№ 19. The Birth of Christ Jesus in 4 BC


Anno Domini






Dating the Birth of Christ Jesus

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Christ Jesus chose the time of his (seeming) death 

According to BibleStudy.org, Christ Jesus spoke the words we know of as Matthew 24 late in the afternoon of Sunday, April 2, 30 AD. The very next day Judas betrayed him. On the morning of Wednesday, April 5, 30 AD, a mere three days later, Jesus was crucified.


A book written in 1981, 20 years prior to the 2001 attacks, called “The Birth of Christ Recalculated”. The author, Dr. Ernest L. Martin, claims to have calculated the exact date of Jesus Christ’s birth based on the celestial charts for that era. The date of Christ’s birth, based on the famous Star of Bethlehem, is calculated to be September 11, 3 B.C.


There are many ways in which calendars may have been manipulated by the progeny of Jove. At the very top of this list is dating the birth of Christ Jesus.


Historical background of the use of “CE” and “BCE” to identify dates

Dionysius Exiguus