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It has taken me a seeming lifetime to figure out how to do this. From now on I will simply list the date and section changed without comment. Rarely the section name will be replaced with a link to an entire page. If the date is bold and highlighted in yellow, it means I am working on it.


April 5, 2020: I am mothballing the Apocalyptic Synthesis for the time being. It will remain open, but other things are demanding my attention.



Date    Section Name

April 5, 2020           Ebola, COVID-19, “Stay-At-Home” Orders, and What’s Coming Next

April 4, 2020           Manly P. Hall on Amaruca, the Myrmidons (Ant People), and the real Meaning of Providence

April 3, 2020           № 105. My YouTube Library

March 29, 2020       № 5. Stanley Kubrick and the Implausibility of the Apollo Program

March 29, 2020       The Perpetuation of a Great Fraud against All of Humanity

March 28, 2020       A Lesson from 2001: A Space Odyssey

March 28, 2020       This Page is Misleading

March 23, 2020       The Capstone

March 22, 2020       This Page is Misleading

March 21, 2020       The Perpetuation of a Great Fraud against All of Humanity

March 18, 2020       The Two Witnesses in Revelation are the Books of Daniel and Revelation

March 10, 2020       Both Apocalyptic Books were Planted in the Bible

March 10, 2020       The Christian Canon

March 8, 2020         Today’s Lesson: 23 Words that shall Echo throughout Eternity

March 8, 2020         Home Page

March 8, 2020         № 103. The Problem with Today’s Christian Scientists

March 8, 2020         № 100. Madman Across the Water (the author)