at the University of Oklahoma.”

October 26, 2019: Hurricane Pablo Forms in a Weird Atlantic Ocean Location

October 17, 2019: Stormquakes – scientists discover new geophysical phenomenon

October 17, 2019: More than 500,000 lose power to bomb cyclone in Northeast

October 14, 2019: Typhoon Hagibis: Japan deploys 110,000 rescuers after worst storm in decades

October 13, 2019: Nineteen dead, 16 missing in Japan after Typhoon Hagibis drenches Tokyo

October 9, 2019: Hagibis intensifies to Category 5 Super Typhoon in one of the most explosive intensification rates on record, heading toward Tokyo, Japan

October 2, 2019: Hurricane Lorenzo: Storm ‘possibly strongest in 20 years‘ rips through Azores

September 29, 2018: Hurricane Lorenzo, strongest storm ever to hit the northeast Atlantic, threatens Ireland & UK


September 19, 2019: ‘They’re forming like roaches.’ The 6 tropical storms whirling at once have tied a record

September 16, 2019: 6 dead, 300 000 ha (741 000 acres) of prime agricultural land destroyed after worst storm in 140 years hit Spain

“unprecedented devastation”

September 4, 2019: Bahamas ‘in the midst of a historic tragedy‘ as Dorian relentlessly pummels island nation

September 2, 2019: Storm shatters 107-year-old record, hands Pittsburgh region its wettest Sept. 1





Worldwide Flooding

See Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR) for a more thorough explanation of why were are experiencing such extreme rainfalls. Mainstream media is completely ignoring this phenomenon.


November 22, 2019: Republic of Congo declares state of natural disaster as severe flooding displaces 50,000 people

November 9, 2019: UK suffering temperature plunge & ‘almost Biblical’ flooding after month of rain falls in 1 day (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

85.5mm of rain fell in just 1 hour at Kamogawa in Chiba Prefecture on 25 October. In a 12 hour period on the same day, Ushiku in Chiba recorded 283.5mm of rain and Namie in Fukushima Prefecture recorded 245mm.”

October 26, 2019: Japan – 10 Dead After More Floods and Landslides Hit Eastern Areas

October 26, 2019: Ethiopia – 200,000 Displaced After Floods in 4 Regions

“very heavy to record rain

October 25, 2019: Severe storms hit parts of southern Europe, fatalities reported in France, Spain and Italy

“I’ve never seen water rise that fast”

October 18, 2019: Unprecedented flooding affects thousands of locals, refugees in South Sudan

October 13, 2019: Widespread floods after extreme rainfall brought by Typhoon “Hagibis” – dozens dead or missing, Japan

October 4, 2019: 4 500 people displaced, 6 killed as widespread floods hit Senegal

September 28, 2019: 59 killed by ‘unprecedented’ torrential monsoon in India (VIDEOS)

September 17, 2019: Missouri River nears record runoff, Army Corps increasing water discharge, USA

September 17, 2019: Mumbai Records Highest-ever September Rainfall; Set to Witness More Rain

September 16, 2019: Rain, floods claim 1,422 lives so far this year in India: report

September 13, 2019: Subways underwater: Flash flood drenches Algerian capital: 40 millimeters of rain fell in 40 minutes equivalent of three months of normal rainfall

September 8, 2019: 1,000 extreme rainfall events recorded in the first 12 days of August, India

August 29. 2019: Record rainfall hits southwestern Japan, leaving 3 people dead – Level 4 Emergency Alert

August 20, 2019: 1,058 killed, 1.8 million displaced since the start of the monsoon season, India

August 18, 2019: Deadly floods hit Istanbul after 4 months’ worth of rain in 90 minutes, Turkey

December 19, 2018:  Record-setting rain this year across the United States




Massive Landslides

The extreme rainfall results in an increased number of landslides




November 23, 2019: Pokot South landslide death toll rises to 24 as rescue efforts continue

October 23, 2019: Deadly flash floods and landslides in Italy following 250 mm (10 inches) of rain in 12 hours

September 20, 2019: Rising number of fatal landslides makes 2019 the worst year on record

April 18, 2019: Unusually high level of landslides worldwide, over 1 000 fatalities so far this year





Severe Winters

The reason for the increasingly severe winters and the early onset of the winter of 2019 is that the sun is entering into a period of dormancy (or hibernation), which is primarily discussed on page № 21. Luke 21:11 “and the winters will be severe”. Mainstream media is completely ignoring this phenomenon.


November 18, 2019: Military Emergencies Unit called out as heavy snowfall isolates villages in northern Spain

November 18, 2019: Record November snowfall affects ski stations and roads

November 17, 2019: Dozens of far-flung, remote villages remain cutoff in Kashmir

November 17, 2019: Record warm and record snow in the same day for Anchorage

November 13, 2019: Widespread Arctic blast across the US breaks century-old records, over 240 million people affected

November 11, 2019: Are You Ready For A Catastrophically Cold Winter? Here’s What the Media Isn’t Telling You


October 29, 2019: Surge of Arctic air brings record cold temperatures and widespread snow, USA

October 27, 2019: It’s a record: 31.6 inches of snow already has fallen in Great Falls and it’s only October

record October snowfall already of 1.1 metres (44 inches)”

October 27, 2019: Colorado’s 2019-20 Ski Season Takes Off

October 25, 2019: A rare October snowstorm blankets the Texas Panhandle

October 17, 2019: State Of Emergency: Vital Oil Pipeline Shuttered By Snow Storms

October 14, 2019: State of emergency after unprecedented October snowstorm leaves 250 000 without power in Manitoba, Canada

October 14, 2019: Record cold in Transbaikal Territory

October 13, 2019: It’s a Record-Snowy Start For the Northern Rockies and Plains and Winter Is Still Over 2 Months Away

October 11, 2019: Slow-moving nor’easter affecting parts of the Northeast, anomalously cold air mass drops into the Central USA

October 11, 2019: A Record-Setting Blizzard Is Set To Blast The American Midwest

October 10, 2019: Temperature drops more than 50 degrees as ‘all-out blizzard’ sets sights on Dakotas

October 10, 2019: Vancouver saw the coldest day in a jaw-dropping 122 years today

October 10, 2019: Significant, and potentially historic, October winter storm producing widespread hazards across the West and Plains, USA

October 9, 2019: Powerful storm to produce multiple hazards in the West and Plains, heavy snow, record low temperatures and blizzard conditions, USA

October 7, 2019: Power restored to 5,500 people after a month’s worth of snow hits southern Yukon


October 6, 2019: Record cold in Sakhalin Russia

October 2, 2019: Extreme Fall Start Marked by Unusual Heat, Snow and Cold Records in the United States

Calving caused by growth in the Amery ice shelf, not melting


A September Swan Song to Remember…

September 30, 2019: Sunday’s September snowfall broke records in Alberta (PHOTOS)

September 30, 2019: Record-breaking September snowstorm dumps 4 feet of snow on parts of Montana, USA

September 29, 2019: Now snowing in 8 states and 5 provinces – In September

“While snow in September may sound shocking in some parts of the country, Cabrera says that it is not that uncommon for the area. What is shocking is the amount, he said.” [bold-red emphasis added]

September 29, 2019: Montana is blanketed in almost two feet of snow and it’s not even October yet

Septemeber 29, 2019: Glacier National Park Is Getting Hammered With Snow | 4 Feet Already Recorded

September 26, 2019: Historic early-season snowstorm threatens Northern Rockies, USA

First time I’ve seen snow falling in September,” she said. “The snowflakes were kind of bigger than usual…”

September 19, 2019Summer Snow On The Ground For North America This Week – Photo Journal

September 18, 2019: Earliest snow in Sweden in 20 years

September 18, 2019: Coldest September morning EVER for six SA towns

September 15, 2019: Record cold in Siberia

September 11, 2019: Tirol Glacier Areas Opening Friday after 55cm of September Snowfall

September 9, 2019: EARLY SNOWFALL FOR ALPS

September 9, 2019: VIDEO: Snow in September? Winter comes early to northern Italy

September 7, 2019: Sochi covered with snow

August 30, 2019: More record cold, this time in the center of Russia

August 28, 2019: New record cold in European Russia North

“…not normal in August”

August 28, 2019: August snowfall fuels possibility of early winters

August 20, 2019It’s Snowing in August All Over The World

August 18, 2019Heavy summer snow in northern B.C.

August 17, 2019:  Glacier National Park sees snow in August

November 1st, 2018:  World snow wrap: Winter kicks off early in the Northern Hemisphere






Extreme Hailstorms

The Sun is entering into a period of dormancy (or “hibernation” if you prefer) resulting in an excess amount of moisture in the air. You can read about this in Solar Dormancy in the Age of Aquarius on page № 60. Galactic Cosmic Rays (GCR). As a result, the temperature in the thermosphere is plunging towards the all-time low set last solar minimum. This combined with the extreme amount of moisture in the upper atmosphere accounts for the devastating hailstorms worldwide. In other words, the extreme hailstorms occurring all over the world right now are quite naturally a combination of both the excess moisture in the air and the unusual cold we are experiencing. Mainstream media is completely ignoring this phenomenon.




A single one of these falling from the sky can kill a man or beast

October 4, 2019: Colorado’s 4.83-Inch Hailstone in August Confirmed as Largest on Record in the State

August 26, 2019WATCH massive Madrid hail storm flood city streets and wash away CARS

August 16, 2019: Whopping 18 inches of hail accumulates in parts of Michigan

August 15, 2009: Record-breaking hailstone in Colorado: ‘Big hail like this can easily kill people’

August 3, 2019: Holy hail storm: Grapefruit-sized hail batters Edmonton-area Social
Alberta hailstorms in 2019 already almost double yearly average for province







(explanation coming) This most certainly is a consequence of an increase in galactic cosmic rays. I have just temporarily lost the technical explanation.


October 25, 2019: Insurer Group: Dallas Tornado Outbreak Costliest in Texas History

October 17, 2019: Several injured as very destructive, possibly multivortex tornado hits Arles, France

December 19, 2018 (weather.com), Strong Washington State Tornado Caps Year Of Tornado Oddities





More Extreme Weather News

The progeny of Jove cannot forever hide what is happening. These are stories about extreme weather in general.


“Data from NASA’s orbiting Microwave Limb Sounder (MLS) instruments show that the mesosphere above Antarctica is currently experiencing record cold.

“‘For the past week, 2019 has been the coldest year in the mesosphere since AIM was launched in 2007,’ says University of Colorado AIM science team member Lynn Harvey who processed the data…”



November 21, 2019: ‘Apocalyptic-like scenes’ as huge dust storm turns Australian town ORANGE (PHOTOS/VIDEOS)

“When the temperature drops below freezing, snow and ice are expected to follow. That is not always the case in Antarctica, where for the first time, persistent drizzle has been recorded at temperatures well below freezing, according to a team of researchers…”

November 6, 2019: Persistent drizzle at sub-zero temps in Antarctica

October 14, 2019: Record weather conditions across USA in the first half of October

September 12, 2019: Nearly twice as many people displaced by weather than conflict in first half of 2019

September 12, 2019: IDMC: 7 million people displaced due to natural disasters in the first half of 2019

“A region of the North Atlantic south of Greenland has experienced some of its coldest temperatures on record in recent years, a cooling unprecedented in the past thousand years

August 15, 2019: Video: The North Atlantic ocean current, which warms northern Europe, may be slowing

June 12, 2019: Record-Setting Noctilucent Clouds





Crop Losses

Worldwide hunger is headed our way. There is one particular pompous ass reporting on this on YouTube, gut the “Ice Age Farmer” has won my respect over a very long period of time.


November 21, 2019: Canterbury farmers fearing as much as an 80 percent crop loss from hailstorm

November 15, 2019: ‘Harvest from hell’: 2.7 million acres of canola left buried under snow in the Canadian prairies

Soaring prices likely as potatoes rot in sodden fields and farmers struggle to sow wheat

November 15, 2019: Food prices set to rise in UK as floods ruin crops

November 11, 2019: Officials Are Using The Word “Disaster” To Describe The Widespread Crop Failures Happening All Over America

November 7, 2019: Freak hailstorm rips through Riverland, causing significant crop damage, South Australia

November 5, 2019: Riverland hailstorm damages ‘millions’ in crops in just minutes

Top Farmer Warns: Forces At Work to Hide Massive Crop Losses from the Ice Age Farmer YouTube channel

“in the northeast of the country, where half the national crop is grown, experienced rainfall double that of the monthly average in August and September”

October 22, 2019: “Serious” problems with Irish potato harvest due to bad weather may result in national shortage

October 16, 2019: In Twist of Climate Crisis, Study Finds Extreme Arctic Snowfall in 2018 Caused Near ‘Complete Reproductive Failure of Plants and Animals’

October 15, 2019: Unusual North Dakota snow storm cripples corn and soybean harvests

October 14, 2019: Historic Midwest Blizzard Has Farmers “Expecting Massive Crop Losses – As Devastating As We’ve Ever Seen”

October 9, 2019: Early snow stalls western Canadian harvest

October 9, 2019: Snow, freezing temperatures threaten northern U.S. corn, soybeans





Deep Rifts or Chasms (a.k.a. “Earth Cracks”), Sinkholes, and disappearing bodies of water

Deep Rifts or Chasms (a.k.a. “Earth Cracks”) and Sinkholes are Appearing Everywhere. Why Now? Earth is Expanding. The evidence for this is deep rifts or chasms (commonly referred to as earth cracks), sinkholes, and disappearing bodies of water. Why is this happening now? The answer to this question can be found on page № 18. Earth is Expanding (the definition of hell).


Isaiah 24:18-19
…the foundations of the earth do shake. The earth is utterly broken down, the earth is clean dissolved, the earth is moved exceedingly


Giant crack appears in the foothills of Bighorn Mountains, Wyoming (credit The Watchers)



July 7, 2019: Giant cracks in the ground appear in Mojave Desert near the epicenters of California latest two major earthquakes







Russian Chelyabinsk meteor

Russian Chelyabinsk meteor

Asteroid Flybys and Fireballs: The Canary in our Celestial Coal Mine


We know the Sirius star system is approaching our solar system because the misnamed “precession of the equinoxes” is speeding up. At some point, it crosses an invisible threshold beyond which our solar system begins to destabilize. Long before the orbits of the rocky planets change orbits when the solar system reconfigures itself, this manifests itself in the orbits of the much smaller rocks we call asteroids and comets.

The Watchers Near-Earth Objects (for daily monitoring of flybys under one lunar distance)
SOTT.net Fire in the Sky (for daily monitoring of meteorites)
Wikipedia List of asteroid close approaches to Earth in 2018

5¢ terminology lecture…
asteroid = comet = rocks hurdling through space
fireballs (headlines) = meteorites (the technical term)


Only a god-damned fool would think a snowball could survive a close approach to the sun. As far as I know, this is the only time on the entire website I cussed


In case you don’t know, a meteorite is the name given to asteroids after they enter earth’s atmosphere and begin to burn up. But the more common name for these is fireballs. The intensity of fireballs is steadily increasing. This and the huge coronal holes on the sun (see my article entitled Solar modulation of galactic cosmic ray flux on the wane? Something extraordinary is happening) are two of the most underreported phenomenon in the world today. Perhaps if you fully understood the significance of this increase is meteors or fireballs entering earth atmosphere you might also understand why I just shake my head when I occasionally check Huffington Post to see what mainstream media is talking about.

Smaller rocks (meteorites)are entering Earth’s atmosphere (“fireballs”) on a nearly daily basis now, that what we are witnessing here is the start of something truly apocalyptic in nature. It is possible that the Sirius star system has passed some magical line after which it’s gravitational influence extends to our solar system. Again, this would be evident in the orbital paths of small rocks first, but cold eventual extend to the larger rocks, such as our planet. That is to say, what we are witnessing now may culminate in an axial tilt. I maintain that this is what the ancients are screaming at us, from the interior design of the Great Pyramid to the thoroughly discredited, so-called “Mayan” calendar.

We live on a defective planet. It is too close to the gravitational behemoth Sirius. The inhabitants of our planet have no memory of the past because it is routinely destroyed. We ignore the warnings of our predecessors at great peril. Daniel, Christ Jesus, Virgil, all of the “ancients” are saying the same thing. Some great catastrophe is about to happen.


I know this is stating the obvious, the thought behind these posts on The Watchers. My reason for stating the obvious is that, if this is the beginning of something bigger, it is further proof that there is no Planet Nine (or any of the other names given to the belief that there is another large planet in the solar system). As NASA repeatedly states, were such a planet responsible for these asteroid flybys and the increase in meteorites, it would be visible by now. It is not.



But before the “Day of the Lord” when you will first hear the distant rumble of this unimaginably huge tsunami wave, the orbits of smaller rocks (asteroids and comets) will be disturbed by the very same electromagnet and gravitational disturbance that will eventuate in an axial tilt. This is already in evidence. Practically every day now there are reports of bright “fireballs” and near-miss asteroids passing between the earth and moon (at less than one “lunar distance”). Why? Is this simply a matter of more eyes, more cameras to witness something that has been happening forever? No! This is a real increase. Because of there smaller size, the orbits of asteroids and comets are the first to feel the effect of this electromagnet and gravitational disturbance. For the purposes of this discussion, the “planets” are just bigger rocks. Eventually, the same electromagnet and gravitational disturbance will cause our planet to tilt. It may also cause the entire solar system to reconfigure itself once again.




Artist’s impression of ʻOumuamua (credit Wikipedia)

Not one, but two Interstellar Objects











Near-Earth Objects




November 22, 2019: New Analysis Just Changed The Original Date of a Massive Meteorite Crater in Australia

November 19, 2019: NASA tracking THREE asteroids headed this way, two spotted just 2 days ago

November 16, 2022: NASA Reveals Date When Asteroid the Size of the Great Pyramid of Giza Could Hit Earth (an interesting size comparison)

November 4, 2019: Two in two days: Another meteor fireball seen over Southern California

October 8, 2019: Asteroid swarm: Nasa detects 16 space rocks hurtling towards Earth this week






Think gas station or oasis. Think the curtain is opening on a galactic freak show. Think what you want. I’m just not going to say it.


Just another day in the neighborhood

Gee, I wonder what’s hovering above those clouds and why they’re in such a hurry?


No one questions the inexplicably huge increase in enormous waterspouts over the past few years. No one. Ask yourself, if Earth is facing a once-every-Great-Year, 26,000-year, highly-predictable, utter and complete destruction, what might be happening here.


Some things not even I can discuss, such as the exact nature of my encounter with ET. If I did—if I told you what is happening here—not only would you not believe me, but you would discredit everything else I am saying on this website. So we remain silent on some subjects. But I ask in all sincerity, Who among you will tell me what you are about to see is Mother Nature at work?

June 27, 2019: 10 second clip from This happened on our Earth June . 2019 P / 4 ,V1 last events from all over t… from the WORLD OF SIGNS NARED KING YouTube channel

Some day though I may speak out, so I am going to start keeping an off-the-record log of the more spectacular of these waterspouts.


Incredible waterspouts

November 8, 2019: Massive waterspouts swirl over Italian city of Genoa


I like this next one because it seems to be a really nice day

Whoops…lost the link

Another refueling.


This next one remarkable. Notice how calm is the waterspout and how the trees in the foreground are not even blowing.

November 15, 2019: Impressive Scenes as Waterspout Touches Down on Chios Island (video)


November 10, 2019: VIDEO: Large Waterspout Near Elaphite Islands in Southern Dalmatia

The National Weather Service called the October 9 waterspout “truly incredible.”

October 11, 2019: Waterspout Hovers in Florida Keys at Sunset

September 2, 2019: Water spout spotted off Long Island

June 19, 2019: Watch: Waterspout touches down in Finnish Archipelago






Earth is Discharging

prevalence of

Image result for elves. sprites, and blue nuns
Red SpritesBlue Jets and Elves


Red sprites were a rare phenomena up until a little while ago. Now they are caught on film all the time. Given the following comments about red sprites from a Thunderbolts Project™ video, the implication is that an electromagnetic connection from earth to some other planet or star has significantly increased in recent times.


Birkeland Currents and Our Electric Solar System | Space News” (at4:25 minutes) video from the ThunderboltsProject YouTube channel:

While showing a picture of red sprites says (at 0:58 minutes), “In recent years, with improved technology has come ever finer evidence of tremendous electric currents that are connected to previously unknown phenomena.”

red sprites





August 17, 2019: Large numbers of red sprites in the skies over Europe this summer







Research Notes


Chaotic Comet Flyby Blew Away Some of Mars’ Atmosphere

Close Comet Flyby Threw Mars’ Magnetic Field Into Chaos