Proto-Saturn Not “Captured” by the Sun


I need to verify if the EU thinks earth came with Proto-Saturn or was part of the Sun system.


Dwardu Cardona

The following video discusses Earth’s supposed “capture” by the Sun. There must be another reason for the flareup, such as a galactic superwave (at the start he says Thornhill addresses the same topic in EU2014 find it)



At 7:15 into the video Wallace Thornhill says, “The system changed spectacularly on encountering the Sun. The Brown dwarf flared and ejected a new satellite. An axial column of satellites was formed. And intense plasma discharge phenomena were observed. ”


I find this to be an absurd notion. The temperature record does not support this, neither does Immanuel Velikovsky:

If there is truth in the surmise, and nothing more it is than a surmise, that the Earth was once a satellite of Saturn, the latter must have revolved closer to the sun in order that the Earth should receive heat from it—Saturn exudes little heat—and if the age of Kronos was a golden age, then it is also proper to assume that the conditions on the satellite Earth were not unfavorable for life.   —Immanuel Velikovsky from Saturn’s Golden Age


Variation in Temperature Too Small to Support this Thesis

I have serious misgivings about Jergens’ theory that Proto-Saturn flared because the polar configuration was “captured” by the Sun. Who am I to fault the EU team, but I find this absurd. Whatever happened in the 9500 BC timeframe interrupted a 100,000 year, heartbeat-like temperature cycle right as it was approaching an interglacial peak. The ice cores tell us that Earth’s Holocene temperature record thereafter is only two degrees centigrade off that peak it never reached and only eight degrees centigrade (14.4° Fahrenheit) warmer than the lowest recorded temperatures over the past 400,000 years. Common sense is lacking here. How can you add a yellow dwarf (the Sun) into the equation and only end up with an eight degree centigrade difference in temperature? That defies logic. Whatever caused Proto-Saturn to flare must be something else, such as one of LaViolette’s galactic superwaves.


Now look at the temperature record of this planet:

Look a little closer:

temperature fluctuation


use other chart from above to make the same point


Prior to the disturbance in the heart-beat like regularity in these “temperature variations,” this chart might as well be the for a different planet.

Here I must part company with the Wallace Thornhill and his team. Look carefully at the following image

temperature fluctuation

Earth stabilizes within a few centigrades of the so-called “interglacial” (another subject) peaks of the previous solar system configuration. The new temperature norm is so close to the old range that I cannot agree that Proto-Saturn was “caught” by the Sun. The Sun has always been at the center of the solar system. This is the message of there being 144 Jose solar cycles in the Mesoamerican (Mayan) Long Count calendar.