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Alder Av Grunn (pseudonym)

Alder was the first person to ever contact me through this website, so I was no little surprised when I learned he was a member of the rather exclusive Triple Nine Society. Alder swears he is not one of the progeny of Jove, but he lives among them and his pseudonym means “Age of Reason” in Norwegian. I kid him about this from time to time, but truthfully Alder has never once misled me. And, yes, I know Alder’s real name and can attest to his status in society.

I have a huge hoard of material from him that I have yet to use. He constantly reminds me that he knows much more than he has told me. To tell you the truth, I find that part more than a little annoying. But in fairness to him, I did tell him matter-of-factly never to tell me anything that he did not want to be conveyed to the general public. I do not believe in keeping secrets. Not this late in the game. 

I am privy to some of the research techniques Alder is using. His end product, at least what he is willing to share with the public, is these three YouTube videos. To say that they are enigmatic would be a gross understatement. 

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My dear friend Alder Av Grunn joins the fray

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Alder Av Grunn is a pseudonym. It means “Age of Reason” in Norwegian. Many of you already know about Alder and that he is a member of the prestigious Triple Nine Society (people with insanely high IQs). Alder was the very first person to contact me through the website. Back when I took anonymity much more seriously and thought no one could contact me, he did. I may not be here if it were not for his support, not to mention his countless intellectual contributions, way too many of which I have not yet published.

I known Alder’s real name and can attest that he is a mechanical genius. Still, it took him a while to tell me who he was and by then I was already accustomed to Alder. So I still address him as such. I will not say more than this for fear of inadvertently disclosing his idenity. Alder knows a lot about what is going on, so much that I have more than once accused him of being the progeny of Jove. He steadfastly denies it.

The Triple Nine Society (TNS) is an international high IQ society for adults whose score on a standardized test demonstrates an IQ at or above the 99.9th percentile of the human population.

Wikipedia, Triple Nine Society

I pray I am not telling any secrets here, but as a boy, Alder’s father told him to count the Bible, not read it. I’ll never forget Alder telling me that. As all good friends, Alder and I have had our fights. He was the one who sent me a copy of the 22:43 MouseVinyl.com MP3 recording discussed in The 22:43 minute MouseVinyl.com MP3 recording on page № 22. Tomorrowland cometh, the first two paragraphs of which are quoted here.

I can still vividly recall listening to this recording for the first time. I could hardly contain my excitement because I instinctively felt it was genuine. It reminded me of the old “party line” at my grandparent’s house in the country and felt as if I had picked up the phone and was inadvertently overhearing a conversation to which I was never supposed to be a party. After years of hard work, I found what I was looking for. I found the progeny of Jove in flesh and blood and I could even hear their voice. This feeling of astonishment lasted for a couple of days, then a dark cloud came over me. But what if this is a fake recording? I thought. Years of conducting research on the Internet had taught me to be very skeptical about such surprising discoveries. That thought was quickly followed by, this must be a fake recording. And that was followed by a brooding sense of anger and deep resentment.

After some initial research into the origins of the MP3 recording (which included finding it on MouseVinyl.com), I got mad as hell and directed that anger towards the person who sent it to me. Then after a couple of days of living with this feeling of abject disappointment and an intense exchange of emails in which my Triple Nine Society friend who uses the pseudonym Alder Av Grunn (Age of Reason) steadfastly insisted it was real, I undertook to determine with certainty the authenticity of this MP3 recording.

So now you know why the all important page № 22. Tomorrowland cometh is dedicated to him. It was an apology. And there is also the woefully incomplete page Alder Av Grunn (pseudonym) section on page № 99. Intellectual contributors where you will find all three of his enigmatic YouTube Videos from his Alder Av Grunn channel.


Well, I am pleased to announce that Alder has joined the fray. He is writing now. He wrote me today to announce TegnTime.com, his new website. His first article,—published this very day,— tackles a genuinely tough subject, the meaning of 666 and is entitled Thoughts on the number of the beast. Know this, Alder runs computer algorythms agains the 1611 edition of the Bible edited by no less than Sir Francis Bacon. I’m guessing only a handful of people in the world are doing this. Someone should be. People think the (origianl) Rosicrucians and the Freemason secret societies are somehow evil. I know because I one thought that way also. Nothing could be further from the truth. Bacon had a measure of the Christ in him. He would have buried all of his most cherished secrets in the Bible he edited for King James. And the truth is, Alder knows more than he is willing to tell me because he knows I will publish anything he sends to me.

Sunn Fornuft Fornyet (pseudonym)