№ 99. Contributors because the inspire me

Cut from the Tomorrowland page:

The remainder of this section was contributed by a remarkable individual who is working along the same lines as me and prefers to be known by the pseudonym Alder Av Grunn. I can tell you this much about him. He is a highly respectable individual with a genius IQ. Alder and I correspond on a regular basis.

Alder Av Grunn

Unlike me, Alder has expressed concern that revealing too much of the truth could be dangerous. I have no death wish. I just trust God to care for me. The progeny of Jove are too busy right now to pay attention to an obscure website such as mine. Beyond that, I suffer from the delusion that I was given a message to deliver to them and that so long as I remain true to that mission everything will be revealed to me. And so this website has become my life, my raison d’être. Nobody understands better than me how powerful these people are, how easily they could snuff out my existence. But methinks if they are conscious of me, and there is every indication that they are, that I amuse them. Nevertheless, there is a reason why I quote Virgil at the top of my homepage when he pleads “Ah! might such length of days to me be given.”

Alder is fully aware of my fascination with this movie. So he sent me a link to the follow Tomorrowland movie clip and said “Tomorrowland scene. 0:13 and 0:36, playing on the radio ‘the end is coming, whatcha gonna do’.”

Alder Av Grunn (a pseudonym)

Alas, someone with the same level of interest as me.

Alder was an early contributor and is a member of the Triple Nine Society. Alder swears he is not a part of the progeny of Jove, but he lives among them and his pseudonym means “Age of Reason” in Norwegian.

Click on the above image to link to Alder’s YouTube channel. (Warning: this guy really is a genius)

Alder has never once misled me. I have a huge hoard of material from him that I have yet to use. He is also the only person other than my domestic partner who I have told the year in which the “day of the Lord” occurs, not according to me, but according to the progeny of Jove. Nor will I ever tell another living soul other than these two people. And, yes, I know Alder’s real name and can attest to his status in society. He constantly reminds me that he knows much more than he has told me. To tell you the truth, I find that part more than a little annoying. But in fairness to him, I did tell him matter-of-factly never to tell me anything that he did not want to be conveyed to the general public. I do not believe in secrets. The only reason I don’t blurt out the year is because of the “quickening” that comes with discovering it for yourself. For me to deny that to others would be criminal.

Here are his three YouTube videos. I can tell you he is heavily invested in them.

Sunn Fornuft Fornyet (pseudonym)