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LAST UPDATE: April 25, 2021

Alder Av Grunn (pseudonym)

Alder was the first person to ever contact me through this website, so I was no little surprised when I learned he was a member of the rather exclusive Triple Nine Society. Alder swears he is not one of the progeny of Jove, but he lives among them and his pseudonym means “Age of Reason” in Norwegian. I kid him about this from time to time, but truthfully Alder has never once misled me. And, yes, I know Alder’s real name and can attest to his status in society.

I have a huge hoard of material from him that I have yet to use. He constantly reminds me that he knows much more than he has told me. To tell you the truth, I find that part more than a little annoying. But in fairness to him, I did tell him matter-of-factly never to tell me anything that he did not want to be conveyed to the general public. I do not believe in keeping secrets. Not this late in the game. 

I am privy to some of the research techniques Alder is using. His end product, at least what he is willing to share with the public, is these three YouTube videos. To say that they are enigmatic would be a gross understatement. 

Click on this image to visit Alder’s YouTube channel

Sunn Fornuft Fornyet (pseudonym)