Two Great Anti-Ciphers





Special Note: This page is a disaster. I would like nothing more than to finish it, but the reality is that discussing the Mesoamerican Long count calendar is passé and invites ridicule if not disdain. Though I regard it as my single greatest contribution, I stopped working on it because no one reads this stuff. It is NOT complete.





The Two Great Anti-Ciphers

What is an “anti-cipher”? you may ask. Well, a cipher is generally defined as “a secret or disguised way of writing; a code.” The Enigma machine developed by the Germans in WWII is a classic example of a cipher. Wikipedia defines a cipher as follows: “In cryptography, a cipher (or cypher) is an algorithm for performing encryption or decryption—a series of well-defined steps that can be followed as a procedure.” The problem with encoding or encrypting knowledge about the end times intended for people who will be alive thousands of years into the future is that the knowledge could be lost. This possibility requires what I call an “anti-cipher.” Anti-ciphers are included in messages from the ancients that are so profoundly important for the future of mankind that they require a special means of confirming that the encoded message has been correctly interpreted. Basically, the anti-cipher says “as difficult as this may be for you to believe, you have correctly decoded our message to you. Believe it!” Both the encoded message and its anti-cipher are hidden from view, but once discovered reinforce each other. I did not discover The First Great Anti-Cipher built into the design of the Great Pyramid of Giza, but I am the first to recognize it as an ingenious anti-cipher (one that anticipates massive earthquakes before the end time). I did discover The Second Great Anti-Cipher built into the design of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar. It tells us when to expect the axial tilt, which is next year. These two anti-ciphers are the key to understanding our past, present, and future as an intelligent species.




Leo Tanguma’s 666 “Add five years!” hidden message

The Second Great Anti-Cipher

The First Great Anti-Cipher tells us what to expect, which is an axial tilt. The Second Great Anti-Cipher is discussed in this section. It tells us when to expect it, which is next year.


The designers included what I call an “anti-cipher” though, so that one could be sure the actual unit of measurement is the orbital period of Jupiter, which for us is 11.8618 years. I do not mean to suggest that the orbital period of Jupiter has changed since the calendar was designed, but the length of a year most certainly has changed since then.

So let us ignore this possibility and compute the length of a Great Cycle using days.

144,000 x 13 = 1,872,000
1,872,000 ÷ 365.242 = 5,125

And now let us compute the length of the entire Mesoamerican Long Count calendar using days.

1,872,000 x 5 = 9,360,000
9,360,000 ÷ 365.2422 = 25,626

The precise number is:

Mesoamerican Long Count Calendar =  25626.830634576179861 years

Now let us compute the length of the entire Mesoamerican Long Count calendar using orbits of Jupiter:

11.8618 x 2160 = 25621.488 years


The difference is:

  25626.830634576179861 – 25621.488 = 5.342634576179861 years

Instead of the 5.25 “unlucky five days” of the yearly Wayeb, it is 5.34 years or what I call the Great Wayeb. This is your anti-cipher. This is the designers of the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar telling you, “You got it. The actual unit of measurement is orbits of Jupiter and much like you need to add five days to December 16, 2013 to get to the winter solstice, you need to add five years to get to the start of the grand solar minimum that is about to rock your world.”

There is another way of looking at this anti-cipher. A baktun of 144,000 days is 400 years using the old calendar of 360 days. If you multiply those 400 years by 5.2422 the answer is 2096.88, which divided by 365.2422 is 5.741067160366464. Again, we are pointed to five. The difference is always five, the same as the five unlucky days added to the solar calendar after February 26th, 747 BC. Add five! is the message.

The Mayan who painted those crazy looking murals at the Denver International Airport (the welcome center for the extensive underground tunnel systems in Colorado and throughout the Western United States of America), knows all about the extended end date or Great Wayeb. See Leo Tanguma (DIA murals) for a discussion. I’ve read all of Leo Tanguma’s interviews. He’s a damn (good) liar. He knows. He points to the Sun, creates a plus sign with no less than the feathers of the sacred resplendent quetzal bird (ADD), and then point to an outstretch hand (FIVE) with the last of the three sixes in 666 highlighted. If you think I am imagining this, so be it. You probably think 2160 orbits of Jupiter is a figment of my imagination, too. I tell you what, if you’re right, I’ve taken “confirmation bias” (or Rorschach tests) to a whole new level. But I’m telling you, Leo Tanguma knows. I can assure you of that.





The Work of Carl Munck

Stonehenge 2,160 orbits of Jupiter



Plus five years

Carl Munck is counting the lintels and columns. What I see is five structures.



Hopewell Indian Fort in Newark, Ohio

The product of the “grid latitude” (Carl Munck’s terminology) is 2160, again representing the 2160 orbits of Jupiter in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, and the diameter of the circle is 1056 feet, which is one fifth of a mile.